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Spanish, Education, 10 seasons, 157 episodes, 1 day, 13 hours, 58 minutes
Simple Stories in Spanish is a weekly production of the Small Town Spanish Teacher. Listen along as she tells easy to understand stories to help you learn or practice the Spanish language. Wherever you are in your language journey, Simple Stories will help propel you forward. You can find transcripts of the stories at You can support the creation of these stories by buying me a coffee (or taco!)
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La pequeña Victoria - updated version

This seventh season of Simple Stories in Spanish is updating some of my favorite episodes. Today’s remake is from Season 6, episode 7: La pequeña Victoria. Victoria was feeling nervous and scared about leaving her small town and going to university in a big city. Her friend Piper didn’t seem scared at all. Victoria learned that some of Piper’s confidence came from her success in a martial arts class. Victoria decided to give the classes a try and she learned that small girls like her can be fierce opponents. This story is written mostly in the past tense and the first person. Repeated words and phrases include “miedo” (fear), “confianza” (confidence), “apalancamiento” (leverage), “golpear” (to punch/hit), “patear” (to kick), “rodar” (to roll), “agarrar” (to grab), “entrenar” (to train) and “aprender” (to learn). No matter where you are in your language journey, stories will help you on your way. You can find a transcript of the story and read along at Support the show
11/21/202217 minutes, 27 seconds