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The Soccer Coach Weekly team discuss all things youth soccer coaching in the Soccer Coach Weekly podcast.
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The Journey to Training | How youngsters learn - and how you can help them

John Allpress is ex-assistant head of academy player and coach development at Tottenham Hotspur and a Former national coach at the English FA. He has decades of coaching experience, and a keen interest in how players learn and take on information.Here, he shares his knowledge on how youngsters learn, and how we, as coaches, can use that information to help them get better. Find this in written form: for John's webinar on October 25: The Journey to Training is a series from Soccer Coach Weekly,  sharing advice, ideas, inspiration and opportunities for coaches to reflect as they head to their next training session. Or, as they head anywhere, really.Ultimately, we want to help you become a better coach, and solve some of your coaching problems. Wherever and whenever you listen, we hope to do just that.Find more from us:
10/11/202312 minutes, 23 seconds
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Women's Soccer Coaching - Manchester United Academy Manager Charlotte Healy

Created ‘upside down’, Manchester United had a girls section before there was a women’s first team to graduate into. In this episode, academy boss CHARLOTTE HEALY talks to Women's Soccer Coaching about how she gone about joining the dots 
4/15/202129 minutes, 30 seconds
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Looking beyond winning

Chris Panayiotou is the Director of Coaching for Virginia Rush senior boys. He recently passed the USSF B license, and intriguingly is the Grassroots Developmental Technical Director for Rush soccer. He recently did a give back project taking football into elementary schools in Virginia Beach which has 55 elementary schools. The club visited 42 of the 55 schools teaching football in the PE classes and did approximately 80 visits in the last 3.5/4 years coaching over 100,000 children through that process.In this podcast Dave Clarke talks to Chris about looking beyond winning with an emphasis on educating players and parents in the philosophy he has for Virginia Rush. The topics we cover include:Reinforcing parental focusKeeping kids playingThe car journeyThe impact of social mediaEvolving your philosophyVideo your coaching sessionsHow to communicate at practiceNo lines, no laps, no lecturesTo find out more go to:
7/24/202045 minutes, 36 seconds
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Educating the coach

Interview with Ian Barker, director of education for United Soccer Coaches. Talking about coach education, the Convention in Baltimore, USA what you get out of going. Includes some coaching anecdotes and information on tactics, psychology and coaching sessions.
12/20/201925 minutes, 7 seconds