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English, Arts, 3 seasons, 71 episodes, 2 days, 1 hour, 52 minutes
Sister Spill is known for her platform on YouTube, as she spills the newest drama on your favorite TikTokers, influencers, and YouTubers. Due to popular demand, she is using her "relaxing voice" to give her fans a variety of fun episodes -- being a relatable teen herself.
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Goodbye Spillcast :)

Hi everyone, Sister Spill here. This is my final episode of the podcast after two years of recording and having wonderful conversations with you all. Thank you for your consistent love and support throughout this entire process; this truly has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Join me for one final episode in which I give advice one more time, talk about my personal life, mental health, and more. I love you all!  - Sister Spill
7/14/202236 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 69 - Why is There No Tea?

In this episode, Sister Spill recaps some important things in her life including college and her upcoming trip to Italy. She also gives advice on friendships, dealing with your first relationship, and how to support friends falling into unfavorable situations. She also mentions Kim and Kanye and how there doesn't seem to be much tea lately.  *Next episode in two weeks after my trip! Continue to send me advice questions until then:) Send me a voice message: Instagram: @sisterspillyt or @spillcastofficial Email: [email protected] Transcript:
3/22/202247 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 67 - Feeling Peace in Your Future

In this episode, Sister Spill discusses a recent issue involving her car at school, her spring break plans, and gives advice on friends, romance, and school.  Send me a voice message: Instagram: @sisterspillyt or @spillcastofficial Email: [email protected] Transcript:
3/8/202259 minutes, 22 seconds