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Something for Visionaries

English, Social, 1 season, 15 episodes, 3 hours, 1 minute
I found that the foundational Biblical concept for living a purposeful life lies in having a clear BIG picture of what you are called to do here on earth. Although it takes a little effort, gathering bits and pieces of information here and there and applying some training. People who ultimately get God given vision for their lives become purpose driven and are able to make tangible impact in the world. The discipline, practice, focus and culture of excellence that come along with vision make visionaries become leaders.
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Episode 2 - Foundation For Visionaries Pt. 2

We go further to identify vision as not just being futuristic but as a matter of heart that is practical, mission oriented and purpose driven having the ability to propel us forward. Applicable to both individuals and businesses
6/14/201811 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 1 - Foundation for Visionaries

In the episode of Something for Visionaries, we look at the foundational concept of vision.
6/6/20189 minutes, 55 seconds
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Introductory Episode

Setting the stage for conversations that help people get clear vision and ultimately live a purposeful life. Its tine to lead our lives with intent and direction.
5/31/20181 minute, 51 seconds