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SPILL: A Podcast by Think Eden Media

English, Arts, 4 seasons, 52 episodes, 1 day 21 hours 11 minutes
SPILL is brought to you by actor Lucas Jones & musician Shean Williams. It’s a collection of insightful and honest conversations discussing the joys, sorrows, triumphs and transitions traversing the ever-changing world of the entertainment industry.
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🔒 After Hours #19 | 'Why are you here?' (Live Q&A)

Subscriber-only episode| Length: 1 hour | In this very special, subscriber only exclusive episode of 'SPILL: After Hours',  Shean and Lucas dive deep into the beautiful, important questions from the SPILL family at their recent live London show.The conversations flow from parents to the importance of disagreement, the light energy that the SPILL community carry and the responsibility of artists.Available on Patreon and Buzzsprout Subscription! Enjoy this After Hours episode just for you.SPILL: The Special - out now!Watch the full special - Our debut book SPILL: Volume I is available on paperback from @ThinkEdenMediaTikTok: @ThinkEdenMediaYouTube:
03/12/20231 hour 46 seconds
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🔒 After Hours #18: This Will Kill Your Relationship.

Subscriber-only episode| In this short and sweet episode of After Hours, Shean and Lucas are discussing the biggest killer of a relationship, the illusion of being 'saved' by your partner and the danger of pedastalling your relationship.SPILL: The Special - out now!Watch the full special - Our debut book SPILL: Volume I is available on paperback from @ThinkEdenMediaTikTok: @ThinkEdenMediaYouTube:
22/10/202312 minutes 10 seconds
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SPILL: The Special

To celebrate SPILL podcast reaching 30 Million views across socials , Shean and Lucas embarked on two back-to-back live shows in their hometowns of London and Cambridge. Enjoy ten minutes for free!This Special is the full show of night one - the first ever SPILL: Live.Join Shean and Lucas on this life-affirming journey through joy, grief, trauma, healing, music and love. From deep internal revelations around parental trauma, to the loneliness epidemic the beautiful meaning of life, The Special is the most personal SPILL podcast to date.WATCH THE FULL'Life to Live'by Shean Williams (Feat. Abigail Dhese-Biggs & Leyla Djenen)'Effervescence'by Scott Buckley - released under CC-BY 4.0.'Life Is'by Scott Buckl
09/10/202312 minutes 33 seconds
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🔒 After Hours #14 - 'Childhood'

Subscriber-only episode | In this subscriber-only episode of SPILL: After Hours, Shean & Lucas are reflecting on behaviours and traumas from childhood that have defined their adult lives as well as the importance of privacy in the modern @ThinkEdenMediaTikTok: @ThinkEdenMediaYouTube:
27/06/202340 minutes 50 seconds
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🔒 SPILL: After Hours: #13 - Being Single

Subscriber-only episode In episode #13 of SPILL: After Hours, Lucas and Shean are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being single, loneliness, healing after long-term relationships and what it means for the future.Length: 50 @ThinkEdenMediaTikTok: @ThinkEdenMediaYouTube:
21/06/202350 minutes 14 seconds
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🔒 SPILL: After Hours #12 - Nightclubs & Babylon

Subscriber-only episodeNightclubs, Babylon, how to find everything you've ever wanted right NOW and finding the right therapy.Love ya's.Lucas & @ThinkEdenMediaTikTok: @ThinkEdenMediaYouTube:
05/06/20231 hour 7 minutes 28 seconds
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🔒 SPILL After Hours: #11 - Dating

Subscriber-only episode  | In this subscriber-only episode of SPILL: After Hours, Shean & Lucas are discussing the nature of dating, choosing the right life partner, the strangeness of the social media personas we create and riffing on some inside baseball about the entertainment industry.Instagram: @ThinkEdenMediaTikTok: @ThinkEdenMediaYouTube:
22/05/20231 hour 40 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 30: Consciousness & AI

30 EPISODES OF SPILL! Thank you all for sticking with us on this journey - We're unimaginably grateful.In this episode of SPILL, Lucas and Shean are discussing the importance of accountability for your own emotions, the nature of human consciousness on the brink of an AI revolution and the upcoming release of their debut book SPILL: Volume I'.Pre-order SPILL 'Volume I' over at and support the show via the link below!With love,Lucas and SheanThe Jersey Arts PodcastDive deeper into the arts you love and don't miss another moment!Listen on: Apple Podcasts   SpotifySupport the showInstag
16/05/20231 hour 14 minutes 47 seconds
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Episode 26: Who Are You?

In Episode 26 of SPILL, Shean and Lucas reflect on the responsibility of their podcast as a platform after receiving 15 Million total views across social media. The conversation then takes a spiritual turn towards the discomfort of the word 'God' in the modern age and answering the greatest question of them all; 'Who are you?'Support the showInstagram: @ThinkEdenMediaTikTok: @ThinkEdenMediaYouTube:
07/03/20231 hour 3 minutes 25 seconds
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Episode 25: 'The Meaning of Love'

After an incredible and wild few weeks of SPILL exploding over social media with 8 MILLION views on a single clip from our Patreon-only series 'SPILL: After Hours', we felt it was only right to make (most of) this episode available to all.In this episode, Shean and Lucas discuss the meaning of love, break ups and the commitment to choosing love even in challenging moments.If you enjoyed this episode, check out the full 'SPILL: After Hours' series on Patreon!Support the showInstagram: @ThinkEdenMediaTikTok: @ThinkEdenMediaYouTube:
26/02/202332 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 24: 'Vulnerability'

In Episode 24 of SPILL, Lucas and Shean are discussing the importance of public vulnerability and authenticity as means to help others, falling into unhealthy behavioural patterns and confronting burnout.If you enjoyed this episode please click the link below to join our Patreon family to hear hours more of exclusive content via our Patreon Only series 'After Hours'.Support the showInstagram: @ThinkEdenMediaTikTok: @ThinkEdenMediaYouTube:
22/01/202349 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 23 - 'Trauma & The Education System'

In Episode 23, Shean and Lucas discuss the state of the UK education system, the cause behind rising mental health issues in children and question how the current system fails from the top down.Click the link below to listen to the rest of this conversation and HOURS more of exclusive episodes on Patreon for just £2 per month.Support the showInstagram: @ThinkEdenMediaTikTok: @ThinkEdenMediaYouTube:
11/12/202251 minutes 25 seconds
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Episode 21: Sincerity & Energy

In Episode 21 of SPILL, Lucas & Shean are pleased to welcome special guest Lewis James; The regional manager of Shean's favourite Starbucks. The conversation focusses on the importance of being able to discern sincerity within a person's nature, what it takes to be a successful leader and some very exciting plans for 'SPILL Live' in the coming months.To all of our PATREONS, thank you for being part of the family. We'll have some very exciting news for you soon with exclusive access to upcoming live shows! If you would like free tickets and early access to every episode of SPILL, hit the link below.Support the showInstagram: @ThinkEdenMediaTikTok: @ThinkEdenMediaYouTube:
16/10/202244 minutes 20 seconds