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English, Religion, 1 season, 130 episodes, 2 days, 15 hours, 46 minutes
Join Dayal and Kishor along with regular guests as they discuss ancient spiritual teachings in a modern context. Spirituality can be integrated into every aspect of our daily lives to help us achieve peace, fulfillment and clarity, but it requires regular self-assessment, thoughtfulness, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and a little bit of humor in order to do so successfully and sustainably. New episodes are recorded live Monday-Friday on the Bhakti Center's RISE platform and available to listen anywhere you get your podcasts. Please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it, and we look forward to discussing spirit matters with you.
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Spirit Matters Episode 255: Fan The Divine Spark

Let’s get back to the basics. Sometimes the greatest service we can do for anybody is to make sure we are anchored and nourished in our spiritual life. This creates space for Krishna to move in miraculous ways, guiding us to nourish positive motivations and to fan the divine spark of devotion in everyone’s hearts.
6/3/202325 minutes, 3 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 254: Awakening from Spiritual Amnesia

  We are in a spiritual amnesia, clouded by a veil of forgetfulness due to our binding material activities. Our sadhana is a process of deep reminders of our spiritual essence as pure, eternal spirit souls connected to the Supreme Source. As our false ego gets cracked, our effulgent soul gets uncovered and can shine through.   
6/2/202326 minutes, 19 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 253: Never Too Lost for Transformation

No one is ever too lost for transformation to occur. Krishna never gives up on us. When we repeatedly ask ourselves meaningful questions and create space to digest everything we are learning, we can arrive at deep answers and realizations. Our growth widens our lens to see life differently, allowing us to experience it from a place of compassion, connection, empowerment, joy, and gratitude. Once we get a taste of these nourishing qualities, we become inspired and hungry for more!   
6/1/202328 minutes, 57 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 252: The Missing Puzzle Piece Isn’t Material

The incomplete feeling we experience in the material world can be challenging, leading to a search to find the missing piece. The solution to the God-shaped hole in our hearts isn’t material though, but this homesickness we experience can be our compass to finding where our heart truly feels at home. Our hunger for spiritual truth will guide us on a journey where we can reconnect with Divinity and our inherent wholeness.
5/31/202325 minutes, 44 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 251: Learning to Intentionally Absorb Our Minds

The mind is such a powerful tool, but if not properly utilized, it will use us, catapulting us into undesirable waters. When we intentionally absorb our mind and senses in ways that positively affect our consciousness, we can more closely connect ourselves to our true nature, separate from the mind and body. At every moment, we have an opportunity to try again and connect spiritually by using our gifts to honor that divine source.   
5/27/202322 minutes, 2 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 250: Watering the Roots

Life can get really busy, and as a result of that, we may find ourselves caught in its chaotic currents. It’s a conscious effort to stay connected and disrupt the pattern of reactive responses. Before we start our activities, we can carve out intentional time to prepare for battle, making sure we have enough nourishment. Krishna is the root of all causes, so when we take the time to water the tree’s roots first, everything else will fall into place.   
5/26/202325 minutes, 42 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 249: Spiritual Connection is Always Available

There can be many events in spiritual life, and as a result, we may experience fear of missing out or place pressure on ourselves to attend as many as possible. However, it’s less about the quantity of attendance and more about our quality of consciousness. We don’t need to go anywhere to experience Krishna’s love. We have everything we need to be spiritually connected right here at this moment because Krishna is in everything and everything is in Krishna.
5/25/202324 minutes, 44 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 248: Assume Positive Intent

We all have a magical spark to offer, and the environment we surround ourselves in, both internally and externally, plays a vital role in igniting that spark. By assuming positive intent and seeking to understand where others’ expressions may be coming from, we can create space to respond with more love and acceptance.
5/23/202324 minutes, 55 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 247: Never Surrender Your Intelligence

Clouds of illusion cover us when we fall into the trap of thinking we have to do it all on our own. It’s no doubt that the path of spiritual realization is difficult, so we need guides, mentors, and teachers to help direct us. We shouldn’t blindly follow any leader and surrender our intelligence. With our intelligence, we can check our sources before approaching a spiritual teacher with our questions and service. We are all connected to that Divine Supreme, and through our spiritual practice and inquires, we can learn to open ourselves up to see this truth in every moment.
5/19/202315 minutes, 40 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 246: Letting Go of Ownership

Life can be really hard and overwhelming at times, but fortunately, it doesn't have the power to crush our soul. At any moment, we have the ability to write a new story of never being alone and always being loved, sheltered, and guided by Divine hands. Material miseries diminish when we let go of the idea of things belonging to us. Everything ultimately belongs to the Supreme Person and we’ve been entrusted with gifts for a period of time to use in service beyond ourselves.
5/17/202319 minutes, 7 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 245: Growth Is Possible At Any Moment

Whether things go or don’t go our way, growth is possible at any moment when we practice letting go of the things that hold us down. Sacrifice is an opportunity for us to detach from our identification with narratives, feelings, and thoughts that no longer serve us. We can uncover our true identity as eternal spirit souls when we sit in the driver seat of our mind and senses.   
5/17/202321 minutes, 58 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 244: Perform Sacrifices Based on the Goal

Spirituality is an invitation to lead a thoughtful life. When we get clear on our goal and what we want our life to feel like, we start surrounding ourselves with inspired associations to mold our consciousness. Everything can become spiritual when connected to a spiritual purpose. Happiness and fulfillment are the natural byproducts of us aligning with our eternal purpose.   
5/16/202323 minutes, 26 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 243: Joyfully Feeling Small

Humility does not mean to think less of ourselves but to think of ourselves less. It’s joyfully understanding our smallness with an attitude of gratitude, and knowing that we are inherently valuable as a spirit soul connected to the Divine. Nothing external can ever affect our eternal nature. As we use our natural position to practice Bhakti and to realize our lasting identity, Krishna reciprocates with us!
5/12/202331 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 242: Spiritual Knowledge Brings Inner Transformation

Humility and pridelessness are the prerequisites to knowledge and approaching a spiritual teacher. By deeply applying the simple lessons learned, we can experience profound effects and a transformation of our character. Our understanding will shift our vision, allowing us to let go of misgivings and to see the unity within our diversity.   
5/12/202330 minutes, 32 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 241: Chanting Dispels the Darkness

We suffer because of the false ego armor that hardens our heart. To combat our negative narratives and chip away the interference of the mind, we can bring Krishna’s names into our lives. Krishna is like our Divine Janitor that cleans up our mess so we can get in touch with our soul’s frequency. Chanting brings us into the light and dispels the darkness. As we hear about spiritual topics, reflect upon the lessons, and put it into practice, our knowledge can be transformed into realizations.
5/11/202330 minutes, 34 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 239: Direct Your Compass Towards Truth

Direct your compass towards Truth. It may not always be easy, but sometimes it’s more beneficial in the long run to face an uncomfortable truth than to stay in a comfortable state of self deception. Higher Love and Truth from our Supreme Best Friend are waiting and available for us at any moment, but it’s up to us to turn towards it. It’s never too late spiritually! Spiritual growth skyrockets when we take personal responsibility.   
5/10/202330 minutes, 55 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 240: Keep The Goal in Mind

Self-realization is the highest priority in our life, but the greatest obstacle to obtaining it is to think that something else is more important. When we keep the goal in mind, it provides direction and allows us to refocus our energy. The environment we associate with subtly affects our values, so surround yourself with people who are aspiring for love from a higher source and inspires you to do the same. Have faith in the small steps and release the pressure for quick results. Growth occurs overtime through small, consistent steps. Krishna is on the other end!
5/10/202331 minutes
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Spirit Matters Episode 238: Bringing Purpose to Our Work

Plenty of pressure is placed on ourselves pertaining to our job positions, working ourselves to oblivion or stressing too heavily to find a purposeful career. It’s an act of trusting God when we take a day off to engage with what truly nourishes us. Everything does not depend on us because we are not the controllers. Instead of making work our purpose, we can bring purpose into our work. If our goal is to develop a heart eager to serve and build our connection with Divinity, we can do that anywhere!   
5/6/202330 minutes, 17 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 237: Everyday Can Be a Sacred Pilgrimage

Everyday can be a sacred pilgrimage if we carry the mood of spiritual consciousness. The Divine Person is benevolent and the cause of everything, and even if we can’t yet see how our situations are happening for our betterment, we can trust that it is. Every moment becomes beautiful when we can see it as a gift happening for our spiritual evolution.   
5/5/202326 minutes
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Spirit Matters Episode 236: Set The Judge Aside

No one, even the spiritually advanced teachers we look up to, is exempt from the shifting seasons or has a clean record of never stumbling on their path. Thankfully, we are beyond our material identities, and the realization of our permanent position as a spirit soul connected to a loving, divine Higher Power gives us a new perspective to tolerate our changing circumstances. As we practice making Krishna our shelter and start simply serving, we come closer to our goal of love.   
5/4/202324 minutes, 58 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 235: Stop Should-ing All Over Yourself

The list of responsibilities, set of rules, or prescribed regulations can get so overwhelming sometimes. The immense pressure to get everything done or to follow every guideline can bring us to a place where we should ourselves into oblivion, taking out the joy in our work and bringing in self-judgment. Replacing “I have to” with “I get to” is a mentality shift that affects our approach.  It’s never about our perfect performance. It’s more about our enthusiastic mood of devotion!
5/3/202330 minutes, 54 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 234: Don’t Lose the Thread of Connection

There’s a healthy balance of accepting ourselves where we are at and pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone. While leaning into where our heart is calling us, the check points that allow us to ask, “Do I feel better going through this? Is this moving me in the right direction?” aids us in focusing on the essence, so we don’t lose the thread of connection while endeavoring. When we do experience alignment, we will feel it resonate within the cells of our body.   
5/2/202325 minutes, 17 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 233: ZOOM THE HELL IN!

While zooming out to see the bigger picture of our life, it’s important that we don’t forget to zoom in, so the moment-to-moment miraculous minutiae isn’t missed. With the nature of inevitable changes, rewriting the script in our mind to see what went right allows us to live a grateful life. Our life experience is our responsibility. We don’t need to depend on outside circumstances to fall into place to appreciate Higher Love’s presence in our life.  
4/30/202329 minutes, 40 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 232: Bring Your Heart Into It

Periodically, we all experience tension within, a lower vibratory baseline that may initially protect us but ultimately affect the way we approach life’s circumstances. Our pieces of brokenness are a natural part of being alive, so instead of rejecting them, we can learn to embrace all our parts. With the precious, gold lacquer of love and kindness, the pieces can be mended together, and through regular contact with spiritual wisdom, the gradual buildup of knots in our heart can be untangled.
4/28/202326 minutes, 40 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 231: Gratitude is the Key to Happiness

Seeing the world through the eyes of gratitude is the breeding ground for spiritual life and happiness. When we pause to remember our Transcendental Bestie’s gifts that are ever-present, we can be blown away and humbled by the wonderful creation. Even the most routine occurrences can truly be extraordinary! By surrounding ourselves with people who practice this mentality, we can learn the art of gratitude for Divinity’s hand in our life.
4/27/202331 minutes, 45 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 230: Focused Point of Shelter

As big as our problems seem right now, we will outlast them all due to our eternal connection to Divinity. We all have a serving propensity which can be directed to a focused point of shelter. By doing everything centered in pure love, we can simply do our best and leave the rest to our Supreme Best Friend.   
4/26/202332 minutes, 35 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 229: By Divine Design

God’s graceful hand is guiding us, but with life’s current challenges, it can be very difficult to see how all the dots of our present situation link together, looking forward into the future. Even though it doesn’t seem probable at times, the dots always connect because the Supreme Person has an amazing and sweet plan for us. We can align more deeply with this divine design when we check in with ourselves to ask, “what went right?” throughout our day.
4/25/202321 minutes, 48 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 227: Our Mutual Connection to Source

Even in spiritual communities, there’s inevitably going to be some disagreement or conflict that arises when our layers of false ego rub up against each other. Fortunately, taking a step back to regain perspective allows us all to understand our situations in their proper context. It becomes easier to be less caught up in the petty minutiae when we make space to embrace our mutual alignment to Source.   
4/21/202318 minutes
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Spirit Matters Episode 226: Nothing Can Hurt the True Self

All the things we have anxiety about are constantly changing. Sometimes it feels like everything is falling apart, not going according to our false ego’s plan, but fortunately it’s going well in our true ego’s way. Nothing can hurt the true self. We can deepen our eternal identity when we relinquish the false ego and embrace our true constitutional nature of being a loving servant of Higher Love.
4/20/202323 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spirit Matters Episode 225: Removing Ourselves from the Center

The fast track to spiritual advancement is to get clear about our motivations. It’s less about the actions and more about the mentality and consciousness behind it. When we prioritize serving ourselves over the common center, the journey of our material life becomes arduous due to this conflicting contrast. Our job is to redirect our desire towards reconnecting everything back to source and finding divine purpose in our daily actions.  
4/19/202330 minutes, 56 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 224: We’re Not Permanent Characters in Our Material Movie

We are living with each other’s projections based on the stories we’ve either directly or indirectly agreed to about who we are and the nature of reality. However, it’s too small to hold our entire expansive experience. We are not permanent characters in this material movie of ours. It’s not our story because it’s simply material energy interacting with itself.
4/8/202331 minutes, 23 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 223: Higher Love is on the Porch, Calling Us Back Home

This is not our first rodeo. Our soul is eternal, but we’ve been like kids playing on the material lawn for lifetimes. The greatest gift is that Higher Love, Krishna, is on the porch, calling and ready for us to come back home.  All it takes is our willingness to clean up the dirt, drop the heavy rock, and let God do His work. When we become more aware of our dis-ease from the disease, we can start taking doses of spiritual medicine and illuminate this dark material world.  
4/7/202333 minutes, 12 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 222: We Can Be Everything We Are!

Our environment affects our consciousness, and sometimes those outside influences have very narrow ways of defining and valuing various varieties of intelligence. The wonderful thing is that we all have something to contribute in this world! When we embrace the gift of our human nature, we can understand that although we can’t be anything we want, we can be everything we are! When we engage ourselves according to our unique nature, there’s harmony and alignment.
3/30/202327 minutes, 52 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 221: Quick Fixes Don’t Bring True Connection

Material enjoyment is like an intoxicating sugar rush. Qualities like wealth, beauty, and education are not inherently a problem but become one when they invoke a sense of superiority and confuse us of our real value. On the other side of the rainbow of our material pursuits, vices and unwanted habits isn't a true connection. A spiritualist is one who gets tired of the quick fixes and empty calories and instead feast on the real nutrients that offer true, lasting love.
3/29/202326 minutes, 10 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 220: We’re in a Finger Trap Like Situation

We’re all good people made of pure, spiritual energy, but our material encasing fuzzes up the perspective of our eternal nature. Behind our behaviors, there’s a deep desire for love, pleasure, and connection, and ultimately unmotivated and uninterrupted devotional service. It’s possible that at times though, we may be looking for Krishna in all the wrong places. To release the grip of our Chinese finger trap like situation, we can go inwards to really ask: “Why do I want the things I want?”   
3/28/202327 minutes, 5 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 219: Love Without Abandon

Our greatest fear is rejection and disconnection, and to combat it, we often put effort into raising ourselves to a certain standard to qualify for love.The great news is that we’re already qualified. Krishna accepts us exactly as we are! He is love without abandon. Even if we have any gloop, He gobbles it all up. Through Divine Partnership, we can travel the desert of seeing the truth about ourselves and move the mountains in our heart. It simply boils down to us sincerely believing in Krishna’s unconditional acceptance.
3/25/202334 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spirit Matters Episode 218: Unkink the Hose!

Spirituality is a process of tilling the soil of our heart through the practice of service for the seed of love to grow into a beautiful vine that bears fruit. While it grows, the unwanted weeds in the heart may strangle our creeper of love, and to clear out the weeds, we can unkink the hose to allow our negative emotions to flow and be acknowledged. When we are rooted in a secure sense of self, we can extend more acceptance to ourselves and others.   
3/24/202333 minutes
Episode Artwork

Spirit Matters Episode 217: Spell Out Your Vision for Support

  Relationships sometimes go through seasons of doubt, confusion, and figuring it out, providing an opportunity to check in about purpose, importance, and direction. The key ingredient to meeting the change with respect is acceptance. We all owe it to ourselves to become more self-aware and to spell out what support looks like for us. Regardless of any relationship status, everyone is eternally whole and complete.   
3/23/202329 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spirit Matters Episode 216: All Spiritual Investments are Eternally Credited

Entering relationships and spiritual life inherently means that we’re no longer solely thinking about ourselves. In the committed process, we can practice self-nourishing habits, so our selfless service propensity can be extended to inspire others’ transformation of heart. As we build our spiritual bank account, any spiritual investment is eternally credited and to our benefit. There’s no loss or diminution when we engage on the journey of allowing our false ego to dissolve and our life to center around Krishna.
3/22/202334 minutes, 25 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 215: Stay With It

The soul is inbuilt for relationships, the training grounds on how to really serve and love. Oftentimes, these relationships are challenging because it can be like a mirror that reflects back all the things we need to face about ourselves to grow. The discomfort felt when the honeymoon phase ends or expectations changes is a great opportunity for our ego to be cracked and purified. When we don’t quickly press the eject button and instead stay with it, we begin to see ourselves and others in a whole new light, the way Krishna sees us.
3/21/202332 minutes, 55 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 214: Accommodating for Personalism

Part of spirituality is accommodating for personalism. There’s a supreme and divine person extending love to us, and we can open ourselves up to receive it by taking a vulnerable step to be emotionally available and take down the walls built around our heart. Even if we have shortcomings and doubts, Krishna doesn’t see any faults because he goes beyond the material. We can unveil ourselves to the effect of spiritual life by celebrating our experience, fanning the spark, and building new neural pathways.
3/18/202333 minutes, 45 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 213: Cutting the Material Entanglement Cycle with Spiritual Solutions

  Problematic situations in the material world are often aggravated by our additional involvement in it. Our experience becomes similar to the rabbit in the 1800s story who kept getting entangled the more he fought with the tar and turpentine doll used by the fox to entrap him. This cycle of material interaction and karma can be cut with spiritual solutions by walking towards soul-fulfillment, re-writing our narratives, finding the sweet spot for discomfort, and anticipating gratitude. Krishna is inviting us on a two-way street, and we can develop attachment to whatever degree we feel ready for.  
3/17/202329 minutes, 58 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 212: Our Worth Isn’t Tied to Results

  Many of us experience attachment to maintain what we have and to procure more. Since we can’t get rid of attachment, we can be selective with them. Engagement with the world is still necessary, so we can transition from a “me centered” perspective to a vision of service by partnering with a Higher Power and offering our best for another’s benefit. Without material attachment, we have nothing to lose. Our worth isn’t tied to the results. Our value goes beyond because our soul is indestructible and eternal.  
3/16/202328 minutes, 45 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 211: Making Ourselves Available to Give and Receive Love

Spiritual practice is making ourselves the most available to give and receive love. Regardless of our background, nothing disqualifies us. As we journey towards the gateway of love, our heavy baggage is left behind when we pour in positive patterns. We never lose our permanent individuality through the process because it allows us to exchange adoring affection with God who can intimately reciprocate with us all indefinitely.
3/15/202329 minutes, 36 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 210: Direct Perception Develops Strong Convictions

To transform theoretical knowledge into self-realized knowledge, we can get in the laboratory and put ourselves through the experiment. Repetition creates deep impressions and grooves in the mind. Krishna wants us to experience the most powerful conviction which can only be developed through our own direct perception.  
3/14/202324 minutes, 45 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 209: Replacing Envy with Appreciation

We are all meant to delightfully dance in the beautiful boxes we’re comfortable in. At times though, we may get envious, not feeling like we are enough, comparing the size, shape, and appearance of our box to others. We can replace our envy with appreciation by seeing that the source of all glorious qualities is flowing through each and every one of us. This vision connects us and allows us to celebrate everyone on their personal journey.
3/11/202330 minutes, 52 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 208: Taking Care of Ourselves is a Spiritual Act

Although we are more than our bodies, it’s still a big part of who we are because it's a vessel for our soul. When we become more balanced and well situated in our lives, we arrive at a comfortable place to spiritually progress. Taking care of ourselves is a spiritual act. When we show up healthy and strong, we create more opportunities for inspired absorption, so we can hear Krishna’s subtle guidance more clearly.
3/10/202334 minutes, 25 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 207: Plugging Ourselves into Source

Real humility is not thinking less of ourselves, it’s thinking about ourselves less. It’s the confidence of knowing that we and everyone else is a beautiful spark of God’s splendor. We can shine beautifully bright when we partner up, plugging ourselves in to Krishna who is the generating power source. Krishna reminds us to be ourselves and that we have the potential to emit our light through our bulb’s unique shape and wattage.
3/9/202327 minutes, 41 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 206: Real Humility is Trusting Our Shine

Real humility is about playing it big and knowing who our real self is, not repressing ourselves into molds according to self-identification. We are here on this planet to evolve, but sometimes the resistance of our false ego inhibits us out of fear of our own power and internal light. When we partner with a power greater than ourselves and allow God to flow through us, we can dance with resistance and overcome it. As we trust our shine and play it big, we dismantle our false ego and give permission to others to do the same.
3/8/202333 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spirit Matters Episode 205: A Sensitive Heart Fans Everyone’s Spark of Sincerity

Happy Gaura Purnima! Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the golden avatar, appeared in this world to demonstrate that a life of Bhakti is practiced through a sensitivity of heart rather than understood through the intellect. As we move past the fragility of our false ego and discover our true position, our judgments and condemnations get replaced with sensitivity and compassion for every living being’s journey and circumstance.
3/7/202330 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spirit Matters Episode 204: Nothing Material Satisfies

We are in an uncomfortable material climate, struggling very hard with the six senses including the mind. Nothing in this world can satisfy us because we were made for another world. When we pause and put into context our position as spirit souls who are sparks of the source of a greater fire, we can engage in loving relationship with transcendence. Love is the highest reality, and Krishna is playing the flute to lure us back with his sweet song.
3/4/202327 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spirit Matters Episode 2023: Sing the Song of Higher Love

Spiritual life is taking the initiative to be intentional about the impressions we press into our consciousness. The grooves of our hearts can be shaped to sing the song of higher love and play an output infused with spirit. When we absorb our attraction to deeper wisdom, we react less to the triggers and stories arising in our minds and allow the river of our lives to flow towards the sea of devotional service.
3/3/202328 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spirit Matters Episode 202: Inviting the Sunshine In

I’m not okay, you’re not okay, and that’s okay! It’s in the fine print of this material world to struggle as embodied souls. It’s as natural as sweating in the summer. The first step is to acknowledge the diagnoses that we are powerless and need a little help and guidance. Krishna is like the sun, and we can invite the sunshine in by removing the sunblock of our false egos.   
2/11/202329 minutes, 10 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 201: Bhakti is the Calling of the Heart

There’s layers to approaching God, as the all pervasive energy, as the companion in the heart of every living being, and as the Complete Person. Bhakti is a calling of the heart, and understanding God as a Person is an experience that requires surrender in the heart. Just as we don’t need to fully understand someone to fully love someone, the same applies to Krishna. Whenever and wherever there’s a deep need, there’s an incredible promise that the Supreme Person will enter into our lives and make the best story for us.
2/9/202328 minutes, 41 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 200: A Little Remembrance Everyday

We have a severe case of spiritual amnesia, forgetfulness of our true selves, God, and our eternal relationship with Krishna. However, there is no shame in being lost or confused, and the course correcting factor is our sincerity. We can do a little remembrance everyday. It doesn’t have to be grand, elaborate, or fancy. The simplest things can remind us of our beloved. When we make efforts towards remembrance and give the eternal relationship our heartfelt respect, Krishna reciprocates.   
2/9/202329 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spirit Matters Episode 199: Rediscovering Our Immortal Diamond

Our spiritual nature is inherently pure and whole, but this precious gem of ours has been covered by muddy layers. When we remove the dirt, we discover an immortal diamond that’s never diminished in potency. We can carry the faith that God, the ultimate reciprocator, cares for us and is carrying us through life. He’ll never leave or side and will always reach out to us to remember and recognize his Divine, guiding hand. With this knowledge, we can hold hands and walk each other home!   
2/8/202331 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spirit Matters Episode 198: Uncovering The Original Me

We have been through a lot together with Krishna, the Person who has unlimited patience for us. Even if we can’t recall everything experienced, Krishna remembers it all and will continue being by our side through all our various versions. We’ve been in these bodies for so long that there’s instinct and subtle impressions, but when we search within, we can remove the blockages and uncover the original us. It’s enough for Krishna once we know our truest version!
2/6/202329 minutes, 50 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 197: Failing Forward

It’s expected in this embodied experience to feel a little lost sometimes. In fact, it’s okay to fail quickly, fail often, and fail forward, bringing ourselves back to the path with the guidance of an honest, well wishing friend. God has an unlimited amount of time for us. Our struggles can be a part of someone’s miracle!
2/4/202331 minutes, 22 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 196: What is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me

We have an imperishable relationship with the Supreme Person. It’s an ancient science that’s simply about rekindling, remembering, and reestablishing this inherent love. It’s built in the fine print to get lost, make mistakes, or forget our eternal relationship sometimes, but it’ll never disqualify us from God’s love. Krishna is waiting for us and will remind us again. Love is everlasting forgiveness and forever tries.
2/3/202327 minutes, 32 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 195: Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

When we get in touch with our inner voice, we can become free from public opinion and understand that the idea of being behind is a socially constructed concept. We are all made of joy, knowledge, and fulfillment. It’s inherent to us. We can find spiritual solutions to our material problems by standing on the shoulders of the giants before us and using their candle to light ours, so we can light up the world. 
2/2/202330 minutes, 23 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 194: A Moment too Fast, a Moment to Fast

We are often in a big hurry, moving at lightning speed with the world, so we owe it to ourselves to take a little time out of the day, week, month, or year for absorption in spiritual practice. We can chill out a bit by doing a digital detox with friends, giving our digestion a break by fasting, trapping ourselves in Kirtan, or focusing on the quality of our Japa practice. This continuous and firm, faith-filled endeavor gives God a chance to show up in our lives! 
2/1/202334 minutes, 1 second
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Spirit Matters Episode 193: When Surrendering Feels Unfair

Spiritual life is a process of welcoming Divinity to the center or our lives. During our great adventure towards Krishna, it might feel unfair when we don’t receive what we wanted, but we can trust that it may actually be what we really needed for our protection. Whether it’s perfect or not, Krishna shows up the moment we surrender to bestow his mercy and love on us. We are blessed with the gift of Krishna who constantly gives us everything we need. 
2/1/202328 minutes, 59 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 192: Placed in Divinity’s Helping Hands

There is no material impediment to spiritual life. Surrendering doesn’t require anything other than letting go of the misconception that we can get through life without connection to God. Instead of painting the impermanent prison with pretty decorations, we are meant to become sufficiently frustrated and leave the material world’s rigged rules. Let’s grow in self-honesty and place ourselves in Krishna’s helping hands. He’ll always meet us halfway!
1/18/202329 minutes, 18 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 191: Seeking for the Essence

Krishna is the essence of everything we are looking for. Even in our maya or illusion, Krishna is there! Let’s take a chance and surrender to the mystery of a reciprocal relationship and soften our hearts like butter, so Krishna can come steal it! 
1/16/202335 minutes, 4 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 190: Wake Up and Take the Medicine!

  The material world is like a hospital where we have identified with the disease of lust and misconception about the senses, mind, and intelligence. We have forgotten who we really are, but at any moment, we can wake up and use our deliberate spiritual intelligence to take the medicine of the Maha-mantra seriously. This continual practice will remind us that we are pure, spirit souls who can find ultimate, everlasting happiness in an eternal relationship with Krishna. 
1/14/202334 minutes, 43 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 189: Temporarily Inhabiting a Rental Vehicle

We are all inherently lovable! Our souls have done amazing and incredible things that mistakes can never undo. Even when the rental vehicles of our bodies get naturally affected, dented and dinged up, driving through storms, our uncomfortability can be a catalyst to bring us closer to the feet of God. Everyday, we have a choice to love. Krishna chooses and loves us everyday because we are a part and parcel of Him. 
1/12/202334 minutes, 21 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 188: Accepting Our Material Diagnosis

The diagnosis of our material condition is that we are addicted, in love with the idea of the material world. However, it’s faulty and merely a reflection. This lust or overly attached, stubborn relentlessness to find desire in the wrong places can develop symptoms of anger and wrath. Fortunately, we are never behind because at any moment we can accept the diagnoses, change course, and recalibrate our desires to uplift us and align with what we are truly looking for.
1/12/202334 minutes, 18 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 187: Believing in the Best

Our relationship with Divinity is extremely unique, and there’s danger in not being ourselves. Rather than turning away from God and misidentifying with material nature when we stumble into obstacles, we can instead accept the invitation to take shelter and develop faith in the good. Let’s turn towards our Supreme Friend who will always guide us and will never leave us stranded. Love always believes in the best. 
1/10/202329 minutes, 20 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 186: Seen and Recognized

  We all have an intrinsic, inbuilt need for belonging, acceptance, and appreciation, but sometimes we go about it with a flawed approach, trying to perfectly imitate another’s path or pursuing approval from improper people. Everyone is on a different schedule, so let’s keep showing up authentically even though it may be imperfect. Krishna sees and recognizes us!
1/10/202326 minutes, 14 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 185: Removing the Obstacles of Attachment and Aversion

Attachment and aversion are obstacles on our path of self-realization. It can cause us to obsess about external results like praise or criticism and success or failure rather than focusing on our heart’s internal, loving devotion. When we remove those stumbling blocks, we can disrupt the loop created by our false ego and instead use our God-given gifts as an offering to Krishna.
1/6/202326 minutes, 22 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 184: Spoiler Alert: It Never Works Out Materially

Everyone acts according to their nature given by the three modes, so let’s release the self-judgment of being behind or failures upon comparisons to others’ externals. Things never work out materially and even if it looks like it does, it’s an illusion. We can escape the hamster wheel of constant anxiety by progressing spiritually, transforming our heart and consciousness. Our current God-given situation is everything we need to dive deeper into spiritual life. 
1/6/202333 minutes, 32 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 183: Intentionally Directing Our Empathy

The material world both doesn’t and does make sense, and we can understand how the pieces fit together by zooming out with deep faith for an eternal purpose. Being in the association of spiritually minded people allows our empathy and compassion to awaken and teaches us to correctly direct it. We can follow HH Radhanath Swami’s example by consciously pausing and acknowledging others’ suffering. It’s all about the intention in the heart! 
1/5/202331 minutes, 57 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 182: Releasing Control Allows Space for Divine Magic to Unfold

Nothing is ours. Everything belongs to Krishna. The purpose of life is to understand our proper position in relation to the ultimate proprietor. When we allow people, situations, and life to play out separate from our expectations, we release pressure and give space for Divine magic to unfold, for Krishna’s hand to play in our lives. The more we surrender and offer back, the more we are uplifted and fill up our cup. 
1/3/202329 minutes, 5 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 181: Spirit Souls in an Awkward Arrangement

We are in an awkward arrangement because we are spirit souls trying to slurp out satisfaction from material objects. It’s not that the search for love, fulfillment, and purpose have to be given up, but our strategies can be upgraded, dovetailed in devotional service. When we move through life remembering the miracle in the moment, the greater operation at play, we can practice offering our aligned activities back to Source.
1/2/202324 minutes, 27 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 180: Krishna Take the Reins!

Sometimes, our forgetfulness of our eternal relationship with God bewilders and envelops us in the false ego of being the ultimate doer and controller. As we build faith, our perceived reign of control diminishes, and we let Krishna take the chariot reins. When we see the hands of a higher power guiding our lives, we can express our  trust and love by allowing everyone, including ourselves, to do their self-work at their own pace and time. 
12/31/202229 minutes, 37 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 179: Setting a Good Example

The best thing we can do is set a good example by engaging for Krishna’s satisfaction. We can let go of the controlling mentality of forcing others to adopt the same lifestyle and habits as us. Our personal journeys are unique and will look different even if we are working towards the same goal. A good litmus test to understand our progress is to ask the right questions to the right people and know what feedback requires an engagement or response.
12/30/202229 minutes, 58 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 178: Who Do We Take Our Cues From?

The material world is one big rehabilitation center and we are all in rehab together. We need to allow everyone the space for imperfection, for ebbs and flows, and in those moments of ebbs we need a role model to look up to, an inspirational figure who enables our rise when we feel we are sinking. The role models in our lives don’t have to be perfect and we need to broaden our perspectives about who can be a role model, the one person who can help us recalibrate.
12/29/202234 minutes, 9 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 177: Building Spiritual Muscle Memory Beyond Conditioned Attachment

Spiritual life is a practice, it is a muscle to train.  You can wobble or flounder at first but when you practice it, while letting go of conditioned attachment it is ultimately fulfilling as it enables us to direct the flow of the river of our lives toward a higher ideal.  The litmus test of our spirituality must be beyond measures of good and bad as one asks whether it is deepening one’s relationship with the Supreme, softening our hearts and bringing us closer to our higher power.
12/28/202232 minutes, 51 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 176: Unbreakable and Dependent Souls

  Having a breakdown of the ego means that things are working exactly as they are supposed to, not that we are broken. Instead of identifying with exaggerated, all or nothing language, we can be truthful by remembering that our souls are unbreakable. We are powerless to control life’s circumstances and are dependent on an unvanquishable relationship with Krishna who already cares for us as we are. 
12/17/202232 minutes, 42 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 175: Supplements to the Ultimate Source of Nourishment

The ultimate goal of life is to attain the Supreme, and we make progress when we allow ourselves to be guided and unattached to the results. Rather than placing pressure on ourselves to fix everything, we can function as supplements and instruments to the main source of nourishment. Our sincere endeavor is enough. Krishna meets us everyday where we are on our journey towards wholeness. 
12/16/202231 minutes, 29 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 174: Sincerely Endeavoring

Our anxiety comes from a forgetfulness of our absolute shelter. When we remember our eternal relationship, we can shift our dependence on the Supreme Person who is the ocean that satisfies all our desires. Rather than being in it for the outcome, our endeavor to give and receive love is sufficient regardless of how jumbled or perfect it may look. Our only duty is to work sincerely, so that our activities may be recognized by Krishna.
12/16/202231 minutes, 11 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 173: Following Our Ideal Path

  Krishna knows a plethora of people, but He never compares us with others. Our Supreme Friend is satisfied with us following the best path for our growth instead of imitating another’s ideal path. As we continue recalibrating our imbalances, we let go of seeking validation from others, build trust within, take pleasure in the Self, and allow an adoring attraction to The All Attractive One.
12/14/202232 minutes, 56 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 172: Everything is Amazing

When we go back to the basics, we recognize our dependence on forces greater than ourselves and allow our appreciation for the deep mechanisms of life to flex our giving muscles. Everything is amazing, and we can allow our day to be amazing by doing the best thing for ourselves regardless of the outcome or any external validation. Let’s have a healthy respect for everyone’s particular path and set of responsibilities. There’s so much success in the endeavor.
12/13/202229 minutes, 42 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 171: Being True to the Holy Name

The Mahamantra can be translated as, “My Friend, My Friend, My Friend”. By chanting, we call out to Radha-Krishna and rekindle our friendship with Them. It’s as simple as being true to the Holy Name. Our greatest fortune is that we have access and know about Krishna. When we perform positive, charitable actions and never stop chanting, it places us into the mindset of serving the center rather than being the center. 
12/9/202228 minutes, 19 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 170: Simply Remembering and Having an Eager Heart

Krishna is constantly reaching out to us through everything, sometimes even in the most unlikely places. We can nourish our relationship with the Supreme Person by showing up and taking time to respond to His call. It’s as simple as remembering and being in love. The only necessary thing is our eager heart. Everyday is a good one because Krishna is here!
12/9/202235 minutes, 44 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 169: Flexing our Reciprocity Muscle

Full detachment isn’t possible. Just by being in the material world, we have entered into a contract of a dependent interrelationship between us and the Divine elements. Terms and conditions apply, and we can flow with it by aligning our will with a higher will. In giving we receive. Let’s flex our offering muscle and start participating in a relationship of reciprocity.
12/7/202228 minutes, 54 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 168: Changing Our Internal Settings, One Outlook at a Time

Have courage to challenge the status quo, not to be a rebel, but to ask the deeper questions about the purpose behind our actions and thoughts.  We are all facing the common challenge of the material world together. Although we can’t change the entire external sphere, we can change our internal settings, one outlook at a time.
12/7/202234 minutes, 17 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 167: Create Space for the Nuanced Complexity of Experiences

Being a proper model of any group can only go so far because it is not possible to meet everyone’s standards. Instead, we can do our best for what is appropriate for us and our unique situation. When we dive deeper, we recognize the nuance and complexity of every single entity. There is always space for a multiplicity of emotions and a plurality of experiences with Krishna.
12/6/202228 minutes, 24 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 166: Running Towards the Mess

We can’t run away from the internal growth we’re meant for, so to not be a pretender, we need to run towards the mess. We don’t need to have all the answers. By pausing and being patient with our responses, we can provide space for ourselves and others to hold and work through the discomfort. Krishna is looking out for our happiness.
12/3/202228 minutes, 14 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 165 : Dovetailing Aligned Actions

In these material skin suits, action is inevitable, so let’s not quit our day jobs. Repression is a recipe for delusion. Rather than working against our nature, we can work with it and align our actions to satisfy our Beloved. All things can be dovetailed in the service of Krishna. 
12/2/202236 minutes, 37 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 164: Integrating Our Nature to Nourish Love

We can never run away from time and our innate nature. Our God-given gifts are meant to be integrated daily in a way of service that brings joy to the heart and soul. We need balance to not fall into mere sentiment or mental speculation. Spiritual life and love is not just a feeling that we fall in and out of, but it’s meant to be nourished through intentional sequence of actions. God is the ultimate reciprocator of our love. 
12/2/202233 minutes, 1 second
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Spirit Matters Episode 163: Mistakes are not the end, they are catalysts

When we get a little lost in life, we can get curious and ask questions. People may even inquire from us, so it’s important to remember that we don’t need to have all the answers and can simply share our personal experiences. It’s above our paygrade to play the role of God. We all belong here, and our experiences are simultaneously universal and unique.
11/29/202234 minutes, 5 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 162: Love Means Infinite Chances

We sometimes criticize ourselves and others for having faults, but as conditioned souls, it’s very normal to make mistakes. Mistakes can actually propel us forward and be our greatest catalyst for growth. Let’s create a safe container for ourselves and each other, so we can rewire our system to know that we are always accepted, welcomed, full of purpose, and given another opportunity to try again. Love means infinite chances. We don’t have to be perfect to be Krishna’s and for Him to be ours.
11/28/202227 minutes, 26 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 161: Transforming Our Inner World

The material world is a place of suffering, but we don’t have to give into its whims and become bewildered. Let’s take back our power. Our spiritual life and happiness is always in our own hands. Nothing outside of us needs to change for us to be happy. We can instead find inner connection and transform our world within. Heaven can be found right here on earth!
11/26/202230 minutes, 48 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 160: Shared Spiritual Source

When the waters of our mind start to still, we can look into its reflection and see a truer reality. We are all united because we share the same spiritual source. We can practice being the friend of everyone when we connect beyond material designations. True happiness lies in our remembrance of our relationship with God.
11/26/202224 minutes, 27 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 159: Spirituality is a Shifting of Desires

It’s normal to have desires, but we can tailor them to be uplifting. Spirituality is a shifting of desires and dovetailing them in the service of a higher plan. Krishna is the ultimate proprietor and everything belongs to Him. When we see everything in relation to Him, we will become more peaceful.
11/22/202232 minutes, 18 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 158: Inherently Valuable

We are all looking for acceptance, connection, and belonging, but sometimes fear not of failure but of rejection. Let’s be reassured that we can’t lose what is inherent to us. What is most valuable can never be taken away. Even if we make mistakes, we can learn the lesson, let go of the heaviness, and allow ourselves to be happy after the heartache. Krishna is soft hearted and waiting to forgive. Let’s allow ourselves to evolve and chase the moments where our spirit feels rejuvenated and light.
11/22/202229 minutes, 55 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 157: Be Full in Ourselves Like the Ocean

It’s a moment to moment consideration to not slide into the defaults. Even when the waves of our lives remain turbulent, we can still be full in ourselves like the ocean by engaging in ways to increase its depth. The inner wellspring of higher satisfaction in devotional service is always available to us at any given moment when we seek stillness. Krishna fulfills all our material necessities and is always with us!
11/18/202229 minutes, 42 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 156: Boundaries Without Hierarchies

There are two classes of intelligent people: an intelligence in material activities for sense gratification and an introspective intelligence for the cultivation of self-realization. We have a personal, internal choice to find environments we can thrive that support our practice of absorption in spirit. As we shift our life values and choices, it’s important to remember that every soul is a part and parcel of Krishna and that we can simultaneously have boundaries and not differentiate people into hierarchies. 
11/18/202231 minutes, 3 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 155: The Art of Rekindling Our Inner Guidance and Finding a Spiritual Teacher

We can’t curb our unrestrained sense desires alone, solely by our human endeavors. We need superior guidance. Krishna appears as a guru within the heart and through people who act as a teacher. Rekindling our inner guidance requires removing the dust of the heart’s ulterior motives so we can hear the pure message. Finding a guru who resonates and passes the smell test takes time and observation. Practicing these spiritual principles is an art. This process is not cookie cutter and applies to us all uniquely during different seasons of our lives.
11/17/202235 minutes, 46 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 154: Intentional Sense Engagement is a Process

Spiritual life is a work in progress of learning to be intentional. We are in spiritual rehabilitation, practicing to engage all our senses in the service of the Lord. This is all a process, and even if we are not yet perfectly fixed in spiritual maturity, the Supreme Person is not shaming or condemning us. There’s a sweet spot in Krishna’s heart for his devotees. 
11/16/202233 minutes, 43 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 153: Shifting the Perception of Impermanence by Connecting to Source

We often find ourselves unfulfilled, interacting with the modes of material nature and wrestling with the shifting situations of our lives. Fortunately, we can find true satisfaction when we go inwards to connect to our eternal, constant companion. Our perception of impermanence and suffering shifts when we connect back to Source, the Supreme Person and inner knowing guiding us.
11/15/202227 minutes, 46 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 152: Everyone is Inherently Krishna Conscious

Everyone is inherently Krishna Conscious, it’s simply about remembering. This spiritual journey is not a competition, and we are all at different stages. It’s necessary for our spiritual survival to find a tribe with our unique vantage point. And if we can’t find it, we can start it. When we connect Krishna with the dots, we see the grander perspective that our tribulations actually brought us closer home with him. Krishna’s love is real and there’s nothing like his reciprocation!
11/12/202232 minutes, 51 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 151: Never Alone & Always Sheltered

Expect challenges to come. Even Arjuna’s spiritual aptitude did not give him immunity from experiencing life’s obstacles, but instead gave him the sense of where to turn to in the midst of it. Like Arjuna, we have tools to respond to our situation and are never alone. Krishna is our shelter and is always there waiting for us to turn to him for guidance.
11/11/202227 minutes, 20 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 150: Associate with Inspiring People and Find Your Joy

When we fall into mechanical tendencies, it’s our responsibility to find our joy, surround ourselves with inspiring people, and gather the receipts of where we are spending our time and energy. We are spirit souls encased in material bodies, so we shouldn’t neglect our material needs. Once we are materially nourished, we can tend to our spiritual practice, respond to Krisna’s call, and find that nectar.
11/10/202234 minutes, 21 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 149: Material Lessons are Coming

As much as we want to be in control, we can’t escape the material lessons we are meant to learn. Even if we make mistakes or slip into anger, we will bounce back. Instead of repressing ourselves, we can redirect our mind and senses towards real engagement for the service of Krishna. 
11/8/202230 minutes, 57 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 148: Navigate the Material World with Spiritual Discipline

We are built for love, engagement, service, interaction, and connection. Happiness is found within, but sometimes we get lost in our pursuit of happiness and build habits that direct us further from ourselves. It’s a constant road of frustration when our attachments lead to anger and remove our ability to think clearly. Fortunately, spiritual discipline helps us navigate the slippery slope of the material world.
11/8/202227 minutes, 57 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 147: Personal Connection Sustains Our Fire of Devotion

Restraining our senses is only half the equation and isn’t enough to fuel us. To sustain the fire of our spiritual love, we need personal connection. Let’s make the Supreme Person the wealth of our lives! We become people of steady intelligence when we fix our consciousness on Krishna and see all things as opportunities to serve our Beloved.
11/4/202227 minutes, 42 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 146: Our Attention is a Hot Commodity

Meditation is occurring all the time, so let’s be careful about what we meditate on because our attention is a hot commodity that our senses are constantly trying to capture. The senses are subtle, slow, and insidious. The things we indulge in create impressions on our mind to desire it again. When we get to the root of our desires and addictions, we realize that we are all searching for safety, comfort, stability, familiarity, and connection.
11/4/202233 minutes, 17 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 145: Rewiring our System of Desires

The natural hallmark of an embodied soul is to have desires, but we are often drawn towards unhealthy habits. Fortunately, we can rewire our system towards a higher taste by making daily deposits towards spiritual redirection. Step into the mystery of building a beautiful bond with our Supreme Person, Krishna. Intentionally seek out experiences of joy and fulfillment.
11/3/202231 minutes, 53 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 144: Withdrawing into our Turtle Shell

Things don’t stop happening to the turtle or us. Like the turtle who draws its limbs within the shell, we also have a safe God-given inner space where we can withdraw and turn to Krishna for guidance. Let’s be real, check what we are identifying with, and be patient with ourselves and each other when we retreat. We are never alone!
11/2/202228 minutes, 23 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 143: Stay on Course

Don’t get thrown off course by the world’s dualities. We can still feel emotions and honor the events of this world but also be grounded in the truth of our eternal self. The fortunes and misfortunes are happening to our character in the video game and doesn’t define our soul’s sole identity. Our final story can be one of beautiful surrender to divine intervention.
11/1/202232 minutes, 43 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 142: Steady in Determination

We often believe that spiritual success is measured by getting everything right. However, It’s okay to make mistakes. There’s no such thing as eternal rejection or spiritual failure because there is always a place for us at the table. The hallmark of spiritual success is making the determination to stay on the path. That which gives light must endure burning. There’s a deep treasure waiting for us underneath the surface level waves when we choose Krishna.
10/29/202229 minutes, 19 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 141: Redefining Life’s True Importance

We will never know how everything will turn out. Regardless of the outcome, we are going to be okay because our Supreme Friend will personally step in to make our situation better, not by solving all our material problems but by solving the main issue about our false conception for the meaning of life. By giving credit where credit is due, redefining what is truly important, and becoming more steady minded, we can conclude that Krishna is everything.
10/28/202230 minutes, 5 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 140: Let Truth Guide Us

We have entered into all sorts of agreements with society, our family, and our minds, allowing them to govern the way we live. Instead, we can let timeless truth guide us. Krishna is trying to pull us out of taking shelter under the false concoctions and temporary identities of our mind, so we can be transcendentally situated in service to our eternal identity and our Supreme Person.   
10/26/202233 minutes, 57 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 139: Optimistically Expecting Obstacles

The most optimistic view we can obtain is to forecast obstacles in the material world. When the unexpected happens, let’s place responsibility on the appropriate party rather than blaming God as our scapegoat. Our Lordships are available and can be approached by those who are materially exhausted. The metric for recognizing a self-realized person is their character and self-satisfaction in the soul.
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Spirit Matters Episode 138: Reciprocal Love

Love is a reciprocal relationship. Krishna misses and is constantly calling for us, but this love cannot be forced. Everyone is on their own journey and timing to courageously call Krishna into their own hearts. We have the free will to accept our Supreme Bestie’s gentle push out of our comfort zone and into an adventure of softening our hearts and elevating our happiness and connection. 
10/24/202231 minutes, 57 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 137: Remember to Offer Krishna His Water

This material world is a prison of chain victimization of action and reaction. We are here for soul rehabilitation. The highest welfare work we can do is understanding the nature of the soul as an eternal servant of the Supreme Person. Even if we get lost, we can take shelter of the Gita’s instruction, remember the beauty and mystery of Krishna’s love, simplify our hearts, and find our way back to offer Krishna his water.
10/20/202236 minutes, 31 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 136: Don’t Be Afraid to Jump Wholeheartedly into Remembrance

Don’t be afraid to jump wholeheartedly into remembrance. Krishna is the source of all that we are yearning for, so regardless if it’s extraordinary or mundane, we can infuse our lives with Krishna. Even if we are not yet a pure devotee, our Supreme Well-Wisher wants us to be happy and still turn towards Him.
10/20/202229 minutes, 16 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 135: Absorbed in Devotional Service

We often act as if we have nothing to lose, but in reality, we all face the same four, absolute problems: birth, old age, disease, and death. To get to a place of everlasting happiness, we have to stop settling for broken pieces of glass and tightly holding on to the misery of hankering for things we don’t really need. When we start taking spiritual life seriously, we can busily absorb ourselves in devotional service and prepare ourselves for the inevitable destination.
10/19/202226 minutes, 12 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 134: Showing Up as Our Offering

Acyuta, Passia, and Nachi share about their enlightening experiences in India - monkeys, magical moments, bathing in the Ganga, surrendering, and being tested. In the moments where we feel like we have given everything and have nothing left to give, we can still show up to the best of our abilities. That can be our offering. It’s less about how it looks externally, but more about our personal transformation in the endeavor.
10/19/202230 minutes, 19 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 133: Our Temporary Obligations are Subject to Change

Our given psychosocial nature gears us towards certain contributions and offerings in this world. However, these temporary roles related to our material body are subject to change. Our permanent, quintessential duty as a spirit soul is to serve the Supreme Person we are under the shelter of. Devotion is the only path to true happiness. When we surrender to Krsna, we immediately become Acyuta-gotra, part of His family.
9/22/202225 minutes, 49 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 132: Lord, I am Your Consequence

It’s not possible for us to abstain from action. Instead, we can let go of ownership of reactions because the consequence or resulting effect doesn’t belong to us. It belongs and is connected to a higher purpose. Krishna clearly chose us as His consequence, and we can offer everything including our results to our Supreme Best Friend. 
9/21/202222 minutes, 15 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 131: Always Welcomed Back Home

We are Their Lordships’ children, and as our parents, They will always love and accept us. Krishna, the Supreme Person, and the source of all characteristic traits has the softest heart and sees us through our mistakes. He isn’t a judge holding grudges, so no matter what we have done, we are always welcomed back home.
9/17/202237 minutes, 41 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 130: Get Caught Up or Choose Krsna

The material world is an uphill battle, and its distorted reflection of reality is often bewildering. To not get caught up in the flowery and shiny things, we need determination, fortitude, and constant surrender. Our Supreme Best Friend never turns his back and is always there with us, so the powerful choice is within us to dive deep into a reciprocal relationship of trust and vulnerability.
9/16/202234 minutes, 18 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 129: Straight Outta Bahu-Sakhah

The biggest cause of suffering is our forgetfulness of and our distancing from the Paramatma, the Super Soul living in our hearts. Instead of being bahu-sakhah, having many-branched intelligence, we can focus one pointedly on the “capital S'' Self by developing unflinching trust in our Supreme Well Wisher. By watering the roots of the tree of Krsna Consciousness, we start charity at home and can render the highest service to everyone.
9/14/202230 minutes, 33 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 128: No Loss or Diminution

When we place pressure on ourselves to be perfect and compare ourselves to others’ paths, we get engrossed with success and stepping up to society’s standards. However, there is no such thing as spiritual failure and loss or diminution on this path. We are right on time and are exactly where we are meant to be. Our relationship with Krsna is unique and individual. Let go of expectations of a straight forward trajectory. Doing our best is enough! 
9/13/202233 minutes, 39 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 127: Offering Our Best Selves

When we clear out the noise and get honest with ourselves, we connect more deeply with who we are separate from the external voices. It’s not a sin to act authentically and do our dharma. It’s not even about us being perfect but more about us doing our best and offering our best including the results to Krishna. He will guide us and can handle all of it! 
9/13/202227 minutes, 59 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 126: Our Authentic Nature Can’t be Denied

It’s natural for people to misconstrue things, but regardless of people's misconceptions and external expectations, we have to live our truth! Our authentic nature can’t be denied. Giving ourselves the space to stop, breathe, and observe allows us to align more authentically with our natural proclivities and seek the shelter of teachers and sangha who accept us for who we are and encourage us. Our spiritually should be a safe space. 
9/13/202229 minutes, 8 seconds
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Spirit Matters Episode 125: Go Out and Live it! Everything has a Shelf Life

Our souls are eternal, but everything around us is temporary and has a shelf life. Even though we may intellectually understand the nature of the soul, time and persistent practice allows us to fully realize and wholeheartedly embrace this. Let’s give ourselves grace and empathy as we go out and live it, practically applying these lessons in our lives.
9/8/202222 minutes, 38 seconds