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English, Spirituality, 6 seasons, 120 episodes, 4 days 21 hours 2 minutes
*Spirit Sessions A View of the Light* where we take spiritual practices and bring them into your every day, with our cohosts; Bex Marie, Teresa Warren, and Rhonda Elliott. We are a lighter, positive alternative to traditional media. Joining us all over the world, our guests share information, meditations, and healing energy to " Lighten" your life. Our LIVE show airs every Sunday 12 pm EST/9 am PST on our Facebook page and Youtube channel ..SPIRIT SESSIONS A VIEW OF THE LIGHT Now you can listen to a variety of our shows on the go, whenever you want to expand your mind and lighten your day.
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Lee Grove * The Power of Light* S5E41

Lee Grove * The Power of Light* S5E41 Photonic Therapy NW was born out of fascination with what life is, the biological and chemical processes that contribute to, and embraces all aspects of health. The role of light, the many sources of light and the ways light modulates everything from our overall health, to specifics like moods, brain and cellular function was a perfect match! What started out as learning and educational interest in Light Therapy and how to use it for animals, has led to diving in, whole heart, and expanding the education to include humans, and many species of pets&nbsp; Lee Grove began researching and learning about light therapy in 2014, to explore this as a way to help her dog, Mattie. Mattie was 15 years old at that time, and light therapy was not readily available as a method to be used by the general public. Only Veterinarians and Chiropractors had begun using light therapy in the Pacific Northwest, and those were primarily using Lasers. <
09/10/202259 minutes 30 seconds
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Katie O’Brien Steinle 2022 Forecast Through the Human Design Perspective S5 E5

Katie O’Brien Steinle 2022 Forecast S5 E5 Katie Steinle has always been passionate about helping people.. Working in sales for years has brought the human connection to me but I realized I wanted to go deeper. Not just helping people on a surface level but really transforming people’s lives. &nbsp;In addition to guiding hundreds to inner illumination, their truth, and their destiny through individual Human Design sessions which include Aura Scans, Human Design, Gene Keys, and tailored Biofeedback tones; She has taught classes on self mastery and co-hosted retreats.&nbsp; Katie is dedicated to unraveling the deepest mysteries of our existence, purpose, and universal connection I hold certification in Human Design through the International School of Human Design, am Akashic Records certified, Yi Ren Qigong Teacher certified, a Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner, and a Reiki Master. &nbsp;You can find and contact Katie through her webpage. <p
30/01/20221 hour 15 minutes 38 seconds
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Terry Andersen* Chasing the Divine *S4E50* Spirit Sessions AVOTL

Spirit Sessions AVOTL S4E50* Terry Andersen* Chasing the Divine Terry Diane Andersen, Medical &amp; Spiritual Medium, Controlled Remote Viewer, Life &amp; Business Coach. A sudden brutal attack caused a near-death out-of-body experience that left me with heightened abilities to see into people's lives and bodies. After significant training in the USA, England &amp; Canada I have honed my abilities which I use to help others. I provide accurate detailed insight by Zoom and in groups for any topic. To contact Terry Andersen &nbsp;and book her for one of her services find her here PLEASE NOTE**We are NOW broadcasting live from our Facebook page Spirit Sessions A View of the Light at our same time 12pm EST/ 9amPST and YouTube &nbsp;&nbsp; Please subscribe binge watch our archive of past shows there. And NEW check us out on &nbsp;If you would like t
30/12/202157 minutes 28 seconds