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English, Arts, 1 season, 67 episodes, 2 days, 11 hours, 8 minutes
Sisters, Belen and Mya Benway created Sister Cult to be a place on the internet to explore topics of pop culture, crystals, skincare, advice, and so much more. While listening to this podcast you will feel like you are hanging out with the sisters while they hope to inspire, educate and entertain their listeners.
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67. If You Are Interested in Yoga or Pilates Listen to This!

Hello gorgeous Sister Cult members! This week Mya is making the drive back to MN so Belen is doing a mini solo-sode talking all about her breathwork/yoga/pilates journey! She is talking about how the how the experience shaped her and what you can do if you are curious about going down this path as well! She also talks about her recent Lymphatic Drainage Massage and how she would review it!Buy our 'Join The Sister Cult' trucker hat & tote! Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
6/21/202319 minutes, 28 seconds
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66. MYA TURNED 21! & we are sharing some wild party stories...

It’s Mya’s 21st birthday!! FINALLY! We are celebrating this week on the podcast with some drinks and sharing some funny stories! First up we get to hear how Mya’s new car wrap turned out…. the color reveal! Then Belen tells us all about her wild weekend at Heatwave music festival! The sisters are getting real and sharing funny and entertaining throwback party stories! Lots of #yolo to come!Buy our 'Join The Sister Cult' trucker hat & tote! Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
6/14/202350 minutes, 25 seconds
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65. Mya Got Dragged Out of a Bar....

This episode is filled with life updates... new cars, party fails, VW bus updates! The sisters also discuss some unique topics like who would play them in a movie, what zodiac signs they wish they were, the rise of snapchat, what TV show they would want to live in and more. This one is a fun chatty sister-sode!Buy our 'Join The Sister Cult' trucker hat & tote! Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
6/7/202347 minutes, 48 seconds
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64. reading your CELEBRITY ENCOUNTER stories!!

We asked you to write in to us giving us your juicy CELEBRITY encounter stories to read on the pod! JLo, Lana Del Rey, Jacob Elordi, Adam Sandler and many more stars are included!!! We also share our own experiences with celebs and the inside scoop on some influencers! Mya also tells us about her trip to Palm Springs on her wild girls trip!Buy our 'Join The Sister Cult' trucker hat & tote! Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
5/31/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 4 seconds
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63. ASTROLOGY CAN TELL YOU WHERE TO LIVE - Astrocartography 101

We are finally discussing ASTROCARTOGRAPHY! This is astrology to tell you how you will feel in any city in the world! It is such an interesting topic and we are giving you the whole run down so you can simply read your own chart! Grab your note pad and pen and get ready for an insightful epi!Buy our 'Join The Sister Cult' trucker hat & tote! Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
5/17/202337 minutes
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We are doing a Vogue style "73 Questions" episode! We asked you to send us in questions for this episode! Mya also talks about her solo trip to Sedona and Belen recaps her Pilates Teacher Training Intensive!Buy our 'Join The Sister Cult' trucker hat & tote! Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
5/10/202358 minutes, 30 seconds
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61. GIRL TALK- skin skin skin!!

In this listener write in girl talk epi we are focusing on SKINCARE! We talk our routines, fav products, tips + tricks & so much more! Make sure you follow us on insta to be the first to know when we need submissions! We were also recording as the Met Gala was going on so we got to review some of the first pictures coming out from it! Buy our merch! at https://www.queenieandpearl.comFollow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
5/3/202350 minutes, 12 seconds
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60. Conspiracy Sister-sode! Skinwalker Ranch & the lost city of Atlantis

YAY! It's that time of the month... CONSPIRACY time! The sisters both researched two different conspiracies and we are discussing them. Belen is talking all about Skinwalker Ranch, the wildest paranormal hotspot. And Mya is talking about the mystical possibility of the lost city of Atlantis! Head over to our Instagram to let us know what you think of these stories!Buy our 'Join The Sister Cult' trucker hat & tote! Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
4/26/202356 minutes, 37 seconds
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59. Our Wellness Hacks! + Belen's Birthday Recap!!

This week on the Sister Cult we are in our Health & Wellness era talking all about the nitty gritty about what we do in our wellness routines AND why! From tongue scraping to sea moss to IV drips to bee jelly... we hit on a lot! We hope this episode gets you inspired to treat yourself with some self care <3 we also talk all about Belen's big 24th birthday extravaganza! Mya also went to Country Thunder, so this episode is jam packed with updates!Buy our cutie totes & truckers! Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
4/19/202345 minutes, 38 seconds
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58. reading your UNHINGED confessions

This week we asked YOU to submit your juicy confessions and secrets! Hope this entertains you as much as we were entertained by all these secret moments! Spilling the confessional tea.OUR MERCH SALE FOR BELEN'S BDAY IS THIS FRIDAY 04/14 Us!@myabenway@belenlbenway@sistercultpodcast
4/12/202338 minutes, 4 seconds
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57. Sister Cult Certified INS & OUTS

This week on the Sister Cult we made a list of our ins and outs! We each brought our own unique lists and we are discussing them! We are also recapping our fun family weekend in AZ for Belen's birthday!Buy our merch! Online & in stores @ Us!Insta:@myabenway@belenlbenway@sistercultpodcastTiktok:@myabenway@belenbenway@sistercultpodcast
4/5/202352 minutes, 39 seconds
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56. GIRL TALK- makeup 101!!

All about makeup!!! Our routine, fav products, answering your advice submissions, our hottest tips & tricks and more! We got a wide variety of submissions and we were so excited to spill the tea on our makeup routine! Follow us on the gram to be the first to write in a submission for future episodes!BUY OUR MERCH! *while supplies last*Purchase in stores or online at: Us!Insta:@myabenway@belenlbenway@sistercultpodcastTiktok:@myabenway@belenbenway@sistercultpodcast
3/29/202357 minutes, 50 seconds
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55. HUMAN DESIGN & how it can shed light on your life path with Katie Calder!

This week we had PRO Human Design Teacher Katie Calder! She gave us the best run down on what human design is and how you can use it as a tool to find your souls purpose! If you love astrology you are going to love this one!! We also talk about all the astrological transits going on right now and how you may be feeling <3Follow Katie!Insta:@[email protected] Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
3/22/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 57 seconds
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54. How To Slay Spring Break

This week we are talking all about the craziness in pop culture from Selena vs. Hailey to Lana Del Rey & Alisha Marie!! AND we are talking all about SPRING BREAK! It is officially Spring Break szn so we are kicking it off strong here on the Sister Cult! We give you our top travel tips, what to pack, fashion trends for spring break and our best tips & tricks! Happy Hump Day!Sister Cult MERCH online at Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
3/8/202351 minutes, 22 seconds
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53. In Our Health & Wellness Era with Glow With Ella

We got to chat with Glow With Ella all about health, food and wellness tips & tricks! She was such an amazing resource and this is a fabulous episode to listen to if you want to learn granular ways to implement a healthier lifestyle! We could have talked to her for so long! We talked about sea moss, alkaline water, the rebounder workout and soooo much more. We also got to recap our live show this past week, thank you to everyone who was there! We are so thankful for the cult <3 OUR MERCH will drop on Queenie & Pearls website THIS FRIDAY 03/03 at noon central!Follow Ella!@glowwithella on Insta & TiktokFollow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
3/1/202359 minutes, 41 seconds
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52. Conspiracy Sister-sode! What Stranger Things was really based on & The Wizard of Oz cursed set??

It's that time again.... Conspiracy Sister-sode time! You know we love diving deep and researching these shockingly interesting topics and this week we have 2 more! Belen is talking all about the Montauk Project and Mya is diving into the Wizard of Oz and the corrupt movie set! We also have new artwork for Sister Cult szn 2 bby!!!! Comment on our insta to let us know what you think!Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
2/22/202351 minutes, 23 seconds
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51. LUNA MONTANA ballerina & youtuber

This week we got to chat with the Ballerina & YouTuber icon Luna Montana! In this juicy interview with Luna we talk about her experience living like a rockstar on tour in Europe, how she became a YouTuber, and what it's really like being a ballerina! You won't want to miss it!!Find Luna!@lunamontana on all platforms <3Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
2/15/202358 minutes, 43 seconds
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50. HUNTING FOR GEMS & VALENTINES + life updates

TICKETS TO OUR LIVE SHOW GO ON SALE TODAY @ 3PM!!! We have so many life updates in this episode from what we have been doing with our free time in AZ, to our fam workout routines, to our fun trip to the Tucson Gem Show! We also talk about some ways to celebrate Valentine's Day next week if you are in a relationship or not!Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
2/8/202344 minutes, 30 seconds
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49. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT & Our Top Cult Favs

Happy Sister Cult birth month!!! We have a secret that we are finally ready to share!!!!! Stay posted on our Sister Cult socials to stay updated on all the deets! We are talking all about Belen's trip to Austin, family time lately, Tiktok trends and so much more. We are also going to be sharing the 15 products that we have been absolutely obsessed with this year!Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
2/1/202352 minutes, 23 seconds
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We are exposing all about the beauty treatments we have done! We are spilling all the deets about our boob jobs, nose jobs, filler & botox experiences. From the actual surgery experience, to the aftercare, to how we feel about them now! Was it worth it for us??? Make sure to give our podcast a rating and review if you can, it means the world!Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@belenlbenway@myabenwayTikTok:@sistercultpodcast@belenbenway@myabenway
1/25/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 10 seconds
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47. GHOST HIS ASS - Girl Talk & Advice pt. 5

You write in and we answer! We have another segment  of our cult fav Girl Talk episodes! In this episode we talk about; girl code, dating, wellness and so much more! We love discussing the topics you give us! <3 Mya also talks about some fun stuff coming out for Grey Cloud!!Follow us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@belenlbenway@myabenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@belenbenway@myabenway
1/18/202355 minutes, 3 seconds
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OUR MOM & DAD ARE ON THE POD TODAY! In this highly requested podcast we have the whole fam on today and we are sharing funny stories, answering your questions, and reacting to your hot takes! Let us know if you want to hear Willie & Laurie more!Follow Us:Insta@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
1/11/202347 minutes, 27 seconds
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IT'S 2023 AND WE ARE BACK WITH ANOTHER EPI! It may be new year, same us BUT we are going to slay the year! This episode we are recapping our 2022 roses, talking new year resolutions, how to use this time of year to manifest, AND how to stick to your goals! We are feeling more motivated than ever and we are so glad you are here joining us for another fun year with the Sister Cult! We are also talking all about our fam xmas trip to Flagstaff and our NYE fun.Join the cult!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
1/5/202344 minutes, 48 seconds
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44. A Holly Jolly Sister Cult Holiday Epi // your most memorable holiday stories

Listeners are writing in this week and we are reading your MOST MEMORABLE HOLIDAY STORIES! We are reading the good, the funny and the cringe! Thank you all for submitting your stories and have a great holiday season <3 Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
12/21/202243 minutes, 57 seconds
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43. How To Get In The Holiday Spirit! a non ~basic~ xmas mood

We are back with another holiday themed sister-sode and we are getting in all the Christmas vibes! We are giving you soooo many ideas on different ways to celebrate the time of year! We wanted to create an episode with very unique and non basic ideas to get in the spirit... and honestly we did it! This is a Sister Cult certified definitive list of ways to celebrate that you may not have thought of before.... Let us know what you think and if you tried anything out!THANK YOU to our official sponsor of the pod, Queenie & Pearl! Make sure you check out their online shop and follow them for updates on their weekly vintage drops! Use code SISTERCULT for 20% off!!https://www.queenieandpearl.comFollow Us:Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
12/14/202257 minutes, 28 seconds
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42. Did Coca-Cola Create Santa? A Holiday Conspiracy-sode

This week we have a bunch of fun holiday themed fun facts, stories, and conspiracies for you all! The perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit! We also had a good catch up with finally being reunited on the pod after Mya's surgery!Thank you to our official sponsor of the podcast, Queenie & Pearl! Check out their shop and make sure to use code SISTERCULT for 20% off!https://www.queenieandpearl.comFollow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
12/7/202238 minutes, 49 seconds
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41. How I Work For Myself As A Social Media Manager, And How You Can Too!

Solo mini-sode this week! Belen is riding solo this week and talking all about her job working as a Freelance Social Media Manager! She gets a lot of questions about her work and in this information packed episode Belen is giving her best advice on how jump right in to the social media marketing field. Episode 8 of the podcast really talked a lot about the sisters personal work journeys and experiences starting up, so refer to that if you want more background! This episode is really going to highlight what a potential social media manager can do to thrive in this job!We will be back next week for some Holiday Sister Cult fun!Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@belenlbenway@myabenwayTiktok:@sistercultpodcast@belenbenway@myabenway
11/30/202233 minutes, 33 seconds
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40. HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE with the Sisters

Just in time for the holiday season and Black Friday we are doing a VERY extensive gift guide! Fashion, home, wellness and MORE fun gifting categories! We also share our best tips on how to take a present to the next level! We hope you enjoy the first of many holiday sister-sodes!Thank you to our amazing sponsor, Queenie & Pearl! Use code SISTERCULT for 20% off <3 make sure to check out their stunning holiday drops!Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:@sistercultpodcast@MyaBenway@BelenBenway
11/23/202258 minutes, 16 seconds
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FINALLY! Part 2 of our astrology series! If you missed part 1 check out episode 17 for Talking Sh*t About Your Astrology Sign! This episode we will be giving all the love to each sign and talking about why we love your sign! A BIG thank you to our first ever sponsor of the podcast, Queenie & Pearl! Check them out at to find all your holiday fit dreams and make sure to use SISTERCULT for 20% off!Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenway
11/16/202256 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

38. Sister Advice & Girl Talk pt. 4

We are doing another sisters give advice/ let's talk about all things girly! And this week we got some juicy submissions from you! Friends falling in love with other friends mans, having a higher sex drive than bf, how to "train" your hair AND SO MUCH MORE! Follow Us:@sistercultpodcast@belenlbenway@myabenway 
11/9/202258 minutes, 57 seconds
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37. Sister Interview with Lisa & Cortni of Queenie & Pearl!

Let's talk all about FASHION. In this fun interview with founder of the free-spirited clothing brand, Queenie & Pearl we talk all about how they have built a brand that focuses on new and trending pieces AS WELL AS curated vintage. We talk about how to be a pro thrifter, trend forecasting and how to really step into the style YOU feel confident in!Belen and Mya also talk about their Halloweekend fun. Giving pup and apartment updates. Follow Queenie & Pearl!Insta:@queenieandpearlmnOnline Shop:www.queenieandpearl.comuse code SISTERCULT for 20% offcheck out the Sister Cult insta for another fun surprise!Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@belenlbenway@myabenway
11/2/202247 minutes, 15 seconds
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Our very first official Halloween mega super spooky sister-sode! This episode is filled with halloween fun- think of it as our Sister Cult halloween party! We each researched a haunted location and we will discuss it with each other! Talking about some of the ghosts you may find...We interviewed the enchanting psychic/witch Nicole Luna of Highest Good Readings, who owns Modern Magic in Salem MA! She talks all about how she taps into her mysticism and how you can too! (She led us through a ritual and it was AMAZING) Nicoles Insta & Site:@highestgoodreadingswww.highestgoodreadings.comAnd finally we read YOUR submitted ghost and paranormal stories! These were actually SO scary and we loved them all!Follow Us:@myabenway@belenlbenway@sistercultpodcast
10/26/20221 hour, 36 minutes, 59 seconds
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35. The Chilling Lizzie Borden Case...

On another episode during our Sister Cult Spooktober we are doing our first True Crime case! Belen is telling Mya the Lizzie Borden case that takes place in the late 1800s. ALSO we recap our fun weekend in Minnesota while Mya picked up her new pup, Shortcake! Head to our instagram to submit any paranormal stories you have for our final Spooktober Sister-sode!Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
10/19/202243 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

34. Doll Island & The Haunting Stanley Hotel

This week we are keeping up with Spooktober and sharing with each other our spooky topics. Mya is talking about the island filled with chilling dolls and Belen is talking about all the ghosts at the Stanley Hotel! Follow Us:@belenlbenway@myabenway
10/12/202251 minutes, 12 seconds
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33. What Salem is Really Like!

The sisters take Salem, Massachusetts! This fun episode is Mya, Belen & Belen's college roommate/bestie Meghan Breen recapping their girls trip to the Witch City- live from the Witch City! We talk all things; ghost tours, aura photos, psychics and rituals... you won't want to miss this one. This is a behind the scenes of what actually goes down in Salem!Follow Us!Insta:@myabenway@belenlbenway@meghan_breen
10/5/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 5 seconds
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32. The Salem Witch Trials...

It's officially Spooky szn and that means it's Spooktember for the Sisters! We are kicking off our Halloween podcast fun talking all about the Salem Witch Trials! Belen is telling Mya that interesting tale of the possible witches in Salem! This month is going to be a fun one so stay tuned for more fall content!Follow Us!@myabenway@belenlbenway@sistercultpodcast
9/28/202244 minutes, 11 seconds
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It's the Sister Cult interior design/how to decorate your home/ where to home shop episode! We LOVE this topic so we are giving you our fav places to shop for home decor, our design tips and just sharing how you can create a space that aligns with YOU! A place that you are excited to come home to. We also get to hear the inside scoop on Mya's new place!Follow us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
9/14/202254 minutes, 1 second
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We are kicking off September with an episode all about fall & spooky season! What to wear this fall, what to read & watch, and our fav fall fun activities! PSL season, scary movies, cozy sweaters and all the good vibes are on the way! This is the best episode to tune into to get you pumped for fall <3ALSO we hear all about Mya's adventures abroad & Belen's weekend at the North Coast music festival.Follow us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
9/7/202242 minutes, 10 seconds
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You submitted topics & trends and we decide if they are a SMASH OR PASS! Also hear all about Mya & Belen's week and their cult favs. Mya got a Sister Cult certified Stanley cup & Belen is a book worm now! Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
8/31/202242 minutes, 13 seconds
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28. Conspiracy Sister-sode! Denver Airport & Ancient Aliens???

It's that time of the rotation where we dive into mysterious CONSPIRACIES! Mya talks all about the Denver airport and all the question marks within. Belen chats about ancient aliens and how they could have possibly helped ancient civilizations! Belen also talks about her new hand tats and Mya shares her new fav show.Follow Us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@belenlbenway@myabenway
8/24/202246 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

27. Our Story with Birth Control

We wanted to record an episode talking all about our journey with different types of birth control, periods and where we are it! We hope that you can get some insight with out experiences and it'll urge you to want to do some more research on what works for your own body. <3Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
8/17/202244 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

26. giving YOU advice

Sister Cult meets advice column! You wrote in your situations that you need advice on and we tell you what we would do! Relationship troubles, career moves, health & wellness and so much more in this episode!Follow our socials to be the first to submit when needed on the pod!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@Myabenway@belenbenway
8/10/202258 minutes, 4 seconds
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25. How to Travel Like a Pro

This week in the cult we talk all things travel! We feel like we are always on the go so we decided to create a list of our best travel tips. Packing tips, flying tips and even our go to travel products. Mya also talks about finally being home in Utah and the refreshing feeling of being home. Belen talks about her recent experience at Lollapalooza in Chicago.Follow us!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:@myabenway@belenbenway
8/3/202241 minutes, 56 seconds
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24. How to Manifest Your Best Life!

Hello Sister Cult Club! This week we are getting into the magical and talking all about manifesting! What it is, our fav methods, tools to superpower your manifestations and our best tips & tricks! We also talk all about our recent trip to Chicago & Michigan!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
7/27/202251 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

23. He's a 10 BUT...

Hello lovelies! We are in Chicago! This week on the pod we are doing a popular trend this week and discussing your RED FLAGS & GREEN FLAGS in relationships! We also turn to Tiktok to talk he's a 10 but...Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
7/20/202252 minutes, 40 seconds
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22. Our Mom is in the Sister Cult!!!

Today we have our mother (aka Laurie B) in the studio!! We asked you to send us your top questions for her and we asked away! How did her and our dad meet? What she thinks of our jobs... Our best memories together! Belen almost getting arrested... AND so much more <3Listen to hear it all!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
7/12/202259 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

21. Conspiracy Sister-sode! Mermaids & Fairies???

Mya & Belen journey into the world of mermaids & fairies in this conspiracy-sode! The sisters talk all about mermaids and fairies and then they head to Reddit to read some sighting stories! This is a fun one you won't want to miss!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
7/6/202255 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

20. get to know the REAL us

The truth behind our relationships, our religious beliefs, our high school experiences and so much more. PLUS Mya's moving again! PLUS Belen's Electric Forest experience! Listen to really get to know the sisters behind Sister Cult!Thank you all for you support! <3Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
6/29/20221 hour, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

19. Unpopular Opinions...

Listeners write in! We asked YOU to share your unpopular opinions and we chat all about them! We also talk about Mya's most recent Grey Cloud shoot and the drop! Insta:@myabenway@belenlbenway@sistercultpodcast
6/22/202251 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

18. Listeners Write In! Accidental Text Stories...

This week the sisters chat about Mya's 20th birthday and her fun Midsummer picnic... who knows maybe a Sister Cult meet up coming soon??? They also read the stories that YOU sent in. Embarrassing accidental text stories. Warning: lots of laughs and lots of cringes.Insta:@myabenway@belenlbenway@sistercultpodcastTikTok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
6/15/202240 minutes, 44 seconds
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17. Talking Sh*t About Your Astrology Sign...

Let's talk astrology baby! But before we talk about all the things we love about your sign we are going to roast your sign! But hey nobody's perfect and we definitely gave our own signs a lot of sh*t as well! We hope we can make you laugh a little at your sign! Insta:@myabenway@belenlbenway@sistercultpodcastTikTok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
6/8/202250 minutes, 25 seconds
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We love doing Cult Favorites every week so we thought why not give you all a whole episode on our fav products we've been using! Each sister shares their top 10 products they've been loving, so get a pen and paper because you'll want to take some notes <3 They also give out the details on the GIVEAWAY! Check out the @sistercultpodcast on Instagram to get the full details.Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
6/1/202252 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

15. A Secret I’ll Never Tell… Reading Reddit Secrets

We needed a little drama. So we are reading Reddit secret stories! And yes, they are juicy!! The Sisters give life updates while sharing their Kravis wedding opinions and updating the club on Belen’s Volkswagen bus! Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
5/25/202255 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

14. Conspiracy Sister-sode! Hollow Earth & Titanic Scheme???

We love doing these conspiracy episodes and we are so glad you all do! Part 2 of our Conspiracy series and we are diving deep into the possible Titanic conspiracy and the Hollow Earth theory!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
5/18/202253 minutes, 50 seconds
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13. Sister Advice & Girl Talk! pt. 2

Another listener write in for all your juicy girly topics! We talk about being comfortable in your skin, fashion trends, laser hair removal, menstrual cups, boob jobs and so much more!! Follow our Instagram to be the first to know when we need listener write ins!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenbenwayTikTok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
5/11/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 46 seconds
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12. WE MOVED again... + how to move like a pro

Belen & Mya are both moving! Belen shares about her crazy week driving across the country to move in with her boyfriend in Chicago. Mya finally spills the tea on where she is moving and why! The sisters also give all of their tips & tricks for making any move a little more bearable.Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
5/4/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 28 seconds
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11. Sister Interview with Jazmine The Medium!

We get into everything spiritual today! Jazmine The Medium comes onto the show and we discuss SO many different topics in the spiritual realm. Ghosts, psychic abilities, aliens, past lives, parallel universes... we really hit on a lot! Be sure to let us know if you enjoyed this episode and make sure to leave a rating & review on your preferred listening platform!Jazmine The Mediumwww.jazminethemedium.comInsta: @jazminethemediumTikTok: JazminethemediumInsta:@myabenway@belenlbenwayTiktok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
4/27/20221 hour, 20 minutes, 44 seconds
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10. Our Boyfriends Join the Sister Cult

Our boys finally made an appearance on the show! & it’s game time! Belen & Owen and Mya & Ronnie play the Newly Wed Game and Box of Lies! Belen & Owen also do a Coachella recap in the end! We hope you love this fun episode! We would love you a million for a rating & review on this podcast!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
4/20/202254 minutes, 38 seconds
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9. How To Get Out of a Funk

This week the sisters chat about their favorite ways to pull themselves out of a funk! It's inevitable to not feel amazing all the time. So they have an open discussion about how to change the vibe!Ratings & reviews are highly appreciated!! Insta:@myabenway@belenlbenway@sistercultpodcastTikTok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
4/13/202257 minutes, 45 seconds
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8. Deep Dive Into Our Jobs- Social Media Manager & Full Time Influencer!

This episode has been highly requested so we are giving you what you want! Both of us work in similar industries but two different sides of it so we thought we would share our perspectives! Mya shares all about being an influencer and what it's really like. While Belen shares about her job as a freelance social media manager! They both touch on what it's like behind the scenes and how you can work in this field as well! We hope you love this episode, be sure to share this podcast with friends and family! And please please leave a rating & review!!Insta:@myabenway@belenlbenway@sistercultpodcastTikTok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
4/6/202258 minutes, 42 seconds
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7. Listeners Write In! Embarrassing Stories...

This week we are reading YOUR stories! And don't worry we share some cringy stories of our own in the mix! We hope you love listener write in episodes just as much as we do! Make sure to follow our gram to be the first to know when you can submit a story!Insta:@sistercultpodcast@myabenway@belenlbenway
3/30/202248 minutes, 47 seconds
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6. Conspiracy Sister-sode! Aliens & Time Travel???

We get into two juicy conspiracy stories this episode! Mya talks about David Huggins and his interesting alien encounters and Belen talks about John Titor and his time traveling experiences! This episode gets deep into the conspiracies! We hope you enjoy this light hearted fun episode!Insta:@myabenway@belenlbenway@sistercultpodcastTikTok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
3/21/202253 minutes, 38 seconds
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5. Sister Interview with Jess Toolson, Founder of Mixhers!

Our first ever interview on the podcast! We interview the fabulous Jess Toolson who tells us about her interesting life living in multiple countries, to being a female entrepreneur! This episode will definitely leave you feeling motivated and ready to seize the day!Jess on InstagramInsta:@myabenway@belenlbenwayTikTok:Mya BenwayBelen Benway
3/16/202257 minutes, 1 second
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4. Sister Advice & Girl Talk!

This episode is for the girls! We are chatting all about relationships, fashion, girl talk, giving advice and so much more! Please rate & review us!!! Make sure you follow our socials and DM us @sistercultpodcast on Instagram to let us know what you want to hear! xoxoInsta:@myabenway@belenlbenway@sistercultpodcastTikTok:@myabenway@belenbenwayYouTubeMya BenwayBelen Benway
3/8/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 10 seconds
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3. Going to College vs Not Going to College // Our Experiences

We will chat all about our experiences after high school! Belen talks about her time in college starting at SDSU and transferring to CSB. Mya talks about dropping out and her full time job she did instead. We also share pros and cons of both. Belen also talks about a big life change she is going through!Insta:myabenwaybelenlbenwaysistercultpodcastTikTok:myabenwaybelenbenway
3/2/202255 minutes, 30 seconds
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2. Why you NEED a crystal in your life! LIVE from the Tucson Gem Show!

We are recording LIVE from the Tucson Gem Show! In the spirit we are giving you a crystals 101 episode! How they work, how to use them, our favorites and so much more! Instagram:sistercultpodcastmyabenwaybelenlbenwayYouTube:Mya BenwayBelen BenwayTiktok:myabenwaybelenbenway
2/23/202249 minutes, 36 seconds