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English, Hobbies, 1 season, 8 episodes, 7 hours, 56 minutes
Podcast by Keane Dasalla
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Derek @ Sole Supremacy - March 4, 2024

In this podcast I talk with Derek, owner of Sole Supremacy. For the past 15 years he's been the owner of one of the biggest sneaker reselling operations in the Bay Area, CA - at its peak, generating $10 million a year a revenue. I pick his brain about his lessons and learnings as an entrepreneur and business owner.
3/5/20241 hour, 6 minutes, 21 seconds
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Justin Gamble Gamble - February 5, 2024

Justin Escalona aka @justingamblegamble has amassed over 1 million followers across all platforms. A content creator, filmmaker and a sports card dealer-- I'm excited to have him on the podcast to pick his brain about the hobby, social media, and business.
2/6/202450 minutes, 21 seconds
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Trike415 Cards - January 22, 2024

Troy @trike415cards is a content creator and sports card collector / seller. He has amassed over 20,000 subscribers on Youtube and regularly gets 10k-20k views on his Youtube content. In this episode we talk about collecting, content creation, business and of course, the hobby.
1/23/20241 hour, 27 minutes, 32 seconds
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Tommy @ Norcal Sports Cards - January 15, 2024

Tommy is the owner of NorCal Sports Cards here in California. He's a staple at many California shows and managed to grow his operation to a second store, during a down market.
1/16/202456 minutes, 10 seconds
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Sunday League Investors - January 8, 2024

Bryan from @sundayleagueinvestors is a content creator and breaker based out of California & Florida. Be sure to check him and his content out on
1/9/202448 minutes, 36 seconds
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Vanson @the_cardprofessor

Vanson aka @the_cardprofessor is a well-known figure in the Bay Area Sports Card community. In this episode we talk about a bunch of the things we talk about when we run into eachother at card shows: tips, advice, best practices. Enjoy! Original music by @raerosero
1/8/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 18 seconds
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Bryan @sundayleagueinvestors

Bryan from @sundayleagueinvestors runs a popular Youtube channel covering Soccer Card Collecting and the sports card hobby. We talk about card show strategy, soccer cards and NFT's Original music by @slow.clap_
10/22/202153 minutes, 10 seconds
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#7 - Nick Piper of Walk Off Card Submissions

Nick Piper is owner of Walk Off Card Submissions. We catch up and talk about the hobby and industry that is currently booming: sports cards.
3/13/202150 minutes, 21 seconds