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English, Social, 1 season, 54 episodes, 1 day, 19 hours, 8 minutes
Mabale Moloi and Tumi Morake team up to bring their life experiences to the mic to provide you with an hour-long chat around some of the biggest topics affecting the modern day woman.
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The Last Sip

Parting is such sweet sorrow... goodbye 'til it be morrow. Tumi Morake bids Sipping Tea farewell, with a heartfelt message to South Africa.
4/11/201742 minutes, 33 seconds
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Reshuffle your Stress

If you ask Tumi if the glass is half empty or half full... she will say, "Keep the glass and give me South Africa!"
4/4/201741 minutes, 33 seconds
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Tumi Morake talks about African freedom, decolonisation, raising new-age Africans, and making South Africa a better place.
3/7/201751 minutes, 12 seconds
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And The Winner Is...

Tumi Morake has been nominated for another SAFTA award and the two ladies delve into award ceremonies: Are they still relevant? Why is SA sometimes plagued with hosting such sub-standard award shows? And is winning an award a true reflection of one's talent, or is it just one big popularity contest?
2/28/201754 minutes, 11 seconds
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Neighbourhood Watch

Imagine a situation where you discover your neighbour may have potentially seen you naked? Listen in on how an innocent bathroom incident involving Mabale has left her worried that her neighbour may have had more of a view into her bathroom than they had bargained for.
2/21/201749 minutes, 25 seconds
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A Valentine's Day Mixed Bag

It's the red day of love and Tumi and Mabale dish on the delicate process of buying gifts for your loved one. Tumi updates us on 'Red Cake' - a new TV game show she's busy filming. Was SONA all it was cracked it up to be for you? Because the ladies are quickly losing faith in the current mess that is the State of our Nation. And find out what they think about the Adele and Beyonce Grammy match-up that has had everyone talking.
2/14/201756 minutes, 20 seconds
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Unconventional Relationships

It's all about relationships, marriage, learning how to kiss and just plain bizarre dating rituals and games. Married at First Sight South Africa kicks off on our television screens and Mabale has a good friend, Bellinda Khojane, joining her to talk about unconventional relationships in the diverse South African context.
1/31/201743 minutes, 30 seconds
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Take Me To Church

The ladies have some strong criticism about Grace Bible Church's behaviour regarding homosexuality and Somizi Mhlongo leaving the sermon. Is it time for us to ask tough questions of the church? Is it time for us to hold the church accountable for their hypocrisy? And what about the hate that is contained in some of the church's preachings? Find out as the ladies don't hold back!
1/24/201744 minutes, 37 seconds
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Tumi's Great Escape

Tumi almost didn't make the show! Find out how she managed to break out of her garage at home, fight a web of spiders, and how she encountered a car accident just to make it to the studio. The ladies also tackle the tricks used to trap you into debt, as well as why fans need to stay out of the pockets of the celebrities they admire when it comes to their spending habits.
1/17/201747 minutes, 39 seconds
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Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017 - the year that Tumi Morake and Mabale Moloi have decided will be about less aggression and more positivity. The ladies talk about their respective festive seasons, kids parties, matric results and how to better deal with fake news in the new year.
1/10/201743 minutes, 42 seconds
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A Numbers Game

Numerology... is it just another one of those airy-fairy beliefs, or is there some merit to the system? Tumi is a firm believer while Mabale is not quite as convinced. The duo are joined by numerologist Sandy Smith to talk about the origins of numerology, how it works, as well as what it can be used for.
12/13/201644 minutes, 49 seconds
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Activism & Fighting Abuse

Noluvo Swelindawo was a 22-year-old woman from the Driftsands community in the Western Cape, who had her home broken into by 10 men. According to news reports she was abducted, raped and killed for being a lesbian. All of this during the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign. Do campaigns of this nature have any impact? Are they relevant? Are enough men speaking out against behaviours by other men against women of this nature? And are women fighting back enough on this societal issue which plagues the country? Tumi and Mabale explore these points.
12/6/201641 minutes, 45 seconds
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A Trip Down Memory Lane

When will 2016 end already? Mabale and Tumi take a trip down memory lane to go through all the big stories that trended on social media throughout the year. And find out what the 5 languages of love are, and how we can better love ourselves as South Africans... as well as loving our country.
11/29/201643 minutes, 2 seconds
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Battle of the Sexes & Prophets of Doom

Tumi is taking personal issue with the #ProphetOfDoom saga, and says it's time black people stop accepting being exploited. Twitter has been making fun of South African men of late - calling them ugly... but the ladies are here to refute that as rubbish. And find out why both Mabale and Tumi feel #MenAreTrash is preventing constructive dialogue from taking place between men and women with regards to their co-existing.
11/22/201645 minutes, 44 seconds
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Focus on Farah Fortune

She's the self-proclaimed pit bull in heels who runs one of South Africa's most successful PR agencies, representing some of the biggest names in entertainment. Her tongue-in-cheek tweets regarding relationships and sex both shock and entertain the timeline. She is headstrong, fearless, successful, and insightful. Farah Fortune spends the hour with Mabale Moloi as she divulges life lessons she holds dear, where she derives her confidence from, as well as outlining her path to becoming a successful businesswoman.
11/8/201649 minutes
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Working Moms Unite!

South Africa launches the first ever Working Mother's Expo in the world this weekend, and it promises to assist working moms with all the arsenal they need to perform the toughest job in the world. Janice Windt is the MD of Working Mother's Expo - she joins Tumi and Mabale to talk more about what will be on offer.
11/1/201646 minutes, 46 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Paddy the Diva

While Tumi Morake is away in Australia and New Zealand, Mabale invites one of her good friends to join her on this week's show. Paddy Khuele is one of the contestants who made it onto Top Chef SA and currently works at Thrive Cafe on Vilakazi Street in Soweto. When he's not indulging his love for French cuisine in the kitchen, Paddy describes himself as a socialite and self-proclaimed diva! Get to know the delightfully hilarious Paddy as him and Mabz spill the tea on all the gossip and news events keeping South Africans talking.
10/25/201648 minutes, 25 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Hope & History

Hope and history are all the rage in this episode. Tumi talks mood boards and the country's mood.
10/11/201645 minutes, 44 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Celeste Ntuli

Actress, MC and comedian Celeste Ntuli joins Tumi to tackle some of the biggest topics affecting the modern day woman. They don't pull any punches as they effortlessly make fun of their relationship.
10/4/201655 minutes, 53 seconds
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Sipping Tea - A Heritage of Self-Love

Heritage is more than just a doek and printed pants... in a rare moment of depth, Tumi speaks from the heart about perfectly imperfect mothers, crappy dinner parties and SA's heritage beyond the fanfare.
9/27/201644 minutes, 35 seconds
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Sipping Tea - 20's Nostalgia

After the passing of Mandoza, Tumi Morake goes through her 20's nostalgia, looking at the stark difference between her twenties and her thirties as she fast approaches the big 3-5.
9/20/201645 minutes, 23 seconds
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Sipping Tea - B!tch Better Have My Money!

Our president paid back the money, but your friend still owes you R100. How do WE get back our money? Tumi tackles this issue like only she can.
9/13/201638 minutes, 46 seconds
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Sipping Tea - The Champ is Here!

Even winners need to sip tea! Tumi Morake begins her victory lap, and then she and Mabale detour through fat issues, owning your victories and why comedy matters.
9/6/201643 minutes, 22 seconds
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Sipping Tea - All the Rage!

The Pretoria Girls High hair saga, the unveiling of skin after the winter cover-up, and the final leg of Women's Month are all the rage on this week's show with Tumi and Mabale. Tumi also addresses the sensationalised rape story.
8/30/201654 minutes, 53 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Milking Women's Month

"Well-behaved women seldom make history." Tumi and Mabale milk the third week of Women's Month for all it is worth, celebrating women in all their naughty splendour!
8/23/201652 minutes, 12 seconds
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Sipping Tea - A Surprise Reunion

A surprise reunion with all the romance of love back situations... Tumi and her reunited one talk the condescending BS and the positive aspects of Women's Day and Women's Month now that they have had a week to calm down.
8/16/201649 minutes, 58 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Jade Bowers

It's a scorcher with Tumi who sips tea with Standard Bank Young Artist winner Jade Bowers, as they chat about 'Scorched', being Sefrican, Elections, Theatre and Colouredness.
8/2/201644 minutes, 35 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Life, Love & Everything Joey

Tumi Morake sips tea with Joey Rasdien, to prove that under all the crazy hair and rambling genius is a soft, squishy and single guy.
8/2/201652 minutes, 41 seconds
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Sipping Tea - "Things My Mother Taught Me"

Tumi looks at things her mother taught her - directly or indirectly, along with some of the ‘bull’ we sell to our kids and some that was sold to us by our own parents.
7/26/201643 minutes, 42 seconds
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Sipping Tea - National Arts Festival

Tumi takes over the National Arts Festival and the university's radio station to talk all things theatre...
7/5/201647 minutes, 14 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Rant the Beloved Country

In lieu of anger management class, Tumi lets the country have it. Covering racist rants, apologies and what the future holds for SA. She sends the country to the naughty corner.
6/28/201646 minutes, 11 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Sex Sex Sex!

Whetting appetites for Grahamstown - the actor and director of the play Defending the Caveman join Tumi and it gets downright dirty - from talking sex with your kids, to having sex with the same sex, sex toys, sex freaks… sex sex sex!
6/21/201650 minutes, 7 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Mpho Osei Tutu

Tumi's husband, Mpho Osei Tutu, joins the show to talk about what's it like being married to Tumi, being a foreigner in SA in entertainment, the experience they had when they were hijacked, and more.
6/14/201648 minutes, 57 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Body Bitching

Tumi and Retini look at body shaming and body image... does the perfect body exist, and do guys even care?
6/7/201649 minutes, 19 seconds
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Sipping Tea - The Big Announcement

Tumi and Mabale have a big announcement to make, but you might not like it! Sipping Tea is about to undergo a big change... The ladies discover a new condition that apparently ails some people - it's called Sexsomnia! Mabale loves it when Tumi unleashes one of her infamous speeches putting people in their place and this week Tumi takes on bullies on social media.
5/31/201655 minutes, 1 second
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Sipping Tea - What's Affecting the Modern Day Woman?

Dealing with some of the biggest topics affecting the modern day woman... from the plight of the single woman and how she navigates her way through a modern world, to the joys and challenges of being a married woman and how her role has changed. In studio to share her modern day woman experiences with Tumi is producer, writer, director and actress Nkuli Sibeko.
5/24/201652 minutes, 23 seconds
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Sipping Tea - The Price of Love

How does the transaction between blessers and their beneficiaries work? Is this just glorified prostitution? Do we oversell ourselves when we are on the market for love and undersell ourselves once we have bagged our respective baes? Is love all accepting or is there a line?
5/17/201658 minutes, 45 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Mariah Carey Report

Tumi Morake is joined by businesswoman Retti Ramaphakela aka "The Serious Girl" to explore the ins and outs of breakups. Tumi also has a report back about her experience at the Mariah Carey concert in Johannesburg, she has inside info on how Mariah became Mimi after her divorce. The pair then discuss celebrity Twitter meltdowns before asking - "Can women really have it all?"
5/3/201651 minutes, 10 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Social Media Overshares

Tumi Morake shares news of her travels and how yellow bones are not a thing everywhere else in the world. She also touches on the ingredients of Beyoncé's freshly squeezed 'Lemonade' before delving into relationship overshares on social media.
4/26/201643 minutes, 30 seconds
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Sipping Tea - He's Just Not That Into You

Tumi Morake and Mabale Moloi go through some of the famous movie quotes from 'He's just not that into you' and compare the differences between the way men and women internalise matters of love and lust.
4/19/201657 minutes, 35 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Bad Behaviour & Sexually Liberated Women

The ladies come out guns blazing, taking on bad behaviour which is displayed by most of us on a daily basis, whether it's behaving deplorably on the roads or calling people derogatory names. Tumi Morake reckons it's a generational issue whereby we are becoming more bad mannered over time. There's being a sexually liberated woman and then there's crossing the line. Or is there? At what point does a sexually liberated woman become the dreaded "s" word?
4/12/201645 minutes, 11 seconds
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Sipping Tea - The Blesser And The Blessee

Get your lazy tongue in gear and stop mispronouncing people's names! Tumi accuses Mabale of having a difficult name and gets into detail about how we all need to try harder pronouncing names we are not used to. Everyone's talking about the new Blesser Finder app. The ladies delve into the responsibilities of both the blesser and the blessee upon entering into this transactional relationship. And what are you supposed to do when none of your friends or family like your new partner? Is it really just as simple as saying their opinion doesn't count, or could their opinion protect you from something you aren't seeing?
4/5/201646 minutes, 15 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Exes, Marriage & Gay Boundaries

Tumi Morake and Mabale Moloi are back and to reveal their long weekend escapades. They tackle the issue of whether or not marriage needs revising since the institution's inception. Mabale doesn't think there is a logical reason for one to prevent their friend from hooking up with their ex should it mean they go on to be happy. Tumi disagrees. Where do you stand? Then ladies, are you aware of the boundaries you might be crossing with your gay friend? Just because you are comfortable getting undressed in front of him, doesn't mean he is...
3/29/201646 minutes, 19 seconds
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Sipping Tea - High School Reunions & Relationships With Neighbours

Tumi Morake is away so Mabale Moloi sips (not) tea by herself. Mabale's got her 15 year high school reunion this May (yes she's very old) and she asks - "What if you are the one who is the failure in your matric class after all these years?" Then, have you ever been falsely accused of something? Mabale recounts the time she was accused of cheating by her Home Economics teacher in a high school project. What is your relationship status with your neighbours? Do you know them? Do they know you? Should we know each other? Mabale needed help from one of her neighbours a mere two weeks after moving into her new complex and the neighbour wouldn't even open the door to let her in.
3/15/201645 minutes, 43 seconds
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Sipping Tea - "Blackface" Backlash

Actress Zoe Saldana has gotten immense backlash for her portrayal of Nina Simone with some being outraged over the "blackface" that's been used by make up artists. Is this inappropriate or is it just another example of how actors transform for their roles? To drink or not to drink with your children? That is the question! Hear Mabale Moloi and Tumi Morake recount memories of being afraid to drink in front of their parents. Also, find out why your dreams of marrying rich are highly unlikely if you're not rich, thanks to exclusive dating sites for the wealthy.
3/8/201648 minutes, 55 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Racial Understanding

With all the racial tension in the country Tumi Morake reminisces about her own first understanding of racism. She also gives the low down on what happened at the 'Bitches Be Back' comedy show before catching up with Mabale Moloi telephonically.
3/1/201647 minutes, 58 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Student Protests

Universities in our country have turned into war zones with student protests, what does this mean for the future of S.A.? In case you're not aware of Tumi Morake's multiple talents, listen in as she takes you through her 8 SAFTA nominations that she's racked up. Then, what is the safest way to have tricky conversations about sex with your children?
2/23/201646 minutes, 35 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Burping, Farting & Number 2

Burping, farting or doing number 2 in front of your partner: have you reached such levels of comfort that you can easily do these in front of them? Have you ever channeled your inner Horatio Caine and investigated your partner to the point of hacking into their phone, inbox and other personal accounts? Who's more in the wrong in a situation like this when you do find something suspicious? Finally, when will men learn that they have no place telling women what to do, say, behave or how to conduct themselves? Also, listen to Tumi Morake put those who have a problem with the title "Bitches be crazy" back in their patriarchal corner.
2/16/201646 minutes, 16 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Is There Such A Thing As Too Young To Work?

When children begin working, is there such a thing as too young to work? Do adults who never worked as children miss out on valuable lessons that could’ve better prepared them for adulthood? Also, to tell your crush or not to tell your crush how you feel? That is the question! Mabale Moloi has been piling on the kilo's but very few will agree she's gotten fat. How do you tell someone they're fat, especially if they ask?
2/9/201650 minutes, 39 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Flirting, Happy Endings & Reprimanding

Flirting etiquette while in a relationship, when does it go from harmless to out of line? Would you be okay with the fact that your partner (male or female) is going for massages with happy endings? There is a growing trend in the States where it's becoming less and less taboo for women to get the same experiences. Then, is it ever appropriate to reprimand someone else's child? Find out all this and so much more while sipping on your drink of choice!
2/2/201647 minutes, 47 seconds
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Sipping Tea - To Tell or Not To Tell?

How old should you be when you move out of your parent's house? Is it ever okay to tell a friend or a family member when you know for a fact they are being cheated on by their partner? Does social media sometimes get you into trouble with your significant other in terms of whose pictures you are liking, people you are tagging, or posts you are uploading? Grab a drink of your choice and join us for this and more - #SippingTea.
1/26/201645 minutes, 28 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Crushing On Your Friend's Man

What does a woman do when she finds herself crushing on her friend's man? Mabale Moloi and Tumi Morake ask just this, they also reminisce about the early days of buying condoms and other rites of passage that each woman goes through.
1/19/201651 minutes, 6 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Who's Your Daddy?

How many men demand a paternity test upon being told they're about to become a father? Ladies, would you be offended by such a request? You've heard of the fun, sexy side of the porn industry, but how much say does an impressionable 18-year-old starting out in the industry really have over her body? The ladies also kick off their 'hug-a-man' feature where they reward good behaviour by men towards women.
1/12/201645 minutes, 57 seconds
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Sipping Tea - Hello 2016!

Mabale Moloi and Tumi Morake bring their life experiences to the mic to provide you with an hour long chat around some of the biggest topics affecting the modern day woman. They'll delve into the plight of the single woman and how she navigates her way through a modern world, and they'll share in the joys and challenges of being a married woman and how her role has changed.
1/5/201648 minutes, 4 seconds