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English, Education, 1 season, 13 episodes, 2 hours, 52 minutes
Hi, I seek to build my English Vocabulary through this platform. Only best solution to be better at Speaking is actually Speaking and hence I will be speaking and recording myself daily and talk about 10 NEW ENGLISH WORDS that I learn everyday. Lets be better together at SPEAKING ENGLISH!
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#51 - Want To Get Fluent? Jump start the process with me

In this episode, you'll learn about these English terms and phrases 1)Such as this one 2)As Opposed to means – I praise my kids for the efforts they put in as oppose to praising them only after the end result 3)He was everything but polite (means he was not polite and rest he was everything) 4) I know we are wrapping up, I just want to say in listening to all these ideas I think Sheldon suggestion was a really important strategic (is-tra-tee-gic) consideration that I really liked a lot. [VERY IMPORTANT SENTENCE TO SAY ATLEAST THIS ONE IN A MEETING] 5)It’s not bad. It’s atrocious (means ugly and wicked) 6) It is so good to incorporate (means add) all the learning into actions 7) We all inevitably (means have to happen) have those moments like oh I am quitting – Heard from Lilly Singh 8) Action screams and words whisper so shut up and take action (means action speaks louder than words) - Heard from Humble the poet 9) Can you share some examples where your words have been backed up with examples otherwise it’s just BS? – Heard from Humble the poet I hope these added value to your quest of becoming fluent speaker. Leave comment on your way of learning or any suggestion if you have.
4/23/201722 minutes, 8 seconds
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#50 - Golden Podcast - Build Your English Vocabulary

In this podcast English episode, we have covered these 10 New English words. 1) Your house depreciate in value in 10 to 20 year 2) I have extra support but I don’t use it for my advantage 3) Predicated – meaning based on A sentence – Your company is 4) So to help facilitate (means make it easier) this analysis, we are introducing a new tool 5) Mobile consumption is non-linear (meaning it is not straight forward) 6) I’m a slow reader because it is so hard for me to comprehend. 7) It’s really once you get momentum 8) The sooner you start the better off you are 9) I know the intricacies of this business now 10) This kind of satisfaction transcends (surpass or go beyond) happy, sad, hard, or easy Bonus Words Bonus 1 - Elevating your ideas Bonus 2 - It goes full circle. What goes around comes around Bonus 3 - We have a lot of space and there is no excuse for cluttering and having a mess or we are planning to declutter this weekend
4/14/201716 minutes, 53 seconds
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#49 - Learning 10 New English Words Every day

In this podcast English episode, we have covered these 10 New English words. 1) First thing first, show respect to your teachers 2) We didn’t have enough information so we kind of pushed back initially and continue to turn a blind eye (means ignore or not to notice) for a long time 3) We can’t back out later after dates are confirmed. 4) In view of the limited campaign duration left. 5) People stereotype you right off the bat (means immediately) based on how you come of or your past experience 6) What does it mean? What does it entail (means require)? 7) He takes it for granted and sort of let the marriage go down the hill 8) I would imagine (means I also think so) - a response when you agree with someone 9) It was a while ago – means something that happened in the past 10) There are people who are pushing the boundaries so we are moving forward
4/9/201711 minutes, 47 seconds
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#48 - Presentation Focused Useful Phrases

#48 - Presentation Focused Useful Phrases. Highlighting the important words 1) I’m in a meeting. It’s due to finish at 09:30 but might overrun. 2) Hi all – quick update. 3) Couple of highlights: – I love this blog – I love to speak – I love love These are the ways to share highlights 4) We should benefit from this as along as it is available. 5) She is a big advocate (means support it publically or recommend something openly) for all of the workshops. 6) I will quickly run through these slides 7) Let me quickly run through logistic before meeting – this is wifi, washroom is around here 8) It is appetizing to have that conversation as it ends up into more business for us. 9) What will be the implications (result/suggestions) of these changes. 10) At large, we do this work internally or Largely, we handle it with minimal outsourcing work.
3/19/201714 minutes, 22 seconds
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#47 - I'm Going To Give Presentation In A Week - Excited / Intimidated ?

We will cover why I'm intimidated as well as excited for next week. Discover where I'm going to give a presentation and share the feeling. Bonus Word – Intimidated – means got scared 10 New English Words we have covered in this podcasts are 1) Outwork, outsmart, outplay, underplay, 2) However – means but – when you are going to say something contradictory to what you just said 3) I hate to join the chorus (ko-rus) (repetition line in a song) and say I am out 4) We have engineered (An-gee-neered) our pocket to fit almost any design 5) Know-how – the practical knowledge on how to achieve something A sentence – And the product know-how to other clothing companies 6)To fit your needs – according to your wish A sentence – You can modify it the way that fit your needs 7) This is just another iteration (means another way) of it and so I am not interested 8) I made custom drape (home-made curtains) in our house 9) We traded patent work for drapes (means exchange the patent work for drapes) 10) When a magician starts to begin to believe in its own trick that becomes a problem 11) I will undercut this offer little bit so that you feel good as well buying from me.
3/4/201717 minutes, 38 seconds
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#46 - Understanding Words -Interject, Blood in the Water, Get Pass, Tenacious

In this 46th English Learning Podcast, we will be covering these 10 English Phrases / English Expressions / English Words / English Random sentences. 1) You are missing the boat – means you are not understanding the discussion 2) This is what it was all leading up to 3)As a matter of fact – means in actuality or in reality or in fact 4) If I may interject – means if I may say something when you stop someone in middle of their talk 5)Proof of concept (means evidence driving from a pilot) – I am not sure if your business is even proving the concept here as you don’t have any sales. 6) You did a terrible job fumbling through the numbers 7) Blood in the water – means someone or some thing that is easily breakable A sentence – Others will learn from the blood in the water (means weakness) that you provide it 8)I am probably the most tenacious (means someone who bounce back after every fall, most stretchable, most persistent) you will ever meet 9)Once we get pass the hype, we can still deliver, what is that one thing in you that gives me the confidence to work with you 10) I work my buns (instead of ass) off to make anything that I work on successful Feel free to leave a comment if you know the meaning of any word better or would like to share something with us.
3/4/201716 minutes, 16 seconds
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#45 - English Verbal Diarrhea

In today's verbal diarrhea we are covering following English phrases / English sentences. 1) Just to clarify 2)As a side note 3)You didn’t even flinch when I gave you the offer 4)The way in which – instead of how 5)It doesn’t give aesthetically pleasing feeling to me – means something that give pleasure to eyes 97) I am on the fence – means I am unable to decide or being indecisive 98) Cleaning your pet’s litter is a chore (pronounced as chor-e) we all dread 99) Walk me through how it works 100) It is not in the best interest of our company so we can’t do this deal 101) It is a sub-segment of a sub-segment 102) What business is not gonna be replaced by future technology –means everything will be replaced by future technology. 103) Internet sloth – means someone who chills on internet
2/25/20178 minutes, 2 seconds
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#44 - Fun Way To Build English Speaking Acumen

Without any written Diarrhea, I want to mention all the English Words / Phrases/sentences we are covering in this episode. And they are 1) That is perfect segway to next question 2) For the most part, people are the product of their environment. 3) We are getting off the point here – means talking out of context 4) Faux Pas (pronounced as Faw-pa) – means an event that has caused social embarrassment – People find it struggling to move on from the faux pas 5) It is everything but a legitimate product – means it is everything except a legitimate product 6) Never have we been able to allow our smartphone to do this 7) Music to my ears – means when you say something good or something that I like and it give me 8) It is a bargain – means it is a cheap deal 9) Testament – means proof – we will use your words as a testament 10) In the absence of – means without Bonus Words - Correct me if I am wrong – means
2/22/201713 minutes, 7 seconds
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#43 - Thoughts On My Life

I tried a different approach to learning English in this episode. Instead of learning about 10 New words, I picked a topic which is "thoughts on my life" and talked about it. In future, I'm planning to do more such sessions. I am open to doing everything it takes to become a fluent English speaker. Share your thoughts on new topics which I should talk about and all kind of suggestions are welcome. I will hold true to stick to this journey unless I feel much more confident about speaking to a level that if I had to make a public speaking I should jump all over it and not get intimidated by the idea of speaking publically. I feel fascinated and intrigued with English and I'm keen to learn about different people and culture especially of Americans because they have the most powerful economy and I'd like to emulate from their learning because clearly, they have a secret sauce of leaving a healthier and wealthier life.
2/19/20179 minutes, 47 seconds
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#42 - Mash Up of English Phrases / Idioms / Business Vocabulary / Expression

Today we are doing Mashup of English Phrases / Idioms / Business Vocabulary / Expression 1) I hope you can give me as much of a hand as possible 2)Fear of failure gets in the way of pursuing your passion 3)Experiencing it first hand – means experiencing something yourself 4)Recoup – means regain, redeem, recover 5) Acumen – means ability to make good decisions 6) I am in the spirit of Valentine’s day as it is coming up 7) It is a year round thing means something that happens entire year like sharing love 8)Navigate your way through that 9) It will bottleneck (something that causes slow down of a process) your company if you go with 50% stake with him. 10)I will split the difference – means 15 and 30 and difference is 15 and split difference is 7.5%
2/18/201714 minutes, 25 seconds
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#41 - English Expressions To Build Your Vocabulary

I am back with another 10 English Expression/phrases. Let’s get it off the bat or should I say, get it off the ground. Anyway, let’s start! 1) I don’t want to tell you no right off the bat (means immediately or straight-away) 2) Easy to tell or easy to guess 3) Knock your socks off (means gonna impress you) 4) What were the pain points (means difficulties or challenges) 5) We r looking for a strategic partner more than anything 6) You never finished off (means never completed) your profitability 7) Information is most valued commodity (very useful thing) 8) Oh this is right up your alley (or right down your alley) – oh this is perfect for your business 9) We can debate the merit of the product later but let’s address the elephant in the room 10) Consider the possibility, you have been blinded by sheered love and doesn’t want to fix the problem. U got to face the reality
2/14/20179 minutes, 22 seconds
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#40 - English Expressions To Build Your Vocabulary

In this session, we have covered following English words which will surely help you build strong vocabulary. 1) I am the only game in town 2) Can I counter – means can I negotiate? 3) There is nothing else like this on earth 4) We are right there at the same price as the standard red cup 5) 2% is not gonna make or break me, so we have a deal. 6) You can dodge (avoid / skip) all the facts as I am not interested in listening to that 7) There is this saying – don’t go where the path may lead but go where there is no path and leave the trail 8) You are on the brink (corner) of something fantastic 9) I have a lot riding on (means a lot on stake) success of this business 10) In anticipation of you coming here today, we did a little bit of ground work 11) It is a huge red flag – means it is a huge risk or a caveat Recap - Counter, Right there at the price of, make or break me, dodge, there is this saying, brink of something, a lot ridding on my shoulder, anticipation, huge red flag,
2/13/20179 minutes, 46 seconds
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#39 - Everyday English Phrases / Expression / Phrases / Idioms

Last week I was on fire with 3 sessions back to back but I got carried away with the feeling of achievement and I flunked to record more sessions following week. My dearest apologies for it. Let me redeem myself with at-least 3 sessions today if not more. So, people get ready to get amazed and I suggest you to buckle up and let’s start right off the bat. 36) What are your projections (means estimate / forecast) for next year A sentence You projection lacks reality to me 37) Contingent – means conditions, something which depends on decision on others, anything that can change based on decision from others A sentence – I am willing to partner with you but it is contingent, if my partner agrees with me 38) We married these two offers together to reflect both of our interests 39) Grooming regimen – grooming process A sentence – There are so many services in the market that takes care of your grooming regimen. 40) You can try it at the privacy of your own home or you can listen to it at the leisure of your own time / leisure of your own home 41) I know the definition of strong work ethics and I am not afraid of that 42) I really commend you (means applaud, or praise you) for what you have done 43) Veggies are probably not going to top anyone’s food list 44) It makes us wanna spice things up even more 45) Stop singing my praises - means stop praising me A sentence – Whoa! Stop singing my praising already 46) You not gonna want to touch it with bare hands
2/12/20178 minutes, 57 seconds