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English, Social, 1 seasons, 5 episodes, 2 hours 40 minutes
Sociphoria Podcast! Dedicated to making your life a Liiiitle bit better! Just a little bit though, or else it'll be better than ours :)
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Now You Talkin' My (Love) Language - Sociphoria Ep. 62

Amanda and Patrick discuss the validity of time travel to the future vs. the past and then figure out how best to centre the conversation that we should be having around Love Languages in friendships and relationships. SubscribexSharexLike !!! Love- Sociphoria
08/07/201732 minutes 9 seconds
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Zelda Needs A Tan! ft. Chris Castello - Sociphoria Ep. 61

After a 1 month hiatus, SOCIPHORIA IS BACK! This week we have recording artist, East end sweetermans and good friend of the podcast CHRIS CASTELLO with us! We talk his R&B career, what his ideal day would look like, how he views his industry and how he got the nickname "Chin" when he was in highschool! All that on more as Sociphoria makes its return to the airways! SharexLikexSubscribe!!! Love- Sociphoria.
23/06/201728 minutes 18 seconds
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Are You Dumbovič ?! ft. Mirna - Sociphoria Ep. 60

Amanda & Patrick are joined by the curator of the 'Impatient Tourist' blog, Mirna, to talk about her Bosnian roots, coming to Canada as a refugee, the diaspora and her GO TO TIPS for travelling and what The Impatient Tourist Blog is doing for Torontonians looking to travel for the low! LikexSharexReview Love- Sociphoria
05/05/201736 minutes 57 seconds
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Rent Controlla - Sociphoria Ep. 59

Amanda & Patrick dive into the Debacle that is the TORONTO HOUSING MARKET. How did it get like this in the first place? What changes are being implemented to help out and will Sociphoria get a dog this year?!?! Find out all that and more on this week's episode of SOCIPHORIA . SharexRatexReview Love- Sociphoria
29/04/201729 minutes 22 seconds
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What's Wrong With Caribana?? Ft. Tennessee - Sociphoria Ep. 58

Amanda and Patrick are joined by PRE-PRE-LIME podcast host Tennessee, to discuss growing up in a Guyanese household, what Soca means to her and then we try and break down the issues that Caribana is facing here in Toronto and how she would fix it. Like x Share x Rate x Review Love- Sociphoria.
22/04/201733 minutes 51 seconds