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Škoda Auto expands strategic collaboration in Kazakhstan, focusing on production, sales, and support for technical training

Mladá Boleslav, 8 December 2023 – Škoda Auto is steadily expanding its previously announced partnership with Allur in Kazakhstan. Martin Jahn, Board Member for Sales and Marketing, along with partner representatives in Astana, signed key documents shaping the future of this collaboration. Beyond sales and production, the companies agree to enhance technical training in Kazakhstan as part of the memorandum of understanding (MoU). The commitments include assembling vehicles from Semi Knocked Down (SKD) kits as well as exploring the feasibility of local production from Completely Knocked Down (CKD) kits, potentially starting after 2025. During his visit, Jahn also met with Roman Sklyar, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, to discuss strategic plans and the automotive industry in both countries.This article was read by AI-generated voice.
08/12/202353 seconds
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#ExploreSkoda News: Škoda launches all-new Superb production in Bratislava

Mladá Boleslav/ Bratislava, 1 December 2023 – Four weeks after its world premiere near Prague, Škoda Auto has started producing the fourth modern generation of the Superb at the Volkswagen brand plant in Bratislava. This strategic relocation of its ICE flagship model from Kvasiny opens up production capacity at the Kvasiny site, which will be used to build additional units of the Octavia. The Superb has been the ICE flagship of Škoda’s model range since the first modern generation was introduced in 2001.This article was read by AI-generated voice.
01/12/202335 seconds
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#ExploreSkoda News: Škoda Auto redefines dealership experience with global launch of updated Corporate Identity

Mladá Boleslav, 27 November 2023 – Škoda Auto has launched the global rollout of its new corporate identity (CI) across its extensive network of over 4,000 dealerships. The first showrooms featuring the new design are in Vietnam, and in Europe, the first revamped dealership is in Estonia. Additionally, Belgrade, Serbia, welcomed its first City Store completed in the new CI back in October. Meanwhile, a state-of-the-art showroom in Kuwait underlines Škoda Auto’s commitment to delivering a holistic digital customer experience and underscores the brand’s ongoing internationalisation strategy.This article was read by AI-generated voice.
27/11/202341 seconds
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#ExploreSkoda News: Škoda secures four titles at 2023 ‘Auto Trophy’ readers’ choice awards

Mladá Boleslav, 22 November 2023 – In this year’s ‘Auto Trophy’, readers and online users of the German trade magazine Auto Zeitung awarded Škoda four accolades. Now for the tenth consecutive year, Škoda has clinched the title of ‘Best Import Brand’. The Škoda Enyaq was recognised as the ‘Best Electric SUV under €50,000’ in the import ranking, while the Škoda Superb led the ‘Midsize Import’ class. The Škoda Kamiq was named the ‘Best SUV under €30,000’, also topping its respective import category.This article was read by AI-generated voice.
22/11/202338 seconds
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#ExploreSkoda News: Škoda Auto introduces in-car payments with brand-new Pay to Fuel service

Mladá Boleslav, 22 November 2023 – Škoda Auto is expanding its digital services to include Pay to Fuel. After refuelling, drivers can pay via credit or debit card from the car’s infotainment screen. This service is now available in six European countries,  and there are plans to include more countries and fuel stations in the future. This article was read by AI-generated voice.
22/11/202326 seconds
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#ExploreSkoda News: Škoda 1203: Marking 55 years since the iconic series’ debut

Mladá Boleslav, 20 November 2023 – The Škoda 1203, a legendary vehicle of its era, was a modern and robust light commercial vehicle featuring a cab-over body design. Following 12 years of extensive development, the production-ready model was unveiled on 14 September 1968. Series production started on 20 November of the same year at the Vrchlabí plant. Over the next three decades, the vehicle was manufactured in numerous versions and designs, catering to a wide range of customer needs. This article was read by AI-generated voice. 
20/11/202338 seconds
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#ExploreSkoda News: Škoda’s exhibition pavilion in the Autostadt revamped

Mladá Boleslav, 13 October 2023 – The Škoda pavilion at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany, has been completely redesigned. A host of interactive elements introduce visitors to the rich heritage of Škoda, one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers still active today. The exhibition also offers insights into the Czech carmaker’s evolution, its strides in electromobility, and future aspirations. Initial preparations for the new exhibition concept began in January 2023.This article was read by AI-generated voice.
13/11/202335 seconds
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#ExploreSkoda News: New rooftop photovoltaic systems contribute to carbon-neutral production efforts

Mladá Boleslav, 31 October 2023 – Škoda Auto is paving the way for carbon-neutral production at its Czech plants by the end of the decade. In cooperation with ČEZ ESCO and ŠKO-ENERGO, the car manufacturer has commissioned three rooftop photovoltaic systems at its main plant in Mladá Boleslav and the Škoda Parts Center logistics hub. Covering an area of over 10,000 m2, equivalent to more than 15 tennis courts, the new solar power plant is expected to generate more than 2 GWh of emission-free electricity annually with its more than 5,400 photovoltaic modules. This energy output could fully charge approximately 25,000 Enyaq 85 cars.This article was read by AI-generated voice.
31/10/202346 seconds
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#ExploreSkoda News: Digital Certificate: Providing customers with more transparency when selling a used Škoda

Mladá Boleslav, 30 October 2023 – With a few clicks, Škoda owners can now create a Digital Certificate with verified details on their vehicle’s condition and service history within warranty time. This file is an official document from the manufacturer, compiling data from various sources, including the vehicle’s electronic service book. Customers consistently have reliable information about their vehicle at their fingertips without needing to visit a dealer or pay additional fees. The service is available for free on all European Škoda cars where Škoda Connect is provided. This website provides an overview of the respective countries for the respective features.This article was read by AI-generated voice.
30/10/202339 seconds
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#ExploreSkoda News: Škoda Auto releases fourth-generation Superb teaser and announces world premiere details

Mladá Boleslav, 30 October 2023 – Škoda Auto is teasing the fourth-generation Superb, with a short clip offering a glimpse of both the exterior and interior highlights. The world premiere is slated for 2 November at 19:00 CET and will be broadcast live on the Škoda Storyboard and Škoda’s YouTube, X and LinkedIn channels.This article was read by AI-generated voice.
30/10/202326 seconds
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#ExploreSkoda News: Škoda Auto Group: Robust financial and sales figures across the first nine months of 2023

Mladá Boleslav, 27 October 2023 – Škoda Auto reports consistent growth throughout the first three quarters of the year, recording positive results across all key financial indicators. The automaker’s operating profit stands at 1.26 billion euros, marking a 47.2% increase compared to the same period last year, while the return on sales increased to 6.4% (2022: 5.6%). A key contributor to this positive trend has been the robust sales performance of the all-electric Enyaq series. Globally, Škoda delivered 642,200 vehicles during this period. At the same time, the automaker is advancing its internationalisation plan: As the strategic leader of the Volkswagen Group’s Brand Group Core in ASEAN, Škoda Auto took the first major step in September by entering the Vietnamese market – a gateway to the entire region.This article was read by AI-generated voice. <a href='
27/10/202351 seconds
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Recycled bumpers and interior parts made of beetroot - Škoda develops more sustainable materials

How can we boost sustainability in the automotive industry? This podcast will not be about petrolheads and EV drivers locking horns. Instead, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the materials the cars are made of – both inside and out. In line with circular economy principles, the EKX department at Škoda Auto is looking for new materials – from interior details made of biomaterials, which are still in the early prototype phase, to the bumper-to-bumper project, which is almost production-ready and involves used bumpers being recycled from the scrapyard.The guests on this episode are Lukáš Zuzánek and Dalibor Kopáč from this department. In collaboration with the Prototype Center and Design department, they have built a special show car – a demonstrator. It’s actually a fourth-generation Octavia with some doors and sections cut away – check out the YT version of the podcast to see it. It allows you to see into the car and examine the tested materials close-up. I jumped at the oppor
29/03/202331 minutes 28 seconds
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Cars "talking" to pedestrians? Škoda developed a special HMI for Enyaq iV

Could cars signal to pedestrians at the crosswalk that they are slowing down? So they can cross safely? Listen to today&apos;s SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST!In the last episode, we discussed the IPA2X autonomous robot that stops cars approaching a crossing so people can cross safely. The Škoda car company also took part in the project financed by the European Union. It also developed a special mask for the Enyaq iV car with an HMI interface. Instead of a so-called crystal face, this prototype Enyaq has an LED screen, which can, for example, show pedestrians that they can cross safely. And in today&apos;s SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST, we will focus, among other things, on how similar communication between the car and the environment might work and why the current legislation does not allow it.
14/03/202318 minutes 18 seconds
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IPA2X - inteligent rover that helps you safely cross the road

The IPA2X robot can be thought of as an intelligent assistant for pedestrians – an autonomous rover aimed at improving safety at crossings, for example, for children, people with mobility issues and all pedestrians. It has two main parts: The base, or if you will, a chassis with wheels driven by electric motors. On the two-meter pole is the second part of the robot, basically its brain, LiDAR, and cameras, thanks to which it can recognize objects in its surroundings, mainly approaching vehicles. This head also has an HMI, i.e., screens that signal to drivers and pedestrians. In addition, the vehicle can communicate with the approaching car, for example, through its infotainment system.Put simply, it’s an intelligent, moving traffic light – you can see it in the video version of this podcast on the Škoda YouTube channel or on This rover was developed by two Italian startups, Hipert and Lifetouch. Škoda Auto
01/03/202321 minutes 14 seconds
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Safer railway crossings with new Škoda app

Unfortunately, the number of accidents at railway crossings is constantly increasing. Drivers who ignore warning devices or are not careful enough at unprotected intersections are often to blame. But Škoda Auto has developed an application that warns drivers of an approaching train - and should thus increase safety at crossings.In most current Škoda models, you can download the Traffication app directly to theinfotainment system. The software evaluates potential dangers using trains&apos; location data, among other things. During this trial period, Škoda collaborates with the train company Leo Express. How accurate is the app? And what other warnings can it provide? Today’s guest on the Simply Clever podcast is Michal Vondra from the EEH department at Škoda Auto.
14/02/202326 minutes 28 seconds
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Škoda Enyaq RS iV + frozen lake = GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the longest continuous vehicle drift on ice

Škoda broke the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the ‘longest continuous vehicle drift on ice’. Behind the steering wheel of the Mamba Green Škoda Enyaq RS iV on the frozen lake Stortjärnen, located in Krokom, Sweden, was the experienced racer and motoring journalist Richard Meaden, who, by the way, competed in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2007 and 2008. And, in 2011, he set a new world record for a production sedan at Bonneville Speed Week in a Škoda Octavia vRS – a record he held for ten years. Now, in an Enyaq RS iV, he’s officially broken the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the longest continuous vehicle drift on ice after reaching a distance of 7.351 km while drifting, simultaneously setting a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the ‘longest continuous vehicle drift on ice (electric car)’. And we had the chance to interview Dickie right after one of the attempts. Among other things, he explains how hard it is to make this electric SUV do
01/02/202319 minutes 48 seconds
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Škoda launched its own metaverse - the Škodaverse!

As we enter the new year, you may be considering getting a new car, planning to take a look around a showroom or talking to a dealer. You might even be going through the specifications and looking at photos online. But what if you could explore a car from different angles and even take it for a drive without leaving your home? Škoda has already launched a virtual showroom – a website where you can configure your ideal car and see a 3D model of it. We discussed this with the head of the Customer Journey department at Škoda, Eric Boutin, back in November 2021. Now Škoda has taken another step by entering the ‘metaverse’, a virtual world where you can walk around the car and take it for a drive. There’s also an NFT gallery and a virtual island to wander round called Škodaverse. Today’s guest on the SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST is Luca Zicconi from the Customer Journey department at Škoda. Luca and his team also partnered with Diego Borgo, a Web3 ambassador, NFT collector,
18/01/202336 minutes 14 seconds
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New ENYAQ RS iV - another fast EV with another update of ME3 software

ŠKODA presented a new version of its EV - ENYAQ RS iV. We had the chance to drive it in the south of Spain and test new update of ME3 software. We talked with Jaromír Mendl, product marketing manager of ENYAQ family about the development of new ME3 generation of software and its latest updates.
14/12/202214 minutes 1 second
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50 Years of crash test at ŠKODA - from steam rocket to battery safety

Nowadays, the cars for crash tests are full of sensors. But in 1972 it looked pretty different - the engineers equipped ŠKODA 100 with a steam rocket engine…To mark fifty years of crash tests, ŠKODA has invited journalists to the otherwise inaccessible crash laboratory in Úhelnice near Mladá Boleslav. Roman Minařík, head of the Škoda Auto test centre in Úhelnice, outlines the fascinating history of crash tests.
07/12/202212 minutes 25 seconds
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Better traffic situation in the city? We need the data about pedestrians too, says the MIT expert

Data moves the world - especially in urban mobility. The municipalities, or f.e. service providers, are collecting the data and using them to improve their services and the place we live in. What data to collect? And how to use them for urban projects regarding mobility issues and climate change? That was one of the main topics of this year&apos;s Prague City Data Congress. And one of the speakers was Fábio Duarte, the principal research scientist at MIT Senseable City Lab.  Fábio Duarte wants to improve the urban public space with the available data - preferably to eliminate as many cars as possible. With his colleagues, he worked, among other projects, on autonomous robotic boats or the optimization of taxi rides in New York. What data do you need for these solutions? And in what case should you invest in infrastructure that helps you collect the data? That&apos;s the topic for today&apos;s SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST, recorded directly on Prague City Data Congress. And the other
27/11/202234 minutes 25 seconds
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Park & Pay without leaving the car - with new ŠKODA app

Find a parking space, select the zone in the app and pay on your phone. I guess we all know this process pretty well already. But ŠKODA has made it even simpler. In Switzerland, ŠKODA tested the Pay-to-park app in a pilot scheme, allowing you to select and pay for parking using the car’s infotainment system without pulling out your mobile. Plus, thanks to this service, you don’t have to pay for more time than you were actually parked in that zone. After Switzerland, ŠKODA has now launched this app in Germany, Finland, and Belgium, and it’s coming to other countries, including the Czech Republic, soon.How does it work exactly? What data went into developing it? And how did the pilot scheme in Switzerland go? For this interview, we travelled to the city of Zug, near Zurich, with Tomáš Dražil from ŠKODA AUTO Digilab who was in charge of developing the application. And the other guest is Thushan Bala Marketing Coordinator at ŠKODA – AMAG Group. 
16/11/202231 minutes 46 seconds
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FABIA RS Rally2 - developed for the success!

When you look at the provisional rankings of the World Rally Championship in the WRC 2 category, there are three drivers with the ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 EVO – the third generation of the rally FABIA – in the top three positions. And ŠKODA AUTO hopes that the next generation will be just as dominant. The FABIA RS Rally2, the fourth generation of this rally version of the popular FABIA, has just finished the homologation process, and we had the opportunity to take a ride as a co-drivers on the rally track near Klatovy in western Bohemia.In this SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST, we&apos;ll be interviewing Michal Hrabánek, head of ŠKODA Motorsport, and other team members. We’ll be discussing the development of the rally FABIA, the important role of computer simulations, and how different it is to design a car for customer teams, as ŠKODA no longer has a factory team.
02/11/202232 minutes 41 seconds
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ŠKODA ENYAQ iV’s batteries are getting their second life

PRE, the third largest electricity supplier in the Czech Republic, opened a new charging hub in Prague’s eleventh district with ten AC and one fast DC charger. In cooperation with ŠKODA, they also installed this small container – so-called second-life battery energy storage. This device is an answer to common questions like “What happens to the battery once it degrades?” And also, “How can I charge my car if I live in a flat with no garage?” This energy storage contains 48 batteries from ENYAQ iVs and ENYAQ COUPÉ iVs and helps to supply up to ten AC chargers here in Prague 11 or gives a boost to the 150kW DC charger next to them. And in the future, it might also help to maintain the balance in the grid for nearby homes.That’s the topic for Jan Železný from ŠKODA AUTO Digilab and Jan Špatný, ŠKODA AUTO e-mobility team. 
17/10/202232 minutes 43 seconds
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Faster, more reliable and safer data transfer - ŠKODA and Vodafone installed new 5G private network

It might be frustrating when your wifi internet speed fluctuates. But in the worst-case scenario, it means your download is taking a bit longer, or the stream is not stable. But the same situation in the production hall would mean the industrial robots are not working properly, which might cause serious damage. ŠKODA IT thus partnered with the Vodafone Czech Republic and installed the first big commercial 5G mobile private network at its manufacturing plant in Mladá Boleslav. This 5G network is faster, more stable, and more robust than the data transfer technologies the company has used so far. Otto Zeman, IoT solution &amp; service Lead at Vodafone and Martin Polák from ŠKODA IT department were in charge of installing the new 5G network in Mladá BoleslavIn this episode of SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST, we explain why big producers such as ŠKODA might benefit from the 5G networks and what advantages they bring to the automotive industry. 
28/09/202223 minutes 22 seconds
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Hexagon - 1,2 million points per second closer to perfection thanks to laser technology

Do you know that specific smell of a brand-new car? Everything is clean and polished, and all the parts fit together perfectly—every stitch on the seat, every piece of the bodywork. To achieve that, you need a high level of quality control - both during the development of the car and later during the production phase.ŠKODA thus partnered with Swiss company Hexagon and, thanks to this collaboration, uses state-of-the-art laser technology in its production lines. And also, ŠKODA experts work closely with their swiss colleagues and can help further develop this highly accurate and high-speed measurement technology. In this episode of the Simply Clever podcast, I visited the Hexagon R&amp;D facility in Unterentfelden, close to Zurich, Switzerland, to learn more about laser technology and its future in the automotive industry. And my guests are Niklaus Sutter, sales and marketing manager at Hexagon, and Valentin Baumann from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligen
14/09/202247 minutes 54 seconds
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SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0 - coming soon!

SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST 2.0 - coming soon! 
05/11/202124 seconds