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English, Freeform-Eclectic, 1 season, 20 episodes
60's up to early 00's Japanese Music across the genres!
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DJ Joel Cous filling in! Tunes from Italy, Japan, France, Brazil, Jamaica ...

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Joel is here again and Joel is the best!

Maybe even better than me!
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Did you know Robert Smith has a Betty Boop sticker on one of his guitars?

I love betty boop!
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Episode ??: Japan again!

Back to my roots with an all Japanese music mix again! Enjoy!
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Sponser me Arinell's

41st episode
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Space Crush Radio back again!!! With my friend Joel :)

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Disco Forever

(And Funk too)
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Welcome to my new time spot!

Just playing (mostly) current jams today!
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UHHHHH been awhile!

Sharing stuff I "discover" on youtube!
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What Episode is this again?

This show is still sort of finding it's way. I'm introducing ONE contemporary song and some music that is not japanese. So! Wow! Come listen! I'm…
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Spending Time With My Good Friend Jonathan

My good friend Jonathan is coming in today to hang out with me and share some music he thinks I will like with me. And I…
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Episode 36: Just whatever I want!

If you don't skip the talk breaks or follow me on twitter, you know that the show is going to change quite a bit. Meaning, not…
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Rainy day mix, and a big announcement!

Hey all! It's kinda gross today. Let's listen to something more mellow but upbeat enough to lift our spirits! Also I have a big announcement about…
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Psych, Folk and 60's pop

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Episode 34: Pop for Summer!

It's not quite Summer, but it's starting to feel like it! Kick back with a popsicle and relax to these upbeat city pop songs! (And regular…
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Road Trip Playlist

I made myself a mix to drive down to LA, so I decided to share it with you! Some stuff we heard before, but mostly pop…
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Wow we are only on episode 32?

I'm back! It's raining and i'm in a bad mood, so I put together a sorta gothy mix.
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70's Folk, Disco and Pop

70's music to get you through this disaster of a rainy day!
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Happy Anniversary and (very very) Late Birthday to Utada Hikaru!

I know I know, Utada is mainstream and pretty new. But without being influenced by her I probably never would have gotten in to international music…
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Untitled rn