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Episode 091 | “Biddies”

On this episode: Is this thing on? Blame Chris. Shaking the rust off. It’s been so long, we’re sorry. The cast runs through some heartbreak songs, sports, music and the usual “current events”, this & much more!Support the show
21/02/20241 hour 27 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 090 | “The Haunting”

On this episode:  Do people even read the episode recap? October means Breast Cancer Awareness Month, word to Leon. Serious allegations are discussed, 750K worth. Know the difference between sexual harassment & flirting. Kvsha is telling lies. Rest in Power to an icon. CIMA goes for 70. War in the Middle East, Sunday trading, CUC praise, this & much more!📣 Giveaway Alert 📣 for “The Haunting Part III” - Listen in for details! Support the show
25/10/20231 hour 46 minutes 43 seconds
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Episode 089 | “Sloppy Toppy”

On this episode:  Back after a short break, the crew returns to recap the week. A quick look into “The Retirement Plan” & some Cayman Airways hate. “Sound of Freedom” outrage questions. When is it time to cut off a relationship? Plus, head turning viral videos, some GOV moves along with a BTW Breaking News announcement. Numbers are in at 86,000 plus Brackers saving lives, this & much more!Support the show
11/10/20232 hours 9 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 088 | “Drivel”

On this episode:  Fresh out of the basement, SakéPapi is back. A change in Host may be on the horizon? The group recaps the week with an update in Stamp Duty plans GOV motions. Ladies, please remember “SING!” - Resignations galore & some political strategy speculation is in the air. Plus some Pop Culture news mixed with Cayman Culture/Tik Tok, this & much more!Support the show
27/09/20231 hour 56 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 087 | “Character Building”

On this episode:  A full house returns with special guest Jevy. The weekly recaps consists of High School fights, teachers, checking kid’s phones & D grabs the mic. Remember “Men be nasteh!” - Kayla. Also, Parliament gets social, the myth of what a Government can/can’t do & the disconnect amongst the people. Football is for fun, the love of the game. Women lying to protect men’s egos plus some good ole’ Government hating, this & much more!Support the show
21/09/20232 hours 23 minutes 56 seconds
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Episode 086 | “Poke The Bear”

On this episode:  Vic, Rashad & Kvsha are joined by Jera. The former pageant girl shares her insights. We talk “Debt” & her reign as Halloween costume champ. For the record, Miami trips are a NEED. Lies about money in relationships are discussed. A “See Em Are” defense? Some news updates on the Lottery & Weed referendum, liquor licenses, plus beach erosion & much more!Support the show
14/09/20231 hour 23 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 085 | “Miss Teen 2010”

On this episode:  The boys link up w/ K & Kvsha on the couches. Talking on the phone for hours, people still do this? Chris sings to Kvsha, or so she says. Props to JGHS. Miss Cayman Universe goes off without a “hitch”. Trap music at Carnivals brings forth an argument. An Insurance PSA. Wait, are you allowed to grieve for a side chick? School buses for private schools or nah? Another house in need of a home. Happy Birthday Heather OLY, this & much more!Support the show
07/09/20231 hour 39 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 084 | “The Great”

On this episode:  Vic, Chris, Rashad & Kisha are working overtime this week. OG Lana joins in for a fireside chat of sorts, ranging from therapy & parenting, to body counts & dating. The cast recaps the Sha’Carri win, Coach Gillie’s woes & “Sex” on the beach. Flow gets a fine, Pension withdrawal warnings & things get pissy with the pranks. Shoutout to Chris’s dad on the birthday & to Rackham’s Curry Cheese Fries, this & much more!Support the show
23/08/20232 hours 34 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 083 | “You Know Me Awha?”

Content Warning: Mention of mainstream headlines involving sexual assault and rape. May be sensitive for viewers. On this episode:  The gang is back to recap the week’s drama & current events. Rashad breaks down his whiskey woes, WORC is working (No Pun) & Crypto scams surround us. Bermuda intros a new Tax but should Cayman follow? A master class in OBE PR moves is discussed along with “The Blind Side”. An irresponsible convo on sexual harassment is had, we apologize - this & much more!Support the show
17/08/20231 hour 45 minutes 12 seconds
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Episode 082 | “Sounds like Hate”

On this episode:  Vic, Chris & K breakdown the week. Focusing on littering campaigns, promotional efforts & impressive milestones. Shout out to Gram Bella’s btw! Chris hates on Jamaican Independence, K hates on the Miss Universe Cayman girls. The episode is rollercoaster (No pun). Complete with a recap of the Montgomery Brawl & a Tinder date, this & much more!Support the show
15/08/20232 hours 15 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 081 | “Combination”

On this episode:  The boys recap the week (Kisha spills the drinks at Girl’s Night btw). The Crooks duo are handing business in Japan. A “learn to swim” program is on the horizon, the Aliens have “landed” & Twitter is no more. Inflation, Inflation, Inflation, the Westin goes up 10. Vic gets vulnerable & Chris calls out a Political smear campaign. Some Barbados talk & Oppenheimer gives a quick history lesson, this & much more!Support the show
03/08/20231 hour 44 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 080 | “Rankin Beef (No Biggie)”

On this episode:   Fresh off of summer break, is it too late to recap CAYMAS? The group recaps the last few weeks and notes a certain company is a bit tone deaf. A timeless debate of Island Taste vs. Tortuga. Some CAL news; a minimum wage update and the return to K’s DMs. FATF Grey lists, a lesson in Art Fraud 101 and Twitter/promoter wars & much more!Support the show
27/07/20232 hours 1 second
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Episode 079 | “Cologne”

On this episode:   A full house of TLUP members catch up with Cayman Art Week & recaps the week. Everybody knows “West Shore Plaza” is pink, & “Galleria Plaza” is the blue one right? Is leaving Cayman for good really a thing? Somebody in the cast doesn’t believe in wearing cologne. Vic snitches, smh.. Plus a brief look into an MP’s scandal, Cabinet’s decision to review Single Use plastics, this & much more!Support the show
15/06/20231 hour 29 minutes 2 seconds
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Episode 078 | “Muddy Puddles”

On this episode:  The podcast issues its annual Hurricane Season warning with “Hurricane Jevy” joining in on the festivities. “Unc” buys the Compass plus what the hell is “Native Advertising”?! The group discusses some news items like OfReg offering up more solar capacity, a road change reversal and explosions. The squad also recaps OOTW Festival, this and much more! Support the show
08/06/20231 hour 51 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode | “$50 Date Challenge”

On this episode:  Fresh off the plane, K recaps Afro Nation for the show. Reactions to the Government’s efforts on Interest Rates and workshops. The crew pauses to highlight some Cayman talent before discussing the Airport of yesteryear. And can someone tell Usher to stop it please? RIP to a legend btw. The boundary commission has a tall task ahead and K looks for a date (guys, DM the podcast), this and much more! Support the show
06/06/20231 hour 35 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 076 | “140 Million”

On this episode:  The return of the Saké! The gang recaps a National tragedy while enjoying a sip. Should Sean Paul provide a discount from now on to the island? Royal car chases, beefing with teenagers and Vic’s entitlement as a fan. The group discuses why bus drivers need love too, some road changes and its impacts along with story time from Chris. This and much more! Support the show
30/05/20231 hour 59 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 075 | “SakéPapi”

On this episode: An OG LINK Up member returns & turns out the Saké was 18% alcohol. The gang has a semi Capella recap followed by some Swanky Kitchen Band appreciation. Social issues, social issues, social issues. Shout outs out to the 7 year old car import ban & to the guy still in ‘97 Integra. Egyptian studies is a thing, we talk education & active shooter drills. For the record, Kisha is not a prison princess. Some hot takes about the NAU & the family on the beach before HR has enough and much more! 
04/05/20231 hour 25 minutes 10 seconds
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Episode 074 | “Rough Rider”

On this episode: Vic & Chris invite Kisha & Jevy to the table for a chat on all things from the recent Mid-Term GTC meeting, to garbage woes and lakes in Scranton. Someone thinks that Earth is a scam, just saying. We should never allow Chris to give a Red Sky @ Night recap while gone off saké. The group gets into small business struggles and playgrounds next to the highways. Shoutouts to Maples btw. Jevy wants all the smoke with Carnival (again) and much more! 
27/04/20231 hour 48 minutes 25 seconds
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Episode 073 | “The Podfather”

On this episode: It’s been a while so the women of the SY30NW? podcast join Vic & Chris to catch up.  With the good good energy in the room, the group recaps Easter, fake camping and Jet Around Cayman. With Carfita drama, Chris renews his call to put the money into swimming. Crabs in a bucket mentality is still real. Locked Up Abroad? Trump, Prison BAEs and financial security in relationships. Why did Instagram remove the “Activity Tab”?? Find out who “Cheats back” along with some good divorce tips and much more! 
20/04/20231 hour 39 minutes 29 seconds
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Episode 072 | “Horse Dead and Cow Fat”

On this episode: K joins to talk sports, sort of. The group discusses pandemic memories & national swim team pictures. The case for a Jordan Crooks public holiday is made. Find out who has fat fingers plus a dash of WORC website slander. The crew does a PR test and K gets on her soapbox about band launches and payment plans and much more! Remember to lock your doors!
11/04/20231 hour 52 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 071 | “The Resignation”

On this episode: Riding with a light crew, the show discusses politics & the whole “he said, she said game”. Some gambling talk, rumors & did someone resign mid-show? 2 billion for a dump, plus a goal of getting 1K cars off the road. Sandra gets her flowers & Jevy gives insight reality show tapings an and much more! 
03/04/20231 hour 45 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 070 | “Bush Tea”

On this episode: OG Lana stops by to chop up the latest news, a reshuffling of sorts. Remember that words have meaning folks. District Councils anyone? Jevy passes through & chaos ensues. Find out why he’s a fan of the “Old Time HR” and to Snook’s point, what does OfReg do? Another resignation and before Jevy ends up on the ledge, find out what you should do if a cougar sexually harasses you. This and much more
23/03/20232 hours 25 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 069 | “Miss Cassava Piece”

On this episode: The boys catch up with the new & rebranded T. The trio discusses some pageantry items, the AG show madness before chopping it up with the entrepreneur behind @ecoeatscayman - Manu. Chris has an idea for the AG show plus should Board Members be paid? Shout out to the OG Winner’s Circle, the wellness park idea and is low income housing really a thing? The group highlights the Sexual Harassment Bill that has now opened for discussion and & much more! 
21/03/20232 hours 19 minutes 10 seconds
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Episode 068 | “Red Bay Weekday”

On this episode: K joins in to recap her Valentine’s Day/night. Road rage & road issues are discussed in a roundabout way. Climate change & a Royal visit gets Chris lively, as per usual. Can government play a larger role in educating the masses to care about issues? This & much more! 
07/03/20231 hour 20 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 067 | “Mr. Lonely”

On this episode: The boys return to discuss passions around aviation & music. Leon sits in to help recap the CAL/Panama news conference, the Super Bowl & Rihanna’s halftime show. Someone was lonely we highlight the scam that is Valentine’s Day. It is UFA’s & not UFO’s by the way. Stuart Wilson joins in to discuss the state of music, copyrights & much more!
02/03/20231 hour 59 minutes 19 seconds
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Episode 065 | “4 Strokes”

On this episode: The crew returns after a long hiatus, complete with an OG appearance from Lana. Conversation runs from lip fillers, online pressures kids face, to someone wearing a body shaper to a basketball game. Gentle parenting is overrated, Chris disappoints his mom and starts late and of course the convo goes left, meaning sex talk. This and & much more! 
16/02/20231 hour 13 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode 066 | “The Chicken Law”

On this episode: The usual suspects are joined by Lana, Takiyah and K. Hopefully it’s the last time that Miss Cayman is discussed. New laws on cats, dogs and fines. Why you should do what you gotta do to survive them mortgage/rent increases…. Roads, temporary work permit changes and Rashad has restaurant drama again & much more! 
16/02/20231 hour 34 minutes 16 seconds
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SY30NW? | E007 “Sex?”

Sex and the City… no city. The women of SY30NW discuss sex, how culture has influenced views on sex and how views on sex have evolved through moving into our 30s. Tune in!
08/02/20231 hour 6 minutes 41 seconds
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Backbenchas Podcast | E003 “Crime, Punishments and Sentencing & the Gambling Amendment Bill”

On this episode of the Backbencha’s podcast, Dr. Mikana, Jordan and Jevy talk about the issue of crime and sentencing in Cayman as well as a conversation around the Gambling Amendment Bill which was recently before a select committee of the parliament. 
06/02/20231 hour 44 minutes
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SY30NW? | E006 “New Year, New Me”

New year new me….. but for the ladies of SY30NW Aubrey Graham said it best.. same city same friends if you’re looking for me. Tune in and pour up with the ladies of SY30NW as they reflect on 2022 and share goals for 2023. Some things may be different but one thing is true for 2023, the ladies of SY30NW are still here. Cheers!
13/01/20231 hour 42 minutes 44 seconds
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Backbenchas Podcast | E002 “ Cuban Migrants & Parliamentary Procedure”

On Episode 2, the Backbenchas talk about irregular Cuban migration and Parliamentary procedures. The governor takes the purple ribbon pledge, but does he need to? All that and more on this episode of the Backbencha’s podcast. “
19/12/20221 hour 32 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Backbenchas Podcast | E001 “Da Traffic & New ID’s”

On the pilot episode of the Backbencha’s podcast, Dr. Mikana, Jordan and Jevy talk about the traffic. Also, Minister André Ebanks speaks with Jevy about the new Register and ID Card bill. Welcome to the Backbencha’s Podcast. 
12/12/20222 hours 17 minutes 11 seconds
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SY30NW? | E005 “Mental Health”

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." — Albus Dumbledore. The ladies of SY30NW explore the topic of mental health. Listen to part 1 of the mental health series as the ladies discuss boundaries, forms of therapies, their journey to themselves, stereotypes around mental health and the power of having a village.
30/11/20221 hour 6 minutes 10 seconds
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Episode 064 | “The Queen’s Gambit”

On this episode: The boys are back, Vic, Chris & Rashad chop it up with Taykiah & O. After an unscheduled hiatus, it’s time to shake off the rust. Catching up on current events like “Queens supporting Queens” plus group chat etiquette, Takiyah’s attempt at a rebrand along with the usual politics, employment woes & much more! 
16/11/20221 hour 49 minutes 56 seconds
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SY30NW? | E004 “Careers”

“Hate to leave the city but gotta do the overtime.” The ladies of SY30NW? talk about their 9 to 5 or is it their 9 to 9? Listen to them discuss their progression into their current career paths, how to quit, how to maintain work life balance and so much more.TUNE in 👇🏾🎧Apple🎧Google🎧Spotify 👉🏾CLICK LINK IN BIO🗣Subscribe, Comment, Like and Share📌#sy30nw #30something #winetherapy #humbleopentransparent #career #imbossy#bitchbetterhavemymoney #msindependent #PodLinkUp
09/11/20221 hour 33 minutes 6 seconds
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Bright & Facety | E012 “Really and Truly”

Rapper and social media personality OPrehay got Facety with Takiyah this week and spoke on his artistry, social media presence and a lot more. Unofficially sponsored by hard seltzer, it’s one of the season’s most unpredictable episodes.
02/11/20221 hour 16 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bright & Facety | E011 “After The FYR”

It’s another Riddim and Views episode! Takiyah and Caymanian crooner Rico Rolando chop it up about making music, moves and more on this special episode of Bright & Facety.
21/10/202255 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

SY30NW? | E003 “Heartbreak”

Your bridges were burned, now it’s your turn to cry 🎶 ….that’s what JT said. Hear what the ladies of SY30NW have to say about “heartbreak” 🍷. Tune in as they take you on their journeys of relationships, situationships, and friendships ending and tips on how to maneuver through the different stages post breakup.
14/10/20221 hour 13 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

SY30NW? | E002 “Dating”

Grab your bottle of wine!🍷 It’s getting hot! The ladies of SY30NW discuss how dating has evolved from their 20s to 30s. They reminisce over best and worst dates and share some insight on how to navigate dating in their 30s. Ladies tune in, gentlemen take notes!
21/09/20221 hour 45 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

SY30NW? | “The Pilot Episode”

“So You’re 30…. Now What?” On this episode, the ladies make their debut (over a bottle of wine 🍷) into the podcast space and discuss the journey of life in your 30s. Hear their thoughts as they navigate societal expectations and pressures of their 30s while sharing about self-discovery, the freedom of becoming unapologetic and more!
06/09/202254 minutes 16 seconds
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Bright & Facety | E010 “Sucka Free”

Takiyah decides to take a break from her “Men Suck” campaign to actually talk to a man about his experience with love. Bublz schools on what he thinks women get wrong about men and tells it like it is.
02/09/20221 hour 1 minute 35 seconds
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Episode 062 | “Love Is Blind”

On this episode: Z rejoins the cast to catch up on the latest happenings. Hurricanes memories are shared, from bougie lounging areas to the Dexta Daps outrage. The crew discusses the issues with Covid regulation violations, duty waiver deals and the Black Pearl Skate park petition. Will Chris sign it? The lack of youth activities and some possible ideas. Birthday greetings on social media and reality tv marriages & much more! 
01/09/20221 hour 42 minutes 19 seconds
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Bright & Facety | E009 “Emancipation”

Takiyah meets with Alyssa G, founder of West Indian Creatives to discuss choosing non traditional career paths, the missing parts of Caymanian culture and history and the unofficial Cayman Renaissance.
26/08/202254 minutes 42 seconds
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Episode 061 | “Sweetheart”

On this episode: Vic & Chris are joined by Takiyah & Miss Alyssa. Everyone was very hungry during recording, our apologies for all of the food talk. The crew recaps the latest Government press conference along with first heartbreaks. A new Queen is crowned, scandal free. A legend is on the way to perform in Cayman, will he be allowed to? What do you call people from Little Cayman? An intro to Port Zeus is discussed, drinking law changes & some political comments make the episode & much more! 
24/08/20221 hour 53 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 060 | “MANdemic”

On this episode: The boys are reunited with a Rashad that’s fresh off a Thailand (Ping Pong) trip. Special guest Takiyah joins in to talk men and relationships. #WeStanWithSean! Someone dodges a Locked Up Abroad scenario. The Deputy Premier is in hot water. Please stay away from Andrew Tate. Vic walks back a Miss Cayman Universe take and Chris shares his love for Ciara (Russell Wilson) and much more! 
18/08/20222 hours 12 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode 059 | “Defund The Pageants”

On this episode: Vic & Chris are joined by Kayla, Jevy and G. Recapping the controversy that is Miss Cayman Islands Universe and the need for lifeguards at the beach. Commonwealth gold is on the way plus another public holiday? Chris’s Premier grants access on certain hot topics and much more!Content Warning: Mention of mainstream headline story involving abortion. May be sensitive for viewers. 
10/08/20221 hour 54 minutes 21 seconds
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Episode 058 | “Boy Bye!”

On this episode: The return of Z is here! The usual suspects recap the week’s events and topics. Complete with a World Cup/Commonwealth Games updates and the forgotten holiday of Emancipation Day. What the hell is Busking? CUC does a good thing. A PRIDE parade and a “Face Off” ensues over Beyoncé and the 4 Day work week idea. Plus, the pod is visited by @STEP.KY and much more! Check out Nostalgia Strictly 2K Vol. 4 / AUG. 5th - tix available on Event Pro! 
03/08/20222 hours 18 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode 057 | “Until The Economy Improves”

On this episode: The guys are joined by K, DJ Craig and Jevy. The group gets distracted with new movies; gas prices and discusses Jevy’s upcoming political podcast. Margarita Fest is recapped and why the “drinking must continue” and much more! 
27/07/20221 hour 46 minutes 31 seconds
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Episode 056 | “Vabbing”

On this episode: Vic and Chris are joined by Kayla and P. RIP to an iconic food spot along with a Capella recap. Michael B looked old or nah? Beres did it again and Marl Road justice lives on. Sex on the beach, Netflix shows and the alien invasion. Shoutouts to Grant Thornton and much more! 
20/07/20221 hour 42 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode 055 | “Pick A Lip” plus The Shark Episode

On this episode: Kayla joins Vic and Chris to recap CAYMAS and the carnival dilemma with Mom & Dad. The group discusses “Heritage Day” changes along with the latest political video controversy. Chris shares an intimate moment plus it’s the Shark Episode featuring Johanna Kohler and much more! 
14/07/20222 hours 3 minutes 25 seconds
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Bright & Facety | E008 “Wray & His Nephew”

Bright and Facety is back to basics with Zosia this week! They talk everything from being catfished, ménage a trois and why men really have been sucking more lately. It’s nice and easy - pour a drink and get in a Facety mood.
08/07/20221 hour 6 minutes 54 seconds
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Episode 054 | “Women’s Business”

Content Warning: Mention of mainstream headline story involving abortion & rape. May be sensitive for viewers.On this episode: Vic, Chris, and Z sit down to talk SCOTUS, abortion and Cayman’s reaction. New confirmed regulation changes, new roads and Uncle D is at it again. Ferry shut downs and bank foreclosure tips, we’re not discussing Top Gun again plus Z recaps Cayman Art Week 2022 and much more! 
29/06/20222 hours 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 053 | “Small Up, Small Up”

On this episode: With the usual suspects (Vic, Chris, M & Rashad) in the building, they recap the last week - CayMas prep with just a few days out including costume and makeup questions. Story time with Chris down memory lane, Remembering Lil Zane leads to a concert prices debate. Cayman celebrity encounters etiquette, a public bus transport system is floated and much more! 
22/06/20221 hour 52 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode 050 | “Google Maps”

On this episode: Vic, Chris, Rashad and Z sit at the table. Recapping the week, debating the usefulness of blogs covering live events. The Cuban migrant issue along with a personal survival story. The Link Up cast pays homage to a local legend or two, before getting lost on Smith Road and much more! 
26/05/20221 hour 33 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 049 | “Chris Gon’ Chris”

On this episode: Vic, Chris and Z dust off the mics after an unplanned hiatus for the Pod. *cough cough* Batabano is fresh on the brain and is discussed by the cast. The boys pay homage to Kevin Samuels, Chris hates Target and much more! 
11/05/20221 hour 27 minutes 51 seconds
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Platonically Speaking: S02E06 “Yikes”

On this episode: Kayla and Rashad have Liana once again fresh from foreign. What are some violations when it comes to food with your significant other? “Do not drink from my cup.”How would you feel if your wax lady used you to sell an OnlyFans? The gang navigates through sticky topics and Rashad buys a cookbook.There are some h*** in this house and much more!!
20/04/202257 minutes 55 seconds
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Bright & Facety | E007 “Papers”

Being a millennial divorcee in a small place like the Cayman Islands isn’t easy and Takiyah is joined by Onassia to hear the realities of getting married and knowing how to walk away.
15/04/202247 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Platonically Speaking: S02E05 “Back to Basics”

On this episode: Kayla and Rashad ride out alone as the original duo of the Platonically Speaking cast. Is it possible to be cool with the opposite sex if they’re attractive? Testing the waters. Marriage proposals and turning a blind eye to the red flags. Plus Kayla has someone being messing in the DMs, conversational etiquette and much more!!
06/04/202249 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bright & Facety | E006 “Body Goals”

Takiyah invites childhood friend and curvy girl Angelika to talk body image for plus sized girls. It gets emotional as they speak on how being plus sized has impacted everything from work to relationships. It’s not all heavy stuff (no pun intended), your classic Bright and Facety one liners are there and much more! 
01/04/202249 minutes 44 seconds
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Platonically Speaking: S02E04 “I Like Her Mouth”

On this episode: Kayla, Rashad, Leanna are back for another round. Marriage proposals and all about marriages. The introduction of Liancé. How do you get a ring that she likes? Choosing your Mother over your girl? Rashad gets vulnerable. Tweets and memes of the day and much more!!
23/03/20221 hour 22 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bright & Facety | E005 “Riddim and Views” Ft. TEV

Bright and Facety is back with its first “Riddim and Views” episode. I sit with Caymanian artist TEV and his manager ZeeNickster to talk music, their mission to create a current and unique KY Sound, listen to TEV’s new releases and discuss how music shapes culture.
18/03/20221 hour 1 minute 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Platonically Speaking: S02E03 “Fried Rice”

On this episode: Kayla, Rashad, Leanna and Fernando check in. Kayla still hasn’t watched the Tinder Swindler. Semen cupcakes, WTF? Parenting woes. The introduction of Liancé and communication between couples. Astrology and the complications of dating and more! 
09/03/202255 minutes 21 seconds
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Bright & Facety | E004 “Girl Boss Behavior”

On this week’s Bright and Facety, Takiyah kicks off Women’s Month with girl boss duo Kerri and Stacy from Venus Steam. They talk holistic feminine self-care (4:28), what being a woman means (12:00), thriving as entrepreneurs (26:01) and more. Stacy even gives Ms. Bright and Facety a run for her money with some of her own Facety anecdotes !
04/03/202256 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Platonically Speaking: S02E02 “Just There to F***”

On this episode: Kayla, Rashad and Jodie catch up on the latest. Checks in on the latest relationship social media posts. Double standards at play? Sleeping under a man’s car? Redefining the side chick. Is Rashad too friendly? The casts talks about it all and more! 
25/02/202249 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bright & Facety | E003 “Build-A-Male”

This week, Takiyah brings together her closest friends from all over the relationship spectrum - single, married, engaged - to talk about what women want (1:05). The ladies speak about the importance of finding yourself before finding love (16:24), bedroom behavior (23:30), cheating (28:32) and a whole lot more. As always, it’s real, raw, Bright and Facety!
25/02/202255 minutes 46 seconds
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Bright & Facety | E002 “What Do Men Want?”

This week’s episode Takiyah is joined by guests Vic & Rashad. What do men want from women (2:22)? Why do women love potential in men (23:52)? How should women approach men (31:35)? When do you know when someone is wife material (43:10)? All these questions are answered and more!
14/02/20221 hour 8 minutes 27 seconds
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Platonically Speaking: S02E01 “Gawk Gawk 5000”

On this episode: Kayla, Rashad & Leanna discuss the infamous Sip n Paint video (6:11), and Valentine’s Day ‘date night’ plans (12:18). Do couples still ask to be Valentines? (23:17), horrible Valentine’s Day experiences (26:03), the best time to post significant others on social media (41:13) and more!
11/02/20221 hour 11 minutes 38 seconds
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BONUS: The Sex Episode Feat. @clairedelunelingerie

Bonus episode: Vic, Rashad, M, Leanna & special guest Claire De Lune Lingerie talk about s-e-x. This spicy episode starts with discussing the creation of Claire De Lune Lingerie (3:48) and sex being a taboo topic in Cayman (6:33). Toys are your teammates guys! (15:37) Wildest place to have sex in Cayman (37:08), hump day IG posts (38:36), communicating desires in relationships (47:10) and more!
02/02/20221 hour 12 minutes 18 seconds
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BONUS: The Real Estate Episode

On this episode: Vic, Chris, Rashad & guest Walter Hernandez discuss real estate in Cayman. The convo details his background (5:03), having a hustling mentality (15:07) and advice for young people (22:14). How to leverage equity and issues that may happen (38:14), strategies for looking at properties (51:42), podcasts to listen to (1:03:16) and more!
12/01/20221 hour 28 minutes 39 seconds
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Season’s Greetings!

In this clip: Vic and M share a special Holiday message along  with an announcement for 2022! 
23/12/20214 minutes 35 seconds
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Platonically Speaking: Episode 013 | “Nightcap”

On this season finale episode: Kayla, Leanna and Jan discuss the upcoming Holiday season. From lessons of being a plant mom (4:49) to women’s safety with alcohol (9:34). Gift suggestions (22:21) as well as the worst gifts they’ve received (40:34) and more!
15/12/202159 minutes 20 seconds
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Platonically Speaking: Episode 012 | “Hide & Seek”

This week’s episode Kayla, Rashad, Leanna & Vic discuss letting your man cheat in peace (5:55), relationship expectations vs the truth (19:10), and why is dating so difficult (40:54)? Signs of a good relationship (54:43), sex playlists (1:02:03) and more!
01/12/20211 hour 6 minutes 26 seconds
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Platonically Speaking: Episode 011 | “Stranger Things Have Happened”

On this episode: Kayla & Rashad discuss spending 3 days in a hotel with a “friend” (2:45), & being brutally honest with friends (14:42). Social media questions such as embarrassing sex stories (42:40) and craziest thing you’ve ever done in a relationship? (49:17) and more!
18/11/202158 minutes 44 seconds
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Platonically Speaking: Episode 010 | “Can We Talk”

This week’s episode Kayla, Leanna & Rashad discuss if men marry for love, or just good timing (2:25), people who aren’t invited to weddings (12:41), & dating & car issues (24:29). Would you be in a polygamous relationship if all your bills are paid & you got an allowance? (36:40) and more!
03/11/20211 hour 1 minute 5 seconds
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Platonically Speaking: E006 | “Side Chick Story”

On this episode: the convo with Kayla, Rashad and Leanna gets spicy. Topics such as things people do to get back at their partner (11:20), how to feel when a sexual partner climaxes too quickly (18:37), as well as Kayla’s infamous side chick story (34:41), are discussed and more!!
10/08/20211 hour 6 minutes 38 seconds
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Platonically Speaking: Episode 005 | "Hennything Is Possible"

On this episode: Vic, Kayla, Rashad and M discuss "girl code" (1:38), defining friendship (14:00) and “baby shower registry” friends (18:03). Listener questions about situationships & bad sex (28:56) and how to have convos about sex (36:36) are answered. What does a specific emoji in the DM’s mean (48:56)? And more!
05/08/20211 hour 1 minute 37 seconds
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Platonically Speaking: Episode 004 | “Food BAE”

On this episode: Rashad, Vic, Jodie, Leanna and Nando talk about long-term relationships (2:08), searching phones (22:13) and what it means to settle (36:24). Questions such as: Do women apologize? (48:40), what is normal behavior after sex? (54:40) are answered, and more!--- Send in a voice message:
27/07/20211 hour 12 minutes 4 seconds
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BONUS: The Cuba Episode

On this episode: Vic, Chris, Jodie, Marzeta and guest Ricky discuss recent events happening in Cuba. #SOSCuba (2:40), as well as COVID and food shortages (6:31), are commented on. The misconception of Cuba (and the Caribbean) as solely being a tourist destination (7:16) and differences in currency is explained (13:48). How the Cuban diaspora overseas (17:07) can help, as well as the US embargo (32:37) is discussed and more.--- Send in a voice message:
22/07/202138 minutes 25 seconds
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Platonically Speaking: Episode 003 | “Damn, That’s Crazy”

On this episode: Kayla, Rashad, Vic, and Jan discuss dating situations- what happens when someone doesn’t want to be in a relationship (with you)? (5:03). Do women love potential? (13:02). Situationships (31:42), the healing process (46:17), and being petty to an ex (1:05:59) are talked about, and more!--- Send in a voice message:
19/07/20211 hour 29 minutes 56 seconds
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Platonically Speaking: Episode 002 | "Dirty Chai Latte"

On this episode: Vic, Rashad, Kayla, Leanna & Phil discuss any and everything about relationships. Starting with keeping your partner happy (2:13) the convo then turns to the role of social media (18:54) as well as the importance of communication (21:40). Zodiac sign deal breakers (35.15) are talked about as well as red flags (48:06). Lastly, how to approach convos around sex as well as filming bedroom activities (54:06) is discussed, and much more!--- Send in a voice message:
07/07/20211 hour 14 minutes 32 seconds