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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 31 episodes, 11 hours 47 minutes
Signals by AlphaSense features conversations with executives, experts, journalists, and analysts. These deep - but quick - insights from the world of finance, business, and research will help you make better decisions every day.
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The Modern B2B Marketing Tech Stack, with Jess Raggio, VP of Revenue Marketing, AlphaSense

Episode SummaryIn this episode of Signals, Nick Mazing sits down with Jess Raggio, VP of Revenue Marketing at AlphaSense. They dive deep into what Revenue Marketing (aka Demand Generation) does, as well as the modern marketing technology stack that enables sophisticated programs at scale. First Jess discusses what a modern B2B SaaS revenue marketing team does, going over touchpoints, and flows across the buyer’s journey. Then she discusses the variety of platforms and tools that are involved in the execution of marketing programs, starting with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms like Marketo and HubSpot. She then goes over the basics of email marketing and email marketing campaigns. Jess also covers a number of considerations regarding webinars and webinar technologies. In the next part, Jess covers the importance of the website: from scalable content management, to instant personalization based on visitor industry and persona. The final program th
26/09/202328 minutes 53 seconds
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Psychedelics Investing 101, with Dan Ahrens, Portfolio Manager, AdvisorShares Psychedelics ETF

Episode SummaryIn this episode of Psychedelic Investment Insights, host Nick Mazing from AlphaSense sits down with Dan Ahrens, the portfolio manager at AdvisorShares Psychedelics ETF (NYSE: PSIL). Together, they delve into the rapidly evolving world of psychedelic investments and the key differences between investing in the psychedelic and cannabis sectors. Dan highlights the importance of understanding the psychedelic market as a biotech-driven industry and discusses its unique challenges and opportunities.Throughout the conversation, Dan outlines the factors investors should consider when examining psychedelic companies, such as their intellectual property and FDA pipeline. He also shares valuable insights about the major players in the sector, including Compass Pathways and Cybin, and how their groundbreaking treatments have the potential to revolutionize mental health care.Finally, the discussion turn
23/05/202316 minutes 39 seconds
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Cannabis Investing Landscape, with Aaron Edelheit, Mindset Capital

Episode SummaryThe haphazard state-level legalization of cannabis in the US has created a patchwork of vastly different regulations across states, from growing to retail licensing. How do we make sense of the opportunities that exist? We spoke with Aaron Edelheit, an investor in both public and private companies in the space. Aaron gave us an overview of the absurdities at the federal level, including how cannabis ended up as a Schedule I drug, what states have been doing over time in terms of medical and recreational use legalization. He also dives deep into the inefficiencies created in the market, in part because most institutional investors cannot participate. As one of the pioneers who turned the single-family house rentals into an institutional asset class, Aaron is reminded of how he was alone buying foreclosed houses literally on the steps of courthouses in the Southeast for years before “the big boys” showed up and prices s
19/04/202331 minutes 13 seconds
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Should Your Company Take a Stand on Anything? with Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, US Business Editor, Financial Times

Episode SummaryShould your company “take a stand” on anything? How should this decision be approached? Will your action, or inaction, become news? In this episode of Signals, we try to answer these questions with Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, the US Business Editor at the Financial Times. We first discussed environmental issues, where the interests of shareholders and the broader stakeholders are often very aligned. Andrew discusses how Walmart has become a leader through both its scale and a thoughtful, detailed approach. Social issues vary quite a bit by geography and type, so Andrew offers a framework for decision-making. Finally, we discussed governance issues from a broader perspective, going beyond purely corporate governance mechanics. Guest-at-a-GlanceName: Andrew Edgecliffe-JohnsonWhat he does: Andrew is the US business editor at the Financial Times.</
01/02/202318 minutes 34 seconds