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Solder and Soot: A NARSA/IDEA Podcast Profile

Solder and Soot: A NARSA/IDEA Podcast

English, Finance, 4 seasons, 28 episodes, 21 hours, 34 minutes
"Solder and Soot" is produced by NARSA/IDEA, an international trade association connecting shops, manufacturers, and distributers in the cooling systems and diesel emissions industries. Each episode, hosts Mark Taylor and Bobby Duran interview entrepreneurs and industry leaders to learn more about their business challenges and success stories.
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Hunter Radiators

In this episode of "Solder & Soot," we sit down with Mark Arbeau of Hunter Radiators based out of Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. As Mark explains, his family wasn't involved in the radiator business, but he came into the industry thanks to a unique opportunity. We also learn what challenges Canadian radiator shops deal with, and what it means to "take things to a level 11."
6/12/202339 minutes, 12 seconds
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Joel Block

What do a successful business owner and an expert Black Jack player have in common? According to futurist and longtime venture capitalist Joel Block, both are Advantage Players™. In this episode of "Solder & Soot," hosts Mark Taylor and Bobby Duran sit down with Joel about what it means to be an Advantage Player™ and how that relates to the cooling systems industry. Joel will be the keynote speaker at NARSA/IDEA's 2023 Spring Conference at Empire Radiator in Rochester, New York. To learn more, visit:
4/5/202329 minutes, 33 seconds
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Dolphin Group

If you're involved in the cooling systems industry, you likely know the name Dolphin. Ahead of NARSA's 2023 International Tour in the Middle East, we sit down with Riddhish Kapadia of the Dolphin Group to learn more about the manufacturer's history and its extensive footprint across the world. In this episode, we also learn about the key decisions that are helping Dolphin achieve its dream goal: to become a $25 million company in the next 7 years. 
2/21/202337 minutes, 3 seconds
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"A Cooling Systems Christmas Carol" (Mark Taylor & Bobby Duran)

To wrap up 2022, Solder & Soot's Mark Taylor and Bobby Duran have curated a Cooling Systems Christmas Carol. In this special episode, our hosts reflect on the past, present, and future of NARSA/IDEA and what big events impacted our members. 
12/29/202256 minutes, 40 seconds
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Pat O'Connor

In this episode of "Solder & Soot," we sit down with cooling systems industry expert Pat O'Connor, Vice President of Sales at Johnson Manufacturing. Pat will  be inducted into NARSA's Cooling Systems Hall of Fame in 2023. Without a doubt, NARSA would not be what it is today without Pat's influence. In addition to hearing about his successful career, we learn how Pat was instrumental within our association in bridging the gap between manufacturers and service shops. 
11/14/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 31 seconds
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West End Radiators

We learn all about Canada’s West End Radiators and the Feeleus family in this episode of “Solder & Soot.” Wayne Feeleus walks us through the company’s 60+ years of history as a cooling systems service shop and growth as a manufacturer. Hear what Feeleus says drives his success. Plus, we also find out more about West End Radiator’s most recent venture, the launching of its new aluminum manufacturing plant. This episode is sponsored by Johnson Manufacturing.
4/18/202257 minutes, 26 seconds