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Swedish, Sports, 4 seasons, 163 episodes, 5 days, 16 hours, 10 minutes
Trav, often mistaken for a cheese strainer, and Pat, an aspiring Calvin Klein model, come together to Slang a couple Bizkit's
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The End of the Podcast

Send us a Text Message.This is the end of the show. Trav and Wheeler say goodbye for now. We also chatted the new stanley cup champs, should RA leave Spittin Chiclets, the Linus Ullmark trade to Ottawa, the beauty of Edmonton vs Calgary and more. Tiege Hanley: Get your first box 40% off (+ FREE gift), and 20% off for life, at | Get 20% OFF Manscaped + Free Shipping with code "BIZKIT" at ► ► ON THE GO  ► ► The last episode02:30 Trav is 28 now03:10 Bring your own cup day at 7/1105:04 Game 7 | Panthers vs Oilers06:15 Bobrovsky snubbed on Conn Smythe?07:20 Stuart Skinner save his worst for last?08:20 Connor McDavid no show for Conn Smythe12:00 Did Bettman rig the NHL Playoffs13:00 Rear Admiral from Chiclets is a disgrace14:56 Should  @SpittinChiclets get rid of RA?16:09 Tiege Hanley | Get your first box 40% off (+ FREE gift), and 20% off for life, at Locker room music playlists18:30 The best hockey arena songs20:21 Morning skate playlists21:32 Top 3 pump up songs of all time22:40 Patrick Roy DESTROYED Kelly Hrudey25:10 the 2020 Playoffs were magical27:20 Greatest goaltending playoff performances of all time28:00 Linus Ullmark trade 30:09 Joonas Korpisalo... what happened to him?31:10 The Different for Sergei Bobrovsky32:00 Elvis Merzlikins is NOT leaving the building32:45 Laurent Brossoit.... best goalie available now?35:05 Hockey Hall of Fame... waste of money?39:23 Edmonton is actually so under rated in the summer!42:20 Jasper vs Banff... which is better43:45 Trav and Wheeler are heading to Saskatoon44:50 The End of Slangin' The Bizkit moving forward45:47 Trav's final word of the summer47:00 Minor pro hockey stories coming up
6/30/202449 minutes, 41 seconds
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I'm Going to Russia

Trav's next stop is heading to Russia, and his relationship with Matt Murray. Rob Lalonde joins the show to talk about playing outdoors, Starbucks hacks, aspiring for more in life and how to get the most out your career. New episodes every Sunday at 11am eastern! :)Buy SHEATH and get 20% off the best underwear on the planet with code "BIZKIT69" at https://www.sheathunderwear.comGet 20% OFF Manscaped + Free Shipping with code "BIZKIT" at https://www.manscaped.comINSTA ► ► ON THE GO  ► ► Another new host for Slangin' The Bizkit01:25 Vancouver's snowstorm and outdoor rink05:48 Starbucks has the greatest water on earth09:14 The message about Trav's journey through pro hockey13:00 Matt Murray's influence on Trav14:35 Rob's 1st NHL player using Buttendz16:24 Life takes you a bunch of places you didn't expect17:25 What is Trav trying to accomplish in hockey18:38 Sheath Underwear use code "BIZKIT69" for 20% off the best underwear money can buy19:50 Rob's demo with Alex Ovechkin20:47 Trav is heading.... to Russia24:05 Locked up in Russia27:19 American Airlines lounges28:20 Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge review31:05 Trav loves Winnipeg32:03 Coach Jeremy How To Hockey has EVERYTHING
1/21/202435 minutes, 8 seconds
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49 | Sean Avery RELEASED From Orlando Solar Bears

Sean Avery is turning the ECHL into the WWE. We love it but why has hockey lost it's excitement? All of this and more in this week's podcast. New podcast every Sunday 11am eastern :)CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIATrav   ►   ► Intro01:39 Thank you Manscaped making this podcast possible 02:15 Are we bored of vlogging on Youtube? 04:45 Sunday upload schedule. Thoughts? 05:20 Sean Avery RELEASED from ECHL Orlando Solar Bears 10:10 Sean Avery's comeback was a publicity stunt 14:37 Manscaped promo code "BIZKIT" for 20% off and free shipping 17:22 NHL isn't as exciting 26:42 Jorge Masvidal vs Colby Covington UFC Fight 32:30 Connor McGregor snapping his leg 34:40 Auston Mathews vs White girls with lip injections 36:38 Trav and Jacob Markstrom's girlfriend  40:47 New life for Trav coming up
3/6/202244 minutes, 2 seconds
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30 | Pat Shea Signs ECHL with Worcester Railers

Pat Shea has signed in the ECHL, THE CHEEEEEZER with the Worcester Railers for the 2021-22 season. We talk Kaskisuo, Jonathan Bernier stealing from kids and more on this episode of the podcast. Support our sponsors below!  Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code BIZKIT at #ad #manscapedpod Buy SHEATH. Take 20% off the best underwear on the planet with the "BIZKIT69" promo code on your purchase from Subscribe for more of our podcast ➝
10/21/202154 minutes, 57 seconds