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This podcast is all about nourishing the mind, body, and soul. Here to connect us so that we can connect with ourselves. In this podcast, I talk about personal growth, nourishment, movement, and spirituality as I explore each of these pillars of life myself. This podcast flows through me to help inspire you to create your dream life each day. ? Love, Audrey
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Perception - changing the way you experience life

Hello,    It's been a while but I'm happy to be here. It's hard to feel in alignment when life gets chaotic. I enjoy posting when I resonate with my message and that's hard when you feel mis-aligned.    I recorded this episode after a conversation I had with my current partner. It's a crazy and beautiful thing that our thoughts can control so much of our life. Changing your own thought patterns can be a slow or tedious process but appreciating your steps a long the way make the journey that little bit more magical. Sending you all my love,  Audrey
04/11/202328 minutes 1 second
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Alcohol - how to support yourself before & after drinking + my beliefs on energy

Hello, In this episode I talk about alcohol, my current relationship with it, and some tactics I use to support my body when I chose to drink. I also go into my own beliefs about energy about how that plays a part in partying/going out.    With love, Audrey
16/07/202329 minutes 16 seconds
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Sweat and Perspiration

Hi loves,  I know it's been a while but I'm back today. I recorded this episode because I had been feeling called to touch on this topic. Sweat can be seen as such a dirty or unhygienic thing, meanwhile, it's one of the healthiest ways for our bodies to remove toxins and maintain a healthy body temperature. In a way, it keeps us in alignment.  This episode is put out with the intention of hoping that it inspires you to connect and chose a self care method that suits you best. I hope being honest about my own learning and experience can open your mind to a new perspective or help you dive deeper into what you chose to believe.  With love as always,  Audrey
29/05/202328 minutes 24 seconds
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Building your dream life - Releasing what holds you back

We all have things that are holding us back, whether that be friends/family, childhood ideas, or your subconscious mind. This episode is here to remind you that whatever dream or goal you may have is not dead. You have everything you need already within you.  With love, Audrey
03/04/202331 minutes 17 seconds
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Being a better you

In this episode I start by sharing a quote from a novel I am reading by Robin Sharma. I hope this episode encourages you to trust yourself and all that is working out for you.    With love, Audrey
18/02/202310 minutes 46 seconds
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Returning to stockholm, setting up healthy habits

Hi loves, This is a little audio diary of my transition back into my life in Sweden when I came back after the summer. I noticed how many location based healthy habits that were embedded in my routine. I share it all here today. With love, Audrey
31/01/202321 minutes 3 seconds
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Practicing balance, how the 80/20 looks for you

the 80/20 will look different for everyone. In the summer I was seeing a lot of the "this isn't healthy without this..." trend. First it shows the typical smoothies, pilates, etc. Followed by drinks and dancing at the club. I love this trend and I think its's overwhelmingly important and wonderful that it exists! I am just here to remind you that your 80/20 doesn't have to look the same as anyone else's. You can drink and party and dance your pants off if you wish! If it makes you happy! But if you want a low key movie night with pizza and maybe some wine that is also perfect. Practicing finding your 80/20 is the way you'll be able to balance what's right for you.  Have a happy day, angel.  With love always, Audrey
10/01/20238 minutes 7 seconds
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Fear of failure, fear or failure

Sending this one out with love. Recorded this on a chilly, rainy summer day in Muskoka. Hopefully the rain soothes you like it does for me. As long as you have tried, you have never failed.  With love, Audrey
06/01/202315 minutes 5 seconds
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Take a step, and the next step will reveal itself

In this episode I unpack a touch on a concept that helped me a lot. When we do things that are hard or challenging it’s so easy to shy away. But instead of trying to complete everything to final stage, let’s just start by taking one step in the right direction. What you need will show up for you. With love, Audrey
03/12/202217 minutes 57 seconds
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Life chat by the ocean (feeling a bit lost)

Recording this, I just chose to share my thoughts as they came up. Today I talk about some concepts I am working through. Hopefully the calming noise of the ocean brings you peace.  All my love, Audrey
30/11/202212 minutes 23 seconds
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Arriving in Saint Lucia, reconnecting

Hi! This is just a quick catch up. Here I talk about my experience with meditation, and valuing peace as I return to my favourite place on earth.  Love, Audrey
30/11/202222 minutes 9 seconds
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Writing your narrative, & my biopsy

Hi! so happy to be back with you. I realize it’s been a little while but I’m hoping to post a few episodes that I have recorded. This was a hard day but an important one. Realizing how much the way you talk to yourself dictates your experience is vital to living a happier, love filled life. You write your own narrative. Don’t let the narrative write itself.  Love, Audrey
16/11/202229 minutes 23 seconds
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Changing your thoughts to change your life

A short but sweet one. This is your little love note to spark reflection on how you speak to yourself. Your life is created by your thoughts. You have the capability to create a beautiful one 🤍
18/10/20228 minutes 13 seconds
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Dear anyone with fear/intimidation at the gym, + removing other people from the equation

We are so lucky to move our bodies. It’s crazy how much better you can feel about yourself once you get moving. Show up for yourself no matter how little time or energy you have. You will leave feeling better 🤍 With love from me to you, Audrey
14/10/202226 minutes 23 seconds
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Letting someone in, learning from relationships, & trusting yourself to heal.

Hi 🤍 I recommend this episode back in May and am so happy to share it with you now. I’ve really learned a lot of the years and I hope this sheds light on a new perspective for you :) Love, Audrey
28/09/202229 minutes 49 seconds
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Healing your mind & body when you are sick

As always, thanks for being here. I start this episode out by expressing my gratitude and a few of my raw emotions about the previous episode. I move from there, into the main topic- taking care of both your mind and body when you are sick.  I am definitely a little under the weather today so I thought I’d spontaneously pop on here and share some of my insights. These all apply to your life whether you are sick or not. Wishing you a day that feels like a warm hug.  With love, Audrey
05/09/202247 minutes 6 seconds
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Personal health update, processing stress & removing numbing habits to process emotions

Hi, I’m so happy to have you here. This episode is pretty deeply personal and a lot of the reason why I held off or delayed posting episodes for a while.. as I navigated what I was comfortable sharing I decided that I was ready for this. You may not necessarily resonate with my personal experience but I hope you resonate with the message and the learning I came to through this. Sending love as always, Audrey
30/08/202228 minutes 30 seconds
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My journey with food, disordered eating + self image - part 2

Wish I could start this episode off by sending a big hug to everyone listening. I can't believe how much love and support I have been receiving lately and it genuinely brightens my whole month. I am so happy to be here sharing my journey with you. If this resonates with you feel free to reach out any time. I'd love to hear from you any time. 💓 With love as always,  Audrey 
13/08/202237 minutes 8 seconds
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My journey with exercise, food, disordered eating, + body image - Part 1

The way we chose to move and to eat is so often wrapped up in the pressure we put on ourselves. Whether it's to gain weight, to lose weight, or to uphold an agreement with yourself, check in on where these choices are coming from. Moving and nourishing are acts of self love. Not everything needs to be perfectly 'healthy'. Enjoying food and movement is healthy. Experiencing good restaurants with friends and having memories is healthy. Going on a walk can be just as healthy as a run. When you make your choices of a place of love and empowerment you will make the right choices. Even if all you're doing is trying to keep your head above water, I am so so proud of you. ❤️
25/07/202226 minutes 59 seconds
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What are your values, & how to make decisions in alignment

Hiii!  Today I talk about the process that I use to make decisions both big and small. Your values are what keep you true to yourself in relationships, friendships, careers, choices, your community, environnement, etc.  I hope this is helpful!  With love, Audrey
09/07/202220 minutes 1 second
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Negative traits, processing them, ’good’ and ’bad’ people

I think if you asked most people if they had ever wanted to change a part of their personality they would say yes. It's so easy to get caught up in a negative emotion and to sit in it just wishing it would go away. The same goes for parts of these negative traits that can sometimes come up. Really, the hardest part is pushing yourself to not just face it, but unpack it completely. We wouldn't feel jealous, envious, bitter, petty, or any other negative feeling if we were truly happy deep down. Maybe we can't fix whatever is at the root right away, and maybe getting down to it is the scariest part, but the best thing we can do is know. Know what your heart wants, what you miss, what you love, what you care about, what you feel.  With love,  Audrey
10/06/202227 minutes 19 seconds
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Making space for peace in your day

Adding more peace into our lives can be so much easier when we focus on small changes. Rushing around it makes it harder to feel like your true self and ti can be so easy to get caught up and feel lost. When my soul is at peace, whatever I need flows to me. Take my hand and let's slow down a bit together. With love as always, Audrey
31/05/202211 minutes 44 seconds
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Alignment - your values, friendships, alcohol, & career.

A lot of my boundaries and relationships have changed over the years. I know now that they will all just be part of an ever-flowing evolution of my life. In this episode I talk about alignment, and what that means for your values, the friendships you have, your relationship with alcohol, and your career. I hope this episode can guide & inspire you to reflect on how you want to build your life.  With love, Audrey
22/05/202227 minutes 15 seconds
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Pushing through fear + resistance, letting go of what others think, & being yourself

Thank you for letting me be me. Imagine if we lived in a world where we could all just be 100% ourselves? Wouldn’t that just be magic? Pushing past fear is just a step we are all taking to get us where we want to go. I'll be sharing a bit more of me one step at a time. I love you for listening. ❤️ May your day be so bright. 
17/05/202226 minutes 25 seconds
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Wiring our brains to be happy, autopilot emotions, growth mindset, & choosing happiness

Welcome 💗 This month I'm focusing on our human ability to change our mental state. It can seem daunting but it's time to give ourselves a little nudge in the right direction. 💓 Sending you all my love, Audrey
05/05/202220 minutes 38 seconds
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What it means to be sensitive, accepting yourself as perfection now

Coming to you from the Dominican Republic - Each day as we interact with those around us we learn something new. It is so important for us to realize that we are so lucky to have ourselves. Our bodies, our faces, our voices, each cell in our bodies, our spirit, our life. We have been gifted all of that to explore and bring to this earth.  In this episode I share my own exploration of what it means to be sensitive, my perspective, how we can release judgement from it, and accept ourselves. In doing so, we can embrace all that we are as perfect. From the inside to out.  Thank you for sharing this moment of growth with me. With love,  Audrey  💛 @audreyannparis
26/04/202214 minutes 29 seconds
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Running - my journey, how to start, & removing intensity around it

Running is a super activity for your mind and body. It can boost your confidence, improve your mood, connect you to nature, build a strong and healthy heart, help to detoxify your body, fight all sorts of disease from diabetes to cancer, support a strong immune system... the list goes on. So why does it get such a bad rep? In this episode I talk about my journey with running, how you can start, and how to remove the intensity around running so you can incorporate it in a calm, fulfilling way. I hope you feel inspired to get out there and experience it! ❣️ With love,  Audrey   @audreyannparis
15/04/202227 minutes 52 seconds