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English, Religion, 1 season, 36 episodes, 22 hours, 11 minutes
With an incredible sense of purpose, Samantha Vigneau encourages listeners to unsubscribe from the Idea that life starts at marriage. Equipping with Biblical teaching and sincere experience, Samantha is on a mission to make space for authentic conversations surrounding singlehood. Your best life starts when you decide to live it. Let today be that day.
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35. Pageant Life, Body Shame & Being Your Authentic Self with Jenna Holt

This week, Samantha sits down with pageant competitor and business professional, Jenna Holt, to talk about her journey in the pageant world, work life balance as a young professional, battling body dysmorphia and how to not fall into the comparison trap with other women. This episode encourages listeners to be their authentic selves and find peace in the season of life they are in, knowing it is part of God's greater plan.  In this episode:What Jenna has learned through her time competing in pageants about friendship, comparison and competition.Body dysmorphia and insecurities.Homeownership for single people and financial independence.Finding the courage to be authentically yourself in a world that may want you to be something different.Finding peace in your season of waiting.Work life balance as a young professional. Jenna Holt bio: Jenna's a Michigan native and has lived all over the country working for Chevrolet for the last 6 years. She competes in the Miss USA pageant system, enjoys gardening, working on her V series Cadillac, and traveling to see friends and family. She grew up in church and knows first hand what it means to trust God's purpose, even when prayers are answered in a different way than planned!  Connect with Jenna Holt: Instagram: MISS USA Michigan: with Samantha:Instagram: your mortgage today with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
4/10/202457 minutes, 3 seconds
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34. 5 Tips for Sustaining a Healthy Lifestyle, Gaining Confidence & Feeling Your Best

This week, Samantha shares 5 healthy habits that have enabled her to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle the past few years. In this episode, Samantha encourages listeners on how your single season is the perfect time to create healthy habits which allow you to feel your best, gain confidence and experience more joy. In this episode:The importance of focusing on living a healthy lifestyle vs. extreme dieting.How your single season is the perfect time to develop healthy habits that will set the foundation for your future. Tips for creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.Practical ways to feel your best in single life and on the dating scene.How health and fitness impacts your self-confidence.Kingdom Living - Next Generation Conference Register Here! ___________________________________________ Connect with me on Social Media:Instagram: https// https// your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
3/27/202433 minutes, 23 seconds
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33. Freedom from Addiction, Spirit of Lust & Personal Transformation with Marquis Johnson

Samantha sits down with special guest Marquis Johnson to discuss his journey of finding freedom from substance abuse, tobacco, porn addiction and more. Marquis continues to share how his personal transformation has changed his view of women and approach to dating. This episode is a great reminder of God's faithfulness and how powerful our single season can be if we're open to it. In this episode:Hope for anyone battling addiction and the spirit of lust.The transformative power of God that we experience through surrender.The secret blessings in singleness that we often don’t talk about.Wisdom and advice for anyone on the dating scene and how we can better approach dating with a kingdom mindset.Encouragement for anyone in a season of waiting and how to handle temptation to chase short-term satisfaction rather than waiting on the promises of God. The importance of women showing interest in men in early stages of dating.___________________________________________  Connect with Marquis Johnson on Social Media:Instagram: https// Connect with me on Social Media:Instagram: https// https// ___________________________________________Kingdom Living - Next Generation Conference Register Here!      ___________________________________________Get your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
3/13/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 9 seconds
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32. Signs You're Called to Marriage

In this episode, Samantha dives into signs that can provide insight into whether you are called to marriage or not. She then goes into practical steps you can take now, to align yourself and partner with God on this calling.In this episode:Signs you may be called to marriage rather than lifelong singleness.How we can date more intentionally rather than exhausting ourselves in the dating process trying to find a spouse in our own strength.The courage it takes to wait for your person rather than settling for someone that is not right for you.3 practical things we can do now in our single season if we feel called to marriage. Kingdom Living - Next Generation Conference Register Here! ___________________________________________ Connect with me on Social Media:Instagram: https// https// ___________________________________________Get your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
2/28/202432 minutes, 11 seconds
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31. Trusting God to Write Your Love Story Part 2 with Katie Steele

This week, Samantha continues her conversation with Katie Steele about how she met her husband, how much attraction matters in a relationship, the anxiety many women face when they have children later in life and much more!In this episode:Whether attraction is important or not in a romantic relationshipUps and downs of datingWaiting on your boyfriend to propose in a serious relationship.The shame that many women deal with resulting from not having children by a certain age.Being honest with God about our desires for a future spouse or other desires in life. The beauty in surrendering to God and allowing Him to write our stories.Connect with Katie:Website: www.bykatiesteele.comIG: https// with me on Social Media:Instagram: https// https// ___________________________________________Get your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
2/14/202442 minutes, 48 seconds
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30. Trusting God to Write Your Love Story Pt. 1 with Katie Steele

This week Samantha sit's down with wife, mother, author, speaker and friend, Katie Steele to share her personal journey of how God transformed her life, the intimate time she spent with God as a single woman prior to meeting her husband and how to be honest about the messiness of life. This conversation is a gentle and beautiful reminder of all the amazing things God has in store for us when we step aside and allow Him to be the author of our individual stories.In this episode:Testimony of God's faithfulness and how through surrender he can transform the course of our lives and futures.Power of being honest about our struggles and desires with God.Allowing God to write our unique love story and trusting His timing.Handling the emotions of desiring marriage when you are single longer than expected.A failed engagement and the importance of following our peace when dating and deciding whether to move forward with someone in marriage or not.Connect with Katie:Website: www.bykatiesteele.comIG: https// with me on Social Media:Instagram: https// https// ___________________________________________Get your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
1/31/202439 minutes, 7 seconds
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29. Breaking Soul Ties from Your Past

Samantha shares her personal journey of breaking soul ties, and encourages listeners that we don't have to stay chained to our past. Through intentional prayer and focus on our mental and emotional health, there is hope to move forward in freedom. In this episode:How to break soul ties from your past.Best practices for focusing on mental and emotional health to heal from past relationships.Negative impacts of hook-up culture on our emotional, spiritual and mental health.Breaking off communication with exes or people we have soul ties with.God's intended design for sex and the beauty of a soul tie within a healthy marriage.A prayer to break soul ties.Affirmations to help you experience wholeness and fulfillment.Prayer to Break Soul Ties: Affirmations Link: with me on Social Media:Instagram: https// https// ___________________________________________Get your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
1/17/202437 minutes, 31 seconds
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28. Succeeding in Singleness & Not Settling with Janae Mason

This week Samantha sits down with Podcast Host and YouTuber, Janae Mason, to talk about how to succeed in singleness, managing our emotions when dating, how women can show interest in a man, having the courage to leave toxic relationships, not settling and more!Janae, a Detroit native digital media influencer, received a Bachelor of Business Administration in advertising and promotion in 2014. She found a way to combine digital media and natural hair by bringing "Nae2Curly" to the world in August 2014. She creates tailored strategies to fit each brand's unique personality and goals: beauty, hair, or lifestyle. As a mentor and speaker, she has reached many and will continue to spread her message of "Living, Embracing and Revealing The Natural You.” By introducing the Succeeding In Singleness Podcast to her audience, she now incorporates fruitful conversations about navigating being a single Christian millennial and how others do the same. She continues to learn and grow with her audience along the journey!Connect with Janae:Instagram: @Nae2Curly @succeedinginsinglenessYouTube: with me on Social Media:Instagram: https// https// ___________________________________________Get your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
1/3/202431 minutes, 25 seconds
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27. Q&A: Supporting Single Friends over the Holidays, Talking Phase to Committed Relationship and More.

In this episode, Samantha celebrates the 1-year anniversary of Single Status by reflecting on the last year and goes on to share some changes coming in 2024. Samantha also answers questions that were submitted on social media regarding how to support our single friends throughout the holiday season, and how to know when the talking phase has transitioned to a committed relationship. Lastly, Samantha encourages listeners to reflect on a personal question over the holiday season as we enter the new year ahead.In this episode:1 year anniversary of podcast!Reflection on the last year and changes coming in 2024.How to support single friends over the holidays.How to know when a relationship goes from the talking stage to committed relationship.Question that single people should consider as they transition into the new year.Connect with Samantha:Instagram: https// your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
12/20/202324 minutes, 14 seconds
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26. Don't Let Bitterness Block Your Blessings

Samantha encourages listeners in this episode to not let their past, pain or plans be the blocker of a new beginning, new connection, new relationships, or anything new God is trying to bring forth in your life. Throughout life, we often experience deep pain that can lead to bitterness, and if we aren’t careful, this bitterness can take over and keep us from being open to good things that God has in store for us. This episode will leave you encouraged and ready for the new year around the corner.In this episode: Don’t let heartbreak keep you from being open to dating and loving again.Closed doors can be painful, but they are also the pathway to a beautiful new beginning.The positives of singleness and why this can be an exciting time of life if you’re open to it.Encouragement for anyone in a transition season and how to be excited for the new doors and opportunities on the horizon.Connect with Samantha:Instagram: https//
12/6/202333 minutes, 32 seconds
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25. 5 Things I Learned as a Solo Traveler

In this episode Samantha dives deep into how being single is the perfect opportunity to take an adventure as a solo traveler. Samantha shares 5 things she learned on her solo trip recently to Nashville, Tennessee and how being single should not hold you back from doing the things you love and exploring the places you dream of seeing. Samantha encourages listeners in this episode to practice solitude as one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves while single, and also shares how to be aware of divine connections God will bring forth along the way.In this episode:Don’t let fear hold you back from booking that solo trip or doing that thing you’ve always wanted to do alone!One of the best gifts we can give ourselves as a single person is practicing solitude and learning how to enjoy our own company.How to navigate emotions that come up when we are spending time alone and the importance of allowing ourselves to feel emotions.Keeping your spiritual eyes open for divine connections God will bring to you on your solo adventures.Connect with Samantha:Instagram: https// your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
11/22/202333 minutes, 56 seconds
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25. Have You Surrendered or Given Up?

In this episode, Samantha gets vulnerable about how her surrender of dating and a future marriage turned more into what looked like giving up overtime. She goes on to explain how she has been working on reigniting her faith in this area, and how it’s important for us to understand that just because certain promises are taking longer than expected, doesn’t mean that God will not provide. Samantha reminds us how when God takes you on the long route, it’s often a sign of His protection and preparation. Samantha also dives into some life updates, how her birthday went and some healthy habits she is sticking to in this season of life.In this episode:Life updates, birthday fun and healthy habitsReigniting your faith in areas that you may have lost hope in over time.The fine line between surrender and giving up.Being single longer than expected and how when God takes you on the long route, it's often a sign of his protection and preparation.Connect with Samantha:Instagram: https// your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
11/8/202332 minutes, 57 seconds
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24. Navigating Anxiety About Aging When Single

In this episode Samantha talks about how she is turning 32 next week, and how being single past 30 in our culture often creates an unspoken anxiety that we need to break free from. This episode provides tips on how we can welcome and embrace aging, and calm our anxieties, while shifting our mindset to believe that the best is yet to come! In this episode: Breaking the myth that our best years are behind us, and life gets worse as we get older.4 agreements we can make with ourselves now to welcome and embrace aging.Practical ways we can create a life that gets better and better with each passing year.Why we should be excited about our future rather than anxious.Connect with Samantha:Instagram: https// your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
10/25/202331 minutes, 25 seconds
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23. Freedom that Comes from Accepting Your Journey

In this episode Samantha speaks from her heart about the realities of how suffering is a part of life, and how ultimately there is freedom that comes from accepting your unique life journey.In this episode: How acceptance can be a launching pad for growth, change and new beginnings.The realities of how life can be hard, messy, and ugly at times.How clinging to God through our sufferings produces perseverance, hope and character.The importance of loving the good, bad and messy parts of your journey and the freedom that comes to you as a result.Connect with Samantha:Instagram: https// your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
10/11/202322 minutes, 54 seconds
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22. Dealing with Fear of the Future

Samantha talks through her recent dating experience, how she's been dealing with fear of the future, and words of encouragement for anyone in a season of waiting.In this episode we dive into:How dating should be.Reassurance that it is ok to be sad when desires of your heart have not come to pass yet.Dealing with fear of the future as a single person that desires marriage and children.How God views time differently than we do.Scripture that will bring you peace in times of uncertainty.Connect with Samantha:Instagram: https// your mortgage today and save money on closing costs with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
9/27/202321 minutes, 26 seconds
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21. The Art of Staying Connected: A Conversation on Cultivating Meaningful Friendships with Maela Zander

This week on Single Status, Samantha is joined by her special guest, Maela Zander, to discuss the power of friendships. They dive into the incredible friendship between Mary and Elizabeth from the Bible, highlighting the importance of support and encouragement during different seasons of life. Samantha also shares her personal experiences and insights, emphasizing the need for safety, communication, and shared friendship experiences. As they explore the challenges and rewards of maintaining meaningful connections, they provide practical tips for staying connected and nurturing friendships, even amid busy lives. Share this episode with your single friends, those dating, or anyone navigating meaningful relationships. Tune in now for an inspiring conversation about the power of friendship!In this episode:The importance of supportive friendships for support and understanding in different seasons of lifeRecognizing and appreciating friends by maintaining connections and expressing gratitudeThe impact of shared experiences on bonding and friendshipPrioritizing and balancing romantic relationships and friendships.Keeping intentionality in friendshipsConnect with Maela:Instagram: with Samantha:Instagram: your mortgage today with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
9/13/202333 minutes, 58 seconds
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20. Building Wisdom, Wealth, and Faith with Melissa Gambin

This week on Single Status, Samantha shares a candid conversation with Melissa Gambin, wife, mom, designer, and entrepreneur. Join them as they explore Melissa's faith journey, her love story, the struggles in waiting, and her insights on building wealth and a wealth mindset. From her inspiring perspective on money to her unwavering faith, Melissa offers a wealth of wisdom and experiences that will inspire and motivate you. Don't miss out on this incredible conversation! Make sure to subscribe, like, and comment on our YouTube channel and share this video with your single friends. It's time to embrace your single status and thrive in every aspect of your life!In this episode:Insights on Money, Individual Characteristics, and ValuesFinancial Management and RelationshipsMarriage, Growth, and ResponsibilityFinancial Mindset and GenerosityPersonal Growth, Design, and StewardshipConnect with Melissa:Instagram: https://www.melissagracedesigns.comConnect with Samantha:Instagram: your mortgage today with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
8/30/202357 minutes, 23 seconds
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19. Surviving the Online Dating Jungle with Elizabeth Sabillon

This week on Single Status, Samantha welcomes back Elizabeth Sabillon, host of the Beauty Marks podcast and founding member of the She Cultivates Orlando collective. Join the conversation as they dive through the world of dating apps! From first-time experiences, the butterflies, and the laughs, to the challenges and unexpected, Elizabeth and Samantha open up about it all. They share invaluable tips, tricks, and personal stories and discuss igniting meaningful dialogues and dealing with trust issues. In this episode:Initial experiences with dating apps and the challenges Tips and Tricks for Using Dating AppsNavigating After the First Few DatesThe Importance of Community SupportBoundaries, Insecurities, and Trust in DatingConnect with Elizabeth: Instagram: with Samantha:Instagram: your mortgage today with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
8/16/202349 minutes, 58 seconds
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18. Beyond Desperation: A Guide to Dating with Direction

This week on Single Status, uncover the dangers of dating out of insecurity or desperation and learn how focusing on our dreams empowers us to approach dating with confidence and clarity. Gaining a sense of direction in life can positively impact your dating experiences, and knowing where God is calling us can profoundly shape our interactions with potential partners.Learn the questions to ask yourselves when assessing a budding relationship.In this episode:Having a higher purpose in relationshipsDangers in dating out of insecurity or desperationFocusing on goals to approach dating with confidence and clarityListening to God's callingTransitioning from checklist dating to using a compass to assess relationshipsConnect with Samantha:Instagram: your mortgage today with Rocket Mortgage using my link:
8/2/202327 minutes, 17 seconds
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17. How Self-Confidence Can Make You A Love Magnet

This week on Single Status, Samantha talks about the significance of self-discovery and building relationships with oneself. There is a transformative power in self-confidence and its role in attracting quality people in the dating scene. She shares their personal journey of self-discovery and growth, emphasizing the impact of knowing oneself on relationships and inner peace. The episode is full of valuable tips for getting to know oneself and the challenge of dating without a solid understanding of oneself. In this episode:Discovering and building a relationship with yourself, emphasizing uniqueness and purpose.The transformative power of self-confidence and its attractiveness in attracting quality partners.Importance of getting to know oneself to attract higher quality people in relationships.The impact on inner peace and future relationships.Embracing self-understanding and authentic identity in the dating scene for better connections.Connect with Samantha:Instagram: your mortgage today with Rocket Mortgage using my personal link:
7/19/202334 minutes, 31 seconds
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16. Standards vs. Settling: Navigating the Fine Line in Dating

This week on Single Status, Samantha fearlessly shares their own experiences of staying in relationships out of fear of being single again. Discover a struggle that resonates with both men and women in the ability to recognize genuine compatibility versus settling due to societal pressures. Learn about common dating tendencies that hinder progress, including serial dating, desperate dating, and delusional dating. Challenge societal norms as the speaker encourages both men and women to take charge and ask each other out on dates and address insecurities by seeking therapy or engaging in open conversations with others. It's time to elevate your dating game and embrace a journey of self-discovery and genuine connections.In this episode:Personal struggles with fear of being single and settling in relationships.Importance of trusted friends or advisors for sharing dating struggles.Shift towards seeking support and openness about dating challenges.Tendency to lower standards or rush into unsuitable relationships.Discussion on harmful dating tendencies: serial dating, desperate dating, delusional dating.Connect with Samantha:Instagram: your mortgage today with Rocket Mortgage using my personal link:
7/5/202329 minutes, 28 seconds
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15. Overcoming Fear and Anxiety with Purposeful Living - With Carla Wilmaris

This week on Single Status, Samantha welcomes special guest Carla Wilmaris. Together they explore topics like faith, podcasting, and navigating dating. They also discuss the benefits and challenges of being single, as well as ways to sustain oneself and children in case a relationship doesn't work out. Samantha and Carla’s personal experiences with pivots and making choices with purpose are also shared, as well as her journey to discovering her purpose and living it out. In this episode:Personal Finance And Giving Back To The ChurchFinding Purpose Through Podcasting And Pivoting In LifeDealing With Fear And AnxietyGratitude And PrayerNavigating Relationships And MotherhoodConnect with Carla:Instagram: with Samantha:Instagram: your mortgage today with Rocket Mortgage using my personal link:
6/21/202347 minutes, 8 seconds
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14. Embracing Health and Happiness – A Journey to Self-Transformation with Raquel De Luna Garcia

This week on Single Status, the focus is on the journey towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Samantha interviews Raquel De Luna, an entrepreneur and weight loss coach, who shares her story about struggling with weight and ultimately getting passionate about health and fitness. The episode also touches on the importance of addressing insecurities, setting standards for oneself, enjoying the singleness season, and being a good steward of finances. Raquel identifies the importance of seeking guidance and accountability in achieving a healthy lifestyle and practicing self-discipline. In this episode:Steps To Achieving Goals Related To Health And FitnessThe Role Of AccountabilityManifestation Of Insecurities And Overcoming ThemComparison Between Unhealthy Diet And Unfulfilling RelationshipImportance Of Finances And Self-CareConnect with Raquel:Instagram: with Samantha:Instagram: your mortgage today with Rocket Mortgage using my personal link:
6/7/202346 minutes, 32 seconds
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13. The Dating Diaries: Best Friends Share Hilarious Dating Stories with Special Guest Maela Zander

This week on Single Status, Samantha and her best friend, Maela, spill the secrets of the dating world! In this captivating interview, Samantha takes the reins and delves deep into dating adventures, dating life and dos and don'ts. Brace yourself for jaw-dropping stories, hilarious mishaps, and eye-opening insights into the rollercoaster ride of love. With Samantha's electric energy and Maela's wit, they ignite the airwaves and leave no dating topic untouched. From cringe-worthy first dates to relationship wisdom that will blow your mind, this episode is a wild journey you won't want to miss.In this episode:Meeting Someone Organically vs. Dating AppsReflections on a Memorable DateDating Experiences and Do's and Don'tsBeing Direct and Respectful in DatingThe Power of Positive Thinking in DatingConnect with Maela on:Instagram: with Samantha:Instagram: your mortgage today with Rocket Mortgage using my personal link:
5/24/202339 minutes, 50 seconds
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12. The Ultimate Love Story: Why Waiting for “The One Pays” Off with Special Guest Andrew Colby

This week on Single Status, Andrew Colby, former executive assistant to the renowned Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, shares his inspiring journey of finding true love and the importance of pre-marital counseling. Get ready to learn about the value of self-improvement, the benefits of having a best friend in a spouse, and the importance of resolving issues together in a relationship. Don't miss this episode of insights and wisdom on preparing for a fulfilling partnership. In this episode:Understanding the unique protection and support that a spouse can provide.How serving God can take on many different formsListening to God's timing and not rushing into thingsWork on yourself to prepare for a future partnerArguing and resolving issues in a relationshipConnect with Andrew on:Facebook: with Samantha:Instagram:
5/10/202340 minutes, 26 seconds
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11. When Red Flags Fly: Navigating Marriage, Divorce, Healing, and Faith with Emily Colby

This week on Single Status, Samantha welcomes Emily Colby, who shares her experiences in marriage and navigating the divorce process as someone who grew up in a Christian home and was encouraged to prioritize her role as a wife. Emily also shares her journey of navigating singlehood after marriage and finding true love.They discuss the importance of maturity levels and relationship goals, dealing with insecurities, and wise counsel. Emily shares her views on the preciousness of being single and the opportunity for self-discovery that comes with it. They also explore the meaning of having a servant-hearted approach in relationships and the benefits of changing one's mindset in marriage for mutual support and encouragement.In this episode:Relationship Goals and Maturity LevelsInsecurities and Divorce Process, Seeking Godly Counsel During ItThe Preciousness of Being Single and Self-DiscoveryExploring the Meaning of Servant-Heartedness in RelationshipsChanging Mindset in Marriage for Mutual Encouragement and SupportConnect with Emily:Instagram: with Samantha:Instagram:
4/26/202353 minutes, 28 seconds
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10. Stop Waiting And Start Living: Two Mindset Shifts To Embrace Today

This week on the Single Status podcast, embrace the power of living in the moment and stop waiting for happiness. Reflect on the pitfalls of waiting for external factors to bring fulfillment and learn how to break free from the cycle of waiting through mindset shifts. Discover how work can be viewed spiritually and find inspiration in Colossians 3:23 on approaching your career purposefully. Discover the reasoning behind God’s purpose through your hardships, and remember that they have a higher purpose.In this episode:Overcoming the Mindset of WaitingViewing Work as WorshipTaking Action Steps Toward DreamsEmbracing the Single Season and Living Life to the FullestHow the Bible Can Change Your View on SituationsConnect with Samantha:Instagram:
4/12/202324 minutes, 27 seconds
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09. Discovering the Joys of Being Single: A Journey to Spiritual Fulfillment and Personal Growth with Alyssa Oyen

This week on Single Status, Samantha sits down with Alyssa Oyen to discuss the joys and challenges of being single. Alyssa shares her personal journey of finding fulfillment and peace in God during her singlehood. She offers insights on how to make the most of this time for personal growth and spiritual development. Listeners will be inspired to reflect on their lives and use this season to better themselves while finding comfort in knowing God is always watching over them. In this episode: Dating Experiences and Relationship StrugglesGod's Protection and Societal Pressure to Marry YoungHearing from God, Cultivating a Relationship with God, and Pursuing Peace in RelationshipsFinding Balance in Grief and HealingNavigating the Dating Scene After a BreakupConnect with Samantha:Instagram:
3/29/202330 minutes, 8 seconds
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08. The Truth About Singleness in the Church with Pastor Joy Weinzierl

This week on Single Status, join Samantha and her special guest, Pastor Joy Weinzierl, as they delve into the connection between spirituality and dating. Pastor Joy, a seasoned minister with 38 years of experience, shares her wisdom from leading various courses at Grace Christian Church, such as prophetic training and Activate School of Ministry. Listen as Pastor Joy recounts her experiences of marrying young, facing struggles, and finding strength in God's plan for her life. Learn about the importance of maturity and responsibility in fostering a successful marriage and the significance of prioritizing our connection to God over personal desires.In this episode:How to Surrender and Trust God with Relationship Desires and Plan for your LifeThe Truth About Singleness in the Church and the Transformative Power of the ChurchUnderstanding the Importance of Finding Your Calling and How it Applies to DatingConnecting to Our Identity in Christ and Our God-Given DestinyThe Importance of Marrying the Right PersonJoy Weinzierl has assisted her husband, Jerry Weinzierl, in pastoral ministry at Grace Christian Church since May 1984. Joy loves the church's work and feels privileged to be part of the team at GCC. She considers herself her husband’s number one supporter, and her role at the church as a helps ministry to him. Over the years, she has helped to build the church and grow the Kingdom of God in various ways, from nursery duty when her children were small to have the opportunity to teach at the weekend services. In recent years, Joy has worked to train people in prophetic ministry and now leads the prophetic team. She is also co-director of Activate School of Ministry which launched in 2021. Pastor Jerry and Joy were married in 1976, have three adult married children, and several grandchildren. They love serving the Lord as senior pastors of Grace Christian Church in Sterling Heights, MI.Connect with Pastor Joy:Instagram: for 2023 Activate School of Ministry: with Samantha:Instagram:
3/15/202338 minutes, 14 seconds
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07. The Perspective On Male Sexuality, Dating, And Marriage with Carlos Flores

This week on Single Status, Samantha welcomes Carlos who is the producer of the podcast and owner of the production studio Hi Hello Labs. During the conversation, Carlos shared his experience of singleness and the importance to hear from both single and married people’s perspectives to encourage emotional growth and maturity. As a married man, he acknowledges that there is a tendency for single people to create a fantasy of what marriage will be like and advises them to instead let God guide the way, relating his story of being raised a Roman Catholic and later becoming a Nondenominational Christian. Both mention their experiences with their journeys along the church and the faith, recounting experiences growing up in a church that had a lot of rules and regulations, including not being allowed to act on sexual urges. Controlling those desires became a key to emotionally developing, spiritually strengthening, and preparing them for relationships. The importance of understanding that these physical urges are natural and should not be condemned or seen as a sin will allow finding healthy ways to deal with them and will further allow relationships to be healthier. In this episode: -Challenges of Growing Up in a Strict Religious Environment.-The Spiritual Connection of Sex in Marriage.-Reflection on Dating and Marriage Goals. Dating Experiences and Maturity Levels.-Setting the Pace: Respectful Dating in the 21st Century.-Maintaining Independence and Dealing with Insecurities in Relationships.Connect with Samantha:Instagram:
3/1/202347 minutes, 25 seconds