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Speakeasy with Dheeraj Sinha

English, Financial News, 4 seasons, 36 episodes, 1 day 9 hours 27 minutes
Speakeasy with Dheeraj Sinha is a thought leadership podcast by Leo Burnett India. The host, Dheeraj Sinha, CEO Leo Burnett, South Asia, and Chairman BBH India, gets candid in conversations with distinguished guests from different walks of life. Captains of the industry come on board to decode leadership, businesses, and brands through their personal experiences, insights, and journey of building and scaling businesses in India and across global markets.    Join us every Thursday for the latest episode on a brand new topic on your favourite podcast network.
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Transforming India's Food Landscape

In this episode, our host,  Dheeraj Sinha delves into the intriguing world of millets and their resurgence in India. He engages in a conversation with Prashant Parameswaran, the MD & CEO of Tata Consumer Soulfull Pvt. Ltd., who brings invaluable insights to the table with his extensive experience in the food industry. Prashant's discussion touches on the challenges of popularizing millets, bridging generational gaps, and making them relevant to contemporary dietary preferences. The episode also explores the art of building a brand in the diverse landscape of Bharat. Prashant emphasizes the significance of understanding regional differences and cultural nuances in marketing. Overall, this episode provides a concise yet informative glimpse into the transformation of India's food industry and the strategies behind it.
04/10/202359 minutes 41 seconds
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Transforming the Retail Landscape in India

In the fourth episode of 'Speakeasy with Dheeraj Sinha – Season 4, Nitin Chhabra, the CEO of Ace Turtle, the company behind the success of retail brands such as Lee and Wrangler in India.  Nitin in this episode, discusses with Dheeraj, about how brands can scale in a diverse market like India, how a fashion brand should approach tier 2, tier 3 cities of Bharat, how traditional legacy brands are embracing new-age tech platforms and data-driven strategies and in today’s time, how crucial is it for brands to prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. Before Ace Turtle, Nitin has worked with Reliance Brands, Brooks Brothers, and Reid &amp; Taylor India. Find Nitin Chabbra on Social Media: LinkedIn  Find Dheeraj Sinha on Social Media:Facebook | Twitter | <a href="https:/
27/09/202345 minutes 49 seconds
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Simplifying the Financial Journey for Indians

In the third episode of Speakeasy with Dheeraj Sinha, we talk to Mukesh Kalra, the founder and CEO of ET Money, one of India's leading wealth tech startups. With fifteen years of experience in shaping businesses and consumer internet products, Mukesh brings a wealth of knowledge to our discussion. At ET Money, his vision is to simplify the financial journey for all Indians and provide them with intelligent investment strategies. In this episode, we delve into how the post-pandemic era has influenced trading and investment behaviours, the transformative impact of fintech on the youth's investment habits in India, and the nuanced differences in investment trends between metro India and tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This promises to be an enlightening conversation about the ever-evolving landscape of finance in India. Join us as we gain insights from Mukesh Kalra's extensive experience and expertise in the fintech industry.Find Mukesh Kalra on Social Media: LinkedIn | Twitt
20/09/202348 minutes 56 seconds
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Building a thriving Beauty Business in India

In the second episode of 'Speakeasy with Dheeraj Sinha – Season 4,' Manish Chowdhary, Co-Founder of WOW Skin Science, delves into his experiences about establishing a thriving D2C brand. He discusses the hurdles within the beauty and wellness sector and emphasizes the offline market's significance. Manish's journey from an IT giant's laptop retailer and wholesaler to a prosperous beauty brand creator serves as a motivating story. He underscores the value of digital strategies and the necessity to revamp offline strategies. The conversation covers successful business approaches as well as the valuable lessons learned from failures on the path to achievement. Find Manish Chowdhary on Social Media:  LinkedIn  Find Dheeraj Sinha on Social Media:Facebook | Twitter | <a href="http
30/08/202349 minutes 57 seconds
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Taking Pharmacies Online

In the inaugural episode of 'Speakeasy with Dheeraj Sinha – Season 4' Gaurav Agarwal, Co-Founder of 1mg, delves into pivotal healthcare shifts in India, unveiling insights on consumers transitioning from traditional pharmacies to virtual medical platforms.As leader of Tata's eCommerce and technology strategy, Gaurav' journey from co-founding 1mg to his Silicon Valley tenure brings unique perspective. He explores the collaborative impact of mobile technology on medical services, optimizing patient convenience. Amid these discussions, he highlights the essential ingredients of a nurturing work environment for start-up growth. This episode encapsulates Gaurav's insights in sync with today's healthcare and technological landscape.   Find Gaurav Agarwal on Social Media: LinkedInFind Dheeraj Sinha on Social Media:Facebook | <a href="https://twitter.
24/08/202353 minutes 44 seconds