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Sneaky Powerful - Hard and Sometimes Hilarious Stories of Healing through the lens of Somatic Experiencing® Cover
Sneaky Powerful - Hard and Sometimes Hilarious Stories of Healing through the lens of Somatic Experiencing® Profile

Sneaky Powerful - Hard and Sometimes Hilarious Stories of Healing through the lens of Somatic Experiencing®

English, Personal health, 1 season, 15 episodes, 12 hours, 53 minutes
Sneaky Powerful is a podcast that explores the journey of healing from trauma. Through the perspective of Somatic Experiencing®, a naturalistic modality of trauma healing developed by Dr. Peter Levine, Ali Capurro and her guests explore the process and intricacies of reclaiming vitality. Within these artful conversations there are many threads, and specifically threads of hope, healing, and love.
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14 - Somatic Experiencing® and More than Nature with SEP Cindy Brooks

In this episode of Sneaky Powerful, Cindy Brooks shares with Ali and the audience, the ways she integrates SE™ into her work. Cindy provides information and stories of her work with the implementation of intentional time outside, art therapy, and equine therapy. Her wisdom, experience, and heart offer so much hope and opportunity for healing. Support this podcast at —
8/8/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 53 seconds
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13 - Women in Recovery, High Alert, and Somatic Experiencing® with Dr. Alice Kerby

As a healing community we are increasingly understanding the way trauma can get stored in our bodies, specifically our nervous systems. Dr. Alice Kerby is a doctor of physical therapy in San Diego, CA. Her specialty is working with women in recovery and people living on high alert. In this episode, Dr. Alice and Ali spend time talking about the countervortices of nature and backpacking, how to start moving, and how to stay with ourselves even when we feel overwhelmed. Dr. Alice provides helpful information about awareness and self-care as a way to manage habitual patterns that can create suffering.Support this podcast at —
7/24/202252 minutes, 39 seconds
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12 - Sexual Abuse and Inescapable Attack with Sneaky Powerful Host Ali Capurro

On episode twelve Ali shares some of the personal reasons she loves Somatic Experiencing®. As she works to heal from her own childhood sexual abuse, Ali offers a glimpse of what it's like to work with a particular symptom of her trauma related to inescapable attack. This episode is dedicated to Ali's clients, who show up so courageously and persistently to pursue a "good" life. Support this podcast at —
7/16/202234 minutes, 16 seconds
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11 - Somatic Experiencing®, Women's Issues, and Perinatal Care with Lexi Frank Newhall

In episode eleven of Sneaky Powerful, Lexi Frank Newhall, a therapist and SEP in Bozeman, Montana, shares some of her experience and wisdom regarding perinatal mental health. Lexi and Ali share some of their experiences, personally and professionally, that involve new babies, parenting, and romantic relationships when children are added to the mix. Lexi's knowledge and perspective is so valuable and her warm heart is such a gift.Support this podcast at —
7/4/202244 minutes, 40 seconds
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10 - Somatic Experiencing® and The Science of Stuck with Britt Frank

This episode of Sneaky Powerful highlights the Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (and more), Britt Frank. As Britt and Ali discuss invaluable concepts from Britt's book, The Science of Stuck, several insights are offered. Specifically, the relatable experience of feeling stuck. So many of us have struggled with feelings of immobility or lack of motivation in various areas of our life. Britt's book synthesizes real life examples with the physiology and neurobiology of these experiences. Britt has a a direct wisdom that comes through in her fun personality as well as her effective writing style. Her knowledge slices through sometimes confusing or abstract conceptualizations providing exactly the information we need to move toward healing. Support this podcast at —
6/20/202259 minutes, 29 seconds
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9 - Poverty, Trauma, and Somatic Experiencing® with Claudia Villagra-Rios

In this episode of Sneaky Powerful, Claudia Villagra-Rios shares pieces of her incredible wisdom regarding the connection between poverty and trauma through a Somatic Experiencing® lens. Claudia is an inspiring force highlighted by her fascinating background in engineering and developmental aid. Through this conversation there is much to be gained regarding our shared humanity and the recognition that ultimately, we are all the same.Support this podcast at —
6/12/202249 minutes, 11 seconds
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8 - Somatic Experiencing®, Possibility, and Storytelling with Mahshid Fashandi Hager

In this episode of Sneaky Powerful, Mahshid shares about the increased capacity she's developed through SE. The listeners get to hear about her teaching style now that she is official SE faculty. She and Ali also explore the movement between what has felt impossible as it shifted to possibility, and the power behind that movement. Finally, Mahshid shares her perspective on the beauty of storytelling that inspires tender and authentic connections to those in our lives presently and those of the future.Support this podcast at —
6/5/202257 minutes, 11 seconds
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7 - Meaningful Relationships, Relational Life Therapy, and Somatic Experiencing® with Rebekah Miller

In this incredibly useful episode of Sneaky Powerful, the listener will be able to apply relational tools immediately. Rebekah Miller provides helpful wisdom regarding Relational Life Therapy, developed by Terry Real, and elaborates on how she incorporates it with a Somatic Experiencing lens. She covers aspects of being a messy human and considers ways to eliminate shame. Rebekah and Ali also explore ways to nurture loving connections.Support this podcast at —
5/29/202255 minutes, 33 seconds
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6 - Somatic Experiencing®, Sex Therapy, and Consent with Cassandra Rustvold

One of the most important topics related to sex is consent. In this episode of Sneaky Powerful, Cassandra discusses what it means to be a sex therapist and an SEP. She also provides invaluable guidance regarding consent and the body's wisdom in relation to giving consent. There is so much to cover on this topic, and this episode provides an essential piece to the conversation.Support this podcast at —
5/22/202247 minutes, 32 seconds
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5 - Returning to Source and Somatic Experiencing® with Dr. Abi Blakeslee

In this episode of Sneaky Powerful, Abi and Ali explore the ways Somatic Experiencing® supports our capacity to connect with beauty. In particular, Abi shares some of the ways embodiment can help people to connect with nature and the natural rhythms within each of us and around each of us. Abi also provides essential wisdom related to a return to source.Support this podcast at —
5/14/202258 minutes, 4 seconds
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4 - The Beauty of Holding Space and Somatic Experiencing® with Lynne Maclean

Lynne's warmth, kindness, and commitment to truth are deeply felt in this interview. She offers information about holding space for other humans, while also providing the felt sense of it as the interview unfolds. There are so many beautiful aspects of Lynne and her knowledge of Somatic Experiencing® that come through in this episode.Support this podcast at —
5/7/20221 hour, 57 seconds
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3 - Loving it All with Rachel Broome

Talking with Rachel about life and Somatic Experiencing® is a regulating experience. Her wisdom and humor offer a lovely navigation through various SE concepts. It's also so awesome that both Rachel and Ali were caught off guard by the power of a sneaky powerful SE demo during trainings. Support this podcast at —
5/4/202254 minutes, 40 seconds
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2 - The Beauty of Building Capacity through Somatic Experiencing ®with Burt Rogers

In this conversation with Burt, the audience gets a glimpse at what it looks like when a person's capacity is developed. Through so many painful experiences with homicide Burt maintains his perspective, kindness, and incredible heart. He shares some of the details of his own life, as well as the work he is offering to his community. Enjoy!Support this podcast at —
4/26/202256 minutes, 6 seconds
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1 - Chasing Freedom with Elizabeth Rainey

In the first episode of Sneaky Powerful, Rainey and Ali discuss the beauty of SE and how it supports a more beautiful lived experience. Rainey talks Ali and the listener through an easy Somatic Experiencing® exercise. She also offers wisdom from her own lived experience. Support this podcast at —
4/10/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 27 seconds
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Somatic Experiencing PodcastSupport this podcast at —
3/11/20222 minutes, 51 seconds