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Sorry For Asking with Adam Ramzi and Cole Connor

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 2 seasons, 46 episodes, 1 day, 11 hours, 35 minutes
"Sorry For Asking" brings together longtime friends and award-winning gay adult film performers, Cole Conner and Adam Ramzi, to ask all the questions (and they mean that literally). From talking shop to sharing stories about their experiences in porn, "Sorry For Asking" podcast will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the life and reflections of queer adult content creators. Between their conversations and the parade of guests that will join them, "Sorry For Asking" will ask all the sexy questions you were too afraid to ask. "Sorry For Asking" will make you not sorry for tuning in! Support this podcast:
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Boys in Beds, and Other Scenarios - featuring Troy Daniels

Happy pride month, folks! This time our guest is an exciting combination of many things, for example, a native Californian visiting all the way from Berlin! Adam and Cole welcome tatted muscle stud Troy Daniels to the studio, who shares his lengthy path to current status as a queer adult icon. Troy came out at 14 in 1990s Los Angeles, moved to San Francisco where he dabbled in studio work as well as in drag before relocating to Berlin. The boys ask questions about his journey, his very specific style of performance, and how he chooses collaborators in order to capture connected, energetic, and explosively sexy content on camera. They also discuss the days of condom porn, how things have changed since, and how transitioning to making his own content has allowed him to travel more to shoot with beautiful men across the world in just the last few years. We love Troy, and you will too!
6/5/202447 minutes, 4 seconds
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Pride Season Foreplay

We are gearing up for pride season, and Cole and Adam get together in this catch-up episode to banter about the many goings on in their lives currently, as well as recent and upcoming happenings, in just the adorable way they always do. Cole discusses recent shoots in Florida, Adam talks about the ethics of canceling shoots, and the boys bashfully bring up their first-ever upcoming one-on-one scene! Also, Adam shares some fantasies he’d like to fulfill with a recent beau, as well as some outdoor fun he had during a camping trip, despite some hardships due to a recent surgery, which ties into our last episode with Dr. Gonzalez. Before wrapping up with Cole's latest scene that crosses some taboo lines, the boys give us their first shot at improv to describe a current trend in European content they find slightly questionable. It’s a hilarious and rather honest conversation between industry besties, sorry not sorry!
5/22/202441 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Optimizer: The Return of Dr Joshua Gonzalez

We know sequels can be hard, but with a guest like the Dick Doctor, we are pretty sure we pulled it off. You may remember last season, when urologist, sexual health specialist, and purveyor of the Popstar sexual health supplement, Dr Joshua Gonzalez joined us to discuss all things in regards to penile health. This time he returns to talk about another one of his specialties - male hormonal optimization! The science of testosterone replacement therapy has become way more popular in recent years among discussions of health and wellness for men, but there are a host of details and nuances that often get missed among the community. What even are steroids? Who is TRT right for? What kind of side effects can happen when we mess with our hormones? Dr Gonzalez gives Adam and Cole a few lessons on how it all works and what he can do to help us as we age and our systems change. Broaching the subject of what’s happening in our pants again, he also shares a new offering in his sexual health office called Shockwave Therapy, which Adam and Cole are both enjoying the benefits of. Take notes folks, our internal systems are even more complicated than our dating habits.
5/8/202452 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Daddy Rebrand, featuring Christian Wilde

Brace yourselves, folks, we are back in daddy territory. This time, Adam and Cole are paid a visit by the very sexy Christian Wilde, and this conversation goes deep into all of our sexual psyches on multiple levels! First, we get to know Christian a bit, as he details his sexual identity journey (and why he refuses these days to commit to labels) as well as how he got to be the adult industry powerhouse he is today. Then as the boys ask questions about his shift into the director's chair at, we get some philosophical takes on what it means to be a daddy, from the sexy power dynamics we’ve come to expect to the deep healing that is possible when one accepts such a role, on or off camera. Christian is a fascinating guy, and we know once you listen you’ll be just as excited to board the Daddy Wilde train as we are.
4/24/202446 minutes, 52 seconds
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Trash of the Titans, featuring Jasun Mark

And here we are bringing you some more behind the scenes stories, folks, sorry in advance! This time, Adam and Cole are paid a visit by long-time adult film director Jasun Mark, who is responsible for bringing you some of the hottest gay scenes over the last nearly two decades. You may know his work best from his many years as the lead director of the studio giant Titan Men, but he’s also brought to the world scenes from Fratmen back in the day, to more recent studios like Hot House, Nasty Daddy, Say Uncle, and Trailer Trash Boys. Jasun is a high-energy storyteller who loves what he does, and we love him for his versatile resume as well as his wicked sense of humor about it all. Get ready for some laughs.
4/10/202450 minutes, 22 seconds
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How the Sausage Gets Stuffed

Welcome back, folks - just the boys this time. In this episode, Adam and Cole catch up about some recent travels, shoots, and play dates, including Adam’s first time ever hooking up via the Sniffies website, prompting an important discussion relevant to the queer experience… are we hookup people? Do we like the anonymous situation, or prefer vibing someone out first? The boys also get into it in response to a listener’s question - what is a day in the life of an adult content creator like? What’s a studio shoot like? Adam and Cole each share what a shoot is like, the good and bad, the average day, what they like and dislike about studio shoots, and much, much more.
3/27/202448 minutes, 21 seconds
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From Vaseline Alley to the World, featuring Sharok

We are super excited about this one, folks, sorry in advance. Adam and Cole welcome gay adult superstar, Sharok, this time, who shares very openly about the journey that has led him to the upper stratosphere of the world of gay adult content. Growing up in an Iranian American household on the west side of Los Angeles, Sharok started out with an escort agency in and around West Hollywood at the age of 18, only slightly dabbling in the world of adult films, took a break to explore his love of animals and birds, and then jumped back into filming as part of the Raging Stallion family in 2018 before embarking on self-produced videos for content sites. Since then, he’s carved out a very specific place in the industry, telling us about bringing his own desires to content creation, bridging the gap between his personal sex life and his public sexual persona, and bringing visibility as a content creator with a Middle Eastern background. He also tells of his love of Paris, his early friendship with Adam, and did we mention he used to breed pigeons and own parrots??Watch the video of the podcast, now on YouTube! 
3/13/202446 minutes, 43 seconds
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It’s Giving Abra-Cadabra, with Rocky Unleashed

Our first guest of the new season is here! We give you Rocky Unleashed - fairly new to the adult film industry, Rocky has rocketed into the stratosphere in a matter of nine months, and shares with us his very thoughtful approach to the art of adult content. Having grown up near the Bay Area of California a theater kid who grew into a busy guy in the worlds of teaching yoga and making his own music after moving to San Francisco, Rocky discovered that he was called to channel sexual expression as an artistic contribution to share with the world. He explains his process of breaking from the conditioning of whether he could put himself out there sexually while also fulfilling his prior mission of bringing yoga and mindfulness to the masses as a practice of beating others’ perceptions and making decisions based on what feels good to himself, ultimately as a means of further appreciating and exploring the value of human connection. He also shares his work with Human Design and gives Adam and Cole a brief reading! Find more about Rocky at
2/28/202448 minutes, 2 seconds
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Pats on the back! Season 3 Premiere

The wait is over! We are back, beautiful listeners, and we have got quite a season in store, sorry in advance! In this episode, Adam and Cole catch up about the trouble they got into over the holidays, including the sexy men they’ve been making content with lately and the events that have been keeping them busy off-camera. We also get some stories about Cole’s experience at the recent GayVN Awards, where he took the stage to accept his win for Fan Favorite Cam Guy. Adam also tells us about some visits to our favorite dick doctor, Popstar co-founder Josh Gonzalez, MD, and shares stories about loving the smell of some guys’ faces and messing up his first foray into ‘foot content.’ Finally, the boys share their New Year's resolutions. Heads up, this season you can find the video for each episode on our YouTube channel. We’ve missed you all, and it’s so good to be back!
2/14/202440 minutes, 11 seconds
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Working Out the Kinks, Season 2 Finale

This is it, folks! Here we are, at our season 2 finale, rounding out a full year of our amazing collaboration with the Fleshbot x Cybersocket team, featuring illuminating conversations and wonderful guests. In this episode, Cole and Adam cover a lot of ground speaking on their Folsom Street Fair experience, Halloween, and the upcoming holidays. They also have a chat about what a particular night on Folsom weekend inspired for them both, as they got an eyeful (and earful) of some very exciting sexual activities, that they don’t necessarily partake in themselves. What is kink? What is “kink shaming?” Is it fair, or is it kind of dated and unnecessary? The boys round out the episode by sharing their hopes for the holiday season, what they are grateful for during this complicated time in the world, and what they are excited for in the upcoming year. We love you all and we are so thankful for all who have tuned in! See you in 2024!Presented by
11/21/202339 minutes, 34 seconds
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Loads on the Roads, featuring Max Adonis

For the past six or so years, the world has been falling in love with Max Adonis, for his sweet smile and demeanor in photos and TikTok videos, his stint as a contestant on OutTV's 'Go Go for the Gold,' as well as his very enthusiastic style of, um... 'delivery' in adult content. Now it's your turn, as you listen to this episode in which Max pays a visit to Adam and Cole in the studio for a fun and frank chat about his path to stardom. Aside from sharing about the content he creates, of which he is a firm believer that a creator should only make the kind of content he would want to watch himself, Max also gets personal about his very unique family history, which was in large part the reason for his hiatus from content creation during the height of Covid, as well as the liberation he's experienced as a nomad living in a van and traveling up and down the continent at his own pace. He also shares with us about his very unique story with the involved process of foreskin restoration. We love Max, and we know you will too!Presented by Fleshbot
11/8/202357 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Twink Destroyer, featuring Jake Jaxx

Gird your loins, listeners. Especially if you’re a twink. This week, Adam and Cole are paid a visit by muscle man Jake Jaxx, who tells his very complex story that led him down into, and out of, the content creation rabbit hole. From moving around the midwest to a lengthy stint in Florida, Jake’s sexual experience began with girls, and didn’t really land him into the wonderful world of homosexuality until his mid-late 20s in Jacksonville, where he discovered his propensity for men of the young, thin, and hairless variety. Jake then slowly began turning that into the very niche adult content market when he started filming himself nailing twinks, moved himself over to Los Angeles to continue this path until a certain video of his went viral and made a huge splash in the twittersphere. And just as things started to really get rolling, Jake pulled out to pursue his real passion - personal training. Jake speaks very openly in this episode about what it’s like to navigate the world of adult films as a person with ADHD, as well as a person with very sensitive emotional triggers. This has allowed him to compartmentalize sex on camera vs personal sex, though not always successfully. Just like when he’s showing off in his videos, Jake holds nothing back in this candid conversation. Sorry not sorry!Presented by Fleshbot
10/25/202345 minutes, 36 seconds
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Gays Love Groups, Don't They?

Grab a coffee, it’s just the boys this time! In this episode, Cole and Adam shoot the shit about a variety of subjects, including recent shoots, travels, and happenings. Cole tells stories about his trip to Hawaii and Adam shares about his wild time at Burning Man, from the sexy boys to the harrowing escape from an unexpected mud storm. They also open a discussion about a very fun category, specific to the gay male experience - GROUP SEX! Yay or nay? Do you like watching group scenes? Do we like filming them? Are groups a regular thing for fellas, or more of a niche sexual adventure? Let’s get into it!Presented by FleshbotHosted by Cole Connor and Adam Ramzi
10/11/202349 minutes, 27 seconds
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For the Moms, Part 2: Adam's Mom

As promised, here is the second installment of For the Moms, this time with Adam's mom, Maral! In this hilarious and revealing conversation, we learn more about the history of Adam's coming of age, and into his adult film career, through Maral's eyes. She shares with the boys her experience witnessing the evolution of gay liberation from when she was young to today, what it was like to receive the news from Adam as he came out, first as a gay man and years later as a porn actor, and gives insight into how to be a supportive and encouraging (while also protective) mom to an adventurous guy like Adam. She also teaches us a very different definition of a Glory Hole. Thanks, Moms!!Presented by Fleshbot
9/27/202341 minutes, 40 seconds
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For the Moms, Part 1: Cole's Mom

Ready to go deep into Cole's history? Who better as a guest than his mom, Paula? She joins us in this episode to discuss what it was like to raise a ham like Cole in Lexington, Kentucky, and what it's been like since to watch him grow into the big gay porn success story he is today. Some laughs, some tears, and many revealing insights into our sweet Cole Connor. Don't worry. Part 2 is coming soon...with Adam's mom.Presented by Fleshbot
9/13/202340 minutes, 20 seconds
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Summer Customs and Dirty Desserts

Summer is wrapping up, and this week it's just the boys! In this hilarious episode, Adam shares with Cole about a very scary health crisis he went through just before a lovely summer trip to Spain, and Cole expresses some excitement for his upcoming getaway to the Market Days festival in Chicago. Then we get into some discussion about when content subscribers start asking for custom videos, and what this could entail. Cole shares about participating in the widely growing phenomenon that is "foot content," Adam tells of folks' desire for "pit and smell" videos, and then the boys touch on the somewhat less popular request to include baked goods in the mix, whether on or off camera. There are some crazy stories up in here, sorry in advance!Presented by Fleshbot
8/30/202346 minutes, 43 seconds
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How To Be A Successful Degenerate featuring Adam Kubatzke

Picture it - Cole Connor goes on a content trip somewhere in Wisconsin, and among the sizable group of studs bouncing around and filming hot scenes together, a hot, blonde blue-eyed muscle man is in the mix. But wait… he’s straight? Fast forward to today, Adam Kubatzke joins Cole and Adam on the cast to share what led him down the path from being a straight-couple-comedy TikTok sensation to feeling at home among his gay buddies enough to have some fun with the boys on camera. Is it gay for pay, or is it gay baiting? Or is it somewhere in between? And as consumers, should we care? Adam tells some funny stories and insightful truths about being an ally to the community, having deep connections with gay men, and peeling the onion layers of open-mindedness and sexual fluidity while capturing it for his very curious fans, regardless of labels, identities, and orientations.Presented by Fleshbot
8/16/202337 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Human Tripod, featuring King Dwarf

We’ve got royalty in the house this time, folks. Content creator, gogo star, and recent contestant on OutTV’s ‘Go Go for the Gold,’ King Dwarf is our special guest this week. In this episode, he joins Adam and Cole in the studio to talk about his experience growing up with dwarfism, the moment he realized he was packin’ some serious heat in his underwear, and all the steps toward international stardom, from his early camming days, to being a creator of his own content, to the liberation of showing his stuff on gogo boxes across the nation, and on global television. But do NOT call him a little person, as there is nothing ‘little’ about King Dwarf!Presented by Fleshbot
8/2/202349 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Titty Bounce

The boys catch up over their latest happenings and cover a random array of topics, successes, blunders, new kinks, old kinks, and other reasons to share regarding the this-and-that relevant to the life of a gay adult content creator, especially as the summer ramps up and things start to get BUSY. Join in our little conversation, sorry in advance!Presented by Fleshbot
7/19/202340 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Gay Porn Mamma! feat. Mr. Pam

This week the boys welcome special guest, Mr Pam! Arguably the best-known cis female director of gay male porn, Mr Pam shares her journey to becoming one of the most beloved creative personalities in the industry. From her beginnings in the Bay Area squeaking into the biz almost by accident as an editor, to her creative director position with Michael Lucas, to spending eight years as the lead director of Naked Sword Originals, Mr Pam tells of the many joys and occasional pains of being committed to the world of gay adult films, as well as giving glimpses of what is next in her illustrious career.Presented by Fleshbot
7/5/202352 minutes, 27 seconds
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Home Again, with Küper

This week, Adam and Cole welcome trans performer, activist, and sex goddess, Küper, who shares their very unique perspective having grown up in a repressed environment while straddling the non-binary spectrum, becoming a sex worker and adult film performer in their male form, and eventually coming out as trans at the turn of the pandemic era. They also speak about being an outspoken presence in the twitter sphere during the time of their transition, loudly voicing their concerns about representation in gay adult films, at first being silenced but then kickstarting a movement that would see substantial change in the industry in the time immediately following the BLM movement and thereafter.Presesnted by Fleshbot
6/21/202352 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sundown Cumdown

This week, Adam and Cole catch up about the very busy beginning of summer happenings, work and otherwise, focusing specifically on the ins and outs of shooting studio porn. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes it’s grueling, and sometimes it’s hilarious - the boys share stories of their recent brushes with studio work and compare it to the very different experience of filming for their own content sites. They also open the discussion up to the audience, whether performers or not - how do you *get there*? What are the methods to finish? Does the climax indicate the end of the day, or can you keep going? Lotta questions, sorry for asking!Presented by Fleshbot
6/7/202345 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Unlocking Derek Kage

Get your ears ready. This week, Adam and Cole welcome prolific porn stud Derek Kage, who shares candidly about his journey to adult film work, from his mental health struggles early on to finding his footing in the industry and working for all the hottest studios. He also reveals the reason for his name, tells some very funny stories, and delivers it all with arguably the sexiest voice in gay porn. You might need to towel off after this one.Presented by Fleshbot x Cybersocket
5/23/202349 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

More About Moore, featuring Josh Moore

For nearly ten years, UK sensation Josh Moore has climbed the ranks from novice “demon twink” with Michael Lucas to Falcon Exclusive porn king with over half a million Twitter followers. In this episode, Adam and Cole get the low down on Moore’s beginnings in the industry, his current lifestyle in London, and how being a performer has affected his social and sex lives. They also recount the times they have shared with him over the years, and get a glimpse of Josh’s shining future of continual success as one of gay porn’s absolute greatest.Presented by Fleshbot x Cybersocket
5/10/202346 minutes
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Dating, Mating, and Content Creating

This week, the boys fall deep into a discussion about general dating rituals and how life as erotic content creators has affected their own dating habits. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Has the evolution of their dating habits led to life in the adult film world, or has being adult film stars had an influence on the way they date? Is dating easier or harder? What does ‘dating’ even entail these days, in this age of sex available at the swipe of our tired, calloused thumbs? The one thing they’re sure of is, it feels good to have a laugh about all of it with a friend!Presented by Fleshbot x Cybersocket
4/26/202344 minutes, 22 seconds
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Dick Doctor

Our first health segment! Have you ever wondered about penises? Like… what’s really up with penises? Adam and Cole get very lucky this week when they receive a visit from Los Angeles based urologist and CEO/co-founder of Popstar Labs, Dr Josh Gonzalez. In this episode, the boys get real deep with Dr Gonzalez, who shares his extensive knowledge about penile health, anatomy, enhancement and obsession, and all the things they could entail. He also plugs his specialty product, Popstar, which has been formulated to help dudes have bigger, tastier loads. Sorry not sorry!!Presented by Fleshbot x Cybersocket
4/12/202356 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Advanced Bottoming, featuring Devin Franco

Strap in, folks. Our special guest this week is the prince of naughty and nice, the sexy and talented Devin Franco. Devin shares with Adam and Cole about his religious upbringing in rural New Mexico, takes them on a tour of the porn that inspired his journey, including an enlightened take on the ins and outs of fisting and bondage, and tells stories about his path from popular performer to budding director. Sorry moms.Presented by Fleshbot x Cybersocket
3/29/202348 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Amuse Douche

In this episode, Adam and Cole catch up over the latest adventures in the world of content creation, including Cole’s 20-man excursion to the desert, which prompts the boys to discuss something very important - preparation! Yes everyone, it’s the douching episode. There’s no one way to do it, everybody does it, and we all have stories. How it works, when it doesn’t, and all the nitty and (hopefully not so) gritty. Presented by Fleshbot x Cybersocket
3/15/202340 minutes, 24 seconds