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English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 195 episodes, 2 days 11 hours 6 minutes
Good Day Everyone. My Name Is Nigel And I'm The Host Of Sigma Male Diaries. My podcast is geared towards the avocation of men in maintaining their roles as leaders, providers and protectors and not have their roles compromised or reversed by western modern women of today's time and society. Feel free to donate and support my Podcast.Support this podcast: PAYPAL.ME/SMDPODCAST
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Kirk Franklin's Son Gets Rocked!!

There's been times whereas straight men has been hit on by men that's attracted to the same sex. Imagine being at a party and all hell breaks loose because a man is accused of hiding his sexuality. Kirk Franklin's Son is about to find out. I don't condone any violence towards homosexuality.Support this podcast at —
02/04/202211 minutes 43 seconds
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How important are paternity tests?

How important are paternity tests? What if you've found out that a child wasn't yours but you're still ordered to pay? Why doesn't child support laws work equally for men? Feel free to donate to my podcasts. Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated!! to The Lapeef Network Full Video to my podcasts
31/01/202216 minutes 22 seconds