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With two hours of rare and underrated songs of the past, how else would you want to spend the first and last nights of the work week? What’s old to us, is new to you. For new episodes of Songs From the Basement, check back here on Podomatic every Monday and Friday morning @ 8 AM to hear the latest and greatest show. Turn off your mind, relax, and float down the grooves with Stuart Held on Songs From The Basement!
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Episode 130: Basement Beatles - Instrumental Beatle Songs # 1

Hello Beatleteers ...Yes were back with another show on the tack on Beatle songs. We will play instrumental versions of Beatle songs.  We have pulled out some interesting versions in some-what pop/jazz themed type versions of Beatle songs.You will hear songs from: Gershon Kingsley / The Bar Kays / The Mustang / Boots Randolph and Charlie Byrd and a few more.So here we go with the lighter side of the Beatles.Intro: Let It Be-The New World Electric Ensemble 1. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Peter Knight2. Oh My My-David Hentshel3. Please, Please Me-The Mustang4. The End-Gap Mangione5.  A Hard Days Night-The Bar Kays6. I Am The Walrus-Bud Shank7. Nowhere Man-Gershon Kingsley8. Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da-Henry Waterson Expressway9. Hey Jude-Boots Randolph10. Ticket To Ride-Paul Mauriat11. All My Loving-Johnny Pueblo12. The Inner Light-The Soulful Strings13. I Saw Her Standing There-Billy Lee Riely14. We
21/02/20221 hour 1 minute 12 seconds
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Episode 129: Basement Jazz # 49

Hello Jazzmenteers ....Yes it's been a while but were back with a new show.On this show we have songs from: The Crusaders / Pat Metheny / Chuck Sagle and Howard Roberts and a few moreSo let's get into the jazz club in a jazz beat.Intro: Jingle Jangle-Ron Frangepene 1. Pick Yourself Up-Al Hirt2. If I Could Love You-Craig Hundley3. Going Down South-Bobby Hutcherson4. Prancing-Miles Davis5. Chain Reaction-The Crusaders6. San Lorenzo-Pat Metheny7. Musty-Wes Montgomery 8. Shubert's Serenade-Ray Conniff9. Color Him Funky-Howard Roberts10. Short Tails Of Black Forest-Al Demiola 11. Someday Sweet Heart-Chuck Sagle 12. Do It To It-Mongo Santamaria 13. Love The Feeling-Chuck MangioneOutro: Living Time-Bill Evans
20/02/20221 hour 15 seconds
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Episode 129: Basement Reggae # 33

Hi Regmenteers Well were back after a long pause in time, yes were still getting the shows posted when we can, but when you have 7 formats going at once, woops one falls behind. Ok well here's one for all the Basementeers who love the reggae scene.On this episode we have songs from: Freddy McGreggor / Linval Thompson / Calypso Vibrations and Jimmy Cliff and a few More.Intro: Full Up-The Sound Dimension1. The Lion Awakes-Jimmy Cliff2. Is It Love-Carly Simon3. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner-Mike Ross4. What Now My Love-Calypso Vibrations5. Glory-Lukie D.6. Roots Lady-Linval Thompson7. Incomplete-Sanchez 8. Teach The Children-Tony Rebel9. Paradise Lost-Jamal 10. Kakalea-Nalaniods & Kaimana11. Make Way-Beres Hammond12. News Carrier-Well, Pleased & Satisfied 13. Stress-Michigan & Smiley 14. This Feeling Of Love-Freddy McGreggor15. Love Of A Lifetime-Marcia Griffiths16.  Walk Away-Marie Parri
20/02/20221 hour 23 seconds
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Episode 128: A 1000 Basements Are Chasing Me

Hellooo Basementeers...I have a few questions why I put the word (Basement) in some of the shows. Well when the show was being planned, our first editor came up with the idea, name the show after one of the songs you play but replace a word in the title and put (Basement) in it's place just to have a funny twist on it.  OK are you laughing yet ?? lol lol... It's just for fun. The idea came from Gipson, still part of the SFTB history forever. Without Gipson, we wouldn't have a show that we put on today. That's my shout out to Gipson who moved out of state in 2014 but will always be remembered for all his hard work and efforts to the show.Sooo, We replay one of the last shows Gipson did any editing for us I thought here and there we can dig up old shows if anyone missed a few from years ago. Our current editor is down for the count for a week or so, We wish him a very fast and speedy recovery, he is a very important person to the show. Even more important then I am, lo
20/02/20221 hour 59 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 127: Basement Metal # 37

Hello Metalll Hedzzz....We pulled one out of the archives for old time sake, we think there's some good ROCKKKK here.Songz we will ROCKKK too will be from: Nazareth / UFO / Thin Lizzy / The Who and the Moving Sidewalks (AKA-Z.Z. Top).So let's on the ROCKKKK Machine......Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind1. Somebody To Roll-Nazareth2. Finding My Way-RUSH3. Waiting For An Alibi-Thin Lizzy4. Stone Country-Johnny Winter5. The Seven Seas Of Rhy-Queen6. Baby Won't Let Rock & Roll With You-10 Years After7. Mother Earth-The Sweet8. Do It-The James gang9. Hot & Read-UFO10. Apron Strings-John Entwistle 11. Punk Meets The Godfather-The Who12. You Make Me Shake-The Moving Sidewalks 13. Spirit Of Survival-YesOutro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind
20/02/20221 hour 1 minute 3 seconds
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Episode 126: Spotlight Show - Carly Simon # 2

Hello Basementeers ...Well let's just continue with the Carly Simon songs and get them into the back archives, shall we ??? ...This is the second show of Carly Simon, who was married to James Taylor for a few years, there kids are now musicians. We will continue to play trax from Carly's albums.Intro: Memorial Day1. Safe And sound2. One Love stand3. Waterfall4. The Right Thing To Do5. Can't Give Up6. Time After Time7. You Know What to Do8. The Lobster Quadrille9. Love You By Heart10. Devoted To You11. Give Me All Night12. Pretty Strange13. The Lamb14. One More Time15. Jut Not True16. It Should Have Been Me17. Three Of Us In The Dark18. Were So Close19. Love Out In The Street20. I've Got To Have You21. Tranquillo22. In Times When My Head23. Forever My LoveOutro: The Desert
20/02/20221 hour 43 minutes 57 seconds
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Episode 126: Disco In The Basement # 3

Hello Basementeers ...Well this is a late in the week show, since I was called away all week I didn't get a show on last Monday, but let's pretend it's Feb 14th and the love for your lovers and ...   Dancing ....This is a long awaited lol show, and kind of forgotten I recorded this show, but in the dead of February we decided to post the third and last DISCO show. Yes authentic Disco from the late 1970's.We keep hearing Disco is bigger then metal, lol lol lol ... but the media will say so, but we think different, but just to prove there case, we have a show those media types should love. Let's see if they can dance to this one.On this show we will play songs from: Bony M. / Switch / C.J. & C0. / MTUME / Quazar and Fortune ...So put your disco  (Dancing) shoes on and go disco in the basement.Intro: Shades of Quasar-Quasar 1. Love Magic-John Davis2. Why Don't You Look Inside-Ronnie Foster3. Oh Honey-Delegation4. Somet
20/02/20222 hours 1 minute
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Episode 125: Basement Metal # 95

Hellooowwww Metalll HEDZZZZ...Well we will ROCK  UUU again for this episodeYou will be rockin' to the music of: Bravebelt / April Wine / Thin Lizzy and RUSHWell let's go HOT ROCKIN'Intro: Xanadu-RUSH1. Forget About It A While-Nazz2. She's Got Sex-The Pistons3. We Will Be Strong-Thin Lizzy4. Cheri-20/205. Sooner Or Later-Dixon House Band6. Lady Run, Lady Hide-April Wine7. Who Do You Love-Bob Seger8. Waterloo Country-Bravebelt9. Fishes & Scorpions-Stephen Stills10. Chip Away The Stone-Richard Supa11. Early Distant Warning-RUSH12. Coming Soon-Queen13. Take Me To The Future-Sad Cafe14. I'm A Rocker-Bruce Springsteen15. Hey France-The StoriesOutro: Nightingales & Bombers-Manfred Mann
13/02/20221 hour 3 minutes 19 seconds
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Episode 124: Spotlight Show - Carly Simon (Part 1)

Hi Basementeers, On this Spotlight show we have the music of: Carly Simon. She was married to James Taylor. She also did music with her sister Lucy Simon.Carly had a bunch of hits and lots of albums over the years, we are going to go through the first 2 decades of her music.Intro: Memorial Day1. Vengeance2. Slave3. Haven't Got Time For The Pain4. Come Upstairs5. Come Back Home6. Attitude Dancing7. Half A Chance8. (Just A) Sinner9. You Belong To Me10. No Secrets11. Orpheus12. Never Been Gone13. From The Heart14. The Girl You Think You See15. Owl & The Pussy Cat16. My Romance17. Stardust18. All I Want Is You19. Your So Vain20. Legend In Your Own Time21. It Keeps You Running22. Tired Of Being Blond23. Pure Sin24. Hot Cakes25. That's The Way I thought It Should Be26. When Your Love Has Gone27. In Pain28. Back Down To Earth29. I Got It Bad And That's
12/02/20222 hours 39 seconds
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Episode 123: Spanish Songs # 2

Hello Basementeers....We go international once again with Spanish Songs from various countries like: Spain / Mexico / Brazil and Argentina ect.Some of these songs I had bits and pieces of them on old cassettes not knowing what they were, but at my day job 2 years ago, there was a wonderful lady who grew up in Mexico who helped me identify 7 of these songs on this show. So I thank you Maria for helping me find these songs, your a GEM !!!.So on this show we have songs from: Alan Lomax / Rocio Juardo / Juan Gabriel and Luis Miguel and a few more.So if your ready for a musical trip, here we go.Intro: Canto de Los Flores-Santana1. Rock Deserters-Baron Rojo2. I've Come To Ask Your Forgiveness-Juan Gabriel3. He Lied To Me-Amanda Miguel4. Will Not Be Able-Cristian Castro 5. Birthday-G.I.T.6. The Cross & The Sword-R.P.M.7. World Of Honor-Luis Miguel8. Die Love-Rocio Juardo9. Dile-Lorenzo Antonio10. Grito Vagabund
12/02/20221 hour 23 minutes 10 seconds
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Episode 122: Spotlight Show - Les Paul & Mary Ford

Hello Basementeers once again,On this show we have the music from: Les Paul & Mary Ford.  Yes from the 1950's.Les Paul was the guy who pretty much invented double tracking music and vocals together. Lots  of modern rock musicians play his brand of guitars, so he has been a huge influence in the rock world. Eric Clapton / Paul Stanley / Paul McCartney and even Jimmy Page have all gave allegiance to Les Paul.For the people who have never heard Les Paul's songs, well here you go, right here on his Spotlight Show.Intro: Tiger Rag1. By By Blues2. Fantasy3. Jazz Me Blues4. Mockingbird Hill5. I'm A Fool To Care6. South7. A Mukiririki8. How High The Moon9. On The Beach In Waikiki 10. Carioca 11. The World Is Waiting For The Sunshine12. In The Good 'Ol Summertime13. Tiger Rag14. Put A Ring On My Finger15. Little Grass Shack16. I'm Confessing17. Hummingbird 18. King's Serenade19. Walkin
06/02/20221 hour 1 minute 41 seconds
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Episode 121: Basement Metal / Rockin' Covers # 2

Hellooo Metalll Headzzz ...Ready for another round of rockkkkk ???? Well were doing the second edition of Rockin' Covers.Songs will be played by: Cinderella / Def Leppard / Rolling Stones and WASP Soooo as BOSTON sang on the Third Stage lp, ....  WERE READY !!!Intro: Xanadu-Rush1. The Real Me-WASP2. Highway Star-Point Blank3. Action-Black & Blue4. Get On The Line-The Sweet5. Rain-Todd Rundgren6. Please Mrs. Henry-Manfred Mann7. Stay With Me-Def Leppard8. Fever-Link Wray9. Fire-Cinderella10. The Yo-Yo Song-The Hanna Barbary Singers11. My Girl-The Rolling Stones12. Satisfaction-Terry Knight & The Pack13. American Woman-Krokus 14. Road Runner-The Accents15. Shape Of Things-The Blues Dimension Outro: Nightingales & Bombers-Manfred Mann
06/02/20221 hour 1 minute 11 seconds
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Episode 120: T.J. After Dark # 3

Well it's time to bring out the third installment of Tony Johnson's new show called:           T . J .   A F T E R    D A R K Tony has picked out some more kickin' songs for this show for the rockers out there. The theme of the show id HOT songs for people who are suffereing from the Winter blues. So we have songs about Summer or Hot weather ect.His sidekick is Stuart Held who runs Songs From The Basement. But this is Tony's time to be the star, and play what he wants ... OH BOY !!! lol lolBut you decide how the show is.Intro: Saints & Sinners-Whtiesnake1. House Of Pain-Deep Purple2. Wasted Years-Iron Maiden3. Scream Dream-Ted Nugent4. Give Me Your Love-McCaully Shankar Band 5. Show You Something Special-Bellamy & The Angel6. Heat Seeker-AC / DC7. Hot Rockin'-Judas Priest8. Going To Malibu-The Maliboos 9. There's No Surfing In Cleveland-The Euclid Beach Band10. Look At That, Look At That-The Fabulous
02/02/20222 hours 3 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 119: Not Enough Basements In The World

Hi Basmenteers all over the world ..... and Basements ....Well were back with another stack of musical goodies  to play.The songs we have for this show are from: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young / Janis Martin / Santana / Johnny Cash / Little Richard and Gentle Giant  and a lot more.Intro: There's No Bizz Like Showbiz-Stanly Black1. Out On The Road-Hollies2. A Cry For Everyone-Gentle Giant3. Immigration Man-Crosby & Nash4. Beautiful Dreamer-Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas 5. This Could Be The Night-The Modern Folk Quartet6. * Lightning Commercial Album Spot*7. Prelude To Opus-Lightning8. Your Ever Changing Me-Crispian  St. Peters  9. Moonshine-Toby Beau10. Not Enough Love In The World-Ringo Starr11. Bamma Lama Bamma Loo-Little Richard12. Ain't That A Lotta Love-Taj Mahal13. Here In My Garden-Gypsy14. Youngblood-Righteous Brothers15. Creepin'-Kenny Rankin16. Billy Boy-Janis Martin17. Get
30/01/20222 hours 4 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 118: Basement Metal # 94

Hello Metalll Hedz.....Ready for another round of R O C KKKKKK ?????? OK we RRRRRR....On this show we will spin stuff from: Bullet / Tuff Luck / Queen and Alice Cooper ....In Rock We Trust  !!!!Intro: Xanadu-Rush1. Easy Money-Ian Lloyd2. Smoke On The water-Rock Aid3. I Go Crazy-Queen4. Saturday Date-Toni McCann5. Trapped-Utopia6. Tin Soldier-The Small Faces7. Hanging Around-The Edgar Winter Group8. Devil's Brew-Tuff Luck9. Cold Sweat-Thin Lizzy10. The Out Crowd-The Squares11. Comanche-Link Wray12. The Wonder Of It All-Gulliver 13. Come To The Ball-The Rolling Stones14. White Lies-Bullet15. Caught In A dream-Alice Cooper Outro: Nightingales & Bombers-Manfred Mann
30/01/202258 minutes 50 seconds
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Episode 117: Spotlight Show - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Hello Basementeers,This week on the spotlight show is a band that we have planned for 6 years and finally got around to finally posting. There  CCR and band still people love to listen to.This little legendary band still has a huge following after 55 years from there beginnings.We will play songs from then CCR lp's plus the Gollywogs stuff mid 60's.So if you have not heard some songs don't panic they recorded more then just 6 songs you hear on the radio all the time lol.Intro: Side O' The Record1. Pagan Baby2. Bad Moon Rising3. Fight Fire4. Take It Like A Friend5. Who'll Stop The Rain6. It Came From Out Of The Sky7. Good Golly Mrs. Molly8. Porterville9. Coming Down The Road10. Bootleg11. Don't Tell Me No Lies12. Someday Never Comes13. Tombstone Shadow 14. Effigy15. Sinister Purpose 16. Suzi Q17. Up Around The Bend18. Just A Thought19. You Got Nothing On Me20. Feeli
30/01/20221 hour 58 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 116: High Above My Basement

Hello Basementeers ...Well hear in the Basement we always look for interesting music to play for everybody, and well this show has some neat records we wanted to play for a long time. In this show we have songs from: Bob Seger / Ian Gomm / Tom Petty / Bruce Springsteen / Eric Clapton and Ruth Copeland ....Intro: There's No Business Like Showbusiness-Stanley Black 1. Stuck In The Hole-Caravan2. Running Out-Bongo & Judy3. Walk Away-Del Shannon4. Crawling Back To You-Tom Petty5. Red Sun-Buckingham & McVie6. Love & Rock And Roll Music-The Archies7. Country Dancing-Gene Pitney8. Are You Happy-Iron Butterfly9. No Man's Land-Bob Seger10. The Easiest Way To Fall-Frida Payne11. Green Thoughts-The Smithereens12. Band On The Run-Richie Havens13. You'll Be Coming Down-Bruce Springsteen14. Watch Her Ride-Jefferson Airplane 15. Can't Satisfy-The Impressions16. Lark Day-The Smothers Brothers17.
25/01/20222 hours 25 seconds
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Episode 115: Spotlight Show - Otis Redding

Hello Basmenteers ...Today we have a legendary soul singer from the 1960's called: OTIS REDDING.Otis passed away in late 1967 (Plane Crash)  He did leave a lot of good songs behind, so we will go through some of his music.Intro: Can't Turn You Lose1. Shake2. Rock Me Baby3. Let Me Come Home4. Ole Man Trouble5. Love Man6. I Can't Turn You Lose7. Respect8. I've Been Loving Too Long9. Don't Mess With Cupid10. Tell The Truth11. That's How Strong My Love Is12. Day Tripper13. Satisfaction14. Pain In My Heart15. I'm Coming Home16. Cigarettes' And Coffee17. My Lovers Prayer18. These Arms Of Mine19. Chain Gang 20. Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song)21. Dock Of The Bay22. Tramp23. You Don't Miss Your Water24. Just One More Day25. My Girl 26. Good To MeOutro: Try A Little Tenderness
24/01/20221 hour 32 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 114: Basement Metal # 93

Hello Metalll Hedzzz....Gotta git on the ROCK line, well grab along.The songz on this show will be from: Leatherwolf / L.A. Guns / Judas Priest and Riotso let'z git rockin' on...Intro: Xanadu-Rush1. Mono-Courtney Love2. Deceiver-Judas Priest3. It All Falls Down-Riot4. The Red And The Black-Blue Oyster Cult5. Weed Bus-The Stairs6. Don't Go Away-The Runaways 7. Over The Edge-L.A. Guns8. Mr. Bill Goes To School9. Better Then The Real Thing-U210. Exception-Chacken11. Wrathchild-Iron Maiden12. Electric High Heels-Paul Metsa 13. Numbers-Aska14. Stiff Competition-Cheap Trick15. I Am The Thunder-LeatherwolfOutro: Nightingales & Bombers-Manfred Mann 
24/01/20221 hour 6 seconds
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Episode 113: Basement In The Band

Hello Basementeers,Here we have a go again with more obscure poppy rock songs for all you to hear.You will get to hear songs from: The Turtles / The Knack / Joe Simon / Earth, Wind & Fire  and Tyrone Davis and more ....Well let's go with the platters and spin the old songs.Intro: There's No Business Like Showbusiness-Stanley Black1. Who's Fooling Who-Doug Maynard2. Everybody's Got Then-Nilsson3. Wind Chimes-The Beach Boys4. Like Every Time Before-The Hollies5. Stone Fox-James Brown6. Freckles-Herb Alpert7. Shoeshine Boy-The Humblebums8. It Hurts So Good-Millie Jackson9. Can't Let Go Of You Girl-The Left Banke10. Ghost Town-Poco11. There It Is-Tyrone Davis 12. If I'm There-Don Gibson13. Help You To See-Nino Tempo & April Stevens14. Playing With The Band-The Grateful Dead 15. Mello-Elton John16. Devotion-Earth, Wind & Fire17. It Doesn't Matter-Billy Preston18. That's How
19/01/20222 hours 2 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 112: Basement Metal # 92

Hi Metttalll Hedz .....Reedy 2 ROCKKKK ????Well Heer Weee GOoooooo  Rokkkin' down the ROCK highway again.We have songz from: Impact / UFO / Krokus and Santana  and a few more.....Intro: Xanadu-Rush1. Shake Shake-Angora2. Back Where You Started-Tina Turner3. She's Got Everything-Krokus4. Girls, Girls, Girls-AXE5. You'll Get Love-UFO6. Write You A Letter-Bobby Whitlock7. Hope You Feel Better-Santana 8. People Music-The Edgar Winter Group* 9. Ernie Plays The Drums-Ernie & Bert10. Grave Digger-Hellraiser11. Hard Road-Stevie Wright12. Some One's Knocking-Eric Clapton13. Poisoned minds-Sudden Impact14. Kocking At My Door-Uriah Heep15. Tell Me How You Want It-Damn Yankees Outro: Nightingales & Bombers-Manfred Mann
14/01/20221 hour 3 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 111: Bobby Goldsboro # 2

Hi Basementeers,Today is a long a waited show, yes we had a great response about the first Bobby Goldsboro show last year, we decided to do another one, so here it is.  Some of the listeners to the show were very surprised at all the good top 40 songs Bobby made, nobody got to hear them because the record label kept putting all the 45's out of his sappy  (put You To Sleep) ballads no one really liked, so were playing a different take on his real music, his more top 40 pop songs.So let's inter the world of Bobby Goldsboro once again.Intro: Trusty Little Heart1. It's Gonna Change2. Little Drops Of Water3. Can You Feel It4. The L.A.N. Don't Stop Here No More5. I've Got A Thing About You baby6. She Taught Me How To Live Again7. Take Your Love8.  Hi, Lilly, Hi, Lo9.  Nothings Bad As Being Lonely10. Born To Make You Happy11. Life Get's Hard On Easy Street12. Throwback13. I'm A Little Mixed Up14. Morning, M
14/01/20221 hour 31 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 110: Basement Flower

Hello Basementeers,Well a bit late for the week but here it is the weekly (Mish-Mash) show.We have some interesting songs in this episode.We music coming from: Santana / The Hollies / James Brown and Elton John and much more ...So turn into your internet and turn onnnnnnnnn.Intro: There's No Business Like Show Business-Stanley Black1. She's Looking Good-Willy & The Bees2. Do What You Want-Billy Preston3. How Will You Feel Tonight-Poco4. New Romeo-Southside Johnny & The  Jukes5. You Can't Put Me Down-John Mayall6. You Can't Do That-Nilsson 7. Ain't No Loving-Stevie Wonder8. Keep It Up-Bad Boy9. Sister Isabelle-Del Shannon10. Watching The River Flow-Lamont Cranston Band11. Just A Little Too Much-Rick Nelson12. Peace Trail-Neil Young13. 1-2-3-The Indigo Girls14. Someday-Chicago15. Two By Two-The Left Banke16. About Time-Don Gibson17. Fever-Bobby Goldsborro18. You Don't Love M
14/01/20222 hours 2 minutes 14 seconds
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Episode 109: Spotlight Show - The Delphonics

Hello Basementeers,On this episode of the Spotlight series we have a great classic soul singers, The Delphonics. They were making music from the late 1960's to the mid 1970's roughly.They were a trio and kind of long forgotten that's why we thought we would do a show featuring there music. You will feel the musical soul of the 60's when you listen to there songs.Intro: Delphonic's Theme1. When You Get Right Down To It2. Your Gone3. He Don't Really Love You4. Hey Love5. Loving Him6. Ready Or Not Here I Come7. Think It Over8. You Get Yours, I'll Get Mine9. Break Your Promise  10. Phony 11. Walk Right Up To The Sun12. Didn't I Blow Your mind13. I'm Sorry14. You Been Untrue15. Can't Go On Living16. The Way Things Are17. Somebody Loves You18. Trying To Make A Fool Of Me19. Round & Round20. Love Is21. My New Love22. Funny Feeling23. Let It Be Me24. La La La I Lov
08/01/20221 hour 30 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 108: Basement Metal # 91

Hello Mettalll Hedzzz....Ready for another dosage of R O C K ? ? ?  ...On this episode we have songz from: Rolling Stones / The Frost / Rush and Jimmy Page and a few otherzzz....Let'z get crooozin' ....Intro: Xanadu-Rush1. Street Fighting Man-The Rolling Stones2. Hitch Hikers Hero-Atlanta Rhythm Section 3. She's So High-Tal Bachman 4. Blues Before Sunrise-Eric Clapton5. Stage Fright-Def Leppard6. Wasting My Time-Jimmy Page7. Satin Peacock-Legs Diamond8. It's Enough Enough-The Who9. Woody Wood Pecker Theme10. Not Fade Away-Rush11. The Outlaw-The Outlaws12. I Got A Reason-Journey13. Fifteen Hundred Miles-The Frost14. Valarie-Bad Company15. Drifting Into Space-The Blue DimensionOutro: Nightingales & Bombers-Manfred Mann
08/01/20221 hour 3 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode 107: Great Grime it's Batman songs

Hello Basementeers ...Holy paper Basement's  it's a new year and a new episode from SFTB.Well this is a special novelty show we have planned for a few months, now it's ripe for posting.It's BATMAN songs, yes songs routines about BATMAN & ROBIN ect.Yes we have some rare songs from the characters that appeared on the BATMAN TV show, singing there way to success LOL LOL.You will hear songs from: Adam West / Bert Ward / Frank Gorshin and more surprises.Yes this show will be full of surprises for the listener, and will be a wild ride thru Gotham City.So Holy Baskets, let's get rolling chum's.Intro: Batman Theme-Neal Hefti1. Batman Theme-Al Caiola2. Look Out For The Batman-Tony Eira3. The Doctor's Dilemma-Jan & Dean (Routine)4. Batman-Rocky & The  Riddler's5. Batman & Robin-The Spotlights 6. There Goes Robin-Tony Eira 7. The Boy Wonder-Bert Ward8. Challenge Of The Cat woman-(Story) 9. M
03/01/20221 hour 56 minutes 50 seconds
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Episode 106: Spotlight Show - Cinderella

Hi Basementeers,Well ready to start a new year and what a way to start off 2022 with a rockin' band from the 1980's Yes it's CINDERELLA  (USA).  Yip did you know that there was a band in Europe called Cinderella in the 70's ?? well you know it now.  So we are going to play trax from the 4 lp's from the American band and you can hear songs you might not have heard before.So were ready to get rockin'....Intro: Second Wind1. Night Songs2. Hot & Bothered3. Gypsy Road4. Shelter Me5. Nothing From Nothing6. Easy Come, Easy Go7. Take Me Back8. Make Your Own Way9. Shake Me10. Blood From A Stone11. Last Mile12. Dead Man's Road13. Fall A Part At The Seams Outro: In From The Outside
03/01/20221 hour 3 minutes 51 seconds
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Episode 105: Basement Jazz # 48

Hi Jazzmenteers ....Yes were back again for a new year.  I know you may have thought were done with the Jazz show, well for a few months we were, but it was computer issues with the Jazz file, but we have it all under control, so were continuing with this series.So on our 48th show we have music from: Al Caiola / Wes Montgomery / Chuck Segal / Time Weisberg / and Weather Report and a few more.Intro: Jingle Jangle-Ron Frangipone1. Goofus-Jam Session Tonight2. 18-Pat Metheny 3. Puzzle-Passport4. Cute-Howard Roberts5. Thanks For The Memories-Ray Conniff6. Keep The Ball Rolling-Al Hirt7. Summer Setting-Don Elliot8. Golden Dawn-Al Demiola9. Matilda-Ernie Freemen10. Uhm- Bobby Hutcherson 11. For The Public-The Heath Brothers12. Caribbean Nights-Bob James13. Under The Jazmin Tree-The Modern Jazz Quartet 14. My Honey's Loving Arms-Chuck Segal15. Here Comes That Honey Doo Man-Miles Davis16. From The Heart
03/01/20221 hour 45 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 104: Basement Metal # 90

Hello Metalll HedzzzHappy Niew Yeerrrrr .........Ready to get rockkkkin' in 2022 ???   well let'z goo.On this first show of 2022 we songz from: The Blue Pills / Bullet / Jimmy Page (Solo) / Shooting Star and a few more.Intro: Xanadu-Rush1. Can't You See I'm A Star-Moxy2. Do You Feel Alright-Shooting Star3. Dream Away-Thrills4. Who's Gonna Stand up-Neil Young5. She Just Satisfies Me-Jimmy Page6. Ride The Wind-James Gang7. No Mercy-Bullet8. Fire-Robin Williams as Elmer Fudd9. suicided-Swift Kick10. Law Of The Land-Asia11. Mercy-Alcatraz12. Rock A Day Living-Briar Hill Band13. Shake, Shake-Angora14. Low Road-The Blue PillsOutro: Nightingales & Bombers-Manfred Mann 
03/01/20221 hour 2 minutes 54 seconds
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Episode 103: T.J. After Dark # 2

Hello Basementeers all over ...Happy New YearReady for another musical experience ??? well we have one for you.A new musical concept we introduced to you last year.TONY JOHNSON has a new show called:                      T . J .   AFTER DARKHe will try to rock the roof off the Basement, so we thought we would give him his own show and see what he can do.Stuart Held is his side kick, and producer, but Tony calls the shots.  So if your ready for something different, here you go.Intro: Saints & Sinner-Whatesnake1. The Confessor-Joe Walsh2. Bread Fan-Budgie3. My Town-The Michael Stanley Band4. Love's Got A Line On You-Scandal5. Mystery-Dio6. No Such Thing-Tommy Shaw7. Some Kind of Hurricane-Peter Kris8. Rock & Roll Children-Doi9. Shot In The Dark-OZZY Osbourne10. Stranger In A Strange Land-Iron Maiden11. Heide & The Yodelers Spot12. Post Tostie-Tommy Bolin13. Run Out O
02/01/20222 hours 10 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 102: The New Years Eve Show

Hi Basementeers all over ....Well it's that time of year, Christmas is past, and what's next ?? the turn of a new year, sooo yes we have a New Years show for you. If you are going to stay in or haven't any party's you were invited to ??? Well join ours. We made a show with an party atmosphere for this occasion.Will have our own new years celebration in the musical basement.The songs we have for this show will be from: Diamond Head / Etta James / The Bar Kays / Boz Scaggs / Bobby Vee and a few more.....So all of you are invited to party with us in the Basement.  HAPPY NEW YEARAnd hope it's a better one then the last....or just as good.....Intro: Auld Lan Syne-Guy Lombardo1. 1492-Betty Johnson2. Another Year-Ian Gomm3. 1963-Bobby Vee4. What's Another Year-Johnny Logan5. Early 1970-Ringo Starr6. A Couple More Years-Dr. Hook7. Back In '72-Bob Seger8. 20 Years Ago-T.C. Atlantic9. Son's Of 1984-Todd Rundgren<b
27/12/20212 hours 25 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 101: Cold, Cold Basement - Winter Songs

Hi Basementeers...Ready to freeze your tail off ??? lol...  well just think warm thoughts for this show.This one is all about Winter songs. Yes this show is about Winter, Snow, and just plane cold music.If you love winter, you'll love this show.On this show we have songs from: Badfinger / Genesis / AC-Dc / The Blazers / Angel and Bob Dylan ....So cozy up and just let it snow outside.Intro: Ice Run-Rick Wakemen 1. It's Cold Outside-The Choir 2. Cold, Cold Toronto-Trooper3. Long Misty Days-Robin Trower4. Winter Time-Steve Miller Band5. Winter Song-Angel6. Winter Time-Bill Whithers7. Winter Song-The Blazers8. It's Now Winter's Day-Tommy Roe9. Think Snow-Northern Light10. Drifting, Visiting Snow-Slim Jim11. Suzi Snow Flake-Kenny &amp; Corky12. Snowball-Ferron Young13. Icicles-Badfinger14. Trip Stumble &amp; Fall-The Mama's &amp; Poppa's 15. June Is As Cold As December-The Everly Brothers<
27/12/20211 hour 58 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 100: Spotlight Show - The Frost

Hi Basementeers.....Today we have a heavy rockin' band from the late 1960's called The Frost. They did not have too many albums but there's enough to pull an hour of music from there 3 albums. This band has been pretty obscure, but once you hear them, you might want to get a record by them. Yes there that good !!.Intro: Donny's Blues1. Rock &amp; Roll Music2. Mystery Man3. Black As Night4. Sweet Lady Love5. Jenny Lee6. Black Train7. Once You Got It8. 15 Hundred Miles9. A Long Way Down10. Big Time Spender11. Little Suzi Singer12. Help Me Baby13. Maybe Tomorrow14. The FamilyOutro: Donny's Blues
25/12/202159 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 99: Basement Metal # 89

Hello Metalll Hedzzz....Ready 2 ROCKKKK agiiiannnn ???  Ok let's get rollin' ...This show we have kikkin' tunes from: Van Halen / Motley Crue / Enticer / Ace &amp; Eights and AC/DC and a few more......  OK were going to KICKKKK ....Intro: Xanadu-Rush1. I'm Moving-Ridged Pink 2. Hooligan's Holiday-Motley Crue3. Don't Put Me On Hold-The Romantics 4. Through The Mist Of Time-AC/DC5. Hear About It Later-Van Halen6. One Way Ticket-Enticer7. Born With The Blues-Sage8. Don't Make Me Wait-Sammy Hagar9. Inner City-Gran Max10. Secret Road-Blue Oyster Cult11. Black Roses-Ace &amp; Eights 12. Sea Of Love-Def Leppard13. Late Night Visitor-Bock14. After The Fire-FighterOutro: Nightingale &amp; Bombers-Manfred Mann
25/12/20211 hour 2 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 98: Christmas Show # 7 - We Wish You A Merry Basement

Hi Besmanteers....OK  you may have seen we did a new Christmas show called Christmas # 6,  well we did it again, yes another NEW Christmas show # 7 just for good measure.  Well we had so many ideas for songs we added a new show, and here it is.On this show we have songs from: Rob Thompson / Chuck Berry / The Monkees / Ringo Starr / America / The Goo Goo Dolls / Solomon Burke and Lightning Hopkins and many more ....So stay in the Christmas spirit and listen to our stack of Christmas music.Intro: Jingle Bells-The Ventures1. Twistin' Bells-Santo &amp; Johnny2. Let's Make Everyday A Christmas Day-Charles Brown3. Presents For Christmas-Solomon Burke4. We Wish You A Merry Christmas-The Everly Brothers5. Good King-The Fab 46. Merry Christmas baby-The Poets7. Merry Christmas baby-Chuck Berry8. Better Days-The Goo Goo Dolls9. Surfin' Santa-Lord Douglas Bryan10. Santa's Coming On A Whirly Bird-Santa &amp; The Mighty Elves
21/12/20212 hours 18 minutes 20 seconds