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So, what does Judaism say about...?

English, Religion, 3 seasons, 114 episodes, 1 day 18 hours 24 minutes
Join two rabbis at the University of Pennsylvania, one a Wharton Business School graduate, the other a yeshiva-trained master Talmudist, exploring Torah Judaism's perspective on just about everything in life.
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Abraham's Greatness

Rabbi Bier and Rabbi Fox discuss the unique character traits and actions that made Abraham great in God's eyes and in the eyes of the world, and fitting to be the progenitor of the Jewish people.
08/11/202334 minutes 21 seconds
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War Response | We’re all in a position to help!

Rabbi Bier and Rabbi Fox discuss how we’re all in a position to help. Every Jew can make a substantial contribution when Israel is under attack , no matter where we are in the world, we can contribute to the war effort in Israel, not only financially, but through our individual activism, actions, and spiritual and emotional support.
13/10/202332 minutes 16 seconds
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War & Wartime Strategy

Rabbi Bier and Rabbi Fox discuss the Torah and Rabbinical sources for how the Jewish people prepare for war, and the strategies and attitudes necessary to ensure the safety and security of the Jewish people and Israel, including diplomacy, force, and prayer.
13/10/202319 minutes 38 seconds
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Anti-semitism: A call to observance!

Rabbi Bier and Rabbi Fox discuss how a robust response to Anti-Semitism requires understanding the roots of this hate, what makes the Jewish people unique, and that it might take more effort than just changing your Instagram profile.
22/09/202325 minutes 8 seconds
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Forgiving Others Selfishly!

Rabbi Fox and Rabbi Bier delve into the complex concept of how forgiving others (and forgoing your just desserts and sweet, sweet revenge), hold the key to our own success in life and a good judgment from the Almighty on Rosh Hashana.
11/09/202322 minutes 20 seconds
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Rabbi Bier and Rabbi Fox discuss the lifestyle and morals of Vegetarianism from the Torah perspective, drawing on Biblical and Talmudic sources to understand sensitivities to humans and animals, their similarities, differences, and diets.
11/09/202321 minutes 4 seconds
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Elul | Preparing for Rosh Hashana with Psalm 27

Rabbi Bier and Rabbi Fox decipher Psalm 27 crafted by King David and choses by the Jewish Sages to be recited during the month of Elul as the most effective way to prepare for Rosh Hashana 30 days later.
25/08/202328 minutes 13 seconds
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Rabbis as leaders as opposed to mentors

Rabbi Bier and Rabbi Fox discuss this interesting dual role posed to Rabbinical authorities to be both mentors and role models to individuals as well as effective leaders making decisions that affect the entire Jewish community at large.
25/08/202327 minutes 40 seconds
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The Unique Prophecy of Moses | (4 of 4)

Recorded long ago, and once believed to be lost forever, after digging in the vaults for months, Rabbi Fox and Rabbi Bier are excited to present their fourth installment on prophecy, focusing on the unique and special prophecy of Moses. Enjoy!
25/08/202321 minutes 48 seconds
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One of the most cherished rituals in Jewish history, popularized in Jewish youth groups summer camps across all denominations, Rabbi Bier and Rabbi Fox delve into the meaning and significance of the Havdala ceremony that takes place after Shabbat and Holidays.
25/08/202320 minutes 4 seconds
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Finding a good Rabbi

Rabbi Fox and Rabbi discuss the essential topic of finding a good Rabbi or Rebbe and what a personal relationship with your Rebbe/Rabbi should be, ideally.
10/08/202323 minutes 8 seconds
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Reincarnation | Gilgulim

Rabbi Fox and Rabbi Bier discuss the concept of reincarnation in Judaism, what the word in Hebrew "Gilgul" reveals about the soul's mission, and what we can practically take away for our own lives.
10/08/202339 minutes 29 seconds
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Shema Part 6 | "v'haya," the paragraph after "v'ahavta" (updated audio)

Rabbi Fox and Rabbi Bier delve even deeper into the Shema liturgy, delving into the "v'haha" paragraph that follows the more famous "v'ahavta." Noting both striking similarities and subtle changes between both paragraphs of the Shema, Rabbi Bier and Rabbi Fox highlight the the significance of these grammatical and liturgical changes, and how they influence our daily lives. [note: this audio was corrupted and replaced]
04/08/202330 minutes 12 seconds
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Gimme gimme! | Praying for myself and my needs

Rabbi Bier and Rabbi Fox compare the spiritual quandary and merits of praying for yourself and what you feel you need versus a more altruistic approach to prayer that prioritize others' needs first.
01/08/202322 minutes 23 seconds
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Dating for Marriage | w/ Rivkah Fox

Internationally renowned matchmaker, Mrs. Rivkah Fox, joins Rabbi Rick Fox (they are married!) and Rabbi Meir Bier for an in depth discussion about dating in the modern Jewish world.
31/07/202334 minutes 33 seconds
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Tisha B'av | Source of the Destruction of the Temple

Rabbi Fox and Rabbi Bier discuss the root cause of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem - (what was behind the breakdown of Jewish society, the murder, immorality, and idol worship that took place at that time) - and how we can improve on the shortcomings of the previous generations.
26/07/202323 minutes 47 seconds
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Tisha B'av | A Holiday?

Rabbi Bier & Rabbi Fox discuss the vexing dialectic nature of Tisha B'av. On the one hand, Tisha B'av is the saddest, most tragic day on the Jewish calendar, and on the other hand, the Talmudic Sages refer to this day as a "holiday" using the Hebrew, "Moed" which is only found in reference to the joyous festivals throughout the year.
26/07/202322 minutes 32 seconds
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Shema Part 5 | V'shinantam - Teach your children well!

Rabbi Bier and Rabbi Fox continue their in-depth discussion about the words of the "v'ahavta" paragraph of the Shema, discussing the complexities of the continuity of Judaism. Not only that you must teach your children, but you should successfully model proper character and a deep passion for Judaism yourself.
21/07/202322 minutes 30 seconds
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The Temple and the Western Wall | The Beit haMikdash and the Kotel

Rabbi Fox and Rabbi Bier discuss the significance of the Temple of Jerusalem, the remaining Western Wall, and the obligation from the Torah for all healthy Jewish citizens to visit 3-times a year when the Temple stood.
18/05/202318 minutes 12 seconds