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English, News, 1 season, 29 episodes, 5 hours, 31 minutes
Just like terrestrial weather on Earth, Space Weather can be as mild as a rainstorm or as wild as a hurricane. Let The Space Weather Woman and this vibrant community show you in non-science jargon how this new kind of weather impacts your daily life. You will never look at the Sun or the Earth in the same way again. After all, Space Weather is just like the weather in your own backyard, it’s just a little further up.
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A Solar Storm Comes with Flares on the Rise | Space Weather News 18 March 2024

This week our Sun kicks activity into high gear with multiple solar storm launches, including one that is Earth-directed. Although not a direct hit, it could bring aurora to mid-latitudes for a short while starting March 20. In addition, we have a whole cluster of active regions rotating into Earth-view. Several of these are
3/18/202412 minutes, 19 seconds
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An Earth-Directed Solar Storm Comes & New Flares Pop | Solar Storm Forecast 8 March 2024

We have a lot of filaments and new active regions in Earth-view this week and although we havent had much in the way of flare activity, things are picking up. In fact, a partly Earth-directed solar storm is on its way to earth and could give us some aurora by March 9th. Aurora photographers
3/9/202414 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Biggest X-flare Yet Shooting Blanks | Space Weather News 24 February 2024

Our Sun has gotten busy this week firing multiple X-class flares including the largest of this cycle thus far. All the noise is due to Region 3590, which has been actively firing flares even before it rotated into Earth view. Amateur radio operators, aviators, and GPS users are dealing with R2 and R3-level radio
2/26/202414 minutes, 22 seconds
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A Big X-Flare, a Near X, & Three Earth-Directed Storms | Space Weather Spotlight 11 February 2024

Our Sun has gotten so busy over the past week that I have had to update this forecast three times before releasing it to the public! This week our Sun has fired no less than seven mid-to-high M-class flares along with an X-class flare and has launched at least three Earth-directed solar storms. This
2/14/202413 minutes, 20 seconds
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Big Back-to-Back Storms Head To Earth | Solar Storm Forecast 22 January 2024

We have four, back-to-back solar storms on their way to Earth. The first is expected to hit Monday the 22nd (although I suspect it will arrive fashionably late). The second will be right on its heels and enhance the first. These first two storms will be the ones that drive aurora down to mid-latitudes
1/22/202413 minutes, 59 seconds
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Side Swiping Solar Storms & East Limb Action | Space Weather Spotlight 13 January 2024

This week our Sun is beginning to ramp up activity due to a bunch of new regions rotating into view. At least seven new active regions have rotated into view over the last few days. We will be watching them very closely, as some of them are showing signs of increased flare activity. Amateur
1/14/20249 minutes, 35 seconds
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Big Flares, Mini-Storms & A Whole Lot of Eye Candy | Solar Storm Forecast 10 December 2023

This week our Sun steps into high gear. We have multiple glancing solar storm blows along with a pocket of fast solar wind on its way. Aurora photographers at high latitudes should get a nice show, but it may not be enough for mid-latitude photographers. That being said, with active regions 3511 and 3513
12/10/202314 minutes, 13 seconds
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Big Solar Flares & Solar Storms on the Menu | Solar Storm Forecast 23 November 2023

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Im on the road this week, but our Sun is hard at work! Activity is picking up, big time. We have no less than 11 active regions in Earth-view right now with more rotating into view over the next few days. Several of these are X-flare players, which means lots of
11/25/202315 minutes, 37 seconds
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A Dark Hole & Bright Regions for Halloween | Space Weather News 31 October 2023

This week our Sun continues a moderate level of activity. Region 3473, as it was just rotating into Earth view, launched a massive solar storm, which is grazing Earth now. Along with some fast solar wind from a large coronal hole these bumpy conditions have caused aurora visible at high latitudes. Views at mid-latitudes
11/1/20237 minutes, 59 seconds
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Back to Back Solar Storms on Their Way | Solar Storm Forecast 19 October 2023

Our Sun remains active, launching no less than four solar storms in our general direction, but most of these are wispy and will have a soft landing at Earth. At least one of these storms is already impacting Earth, bringing aurora to high latitudes. However, aurora photographers at mid-latitudes will likely have to wait
10/20/202314 minutes, 25 seconds
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A Finger like Coronal Hole in the Earth-Strike Zone | Space Weather Outlook 12 October 2023

You might notice something different. This forecast is the first in a new "broadcast style" of delivery I am developing. It was recorded live with interactive graphics and only minor editing. As such, it has a totally different feel (along with a few audio errors that I am still working out). Stay tuned as
10/12/20235 minutes, 46 seconds
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A Solar Storm Glancing Blow with a Fast Wind Chaser | Space Weather News 08.24.2023

This week solar activity increases Earthside with several solar storm launches that could give us a glancing blow followed by a fast wind chaser. Although not very strong, the combination of these three things could enhance effects enough to give us some aurora. Aurora photographers, especially at high latitudes could get some nice views
8/24/202310 minutes, 16 seconds
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Aurora Highlights from the G3 Solar Storm & A Fast Wind Watch | Solar Storm Forecast 13 August 2023

This week much of the activity is on the farside of the Sun, giving us a much needed break. After the multiple X-class flares and G3-level solar storm we sure can use it! That being said, we do have a large coronal hole that will be rotating through the Earth-strike zone over the next
8/14/202314 minutes, 27 seconds
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A 1,2,3-Punch of Solar Storms Speed to Earth | Space Weather News 04 August 2023

This week our Sun kicks into high gear launching a train of solar storms towards Earth. The first two should arrive on August 4th with a third arriving early to midday August 5th. We will likely bump up to G1 storm levels, with activity peaking on the 5th, but lasting possibly through the 6th
8/4/202310 minutes, 6 seconds
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A Storm Hits Earth After a Farside Blast | Solar Storm Forecast 26 July 2023

This week, the big events are focused on the Sun's farside, but we still have quite a bit of activity facing Earth, including an Earth-directed solar storm. Sadly, nothing spoils a good aurora forecast like a solar storm hitting early. Even though NASA and NOAA predicted the arrival on July 26, the storm had
7/27/202311 minutes, 24 seconds
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A Whopper of a Storm Speeds Towards Earth | Space Weather News 20 July 2023

Our Sun has been extremely busy this week firing off so many glancing solar storm blows that the media has had a hard time keeping track of all of the action. In particular Region 3363 has been a major source of this activity, topping things off with a whopper of a solar storm launch
7/20/202313 minutes, 23 seconds
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Glancing Blows Bring a Bumpy Ride | Solar Storm Forecast 01 July 2023

Our Sun gives us a mixed bag this week with several glancing blows from solar storms and some R1-R2-level radio blackouts. Most of the activity is due to region 3354, which is continuing to make its way across the earth-facing disk and will rotate to the Sun's farside in about four days. Aurora photographers
7/4/202311 minutes, 31 seconds
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A Filament Launch To Side-Swipe Earth | Solar Storm Forecast 07 June 2023

Big flare activity returns this week with several active regions, namely 3323 and 3327 that have radio blackout potential. along with at least one, if not two more regions rotating into view over the coming days, this means we will see more noise on the radio bands, ICAO space weather aviation advisories, and the
6/7/20239 minutes, 59 seconds
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Goodbye Solar Snooze Big Flares are Back | Space Weather News 18 May 2023

After a few days spent napping our Sun wakes up with a new set of regions rotating into view. The first is region 3310, which has already fired a near X-class flare and promises to give us a good show over the next two weeks. Amateur radio operators and GPS users, expect radio blackouts
5/18/20238 minutes, 31 seconds
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Real-World Impacts from the G4 Storm & Big Flares for Easter | Solar Storm Forecast 09 April 2023

This week our Sun keeps activity at mild levels with some wispy solar storms and a only a few active regions in Earth view. One of these is region 3272, which has fired a couple big flares, which will keep radio blackouts on the menu this week. In addition, we do have a small
4/9/202311 minutes, 49 seconds
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A Dark Coronal Hole & Stealthy Solar Storm Combo-Pack: Space Weather News 23 March 2023

This week our Sun switches gears, with solar flare activity falling and solar storm activity picking up. We have a stealthy solar storm lurking in front of some fast solar wind coming this week, in fact, the stealthy solar storm has just arrived! The initial impact is strong (at a G3-level, but it has
3/23/20239 minutes, 8 seconds
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Mystery Farside Blast & Earth-Directed Storms Launch | Solar Storm Forecast: 14 March 2023

Our Sun gets busy this week launching multiple solar storms, some of which are Earth-directed and one massive storm that is farsided. The first of the Earth-directed storms has just arrived (a bit earlier than forecasted) and aurora photographers at high latitudes are already getting a good show. However, the impact thus far is
3/14/202313 minutes, 19 seconds
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A Brief Respite Wont Last | Space Weather News 10 March 2023

This week we are finally calming down just a little before more activity rotates into view. We will be experiencing some unsettled solar wind as a small pocket of fast solar wind rolls on through, but likely only aurora photographers at high latitudes will be able to benefit and get some views. That being
3/10/20239 minutes, 28 seconds
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Radio Blackouts with Radiation Storms & 1,2-Punch | Space Weather News: 27 February 2023

We are feeling the impact of the first of two solar storms in what will be a 1,2-punch over the next few days. This first storm is already lighting up the skies with aurora in the UK and as of this writing we are beginning to see aurora as far south in the USA
2/27/202310 minutes, 50 seconds
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A Solar Polar Vortex & the X-Factor Returns | Space Weather News: 10 February 2023

This week our Sun goes viral with a stunning polar vortex that reveals some of its mysterious dynamics in the one final region still uncharted by solar telescopes (that is until Solar Orbiter begins to climb to higher latitudes later in its mission). This vortex has now been cited in many media outlets as
2/11/202310 minutes, 26 seconds
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Goodbye Big Flares, Hello Green Comet | Space Weather News: 26 January 2023

This week our Sun quiets down as the remaining two big flare players rotate to the Sun's farside. We are still dealing with a bit of fast solar wind from a coronal hole that is rotating through the Earth-strike zone, but it is underperforming thus far. Aurora photographers at high latitudes can get a
1/27/20239 minutes, 52 seconds
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An Earth-Directed Solar Storm Launch & Solar Flux Tops a Record | Solar Storm Forecast 01.17.2023

This week our Star continues firing on all cylinders as over half of the nine active regions in Earth-view are either big-flare players or solar storm producers. the short-duration flares we enjoyed last week have given way to longer-duration flares that accompany solar storm launches. As such we now have one partly-Earth-directed solar storm
1/17/202312 minutes, 35 seconds
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Fast Solar Wind Blows in the New Year | Space Weather News 12.29.2022

This week the weather from our star remains at moderate levels. Impacts early this week have been mainly due to fast solar wind from some small coronal holes that are now rotating to the Sun's farside. However, another larger coronal hole will send us some more fast solar wind over the next few days.
12/29/20229 minutes, 44 seconds
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Big Flares Calm Down While Fast Wind Ramps Up | Space Weather News 12.22.2022

Our Sun calms down just a little bit this week. We had over 20 radio blackouts on Earth's dayside from December 14 though December 17 due to several troublemakers, namely Regions 3156 and 3163, and 3165, but the last of the bunch (region 3163) is now rotating to the Sun's farside. This is good
12/22/20228 minutes, 22 seconds