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Spiritual Psychotherapy

English, Religion, 2 seasons, 27 episodes, 12 hours, 54 minutes
Spiritual psychotherapy with Mia (Dr MP Quinlivan). Awaken love and "remove the blocks to truth" A Course in Miracles. Mia is a doctor and spiritual psychotherapist. She began true awakening in 2017 at Uluru with Isira and continues to deepen into love. Join in this podcast by asking questions or sharing your insights. It's a beautiful opportunity to address your challenges and uncover your light.
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Choosing the Steep but Wholesome path

The path to healing can feel very steep and narrow. This podcast warmly describes how challenging the path to healing can be. We can feel very resistant to the journey. However we are finding our way to love, so hang in there!!
7/17/202326 minutes, 27 seconds
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Relieving back pain through awareness

How my significant back pain was relieved by releasing old conditioning. I was caught in misplaced responsibility or a pattern of rescuing. I was not supporting myself. With awareness pain was transformed. So many of us can tend to take on too much for others, without listening to our own truth. This podcast will be very helpful.
5/24/202331 minutes, 16 seconds
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Ordinary Love

What we all are, this pure Essence/Source/God is unconditional love. I have recently experienced how this love is ordinary, simple and sublime. We could never be judged by it, never be left out of it, or never be apart from it. No matter what we do, there is always love as the background. Love is permanent, safe and whole.
4/25/202327 minutes, 57 seconds
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Supporting Transformation

How we gently support ourselves through transition/transformation. Allowing transformation, stepping through vulnerability creates more love in our lives. Relationships grow and healing ripples out to the entire planet.
3/22/202331 minutes, 14 seconds
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Let go of pleasing & rescuing others, honor yourself first.

Many of us are so sensitive to others, we habitually tend to please or rescue them before listening to our own needs. This is a very draining state that does not serve anyone. This podcast describes how to honor yourself first and also discusses the victim/perpetrator/rescuer triangle.
10/22/202132 minutes, 30 seconds