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About Software Testing Podcast Show: If you’d like to listen to what is happening in the software QA testing industry, then you came to the right place. Software testing Podcast - One is the leading destination for the best and most popular testing podcast. This Podcast is Perfect For… Anyone who is curious about the software testing industry, testing tools and technology and how it’s going to reshape their job, the IT industry, and most business software testing industries around them. Happy Podcasting !!
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Performance Testing vs. Load Testing vs. Stress Testing

Performance Testing vs. Load Testing vs. Stress Testing: What are the key differences? All 3 are important when it comes to enhancing performance of your application.
2/8/20235 minutes, 2 seconds
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Web Application Security Best Practices

Web application security is an ongoing and dynamic process where you need to continue monitoring your app and still need to be vigilant and explore your web app for security risks and measures.
1/23/20238 minutes, 54 seconds
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Guide To Become A Software Tester

Want to become a software tester? This guide will help you to become successful in the software testing domain.
12/26/20229 minutes, 32 seconds
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Big Data Testing for Enterprises

 Big Data and Analytics bring incredible impact for all kinds of enterprises. It allows enterprises to drive their different sales and marketing campaigns, and make informed decisions to drive the desired outcome.
11/9/20228 minutes, 7 seconds
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Salesforce Testing Best Practices

In this podcast, we'll discuss about the best practices for salesforce testing such as unit testing, choosing right testing tools, agile approach, getting the right testers, and more!
10/13/20225 minutes, 37 seconds
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Performance Testing Best Practices

In this podcast, we will discuss about the top 5 performance testing practices which will be helpful for you to improve the outcomes and ensure the optimum success of the software.
9/16/20224 minutes, 39 seconds
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5 Best Practices to Perform Regression Testing

Regression testing is chiefly the effort made to confirm that a bug fix has been fixed correcting a code defect. Check out 5 best practices to perform regression testing.
8/17/20228 minutes, 1 second
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Reasons To Choose Selenium For Automation Testing

In this podcast, we've covered some of the major reasons to consider Selenium over other test automation frameworks. Selenium automation testing company can also be a great option in scenarios where your organization does not have in-house resources with expertise on Selenium automation testing.
7/19/20225 minutes, 53 seconds
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Mobile App Testing Best Practices

Every mobile app tester employs efficient and proven practices for mobile app testing. It is necessary that the mobile application undergoes accurate and comprehensive testing before it is introduced into the market, and that the app testing is executed under rigorous usage conditions with real devices, but within a short time.
6/10/20227 minutes, 47 seconds
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Challenges Testers Face During Mobile App Testing

In order to survive in a highly competitive market, delivering bug-free and high-quality mobile apps have become important. However, while doing so, the testers face a number of mobile app testing challenges on a daily basis.
5/19/20225 minutes, 22 seconds
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Accessibility Testing Best Practices

Accessibility testing is important not merely for giving proper access to “the differently- abled” but for every single person. Making your website accessible to users in spite of any disability is essential to ensure everyone can access your webpage. This could reward your business as it confirms that people will visit the site and potentially be capable to procure your service or product despite inadequacy.
4/26/20227 minutes, 11 seconds
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Software Testing Vs. Game Testing

What's the difference between software and game testing? While the objective of testing remains the same, there are several differences between software testing and game testing.
3/28/20224 minutes, 6 seconds
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Mobile Application Security Testing Guide

Mobile app security testing helps in identifying the existing loophole in the application to prevent potential attacks or threats from the external systems. It must be a top priority for every organization. Performing security testing helps in making the mobile app free from all the security loopholes and offer enhanced user experiences.
2/23/20226 minutes, 22 seconds
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Game Testing Techniques for Game Testers

The growth of technology is a continuous practice in this modern era, and most frequently the games industry is the front-runner in hi-tech growth. In this podcast, we've covered most popular game testing techniques which are helpful for game testers.
1/18/20226 minutes, 12 seconds
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7 Effective E-commerce Website Testing Techniques

With effective and reliable E-commerce Testing Services we can ensure that the website continues to deliver great performance and keeps its users happy. In this podcast, we've covered some of the common techniques followed by E-commerce Testing Company for testing an e-commerce website.
12/22/20215 minutes, 27 seconds
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Your community, Your wish

The Game-changing global software testing community. Visibility + Trust = Big Opportunities Testing tech news is building a global platform for software testing professionals and empowering the members to connect with each other, share insights, and build their own networks.  TTN community provides a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share their insights and experiences, ask for guidance, and build valuable connections.   In a world of rapid change, communities are the best way to navigate our careers, build new practices, and experience interests. Request access to the community -
9/26/20212 minutes, 45 seconds
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Career Advancement strategies for tech professionals by Mr.Raj Subrameyer

Numerous people feel stuck in their career; they have anxiety over their job security, have been on the receiving end of a mass layoff, and are currently looking for jobs. Finally, many people want to change their careers but are afraid to take the leap due to the fear of the unknown. Raj was in the exact same situation in 2008, where he applied for 1293 jobs and finally converted one because, as an immigrant, it was hard to get jobs. Over the past 15 years, he learned various strategies that have transformed his life from an introverted, shy-kid earning a minimum salary to an international keynote speaker, writer, and tech career coach building a six-figure business.   In this episode, International Speaker & Tech Career Coach - Raj Subrameyer, share different strategies to find your dream job, be massively successful in it, and meet your rockstar potential – altogether setting you miles apart from your colleagues and competition. The various insights he provides will make you realize the power to make a change is already within you. Using the tips, tricks, and tools he discusses, you can launch yourself into each opportunity and challenge them with courage and confidence.   Skyrocket Your Career Book - Website -  
11/10/202049 minutes
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Top 6 Challenges Testers Face During Mobile App Testing

With the ever-increasing use of mobile devices, the need for mobile app testing has also increased. In comparison to web app testing, mobile app testing is more complex. In order to survive in a highly competitive market, delivering bug-free and high-quality mobile apps have become important. However, while doing so, the testers face a number of mobile app testing challenges on a daily basis.
8/21/20204 minutes, 46 seconds
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Top Reasons Why Manual Testing Is Not Dead Yet

While the demand for automation testing is increasing, manual testing is still not dead. It is due to the inability of automated testing to completely replicate the way how humans assess and test the software precisely. Manual testing services are essential in order to examine and eliminate the potential flaws that may occur after automation testing.
6/26/20204 minutes, 35 seconds
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5 Tips for Offshore Software Testing

How do you balance the risks and rewards and come out on top? Here are five tips to ensure that you receive an excellent return on investment... As a business owner or manager, the decision to opt for offshore software testing can be difficult. As anyone who has experience knows, there are advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing software testing. How then, do you balance the risks and rewards and come out on top?    
6/9/20203 minutes, 35 seconds
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Are you waiting to get certified and reach your career goals in the software testing industry?

It’s a known fact that software products are essential to pass through the testing phase. With a growing level of competition and hence the demand for quality, the need for an experienced and qualified software testing team seems inevitable. Irrespective of the scale, software testing has become an integral part of every modern-day IT project. Hence, aspirants looking forward to making a career in IT should definitely consider taking up software testing certification course. Show notes: [0:10] Are you waiting to get certified and reach your career goals in the software testing industry? [0:25] growing level of competition and hence the demand for quality, the need for an experienced and qualified software testing team [0:38]Definitely consider taking up software testing certification course. [0:58]software testing course can help anyone in getting the job of a decent package easily [2:25] Automation are at the peak of demand [2:50]software testing course can make things more effective [4:13] Testing Opportunity [4:56] Why One Must Choose Software Testing as A Career Option   [Sponsored Post] If you are looking to get ISTQB and ASTQB certified e-learning courses You can visit for more information.       
5/20/20205 minutes, 47 seconds
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Should We Build Better Software…Or Better People? (With Damian Synadinos)

This Podcast Published by QALead. Mr.Damian Synadinos & Mr.Jonathon Wright key discussion during this podcast. Communication is one of the most essential skills that need to be developed. is education killing creativity? Have that curiosity and enthusiasm and passion about what you do 100 test plans and more......... [Community Support ]We're at supporting upcoming Tribal Conf 2020- A Virtual Conference by The Test Tribe. Conference URL: Use discount code "EXPERTLEY"
5/14/202038 minutes, 4 seconds
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Tips For Testers To Deliver Outstanding Customer Experience

To become a successful tester, one needs to understand the market from the customer’s point of view to deliver outstanding customer experience.  Show notes: [0:32] testers to identify the pros and cons  [0:54] Security, layout, accessibility, privacy, and all other aspects that define the positive rating of customer experience [1:17] different Ways Through Which Testers Support A Better Customer Experience. [1:48] e-commerce sites introduce optimized features  discussion [2:25] Excellent team collaboration  [3:02] Being a tester, the first quality you must acquire is to be curious to know more [3:32] Set Your Limits on Testing. [4:24] Productivity   [Sponsored Post] Download your e-Book here: Ebook -Test Automation-2020
4/27/20205 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Digital Quality Handbook (With Eran Kinsbruner)

In the digital reality, evolution over revolution prevails. The QA approaches and techniques that worked yesterday will fail you tomorrow. Mr Eran Kinsbruner from Perfecto mobile and Mr Jonathon Wright had a great discussion about AI and machine learning. This is no longer a buzzword or a trend. It's a reality. Additional they have put some lights on Samsung foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Fold X and the Galaxy Fold Z pricing discussion. Must Listen!!   [Sponsored Post] Download your e-Book here: Ebook -Test Automation-2020
4/24/202052 minutes, 9 seconds
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One Key Idea: Pairwise Testing Using ACTS by Rex

If you’ve been testing for any length of time, you know that the number of possible test cases is enormous if you try to test all possible combinations of inputs, configuration values, types of data, and so forth. It’s like the mythical monster, the many-headed Hydra, which would sprout two or more new heads for each head that was cut off. Two simple approaches to dealing with combinatorial explosions such as this are equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis, but those techniques don’t check for interactions between factors. A reasonable, manageable way to test combinations is called pairwise testing, but to do it you’ll need a tool.  In this One Key Idea session, Rex will demonstrate the use of a free tool, ACTS, built by the US NIST and available for download worldwide. We can’t promise to turn you into Hercules, but you will definitely walk away able to slay the combinatorial Hydra.
4/9/202038 minutes, 7 seconds
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Mobile App Testing Trends for 2020

The new mobile app testing trends are approaching, giving more effective results for business productivity. n the verge of the end of the year 2019, the mobile app development and testing measures are evolving for the coming year of 2020 to refine the testing ideologies and work more on improving current testing strategies. Show notes: ----more----[0:34] Continues Shift on mobile app testing with Usability  [1:12] Top mobile app testing trends for 2020 [1:17] Mobile app automation discussion [1:32] Test Automation and DevOps Strategy [1:54] Some of the top popular testing tools like Perfecto mobile, Katalon studio, Selenium and Test Complete etc [2:06] Open-source testing tool [2:21] Agile and DevOps will be the key testing trends in 2020 [3:20] IoT and data security testing trends in 2020 [3:47] Artificial intelligence in mobile app testing [4:33] Implementing new ideologies on the testing platform  
3/28/20206 minutes, 23 seconds
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Tips To Test Your Website Effectively

In the digital era, website testing has gained much importance than before. Website testing helps in resolving any potential issue with a web application and validates its use. It ensures the proper functioning, usability, and security of the websites for better user experience. Tips in this podcast for website testing guarantees that all the important aspects of the website has been checked and is ready for real-time use.
1/29/20204 minutes, 46 seconds
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Different ways to improve efficiency and productivity with Test Automation

Test automation is one of the best means to ensure the success of software. The evolution and advancements in technology have pay paved the way for the software complexities. With the failures of software in the mobile application, the reputation of the developing company is at stake. Test automation comes as an effective solution for avoiding the problems of software failures. Test automation assists in the detection of bugs at an early stage, saving cost and time and enhancing the productivity of the software.
11/4/20196 minutes, 4 seconds
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Best Practices for Security Testing of Software

Ensuring that the developed software is free from any security issues is very important. Identifying potential vulnerabilities and resolving them is a challenging task. The growing developments in the software industry require the implementation of the best practices for effective security testing of the software.
10/15/20193 minutes, 33 seconds
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Big Data Testing To Eliminate Data Complexities

The data environments are gradually growing to become bigger and bigger. According to the recent surveys, the compound annual data growth through the year 2020 will tend to be near about 50 percent per year. With the increasing amount of data, the data sources are also raising. And along with that, the need for businesses to unlock those data and use them for taking critical decisions is even raising.
9/25/20196 minutes
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Key Performance Metrics for Effective Performance Testing

The success of a website or application is dependent on its performance. This necessitates effective Performance Testing to ensure high performance. The speed, stability, and scalability are the key areas focused on performance testing. Measuring performance requires the use of certain metrics. With the help of the performance metrics, the effectiveness and the quality of performance can be easily calculated.
9/17/20195 minutes, 24 seconds
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Reasons Why Software Companies Don’t Invest In Software Testing

Software testing is not an easy job. Many complexities may arise during the process. The lack of the essential tool and appropriate manpower can also pose a problem in the software testing process. Especially the software vendors’ advertising tools and financial terms usually invest less in software testing resources.
8/20/20196 minutes, 54 seconds
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Best Tips to develop a DevOps Testing Strategy

DevOps testing strategy can be simplified emphasizing more on team effort. It always prioritizes about the best working shift that can be conclusive about the timing and frequency of testing practice by a developer in an automated fashion. Though such radical transformation might not be easy for some testers, things can be made to look smarter through proper strategy.
8/2/20196 minutes, 23 seconds
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Why Some Testers take more time than others for Testing

When it comes to software testing, people often get serious regarding perfection. In the pursuit of attaining the desired perfection, a lot of time is spent. However, the satisfaction aimed for is not always achieved. There remains a doubt that the results could have been better, had it been tried differently. This is not the only reason though; there are various other reasons as well those make a tester think a lot, wasting valuable time.
7/12/20195 minutes, 35 seconds
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Tips to hire a software testing team for your Startup

As startup founders are fully committed to a particular vision, they value innovation and creativity at first place. Sometimes with their little funding and fewer employees, every decision is crucial. So, if you are a startup and you want to hire a software testing team, check out the following tips to increase ROI for your business.
6/20/20196 minutes, 22 seconds
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Artificial Intelligence: Is It Going To Kill Your Job?

There are many random perceptions about Artificial Intelligence. Not just perceptions; many people fear as well about losing their job due to artificial intelligence. To be specific, the testing professionals often remain in doubts about whether artificial intelligence will take over the traditional forms of testing jobs. However, the perceptions of such are mere doubts. Watch this Episode.   
5/1/20196 minutes, 33 seconds
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Tips For Continuous Testing Implementation

The method of software production is evolving gradually. How software products are being produced today are not the same as they were being produced some years back. This is an interesting technology era where we are sandwiched between conventional testing and advanced continuous testing. We are now shifting from the traditional structure of a huge team having centralized QA to an entirely new structure. This new structure involves small, self-contained, and autonomous teams that ship software frequently makes use of Continuous Integration tools for automating and administer their developed environment for minimizing bottlenecks.
3/25/20197 minutes, 3 seconds
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In-house Software Testing OR Outsourcing Software Testing Service

Choosing between in-house testing and outsourcing is often a tough decision. Many organizations think outsourcing the software testing requirements is actually an intelligent business strategy and a smart decision. However, other companies feel that outsourcing can be a waste of business capital and in-house testing should be the right approach. Well, the point here is that probably no one is actually wrong. Whether you decide on in-house testing or choose to outsource your QA activities, it depends on your objectives and goals. It also depends on the budget you have and the time frame within which you have to release your software product to the market.
1/21/20196 minutes, 13 seconds
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Why A Business Should Opt for Test Automation?

Software testing or QA is very crucial in all types of businesses. Mistakes can be sometimes very expensive to cope up with and can yield a huge loss. Hence, effective testing is necessary to check product quality before delivering or marketing. That being said, implementing the right and appropriate testing method is essential.
11/22/20183 minutes, 56 seconds
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Choosing the best tool for automation Testing - Tips and Strategies

Choosing the right automation testing tool could be a tough job. At times, choosing the wrong tool could lead to results which are unexpected and unforeseen, besides there being significant technical difficulties in making the tool work in your environment. Situations like these will, at best, set back your test automation efforts and may also sabotage them for some time
10/24/20186 minutes, 59 seconds
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Performance Testing Basics: Top Considerations to be kept in mind for Performance Testing

For a tester, one of the ideal ways to ensure that a system has the endurance to sustain actual load/business demand and at the same time serve multiple users reliably and in a timely manner is performance testing. We do performance testing so that we can provide management with the necessary information to make intelligent decisions about improvement and risk.
9/20/201810 minutes, 47 seconds
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Software Quality in Modern Ages: A Guide to Basics

Traditionally, the test team has always been responsible for software quality. They own software quality control and assurance, putting themselves in both a reactive and a proactive mode in ensuring the product is of exceptional quality in meeting and exceeding end-user needs in the marketplace.
9/12/20187 minutes, 15 seconds
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Six Common Misconceptions About Software Testing You Should Know

The art of software testing is extremely sophisticated and often misunderstood by those who do not engage in software testing. For such ‘non-testers’, these common misconceptions about software testing are often related to how software testing differs from other forms of testing.
9/4/20187 minutes, 1 second
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Understanding Technical Debt in Software Testing

Managing technical debt has been one of the most emerging problems for the current general of software testers, especially those organizations that develop and maintain large software systems. Similar to a bad debt in the financial industry, the term was devised by Ward Cunningham to draw an analogy with financial debt to indicate how incurring debt in the short run is beneficial but hurts badly in the long run if not repaid. Basically, the term was meant to remedy the practice of making non-optimal technical decisions.
8/31/20187 minutes, 30 seconds
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What You Must Do More to Succeed in Software Testing Industry

There is no doubt that software testing has come a long way since a few decades back when the role of the tester was very specific and limited. This period may be regarded as the most exciting yet challenging times that a tester is going through. Those who are able to handle and convert these challenges into opportunities clearly have a strong road laid ahead of them both for the products they are working on and for their own personal careers.
8/27/20186 minutes, 8 seconds
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Big Data and Analytics Testing: Learning the Basics

Big Data and Analytics testing involve unstructured input data, data formats and types, processing and storage mechanisms as well as software and products that are completely new. This requires new abilities and skills, the building of new toolsets and instrumentations which are beyond the scope of traditional testing.
8/23/20189 minutes, 22 seconds
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What you need to know about Software Testing careers?

Being one of the most sought-after jobs in the 21stcentury, software test engineering can provide for an interesting and challenging work assignment and career. In addition, there is high demand in the marketplace for test engineering skills, which offers testers to use their programming and database skills, doing a variety of work and learning lot of things in the process.
8/22/20187 minutes, 50 seconds
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Top 5 Takeaways to Prepare for Future of Software Testing

Things are evolving by the day in the technology space and the ones that are able to maintain an edge for themselves are not the ones that look just at the present but also plan for the future and incorporate them into the present. The present sets the base for the future with the current planning that is taking up.
8/21/20188 minutes, 36 seconds
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An insight about KiwiQA by Mr. Niranjan Limbachiya CEO, Founder at KiwiQA

Mr Niranjan Limbachiya CEO, KiwiQA talked about KiwiQA journey, learning, personal challenges, company values, changes to the organisation, leaders admires, surprising things to know about him, future growth and finally about healthy work-life balance.  You can connect with him on Linkedin.
8/20/20187 minutes, 17 seconds
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Making Manual Testing Better- Five shortfalls and Suggestions

Manual software testing has been the cornerstone of software testing ever since software testing was set up. All test engineers and software QA staff, developers and programmers test their code manually, at least to some degree. Though it is a critical element of software testing, it is certainly not the be-all and end-all. 
8/18/20186 minutes, 48 seconds
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Importance of Software Testing For Startup And Small Business

Why would it be advisable for you to test your web applications? In what capacity would it be a good idea for you to test your web applications? How to work out a reasonable start-up programming testing system? These are not single answer questions. A few organizations don’t fret over testing by any means, despite the fact that the essential target of any bit of programming is to give smooth running.
8/18/201810 minutes, 7 seconds
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Choosing The Best Tool For Automation Testing- Tips and Strategies

Choosing the right automation testing tool could be a tough job. At times, choosing the wrong tool could lead to results which are unexpected and unforeseen, besides there being significant technical difficulties in making the tool work in your environment. Situations like these will, at best, set back your test automation efforts and may also sabotage them for some time. This podcast provides some tips on selecting the right automation tool for your business.
8/18/20187 minutes, 13 seconds