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English, Comedy, 1 season, 11 episodes, 3 hours, 46 minutes
New from WBEZ Chicago and Comedy Central, South Side Stories explores life, culture and issues that inspired Comedy Central’s new scripted comedy, South Side. Offering an authentic (and often hilarious) portrayal of what life on Chicago’s South Side is all about and worth celebrating, South Side Stories will further explore the TV show’s themes – from stepping to parking tickets – all in conversations with local Chicagoans. Hosted by South Side writers and executive producers Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin.
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Masters Of Invention

For our finale, it’s all about the inventor and entrepreneurial spirit We visit the Chicago Inventors Organization and have a few budding inventors pitch their creations for Bashir and Diallo. Meanwhile, comedian Kellye Howard visits fashion designer and inventor Jermikko, who was the first black woman to open a retail store on Chicago’s famed Magnificent Mile.
10/16/201923 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Legend Of Harold's

Harold’s Chicken is a Chicago food institution, but no two Harold’s are the same. So comedian T. Murph met up with podcaster, YouTube personality, and fried chicken enthusiast Larry Legend to visit a couple of his choices for best Harold’s in the city.
10/9/201923 minutes, 36 seconds
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Return To Englewood

We’re taking a second trip back to Englewood to explore special places to get away on the South Side. Comedian T. Murph meets up with photographer and Englewood resident Tonika Johnson to check out an abandoned railway that’s become a nature oasis for many residents.
10/2/201922 minutes, 34 seconds
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Curls, Cuts, & Cocktails

Bashir and Diallo go under the hot comb to talk about all things hair. And they’re joined by their South Side co-star Chandra Russell. Meanwhile, comedian Just Nesh visits Issues Barber & Beauty Salon, where the quality of service is matched by the good times and colorful characters.
9/25/201924 minutes, 8 seconds
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A Night At The 50

There’s never a bad night in Chicago to put on some dancing shoes and go steppin’. So Bashir and Diallo enlist a very special correspondent, Bashir’s mom Renee, to explain what makes steppin’ a special Chicago original. Renee also visits one of the South Side’s most well-known spots for steppers, the 50 Yard Line, and gets to know legendary steppin’ DJ Sam Chatman.
9/18/201919 minutes, 43 seconds
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Parking ticket debt is an unfortunate reality for many in Chicago, but it’s a burden not shared equally. Comedian Kellye Howard and WBEZ journalist Elliott Ramos take a tour through one of Chicago’s most ticketed neighborhoods. Later, Kellye talks to firefighter Rodney Shelton about how his ticket debt almost cost him his job.
9/18/201924 minutes, 6 seconds
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Arthur Dubois is proof that you’re never too old try something new. A 72-year-old retiree and grandfather, Arthur has taken his lifelong love of music and turned it into a new, aspiring career as a self-taught hip-hop producer. Comedian Dave Helem meets up with Arthur to listen to his beats and make some music with Chicago artist Matt Muse.
9/11/201923 minutes, 20 seconds
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Floatin' In The Ether

What does it take to be a street vendor? That’s what comedian Dave Helem looks to find out. He spends a day with James “The Oil Man”Redmond, a longtime vendor who crisscrosses the city selling body oils. Dave travels with The Oil Man by train, bus, and foot as he attempts to make some sales for the day.
9/11/201919 minutes, 14 seconds
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The Englewood neighborhood gets a certain type of reputation in Chicago and around the country whenever it’s in the news. So comedian Kellye Howard decided to find out for herself what it’s really like. She teams up with Chicago police officer Stephen Boyd for an unofficial ride along and later talks to residents at a special party in the park.
9/4/201923 minutes, 41 seconds
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Money Or Merch

RTO might be a fictional business on the TV show South Side, but the rent-to-own business is a reality for many. Comedian Just Nesh uses her own family experience to investigate the furniture world of the South Side and finds one longtime store trying to do things differently.
9/4/201920 minutes, 23 seconds
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Trailer: South Side Stories

New from WBEZ Chicago and Comedy Central, 'South Side Stories' is a celebration of the real-life people and places that inspired Comedy Central’s hit new series, 'South Side.' With lots of laughs, love and plenty of real talk, 'South Side Stories' proves that what you see on the news is only a small slice of a big city. Hosted by 'South Side' creators and executive producers Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin.
8/28/20191 minute, 44 seconds