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English, Comedy, 1 season, 828 episodes, 1 day, 23 hours, 4 minutes
Join hosts Jeremie, Brian, and Taylor as they hangout and have an unapologetic, unpolished and unfiltered discussion about what it's like to live life with a disease, in the hopes of finding humour in an otherwise taboo and sometimes dark subject.
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Fighting Back with Fitness: John's Triumph Over Ankylosing Spondylitis

At just 22 years old, John embarked on his personal training business, but life had an unexpected twist. At the age of 27, he was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), a debilitating autoimmune disease that targets the spine, hips, and even vital organs. This progressive disease threatened to derail his dreams and ambitions. However, John's resilience and unwavering spirit shone through. He refused to be defined by his diagnosis and embraced a powerful mantra: "I'm more than the bad things that happen to me." With a plan of action firmly in place, John used his own experiences to empower others facing similar challenges, offering them hope and a path forward through fitness. John joins the fellas to talk all about his experience as a trainer living with AS! Check out John’s book here - Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 51 seconds
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Hope For The Best, Plan For The Rest: Innovations in End-of-Life Care with Dr. Sammy

In this episode, the guys are honoured to join Dr. Sammy! A distinguished medical professional with a wealth of experience and a passion for palliative care reform. Dr. Sammy, a McMaster University Medical School graduate, holds a remarkable record of accomplishment. With a background in Family Medicine and fellowship training in Palliative Medicine, she dedicates her clinical practice to the community, providing compassionate care in patients' homes. But Dr. Sammy’s impact extends beyond the clinic. She's a vocal advocate for palliative care reform, believing that these principles should be integrated into care from the outset of a patient's illness journey. Alongside co-author Dr. CN Seow, she co-hosts the Waiting Room Revolution podcast and co-authored "Hope For The Best, Plan For The Rest: 7 Keys for Navigating a Life-Changing Diagnosis." A book that every single person should get their hands on! In this episode, the gang delves into vital topics such as empowering patients and families with information, the importance of the 'big picture' in illness, and the challenges of toxic positivity in healthcare. Pre-order Hope For "The Best, Plan For The Rest" here! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 6 minutes, 25 seconds
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Can Your Mummy Be Your Wifey?! - Feel Good Friday

Love. It can be beautiful and it can be weird… like really weird. The guys delve into the unsettling story of a 26-year-old man in Peru who was recently discovered carrying a 600 to 800-year-old mummy in a food delivery cooler bag. This ancient relic, dating back to the Inca civilization, was far more than a historical artifact to him; it was his "spiritual girlfriend.” In a more somber note the guys shine a spotlight on the heartbreaking story of Stephanie Aston, a 33-year-old woman from New Zealand who lost her life to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic disorder she was unjustly accused of faking. Stephanie's harrowing journey, marked by a severe misdiagnosis and denial of medical care, ultimately led to her untimely death on September 1. Finally Jer scratches Brian's itch for a top 10 list by exploring the 10 most common nightmares as identified by scientific research. While dreams are highly personal, certain themes resonate universally, shedding light on our shared human experiences. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/148 minutes, 41 seconds
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A Petri Dish of Emotions: A Microbiologist's Eating Disorder Journey

**Trigger Warning - Discussions Of Eating Disorders & Body Image** This week things get equally as hilarious as they do get heart-wrenching. The guys invite Cameo, a courageous 21-year-old fourth-year Microbiology major at UVic on Vancouver Island to share her inspiring journey of resilience. While her academic pursuits at the Deeley Research Center (DRC), a BC Cancer lab, are impressive, her personal battle with eating disorders takes center stage. From the tender age of eight, Cameo struggled with anorexia, a battle that persisted until grade eight. But the story doesn't end there; she candidly reveals her ongoing struggle with orthorexia and the lasting impact of eating disorders on her life. Through her narrative, we emphasize the non-linear nature of recovery and how the stressors of academia can exacerbate these deeply ingrained challenges. Cameo sheds light on her journey through anxiety, depression, and OCD, all of which have cast a shadow on her academic path. We love Cameo and think she is an absolutely incredible young woman and we are beyond elated to have had a chance to get to know her. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 5 minutes, 59 seconds
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CULTivating Liberation: Navigating a Life of Art and Spirituality

In this captivating episode, we sit down with Jeremy Carne, a multifaceted artist, producer, meditation teacher, and model who has traversed the worlds of comedy, music, and spirituality across the UK, US, and Australia. With over 2 billion views on his produced videos and more than 30 years of spiritual practice, Jeremy's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Jeremy's unique upbringing within a community often labeled as a "cult" raises intriguing questions about the boundaries between liberation and conformity. Join us as he reflects on the valuable lessons he gleaned from this unconventional environment and his subsequent quest for personal freedom. We delve into profound discussions, exploring the root-level resolution of chronic mental illnesses through yogic techniques and the pursuit of inclusivity in a post-pandemic world marked by division.
1/1/11 hour, 15 minutes, 25 seconds
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Unlocking the Afterlife: Beyond Flatlining - Feel Good Friday

This week the boys are delving deep into the jaw-dropping findings of a recent study on near-death experiences, where the line between life and the great beyond gets a little blurry. A recent study shows how patients displayed brain activity in the delta, theta, alpha, and beta ranges, indicating possible conscious activity over 60 minutes AFTER their heart stopped! Maybe ghosts are real? Brian showed up with a Gen Z haircut but he’s behind in the race for the most trendy 'do. One rapper from Mexico had hooks implanted into his head so he could rock a full head of bling… and to be quite honest, it looks pretty sick. Trikafta won a big ol’ prize for extending Jer's life! Thai food is delicious but one dish may kill you with one bite and for WHAT THE HELLTH!?! The boys cover an insanely shocking story of one woman who’s blood was so toxic that it landed multiple healthcare providers in the hospital after trying to save her life! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/154 minutes, 11 seconds
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Invisible Illness Illuminated: Multifocal epilepsy

Daniel is a remarkable individual who has faced the challenges of living with epilepsy for 27 years. His journey is a testament to courage, tenacity, and that good ol' human spirit that just won't quit. Little Danny, just a wee tot of four, was on a family adventure in Montreal. And then, bam! Out of nowhere, he's hit with a grand mal seizure that sends him zooming to the nearest hospital. Thus began his epic odyssey through the land of pills, scans, and a gazillion doctors' appointments. Some treatments worked like magic, while others... well, let's just say, as they say on the island, they were about as useful as a fart in a mitt. Fast forward to the working world, and Daniel faced the cold, hard truth of living with an invisible illness. Pesky nighttime seizures would pop up, causing him to miss work leading to job loss and accusations of misconduct. His mental health suffered, and the stigma surrounding epilepsy only compounded his struggles. Join the fellas in this episode as Daniel shares his remarkable journey, from the darkest moments of despair to newfound hope. His story sheds light on the challenges faced by those living with epilepsy and the importance of raising awareness about invisible illnesses.
1/1/11 hour, 3 minutes, 50 seconds
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Championing Trans Rights and Mental Health: Rowan Jetté Knox

In this heartfelt and inspiring episode, we sit down with Rowan Jetté Knox, a renowned author, speaker, and human rights advocate. Rowan's incredible journey in advocating for LGBTQ2S+ inclusion and raising awareness about mental health has had a profound impact worldwide. We dive into his latest book, "ONE SUNNY AFTERNOON". He shares the courage it took to seek help when struggling with suicidality as September is Suicide Awareness Month. Throughout the conversation, we explore Rowan's personal journey with mental health, from adolescence to adulthood. He candidly discusses the challenges he's faced, including a diagnosis of Complex PTSD, and the daily tools he's implemented to manage this condition effectively. Join us for this moving and enlightening conversation as we explore the intersections of mental health, LGBTQ2S+ inclusion, and the resilience that comes from seeking help and support. Rowan Jetté Knox's story is a testament to the power of advocacy and the human spirit.
1/1/11 hour, 8 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Longest Period Ever: Like Ever. She Need A Frickin Blood Transfusion - Feel Good Friday

This week! Jer fills us in on some WACK ass health crap he’s been dealing with. Itchy skin, powerful steroids, UV light time machines and more! The guys delve into a chilling account of a woman's nightmarish 83-day period, a truly harrowing ordeal that necessitated a blood transfusion. Picture the opening rave scene from Blade, but it's happening between your legs and lasts way longer than anyone should endure. Jer also shares intriguing insights into how your hands can reveal significant clues about your overall health—perhaps not exactly palm reading, but your hands can convey a wealth of information. One woman is changing the way she thinks about death by cooking the recipes left behind as epitaths on gravestones. Finally, in a segment of "WHAT THE HELLTH?!" the guys tackle the issue of leftovers. We don’t care how much you loves mom's spaghetti… if you leave that crap out on the counter and eat it days later, not only with it make your palms sweaty, knees weak and arms heavy, it’ll also kill you.Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 4 minutes, 41 seconds
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Sweet & Sour: Life with Aggressive Type 1 Diabetes

Buckle up, folks, because this week the fellas are diving into a rollercoaster of topics with “Your Ladyship, Tricia”. Tricia shares her journey through Type 1 diabetes and the eye-opening tales of what happens when young folks don't exactly take the best care of themselves. It's a lesson in resilience and personal growth. Classic Sickboy content! The gang talk about the Ultimate Lifesaver: organ donation. Tricia reminds us all that those crucial conversations with our families about being donors can literally mean the difference between life and death. The gang also explore third-trimester blindness: Yes, you read that right! Tricia's second pregnancy took an unusual twist as she literally went blind! Ever wondered what the heck HELLP Syndrome is? Thankfully Your Ladyship can help with that. Join us for an episode that's brimming with Tricia's signature charm. From life's highs and lows to medical mysteries and miraculous moments, this one’s got it all. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 46 seconds
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Inked Memories: Tattoos and Grief - LIVE with Good Grief Nova Scotia

In today's episode, we have two remarkable guests who are shedding light on a unique intersection of art, culture, and emotion: memorial tattoos and their profound connection to grief. Our first guest, Susan Cadell, is a distinguished member of various multidisciplinary research teams specializing in the field of grief and bereavement. Susan's current research ventures into the world of memorial tattoos, seeking to understand the powerful stories etched into ink. Join us as she shares insights into the significance of these tattoos and the compelling narratives they hold. We also explore her role in advancing social work education in palliative care, developing competencies that promote compassionate care for individuals facing life's most challenging moments. Our second guest, Mary Ellen MacDonald, is an anthropologist and Professor in Palliative Medicine at Dalhousie University. In a deeply personal revelation, Mary Ellen recounts an eye-opening experience at a yard sale that forever altered her perception of grief, connection, and the hidden meanings behind seemingly ordinary yard sale finds. Her story reminds us that even the most unexpected encounters can carry profound insights into the human experience. Join us for a thought-provoking and insightful discussion as we uncover the hidden stories, artistry, and healing power behind inked memories. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 33 minutes, 44 seconds
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His Dog Chewed His Toe Off And It Saved His Life - Feel Good Friday

This week is full of gnar. First Jer shares the horrifyingly cute story of David and his bulldog puppy, Harley. Harley’s not so playful bite on David’s toe revealed a startling truth—David's foot was entirely numb. So numb that he didn’t realize Harley literally chewed his toe off. Like, completely. Rushed to the hospital, doctors discovered two blocked arteries in his leg, a potential amputation risk. Silly Harley! Her taste for flesh led to the discovery that her owner could have died and she saved his life! If you thought that was gnarly, you should hear about the worm problem down in the US. What kind of worm? Rat Lungworm. Oh yeah… From rats lungs, to rats poop, to snails, back to rats, into their brains. Rinse and repeat. Somewhere in that F’ed up cycle they can end up inside of YOU! Moral of the story? Don’t eat salad, I guess? Finally for WHAT THE HELLTH!? One man went full Smurf. And if we learned one thing, it’s that you never go full Smurf. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/144 minutes, 24 seconds
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Not Enough Room For My Big Ol’ Brain: Chiari Malformation Type 1

Fiona Ramsay, is a Calgary-based designer with a master's in architecture and a passion for sports and the outdoors. Fiona shares her journey through Chiari Malformation Type 1. Although Chiari is something ninjas scream while driving their fists through the chest cavity of their enemies, this is a completely different kind of Chiari. Chiari malformation is a condition in which brain tissue extends into the spinal canal. It occurs when part of the skull is misshapen or smaller than is typical, pressing on the brain and forcing it downward. Fiona emphasizes the challenges of diagnosis and the rollercoaster from symptoms to surgery to recovery. She also sheds light on living with an invisible illness and its profound impact on mental health. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/155 minutes, 49 seconds
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Unlocking Sustainable Success: Routine Checkup with Natalie Ruskin

Jer's on leave but Bri and Tay are holding down the fort with a captivating conversation with Natalie Ruskin, an award-winning journalist, success coach, and the host of "A Success Of Our Own Podcast." With nearly two decades of expertise in wellbeing, Natalie offers a fresh perspective on sustainable success. Natalie and the boys tackle topics such as imposter syndrome, habit change, and rewiring the brain for thriving success. They also emphasize the importance of introspection and aligning actions with personal values. This episode is a bit different from the norm and will challenge your notions of success and empower you to pursue a more fulfilling and sustainable path. Tune in for a transformative discussion with Natalie Ruskin. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 10 minutes, 39 seconds
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Nipple Night Lights & Bed Bugs: Feel Good Friday

This week Jeremie takes us through his unusual experience with phototherapy, which involved putting sunscreen on his nipples. Now he has ghost nips. But that's just the beginning. In France, a bed bug infestation has caused chaos far beyond the bedroom. Turns out global warming is the surprising culprit behind this global issue, according to James Logan, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The gang unpack the (not-so) surprising findings of two remarkable studies: one challenging the overdose myth by examining drug decriminalization and another highlighting the impact of Universal Basic Income in reducing homelessness and boosting full-time employment. And to cap it all off with "WHAT THE HELLTH!?" An 80-year-old Russian woman was found to have a needle in her skull since infancy. Ouchie! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/154 minutes, 42 seconds
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A Bloody Freaking Mystery: Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP)

This week the boys chat with their guest, James, about living with Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP). James shares his journey of having a WILD rare disease with hidden symptoms. A case of feeling perfectly fine, yet being on medication that makes you feel worse. Black dots in the mouth? Google might say it’ll clear up on it’s own. But sometimes it really really doesn’t. James recounts the jaw-dropping reaction of doctors and nurses to his rapidly dropping platelet count. A not so fun adventure of the uncertainty of constant blood tests and the emotional rollercoaster they bring. James's story reveals the unpredictability of ITP, leading to two intense emergency room visits and a life lived in fear of the next clinic summons. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 32 seconds
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Knee Deep in the Future of Medicine With Dr. Michael Dunbar - Routine Checkup

For Routine Checkup the boys are joined by the remarkable Dr. Michael Dunbar, Professor of Surgery at Dalhousie University. Dr. Dunbar is a trailblazer in orthopedics, with a career spanning three decades and a unique perspective on the future of medicine. Dr. Dunbar explores the world of knee health in sports and how surgery is evolving from treating the average patient to personalized care. He dispels the myth that robots and AI will replace clinicians, explaining that it's the clinicians who embrace AI that will reshape healthcare. He also dives into the importance of the human element in medicine. Dr. Dunbar highlights the essential role of empathy in patient care. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 6 minutes, 23 seconds
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‘Cause I Got Depression - Feel Good Friday

We here at Sickboy are trying to practice what we preach. Speaking openly about your mental health is not always easy and Jer knows this firsthand. This week the boys discuss Jer’s new diagnosis of clinical depression and how an addiction was a manifestation of his recent mental health crisis. Look… video games aren’t BAD, but lying to your friends and loved ones in order to squeeze in more time saving the Sword Coast from the impending Elder Brain infestation as a level 12 half Bard Half Warlock named Imlin in Baldurs Gate 3 is not a great way to manage your mental health. In other news: Chemo in combination with lasers turns the treatment from a shotgun blast to a sniper shot. Not unlike the laser blasted from Imlin’s hands as he invokes an eldritch blast directed at a Owlbear trying to tear him to pieces. We can learn a lot about our health based on the shape of our poop… sort of like how you can learn a lot about your overall performance as a half Bard half Warlock when you pay close attention to how you develop your skill tree. For WHAT THE HELLTH!??! The guys discover a condition where some people have 5 fingers, but no thumbs! Not unlike a Mind Flayer which has no need for thumbs as they can control their environment with the innate psychic powers. Don’t worry, Imlin is okay. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/145 minutes, 17 seconds
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Recharging Life: Parkinson's and Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

The fellas are joined once again by their friend and Parkinson's advocate, Larry Gifford. The gang have an intimate conversation about his life with Parkinson's, they delve into the heart of his upcoming Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery, a groundbreaking procedure aimed at reclaiming his quality of life. Larry's candor shines through as he describes the incredible journey he's undertaken. He opens up about the daily challenges of living with Parkinson's, shedding light on the disease's relentless grasp on his life. With unwavering resilience, Larry shares his excitement, anxiety, and hope as he prepares for the life-altering surgery, revealing the astonishing detail: "They will be drilling holes in my head to insert electrodes." The conversation takes a fascinating turn as Larry elaborates on the science behind DBS surgery, describing how he will soon wield a remote control to fine-tune the electric stimulus that will significantly improve his symptoms. The future is here. Good luck tomorrow Lar, we love you buddy! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/157 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Different Shade of Pink: Metastatic Breast Cancer and Samantha's Legacy - Routine Checkup

In this heart-wrenching yet inspirational episode of Sickboy, the boys sit down with Jeff, the husband of Samantha Price Mitchell, a tireless advocate for the metastatic breast cancer (mBC) community. Samantha's legacy lives on through "Turning the Page on Cancer," an annual fundraising campaign she created to support Rethink's Metastatic Breast Cancer (mBC) Fund. Samantha saw the need for a different approach in the fight against mBC, one that went beyond traditional "pink ribbon" norms. Jeff shares Samantha's incredible journey and discusses the importance of community involvement in this year's campaign launch. In this emotional and thought-provoking conversation. Some of the topics covered in this weeks episode include - The Unique Place of mBC: Jeff sheds light on the struggles faced by the mBC community and their sense of invisibility within the broader breast cancer landscape. Learn how Samantha's advocacy aimed to give them a voice and make their struggles heard. The Role of the Caregiver and Partner: Jeff opens up about the challenges he faced as a caregiver and partner, including the difficult decisions regarding overall survival and quality of life. His perspective offers invaluable insights into the intricacies of caring for a loved one with mBC. The Shit List - Rethink: We explore the critical work of Rethink in supporting those with mBC and how their initiatives are making a difference in the lives of patients and caregivers alike. Join the gang as they honor Samantha's memory and celebrate the incredible work she started through "Turning the Page on Cancer." This episode is a reminder of the power of advocacy, community, and the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/157 minutes, 8 seconds
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When Science Meets the Supernatural: Is Precognition Real? - Feel Good Friday

One kid wished for a shopping spree like a dope. BUT another kid, Conner, wished to beat the living crap out of Tripple H. Now that’s a wish. Speaking of wishing, there are a lot of people in the US who wish their healthcare system wasn’t so broken that they need to rely on crowdfunding to make themselves and their loved ones healthy. GoFundMe has over 250,000 medical campaigns initiated each year! January 6th is coming up, and if you live in the UK you might want to keep your eyes peeled. It could be your death day! Intrusive thoughts don’t make you a bad person! Maybe it’s just a little stress. Finally one psychologist in the US shook the psychology world with a study that revealed the possibility of precognition. Parapsychology is lit! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 4 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Abortion From Hell: A Real Life Nightmare

This week the boys are joined by Claire, a career tree planter who, from birth, faced the unique challenges of being a "vagina-haver." Claire speaks candidly about the difficulties of her nightmare abortion experience. Double trouble. Clair breaks the silence surrounding this often-taboo topic. She calls for a change in how society prepares women for these challenging situations. We also explore Claire's story of faith in the Canadian healthcare system, highlighting its flaws while emphasizing the incredible care she received when it truly mattered. Lastly, Claire discusses the complexities of birth control and her personal journey, offering insight into her future choices. Join us for an eye-opening conversation that challenges taboos and promotes open dialogue around these crucial topics. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 24 minutes, 5 seconds
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Someone Knows Something About David Ridgen, And It's Us!

The cruel and senseless ramifications of a murder reverberate far beyond the depths of comprehension, leaving an indelible and haunting impact. For this episode of Routine Checkup, the guys sit down with David Ridgen, the acclaimed filmmaker and mastermind behind CBC's pioneering true-crime podcast, "Someone Knows Something." With eight gripping seasons and a global following, David has touched the hearts and minds of listeners worldwide. In this thought-provoking conversation, the gang delve into the intricate world of true crime journalism and its profound effects on the human psyche. David sheds light on the man behind the microphone and the passion that fuels his work. David's unique ability to navigate heart-wrenching conversations with the families of victims is a testament to his empathy and skill. He shares the emotional toll his work has taken, opening up about PTSD-like symptoms and horrifying images of crime scenes that haunt him to this day. David also discusses the crucial role of self-care and honest communication in preserving his mental health while tackling these dark and challenging stories. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/157 minutes, 24 seconds
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Fish Cells Found In Human Lungs?! - Feel Good Friday

Scientists have made a wild discovery in our lungs and it could help us understand more about the root cause of Cystic Fibrosis! A specific type of cell that was previously only found in fish and frogs has been discovered in humans too!! Maybe this explains Jeremie’s scaly skin and weird slits on his neck that he uses to breathe underwater. Or perhaps it has nothing to do with that at all. Nothing like a home makeover! But let’s do home-makeover, disability style! Arcade-style claw machine built into the ceiling of one woman's house allows her to play with her dogs and take poops without the need of help from someone else! In other news, one group of researchers have somehow discovered a method of making relatively “healthy” folks hear voices that aren’t really there. Could this robotic induced hallucination machine bring us one step closer to understanding conditions like Schizophrenia better? Time will tell! Sickboy LIVE in Vancouver with Special Guest Dr. Gabor Maté is happening December 5th! Presale is available as of today at 8 AM PDT / 11 PM EDT! Use code: SICKO to grab your tickets before tickets open to the public on Monday November 6th! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/146 minutes, 12 seconds
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From Mute to Mighty: Selective Mutism

The fellas are joined by Jen, a psychotherapist who triumphed over selective mutism. Jen shares her high school experiences, where selective mutism kept her silent, even as she yearned to speak. Her journey through anxiety and isolation is both relatable and inspiring. Jen's transformation began when she found a group of girls who, like her, grappled with selective mutism. They formed a close-knit support system, offering the understanding and connection they all needed, without the need for words. Jen's breakthrough occurred at 17, when she finally found her voice. This episode beautifully illustrates how people can make a positive difference in the lives of kids with anxiety through love and support. Join us as we explore Jen's remarkable journey from silence to speaking out and the resilience of the human spirit. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/159 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Youth Overdose Epidemic - Routine Checkup

Young lives hang in the balance as Canada's opioid crisis rages on. In this compelling episode of Sickboy, Jer and Bri sit down with Teresa Bansen, the Youth Program Manager at Bellwood Health Services, to delve into the heart-wrenching realities and vital solutions surrounding escalating youth overdose rates, particularly from opioids. The numbers don't lie: 94% of opioid overdose deaths happen by accident, with young Canadians aged 15 to 24 becoming the fastest-growing group requiring hospital care due to opioid overdoses. The clock is ticking, and the need for immediate action is undeniable. Join us as we explore The Bellwood Youth Program, a beacon of hope amidst the darkness. This 12-week intensive, outpatient treatment program is designed to provide youth with the holistic mental health and addiction support they so desperately need. The program's mission? To save lives and provide a lifeline for recovery. If you or a youth you know needs help please call Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 or text 686868 Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/159 minutes, 15 seconds
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A Real Life Living Hell: The Scorching Nightmare of Erythromelalgia

In a groundbreaking achievement, doctors at NYU Langone Health successfully completed the first face and whole-eye transplant on a 46-year-old man who suffered severe electrical burns. Although the patient currently lacks vision in the transplanted eye, early indications suggest its healthy. One woman’s experience in a bad fast food meal leading to a Coma and blindness has resulted in her finding her groove in the world of competitive cycling and she’s on fire! Speaking of being on fire, some poor folks deal with what is referred to as Man On Fire Syndrome and boy oh boy does it ever sound like a living hell. Literally, they feel like they are in the pits of hell as their skin feels like it’s being pressed on a hot stove and the horrifying part is that there is no cure.
1/1/139 minutes, 3 seconds
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I Have Asperger's! Deal With It! w/ Daniel Jones

There is power to the name of a diagnosis and some fight to keep that power amid an ever-shifting societal landscape! This week the boys dive into a thought-provoking discussion with Daniel Jones, the creator of the Aspie World YouTube channel and author of "Autism For Adults." Daniel, a passionate advocate for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), provides unique insights into his experiences, bringing a refreshing perspective to the conversation. The gang dive into Daniel's life across the pond, the fascinating history of autism, ASD, and Asperger's, and how Daniel used his Asberger's to his advantage to write his latest book! Daniel gives a passionate exploration of ​​the divisive nature of the term "Asperger's" within the Autism community, offering valuable insights into the ongoing dialogue about language and identity. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 2 minutes, 58 seconds
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Nurturing Little Minds: Emotional Intelligence In Our Children

Ron Grady is an early educator/researcher/children's book author/illustrator who basically does anything and everything kid-related. He speaks to groups of teachers and works in the field with kids to support practices and help create spaces where kids feel good. He helps educators and others working with children see the goodness of their work. He's currently a second-year PhD student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Ron joins the fellas to dive into how we can make a more concerted effort to teach our children methods of communication in order to develop a deeper emotional intelligence. Ron is an absolute gem of a human and we love him. Check out Ron's book "What Does Brown Mean To You?: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/156 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Physics Of Poopin'

Unlock the secrets of ancient copromancy and the mind-bending physics of poop on this weeks edition of Feel Good Friday! Get ready for 30 minutes straight of crap. Literally and figurativly. Fluid dynamics engineers and a colorectal surgeon uncover surprising truths about animal feces. From ranking odors to the secret behind defecation speed, learn how an ultra-thin layer of mucus holds the key. Ew. It seems men are becoming extinct. Well, maybe not that drastic, but the age expectancy gap between men and women just seems to be getting bigger and bigger! Finally for this weeks edition of WHAT THE HELLTH!? One woman’s struggle in trying to get to the bottom of what the heck was happening in her head. Spoiler alert, it was an evil twin growing in her skull and it was trying to kill her. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/147 minutes, 20 seconds
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Kinky Arteries & Relentless Cravings - Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMAS)

There is an incredible mental/emotional toll in not being able to eat food. This week Bri and Jer have a powerful conversation with Maggie, a dedicated nurse battling Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMAS) and relying on Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) for over four years. What the f*** is SMAS? Essentially, Maggie's arteries are kinky. But not the fun kind of kinky. SMAS is where the arteries kink off the small intestine, making eating a near-impossible feat. Maggie shares her poignant story of diagnosis on awareness day and the emotional toll of enduring TPN, from the relentless cravings to the isolating impact on mental health. This episode sheds light on the unseen struggles, giving a voice to those grappling with SMAS and redefining resilience in the face of adversity. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 5 minutes, 34 seconds
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A Liver Lovefest - A Conversation with Jennifer Nebesky, CEO of the Canadian Liver Foundation

When it comes to the organs, liver truly is king. In this illuminating episode of Routine Checkup, the boys have the pleasure of chatting with their old friend Jennifer Nebesky, the President & CEO of the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF). Tune in and explore Jen's journey to the helm of the CLF, her passion for dismantling the stigma surrounding liver diseases, and the impact she envisions for the future. The gang delve into the growth of the CLF over the past five years, outlining goals and transformations. Uncover the wonders of the liver, its regenerative abilities, and the alarming lack of awareness about its functions. Then turning to the escalating crisis of liver disease in Canada, affecting 1 in 4 Canadians today. Jennifer passionately discusses the CLF's commitment to breaking down the stigma, raising awareness about the multitude of liver diseases, and advocating for preventative lifestyle changes. The CLF aspire to amplify voices, challenge stereotypes, and foster a deeper understanding of liver health. For more information and resources please visit - Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/155 minutes, 16 seconds
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You Hate Your Voice And We Know Why!

The inner voice — the mysterious realms of your mind's untold symphony, where bone conduction, neurological marvels, and relentless melodies converge. This week the fellas unravel the enigma of the inner voice, that elusive dialogue echoing within our minds. There is a science behind why hearing a recording of our own voice throws us off! And that science also points to the intricacies of our internal monologue that often eludes conscious awareness. Medical debt got you down? Imagine if everyone could come together to agree to wipe out our collective medical debt? Well, technically we can with “RIP Medical Debt”. Finally for WHAT THE HELLTH!? Some lowly tarnished are out here doing god's work by slaying Elden Ring bosses with the power of their brain! Twitch streamer PerriKaryal puts her Masters degree to work by utilizing a consumer-grade Electroencephalogram (EEG) headset in order to play video games with the power of telekinesis! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/155 minutes, 5 seconds
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Has He Found Love On The Spectrum? w/ James Jones

This week Jer absolutely goes full fan-boy mode! The fellas have a captivating conversation with the one, the only, James B Jones, a tech aficionado, book and music lover, and self-proclaimed proud nerd and everyones favourite character from Netflix’s Love On The Spectrum! The gang dive deep into James's journey, from early struggles with neurodiversity in grades 1-4 to the transformative experience he had in 5th grade. James shares the unique strengths that come with being neurodiverse and his recent adventures in dating post-"Love On The Spectrum." The guys get to discover the world through James's lens as he shares his love for computers (please excuse Brian as the two go down a tech-spec rabbit hole), the impact of being on Netflix's "Love On The Spectrum," and the fascinating intersections of his life since. We love James! You love james. And if you don’t know James yet, we know you’ll love him too! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/153 minutes, 23 seconds
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Financial Health, Mental Wealth - Money and Mental Health with Jessica Moorhouse

Biggie said it best: Mo Money, Mo Problems. And no money? Well… more problems. Prepare for an enlightening episode of Routine Checkup as the fellas welcome Jessica Moorhouse, a renowned financial educator, Accredited Financial Counsellor, and the brilliant mind behind the More Money Podcast. Jessica delves into her personal journey and the intersection of money, mental health, and happiness. There is a profound impact of money on mental well-being and with Jess the boys discover real-life examples of financial stress from her extensive career in the money space. Jess provides some insights on reframing self-worth beyond financial success. Jess also shares how money often acts as a "bandaid" for deeper issues, and teaches the guys to identify and address the underlying problems that fuel our pursuit of wealth. It's a conversation that promises to transform your perspective on money and its profound connection to mental health and happiness. You can find Jess and her work here: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 2 seconds
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Guts, Glory and Poopie - IBD

A bidet a day keeps the costs on toilet paper down. This week the hosts are sick, so no Feel Good Friday! Instead the dudes chat with Seb Tucknott, CEO & Co-founder of IBDrelief, who has been living with ulcerative colitis since 2008. Delve into the complexities of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) as Seb sheds light on his personal journey, from a challenging diagnosis of ulcerative colitis to the emotional struggles often overshadowed by shame and embarrassment. Poop shame is real. Discover the pivotal role Seb's experiences played in the creation of IBDrelief, a platform where patients teach patients through educational videos. Seb believes that empowered patients can enhance medical outcomes and the boys couldn’t agree more! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 20 seconds
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Ass-tounding Strength: Rectal Cancer and Double Baggers!

In this heartwarming episode, Graham takes the guys on an incredible journey. A true salt-of-the-earth Maritimer and former hockey coach to Taylor, Graham shares the unexpected twists of his battle with rectal cancer. Imagine waking up on July 9, 2021, with a downward pressure in your ass, setting off a series of events that led to a whirlwind of emotions culminating in a cancer diagnosis. Graham regales the hosts with the poignant moments of his experience, from the installation of an ostomy—earning him the endearing title of a "double bagger"—to the transformative cancer treatment that ultimately left him cancer-free. As a baby boomer, Graham's openness about his personal hardships shines through, breaking the mold of traditional stoicism. Join the guys for a candid and uplifting conversation that explores Graham's resilience, vulnerability, and triumph over adversity. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 6 minutes, 12 seconds
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Blood Buddy: Hematopathology and The Cellfie Project

Remember the opening scene to Blade where all the vampires dance in a Blood Rave? Well that's basically the scene at Dr. David Conrads lab. Minus the rave music. And minus the dancing in the blood. And minus the vampires. Actually it's really, nothing like that scene. But there's definitely blood. In this illuminating episode, the guys sit down with Dr. David Conrad, a distinguished Hematopathologist at Nova Scotia Health and Associate Professor at Dalhousie University. Dr. Conrad takes the hosts behind the scenes of lab medicine, unraveling the mysteries of hematopathology. The science of blood is fascinating and Dr. Conrad is an incredible science communicator. The gang also dive into the heartwarming Cellfie Project, an initiative Dr. Conrad spearheads at the IWK Health Centre, offering children with leukemia a unique perspective on their condition. Hear how this project empowers young patients by allowing them to explore their own blood cells! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 55 seconds
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Holes, Hysteria, and 19th Century Horniness LIVE From Vancouver

Nothing makes a crowd more uncomfortable than forcing them to face their phobia and watch grown men premature ejaculate! This week the fellas are coming at you LIVE from Vancouver, Canada! They prep the audience before a mind-blowing conversation with Dr. Gabor Mate (that episode will be released soon!) Jeremie takes the guys through the eerie corridors of trypophobia, a fear of closely packed holes that affects 20% of the population. The gang get into the neuroscience, theories, and even question if trypophobia was a product of internet memes. But the discomfort doesn't stop there. Jer guides the boys through the curious case of spermatorrhea, a phantom disease from the 1800s believed to stem from excessive horniness. Uncovering bizarre "cures" involving anal leeches, metal rings, and more, the gang marvels at the absurdity of Victorian medical practices. Yet, within the chaos, a compassionate approach emerges from the Royal College of Surgeons, shedding light on the interconnectedness of sexuality and psychology. Massive shout out to the Vancouver folks who came out to support! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/141 minutes, 8 seconds
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How To Glitter A Turd: 14 Years of Breast Cancer with Kristin Hallenga

Sometimes life is nothing but a turd. Best way to deal with a turd? Cover the thing in glitter. Join the Sickboy crew as they sit down with Kristen Hallenga, author of 'Glittering a Turd' and the inspiring founder of CoppaFeel!, a London-based breast cancer awareness charity. Kristen shares her incredible journey of living with stage 4 cancer for 14 years, delves into the process of writing her book, and recounts the epic FUNeral she hosted. The hosts explore CoppaFeel!'s mission of promoting early breast cancer detection among women under 30. Tune in for a candid conversation about resilience, living fully, and turning life's challenges into glittering moments. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 2 minutes, 5 seconds
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"Why Didn't You Tell Me?” - Family Trauma with Carmen Rita Wong

Family trauma can trickle down from generation to generation. Unless someone has the wherewithal to break the cycle. Join the Sickboy crew as they sit down with Carmen Rita Wong, author of 'Why Didn't You Tell Me?: A Memoir,' for a powerful exploration of family trauma, epigenetics, and cultural differences in raising children. Carmen shares her journey of managing generational trauma, breaking the cycle with her own kids, and growing up with a mentally ill mother. The conversation delves into the impact of cultural beliefs on mental health and the heartbreaking realities of losing family members due to a lack of health resources. Carmen is an absolute badass and will bring you on a candid journey about resilience, mental health, and overcoming cultural barriers. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/151 minutes, 56 seconds
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You Can't Get Boners In Space

As the old saying goes "In space no one can hear you scream". Well, the new saying is "In space, no one can get a boner". According to a recent study, it turns out that due to micro-gravity and cosmic radiation viagra might be a necessary part of any spacefaring payload. The guys give some insight into their exciting trip to Ottawa to accept their Meritorious Service Decoration! Jer warms everyone's hearts with his new chiropractic disaster clip. Some humans can live without a brain, which makes Wizard Of Oz a hell of a lot more relatable. In this weeks WHAT THE HELLTH!? Jer goes full public health detective as he unpacks a pretty gnarly case of eye syphilis that was spread in a cluster all from the same patient zero! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/149 minutes, 18 seconds
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Flirting with Tourettes: Finding Romance With A Disability

I'm not winking at you becasue I think you're cute. I'm winking becasue I have Tourettes. Get ready to laugh, learn, and reflect as the fellas sit down with Pamela Rae Schuller, a New York City-based performer celebrated for her unique blend of comedy, storytelling, and advocacy for disability inclusion and mental health. In this episode, Pamela shares her journey with Tourettes, OCD, and the challenges of navigating the dating scene with a disability. Nothing worse than some dude thinking you're coming on to him when in reality you are just tic'ing out and winking uncontrollably. Pamela's candid insights and witty narrative promise an episode that's equal parts entertaining and enlightening. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/157 minutes, 55 seconds
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Every Canadian Counts: The Vision For a National Disability Insurance Plan

This week on Sickboy, the fellas sit down with Hubert Van Niekerk, the Interim Executive Director at Every Canadian Counts, an organization dedicated to enhancing services for Canadians with long-term, chronic disabilities. Hubert, with a diverse background spanning construction and education, shares his journey and the organization's mission to establish a national disability insurance plan in Canada. Delving into the intricacies of disability coverage, he sheds light on the differences between the Canada Disability Benefit and a comprehensive national insurance plan. Join the conversation as Hubert advocates for transformative changes in disability support. Make your vote count here: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 7 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Messy Truth: Unraveling the ADHD-Hoarding Connection

Struggling to part ways with your crap? Is your car's back seat more landfill than vehicle, a-la Brian? If you've got ADHD, there might be a connection! Join the gang this week as they unravel the fascinating discoveries from a recent study delving into the intricate link between Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Hoarding Disorder. Feeling a bit lonely and finding solace in Joffrey Baratheon's company? Well, first things first, maybe it's time for better friends. But secondly, it could hint at loneliness. In this week’s edition of WHAT THE HELLTH?!, Unblinded by the light! Jer shares an incredible story to encourage a moment of reflection. Sometimes, the seemingly impossible might just be entirely possible. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/152 minutes, 52 seconds
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Nightmares From The Bowels of The Sewer: A Holiday Gift From Us To You

What are the holidays without tradition? We've decided our holiday tradition going forward is to bring you an episode from Sickboy's past where the gang dive deep into the belly of the undergound pipes to look at but not necessarily smell an abomination. The Fatberg. Brian would like to profusely apologize for this episode. Jeremie can not contain his excitement for this episode. We speak with the one, the only, Dr. John Love. The man who performed an autopsy on a Fatberg that was longer than the leaning tower of Pisa. Get ready to suppress your gag reflex while we talk all things sewer waste and the importance of not flushing stuff down the sh*tter that isn't meant to go down there... like a set of false teeth. Happy holiday folks! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/138 minutes, 38 seconds
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Chronic Pain Reset: Redefining Life Beyond the Threshold

In this illuminating episode, the fellas sit down with Dr. Afton L. Hassett, an Associate Professor and renowned leader in the field of chronic pain and resilience. As the Director of Pain and Opioid Research at the University of Michigan, Dr. Hassett brings her expertise to the forefront, unraveling the intricate connection between pain, emotions, and the brain. Dive deep into the neuroscience of pain as Dr. Hassett shares insights from her latest book, "Chronic Pain Reset." Discover evidence-based strategies that transcend the boundaries of research and academia, providing tangible tools for individuals grappling with chronic pain. Unveil the power of sleep, exercise, and mood in influencing pain experiences, and learn how making positive changes in these areas can lead to a life with less pain. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/141 minutes, 21 seconds
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Low Sex Drive = Death?! - Feel Good Friday

A lil' FGF throwback to the end of last year! Enjoy folks! We'll be back to basics on Jan. 1st!
1/1/148 minutes, 57 seconds
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9 Minutes Without A Heart Beat: Anoxic Brain Injury And Memory Loss

Take a trip down Brain Injury Lane! In this episode, the gang sits down with the incredible Leanna, a self-proclaimed "brain injury weirdo." Leanna shares her harrowing journey after experiencing a cardiac arrest at a wedding in 2015, where the absence of a defibrillator and a prolonged wait for EMTs resulted in an anoxic brain injury. Leanna takes the guys through the challenging process of relearning everything, from basic tasks like holding a fork to more complex skills like driving. Imagine this, you wake up with no memory and some bald stranger claims to be your husband, but as far as you can tell, you never liked bald men... whomp whomp! The conversation delves into the crucial role of exercise in Leanna's recovery, as she transitioned from walking to weight training, adapting to the physical changes brought on by her injury. Leanna also shares the profound lesson she learned about the importance of asking for help, a newfound skill that became essential in navigating the ups and downs of her recovery journey. Join the gang as they explore resilience, memory, and the remarkable strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.
1/1/158 minutes, 56 seconds
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Trial Or Triumph?! CAR-T Cell Therapy and Drug Trials

The fellas are joined again by Dr. Brian Koffman, a well-known doctor, educator, and clinical professor turned patient has dedicated himself to teaching and helping the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) community since his diagnosis in 2005. Dr. Koffman believes that his dual status as a physician and patient provides a unique experience and understanding which allows him to provide clear explanations of complex issues and to advocate for his fellow patients and inform his fellow healthcare providers. This week Dr. Koffman joins the boys to chat about CAR-T Cell therapy and all the things you’d ever want to know about drug trials! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 3 minutes, 42 seconds
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Swallowing Vibrators For Weight Loss - Feel Good Friday

Everyone loves a good reboot! MIT decided to do their own reboot of the classic fat shaker machine of the 1950s with a new weight loss pill. The pill doesn’t have medicine, but rather, it has a teeny tiny little motor in it that makes the pill vibrate. Somehow this vibration makes your belly think “I’m full, thank you very much!” Speaking of full let's talk about pregnant women. Specifically, pregnant women who get nauseous. Turns out it can all be linked to a specific hormone and gene! Talking to whales is impressive, sure, but can you tell a whale to sit down, shake hands, and then give it a treat for being a good boy? No. You can’t. But you can however have a confusing 20-minute conversation with one by saying the same word to them in their own voice over and over again driving them absolutely insane by the end of it all. Finally female tears lower aggression in males. All it takes is one big sniff. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 11 minutes, 7 seconds
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Dizzy But Not Down: SUNCT (Short-lasting, Unilateral, Neuralgiform headache attacks with Conjunctival injection and Tearing)

Ever felt like your life was spinning out of control? Well, you ain't got sh*t on Kat. She's the queen of spin. In this episode, the boys sit down with the indomitable Kat Harrison, a chronic illness warrior whose story zigzags through a maze of health challenges and dizzying experiences. Kat is an award-winning children's author, editor for The Mighty, and a staunch advocate for those living with chronic illnesses like bilateral vestibular loss, chronic migraine, SUNCT syndrome, and her latest opponent, lupus. Kat's tale begins at 15 when an IV antibiotic left her vestibular system in shambles, forcing her to relearn the basics of life in a world that just wouldn't stop bouncing.Her work with The Mighty and her public vulnerability not only shed light on the realities of chronic illness but also build a community for those navigating similar paths. Despite over two decades of health battles, Kat's story is not just about enduring pain; it's about the resilience of the human spirit and finding strength in the most challenging times.
1/1/11 hour, 11 minutes, 42 seconds
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Unscrambling Dyslexia with the CEO of Dyslexia Canada - Alicia Smith

Spell 'dyslexia' five times fast – a challenge even for the word wizards among us! Now, to dive into the real talk about dyslexia! The boys dive deep into the world of dyslexia with none other than Alicia Smith, the Executive Director of Dyslexia Canada. Alicia, who navigates life as a dyslexic individual and as a parent of a child with dyslexia, brings a rich, personal perspective to the table. She's not just talking the talk; she's walked the walk – or should we say 'wladked the wlak'? Alicia is on a mission to shatter the silence and misconceptions surrounding this common learning disability. Alicia busts some widespread myths about dyslexia – no, it's not about seeing dancing letters on a page, nor does it have anything to do with intelligence or motivation. The conversation shifts to the current challenges faced by people with dyslexia, touching on issues that often go unnoticed. The boys and Alicia discuss potential transformations in the education system, emphasizing the need for early identification and intervention for children with dyslexia. Wondering if you or your child might have dyslexia? Curious about how you can contribute to making the world a more dyslexia-friendly place? Alicia offers practical advice and insights that listeners can apply in their lives. For more information, check out
1/1/11 hour, 2 minutes, 15 seconds
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Smell Ya Later! Science Links Divorce Rates To Body Odor?!

Is the key to someones heart located somewhere in their sweaty armpits? Jeremie is grappling with the existential crisis of turning 36, but the boys are there to remind him that age is just a number - albeit one that keeps getting bigger. In a twist of science meets sci-fi, researchers at Indiana University have birthed "Brainoware," a biohybrid brainchild blending human neurons with AI. It's not quite ready to take over the world, but lets face it, it’s only a matter of time. And speaking of brains, the Pope's latest thoughts on surrogacy have us pondering, "Wasn't Mary technically a surrogate?" And speaking of parenting, a new study throws a curveball - men with psychopathic traits seem to have more children. This leads to a fun little exercise to finally determine which of the three are the most Dahmer - spoiler alert, Jeremie and Brian have zero children. Tay is about to have 2. You be the judge. Lastly, say goodbye to swiping right and hello to sniffing shirts! Smell.Dating is here to change the dating game, one sweaty t-shirt at a time. And here's a stinker - could your sweaty t-shirt be the reason for rising divorce rates? Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 11 minutes, 32 seconds
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Tapping into Tranquility: Severe Anxiety & The Future of Therapy

Ever thought of treating your brain bugs with a pinch of tech and a dash of psychedelics? The boys sit down with Joel Muise, the co-founder of Tranquility and a mastermind in internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT). Picture this: a world where managing anxiety and depression is as easy as clicking a button. Joel shares his personal journey, growing up with untreated anxiety and the silent battles with judgement he faced. It's a raw and real look at the struggles many of us face but seldom talk about. Joel dives into the nitty-gritty of therapy, including the upsides and challenges of antidepressants. He passionately discusses how iCBT is revolutionizing mental health care – making it more accessible, affordable, and convenient. But what’s a Sickboy episode about mental health without diving into the transformative world of psychedelics? Joel also explores the intriguing world of "ancient technology" and their potential to heal deep-seated traumas. It's a blend of the old and the new in the quest for mental wellness. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 21 minutes, 37 seconds
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Oneday Dreams - Making Adult Sick Wishes Reality

"The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any point". In today's Routine Checkup, the fellas sit down with a duo that's bringing dreams to life in the most extraordinary way. Dr. Mike Bennett, a social work professor from the University of Texas at Arlington, and Jay Soulliere, a high-flying talent agent at The Feldman Agency, join forces in an unusual but inspiring partnership. They are the heart and soul behind Oneday Dreams, a charity giving hope and happiness to those facing life's final chapter. Mike and Jay dive into how they're turning dreams into reality for individuals and their loved ones during the toughest of times. They share the nuts and bolts of running a national charity with zero paid staff, relying solely on a dedicated team of volunteers, and how every dream, big or small, is brought to fruition with the support of local communities and businesses. They also discuss their commitment to inclusivity, working closely with Indigenous communities, and supporting the homeless with palliative care. But it's not just about fulfilling dreams. Mike and Jay are also revolutionizing end-of-life care conversations. By educating healthcare professionals across Canada, they're shifting the focus to a more holistic, person-centered approach, proving that sometimes, a little dream can make a world of difference. For more info check out: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/159 minutes, 34 seconds
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From Vintage Vomit to Vibrant Piss - Ringing In A New Generation!

Roses are red, violets are blue, the magic school bus is yellow, and thanks to science, now we know why your piss is too. What's in a generation? Turns out, it's not as clear-cut as you might think! This Feel Good Friday, the boys dive headfirst into the chaotic, fascinating world of generational names. There's no secret council deciding who gets to be a Millennial or who falls into Gen Z; it's a wild mix of media, public opinion, and the impact of global events. The fellas unpack each generation's moniker, revealing surprising origins and the "squishy" spans that separate Boomers from Zoomers. But it's not just about labels. They explore how the era you're born in shapes everything from beliefs to how you spend your downtime. In classic Sickboy fashion, the conversation takes a very drastic turn as the boys shift into the world of science with a revelation about why our pee is yellow. No, it's not from Mrs. Frizzle's magic school bus paint melting in the depths of your bladder, but rather a discovery about the enzyme urobilin. To cap it all off, Jer drops some historical knowledge about antimony pills. These 19th-century "everlasting pills" weren't just a bellyache – they were the real deal in regurgitation, rejuvenation and a disgustingly questionable form of recycling. So, if you thought your generation had quirks, wait until you hear about the puke-and-rally routine of our ancestors. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 15 seconds
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The Unseen Battles of a Miracle Child and His Mother: CHARGE Syndrome/17p13.1 Microduplication Syndrome

What happens when life throws a curveball straight after the final inning? This Monday, the boys sit down with Alexis Simon, a superhero mom who's been catching life's toughest pitches. After a picture-perfect pregnancy, Alexis's world turned upside down when her son, Theo, was born with a constellation of rare and complex health issues. Imagine finding out your newborn, who seemed perfectly healthy, is suddenly fighting for life with a ticking clock. Alexis opens up about the rollercoaster of being admitted to the hospital during the pandemic for Theo's failure to thrive and the evolution of family support through this journey. Theo, a little warrior with a heart as mighty as his challenges, has been to the OR 23 times, yet his superpower is his unyielding happiness. Despite battling CHARGE syndrome, a one-in-six-billion rarity, and a relentless form of epilepsy, his smile remains undefeated. As Theo approaches his fourth birthday, Alexis shares the story of his heart - both the literal hole and the metaphorical fullness of it. Strap in for a tale of love, resilience, and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her extraordinary son. *17p13.1 microduplication syndrome is a rare genetic condition characterized by a variety of symptoms. Only a few cases have been reported in the literature, and as such, it is not fully understood. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/159 minutes, 45 seconds
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BLOOD: Busting Myths On Menstration With Dr. Jen Gunter

Ever wondered how a topic as natural as menstruation became a cocktail of myths and misinformation? Buckle up, because today, the fellas dive deep with the fearless Dr. Jen Gunter, a true crusader in demystifying women's health. Best known for her groundbreaking books 'The Vagina Bible' and 'The Menopause Manifesto,' Dr. Gunter is back to debunk myths with her latest masterpiece, 'BLOOD: The Science, Medicine, and Mythology of Menstruation.'From menstruation shame to the impact of the ‘Wellness industrial complex,’ Dr. Gunter sheds light on the social perceptions and misinformation shrouding menstruation. How does menstruation shame manifest and affect healthcare? What myths are perpetuated by health influencers and social media? And, let's get real about menstrual products – can tampons actually cause painful periods? Dr. Gunter, armed with scientific facts, medical expertise, and a fierce feminist perspective, is here to set the record straight. This episode is not just an eye-opener; it's a myth-buster on menstruation, healthcare, and society's skewed views. A conversation that's as enlightening as it is essential – you don't want to miss this one! BLOOD: The Science, Medicine, and Mythology of Menstruation is available now! Find Dr. Gunter here: Jen Gunter (@drjengunter) Twitter: Jennifer Gunter (@DrJenGunter) Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 2 minutes, 16 seconds
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RAGE!!! Health Hazard or Emotional Elixir?

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but could a vein busting fit of rage do the same, depending on your time zone? This Feel Good Friday, the fellas are dissecting a mind-bending study that shows how getting angry in the USA could be messing with your health, while in Japan, it might just be the secret sauce to feeling great. The beauty of cultural differences. Now don’t go raging out just yet, because the gang are celebrating the heartwarming story of Jeff Rhinerson, Kentucky's first paid deputy with Down syndrome. Jeff's not just wearing a badge; he's rewriting the rules of inclusion and shining brighter than a star in his new role at the judicial center. On completely different note, do insects experience heartbreak? The boys look at study about lovelorn fruit flies who prove that even the tiniest creatures can teach us big lessons about love and stress. Spoiler alert: Getting ghosted isn't just a human problem! For WHAT THE HELLTH!? A medical marvel. The boys dive into the tale of a man, his double-lung transplant, and some rather unconventional methods involving DD breast implants. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/158 minutes, 31 seconds
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Gabor Maté: Healing with Laughter

In the world of human complexity, laughter and wisdom intertwine unexpectedly. Buckle up! The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Recorded live from the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver, the boys sit down with the legendary Dr. Gabor Maté for a live recording that's nothing short of a rollercoaster of emotions and insights. Dr. Gabor Maté, a maestro of emotions and connections, joins the fellas for a journey through the complexities of human development, focusing on the crucial elements of authenticity and attachment. The gang explores the delicate dance between staying true to oneself and forging strong connections with others, and how this tango impacts our mental and physical well-being. Dr. Maté then unveils his latest endeavour, 'Hello Again', a project aimed at mending and enriching the bonds between parents and their adult offspring. He navigates through the choppy waters of managing expectations and the paradoxical power of embracing disappointment to deepen relationships. The chat takes a profound turn as they delve into contemplations on death, the afterlife, and the art of fully embracing life in the face of mortality. And just when you think it can't get any more personal, the gang hits Dr. Maté with a volley of cheeky, rapid-fire questions, revealing a side of him you've never seen before – if you have ever wondered what Dr. Maté’s favourite emoji is, then you’ve come to the right place! Want to watch the video version of this special episode? Head on over to YouTube to catch all of the fun! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 15 minutes, 24 seconds
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Chronic - Representation of Disability in Film

Laurel and Brendan are a film making duo and creators of the award winning comedy drama short film CHRONIC! The film follows Frankie, played by Nadine Bhabaha (Letterkenny), who struggles to ​accept the harsh reality of a recent brain injury. Her denial persists until she reluctantly attends a birthday party from hell thrown by her inconsiderate best friend. This event becomes a wake-up call, prompting her to re-evaluate her friendships and her approach to life. The siblings join the fellas to dive into Laurel’s lived experience that inspired the film and the importance of representation of disability in film and art! You can watch CHRONIC now on YouTube! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 2 minutes, 29 seconds
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BREAKING NEWS: Sex Dreams, Lupus Genes, and Rabbit Queens

"BREAKING NEWS - You heard it here first! Your laptop is killing your sperm! Strap in (or strap-on in taylors case?) for a wild ride on Feel Good Friday as the boys dive headfirst into a world where science fiction meets reality, sweaty naked dreams blur into revelations, and history takes a hop into the absurd. First up, we've got a tale that's rhino-sized in both heart and hope. Scientists are playing god in the savannah, using IVF to give endangered rhinos a shot at love and survival. Then, Taylor takes us on a personal journey through dreamland, where the lines of love and identity blur in unexpected ways. Spoiler alert, Taylor is one horny dog in his dreams and he’s down to take what he can get! On the scientific front, Jer breaks down a major breakthrough in lupus research. A bit science-heavy heavy so we had our Gen Z consultant translate for all the TikTok-loving-Zoomers out there. It's all about rogue receptors, gene glitches, Yeet this and slay that. In a combo of WHAT THE HELLTH & History Lessons For The Boys, a dive into the bizarre tale of Mary Toft, the woman who turned 18th-century England upside down with claims of birthing rabbits. Takeaways - There have been significant advancements in IVF technology, including the successful creation of a southern white rhino embryo through IVF. - Dreams can sometimes be confusing and may not necessarily reflect one's true sexual orientation. - Researchers have made progress in understanding the mechanisms behind lupus and have identified a critical gene mutation that triggers the disease. - The story of Mary Toft, who claimed to give birth to rabbits, highlights the fascination with sensationalized news in the past. Mary's hoax was eventually exposed by Richard Manningham's careful observation and investigation. - Upcoming episodes of Sickboy include discussions on M.R.K.H., the opioid crisis, and a caregiver's experience with her daughter's cancer. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!"
1/1/155 minutes, 35 seconds
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Reclaiming Femininity: MRKH and Women's Health

Imagine a world where your very identity is challenged by your body—this is where Rima Zigaitis reshapes the narrative. In today's episode, the boys sit down with Rima Zigaitis, a beacon of hope and empowerment for women grappling with life-altering diagnoses. Founder of Sumaavi Coaching, Rima's own journey through the maze of Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome—a condition that left her without a uterus, cervix, or vagina—fuels her mission. Beyond the physical, MRKH challenged Rima's very identity as a woman, a journey she candidly shares with the fellas. From misdiagnoses and surgeries to founding Sumaavi and forging partnerships with women's health nonprofits, Rima's tale is one of resilience, acceptance, and transformation. Delve into the nuances of MRKH, the emotional whirlwind of living with it, and how Rima is changing the narrative on women's health. This episode is a raw exploration of the challenges and triumphs faced by women like Rima, and a testament to the strength found in vulnerability. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!"
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Patient to Pioneer: Emmy's Research in Healthcare Transitions

A new generation of bright minds is storming academia, and Emmy Schuler is leading the charge, armed with innovative ideas to mend the cracks in our fractured healthcare system. This week on Routine Checkup, the boys dive into the world of psychosocial support with Emmy Schuler, a Master's student and researcher who’s turning the spotlight on the hidden struggles of living with chronic illness and infectious disease. From the bustling heart of Nashville, TN, Emmy brings her firsthand experience and academic prowess to unravel the complex tapestry of stigma, transition challenges from pediatric to adult healthcare, and the power of personal narratives. With a keen focus on diseases like HIV and tuberculosis, she’s not just studying the science; she's challenging societal norms and rewriting the script on how we view and treat the sick. Emmy’s journey from patient to researcher offers a unique perspective on the importance of integrating psychosocial support into healthcare, the critical gap in care for transitioning adolescents, and the transformative power of reshaping illness narratives. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Period Pads From The Future?!

Who knew your period could be your personal health detective? Picture this: A period pad that does more than just catch blood—it catches diseases, too! Enter the Q-pad, a brainchild of biotech innovation that's transforming the way we approach personal health screenings. With over a thousand tweaks and the aid of a menstruating robot named Betty, this FDA-approved marvel allows for easy at-home disease detection, from diabetes to cervical cancer. But the boys don't stop there; they dive deep into the alarming rise of STIs, spotlighting the syphilis epidemic that's hitting hard across the nation. With cases skyrocketing, they stress the importance of awareness and testing. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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When You're Drowning, Become A Fish: Caring For A Child With Cancer

In a world where the only thing scarier than a monster under the bed is a diagnosis you can't pronounce, Sam Taylor steps into the Sickboy studio to unravel the tale of her journey as a caregiver for her 12 year old daughter Ellie, who is battling rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of sarcoma. Amid the whirlwind of treatment schedules and medical jargon, Sam found solace in yoga mats and breathwork, proving that sometimes, the best armour against the unknown is a deep breath. With an open heart, she discusses the crucial role of communication, the unexpected therapy sessions that became their stronghold, and how a little podcast called the Deep C is turning into a beacon of hope for many. As the conversation dives into the depths of parental fears, challenges, and triumphs, it's clear that the true therapy lies in sharing these stories. So, buckle up as the fellas navigate through this emotional rollercoaster, reminding us that the strength of a parent's love knows no bounds, and sometimes, the most powerful medicine is an open conversation. Key Takeaways: - Open communication and support are crucial for children and parents navigating a cancer diagnosis. - Leaving the door open for conversation and providing emotional support can help children process their experiences. - Therapy can be a valuable resource for children and parents, providing a safe space to process emotions and seek support. - The transition after treatment can be challenging for parents and caregivers, and ongoing support is essential. - Sharing experiences and connecting with others who have gone through similar situations can provide comfort and a sense of community. Relevant Links: - Check out The Deep C podcast: - Campfire Circle: - Pediatric Rhabdo Facebook Group: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Sperm Superfoods: Eating Your Way to a Baby

Are those late-night snacks whispering secrets about your swimmers? In this episode, the fellas dive deep into the world of baby-making, but not in the way you might think. They sit down with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack and Lily Nichols, the brilliant minds behind "Real Food for Fertility," a book on how preconception nutrition and lifestyle choices support your health and vitality and lay the essential groundwork for your baby's development. The gang chew over everything from the mysteries of menstrual cycles to the nitty-gritty of nutrition for your swimmers. Ever wondered if that pea protein shake is messing with your mojo or why the quality of sperm is becoming a hot topic? We're talking the good, the bad, and the fertile, breaking down myths and munching on facts about what really goes into making a baby. Whether you're actively on the baby train or just curious about how your diet affects your fertility, this chat is packed with insights that'll have you looking at your dinner plate and lifestyle choices a little differently. Key Takeaways: - Understanding menstrual cycles and fertility awareness can help individuals and couples make informed decisions about contraception and conception. - Optimizing nutrition, particularly protein intake and quality fats, can improve fertility outcomes for both men and women. - Pea protein has been studied for its potential contraceptive effects, but more research is needed to understand its impact on fertility. - Sperm quality is a crucial factor in fertility, and guidelines for what is considered 'normal' may not reflect optimal fertility. - Reevaluating sperm quality guidelines and addressing male fertility issues are important steps in improving overall fertility outcomes. Detailed sperm analysis is important to assess sperm count, motility, and morphology. - Improving diet quality and taking targeted supplements can enhance sperm morphology and motility. - Certain nutrients, such as vitamin A, selenium, zinc, and folate, play a vital role in sperm quality. - Pregnancy cravings can be influenced by nutrient deficiencies or emotional factors, and finding healthier alternatives is encouraged. - Factors like diet quality, exposure to chemicals, sedentary lifestyles, and metabolic conditions may contribute to the decline in sperm count. Relevant Links: - Lisas Podcast: Fertility Friday Radio: - Real Food For Fertility Book: - Lilly Nichols Website: - Lisa Hendrickson-Jack’s Website: - For more of Lisa on tracking mensuration listen to Turn Me On Episode 200: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Sickboy is Evolving - The Future of the Podcast

This is it. The end of Sickboy... as you've come to know it that is. This is the final FGF episode but fear not! We're not going anywhere. We're just evolving. It’s been almost ten years and hundreds of episodes since we sat down and recorded our first episode, which is crazy. For those of you who’ve been listening from the start, we love you so much! And today we have some big news. Starting next week, we’re experimenting with a fresh new format to bring you one epic episode a week full of all elements that make Sickboy what it is — We can't begin to express how much we love you for your continued support. With that, lets throw back to the very first Feel Good Friday recording we ever did.
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Help Us Find A Kidney For Ellie

In this heart-tugging episode, the fellas dive into a tale of resilience, love, and the complexities of kidney transplantation with one ultimate goal - finding a Kidney for our dear friend, Ellie. Ellie is a rockstar nurse battling kidney disease. She opens up about her journey through kidney failure, dialysis, and the quest for a second transplant after her first one has hit a rough patch. Ellie's story is nothing short of a rollercoaster. She sheds light on the emotional and logistical hurdles of finding a kidney match, all while juggling life with her superhero partner, Keegan, and contemplating the future of their family.But it doesn’t end there! Jeremie then chats with Candice Coghlan from the Centre for Living Organ Donation, who brings her own kidney transplant tale and heaps of knowledge about the kidney-paired exchange program. Candice debunks transplant myths, giving us the lowdown on how we can play a part in this life-saving process.To cap it all off, the boys share a laugh over a bizarre encounter with a patient simulation robot that's eerily reminiscent of a 10-year-old boy, because what's a deep dive into medical marvels without a touch of Chucky being sliced open over and over again before ultimately turning on his “care providers”?Here’s the thing folks. This isn’t just another episode of Sickboy. This is a mission. Help us find a kidney for Ellie! For more information check out the links below.Key Takeaways - Kidney disease can have a significant impact on a person's life, requiring dialysis and potentially multiple kidney transplants.- Finding a compatible donor for a kidney transplant can be challenging, especially for individuals with a high level of antibodies.- Kidney disease can affect decisions about family planning, and options such as freezing eggs may be considered.- The kidney-paired exchange program increases the chances of finding a compatible kidney for transplantation.- Donating a kidney can save someone's life, and individuals can enter the program as directed donors or non-directed anonymous donors.- Living with kidney disease can take away the ability to feel carefree, but it can also foster empathy for others.- Nurses play a crucial role in the healthcare system and are often underappreciated and undervalued.- Spreading awareness about the kidney donation program can help more people find suitable donors.- The kidney paired exchange program allows people with living donors who are not compatible to find a suitable match through a national registry.- Potential kidney donors go through a rigorous evaluation process to ensure they are healthy enough to donate.- Living kidney donors can live healthy, normal lives with just one kidney.In the event of a potential organ donor, please call (902) 473-2222 and have the on-call Donor Transplant Coordinator at the QEII paged. Follow Ellie's story on Instagram: @kidneyforellieFind more information on UHN Transplant:- Instagram: @givelifeuhnFollow Sickboy: Instagram: Sickboy:Patreon -
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Unwittingly Getting Swole: Hereditary Angioedema

Maybe it’s steroids? Maybe she’s born with it? Wait… no, she’s definitely born with it. It’s HAE. How fitting is it that Rare Disease Day falls on a fairly rare day, Feburary 29th! In this episode, the fellas sit down with Jordyn Campbell, who not only shares her eye-opening journey with hereditary angioedema (HAE) but also how she's punching back with advocacy and awareness. What the hell is HAE? Here’s the elevator pitch - your body decides to puff up like a balloon at the most inconvenient times, thanks to a rare genetic curveball. Welcome to Jordyn's world, where getting swole is just part of the daily routine, no gym membership needed. But there's more to her story than just coping with HAE. Through battles with misdiagnoses and the quest for the right treatment, Jordyn highlights the brighter side of her condition, including her impactful work with HAE Canada and finding unexpected joys in life's challenges. To cap it all off in the wrap-up, the boys are diving into a cheeky discussion about a recent study from plastic surgeons on the ideal male buttocks. Thankfully the Gen-Z consultant came high key came through to translate the science with a zero dose of cringe. The TLDR; This deep dive into male booty aesthetics fills a big ol' gap in the glow-up science, giving us the 411 on what's peak for the peach. These gems could pave the way for next-level booty sculpting moves, making sure bros walking into the OR can walk out feeling 100.Stick around for the end of the show to hear Jordyn’s latest single “Hit and Run”Key Takeaways- Hereditary angioedema (HAE) is a rare genetic condition characterized by severe swelling of various body parts.- Receiving a diagnosis for HAE can be challenging, with many individuals experiencing misdiagnosis or a lack of clear answers.- Living with HAE can have a significant impact on daily life, including work, relationships, and sexual activity.- Advocacy and raising awareness are crucial for individuals with HAE to receive proper care and support.- The availability and coverage of different medications for HAE vary from province to province, leading to variations in treatment for patients.- Finding the right drug for HAE patients can be complex, as different drugs work differently for each individual based on their gene mutation.- The decision to have children when living with a hereditary condition like HAE involves considering the potential impact on the child's life and the parents' preparedness to handle the challenges.- Genetic testing can provide valuable information for individuals considering having children, allowing them to make informed decisions about their family planning.- HAE has not taken anything away from Jordyn's life, and she sees it as a part of her normalcy. It has given her confidence, the ability to help others, and a platform to share her experiences.- Having a hereditary condition like HAE can shape one's perspective on life and provide a unique understanding and preparedness for the challenges it presents.Follow Sickboy:Instagram: Sickboy:Patreon -
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Beyond Shelter: The Future of Housing and Health

They say home is where the heart is, but what if too many hearts are left without a home? In a riveting dialogue with Zach Churchill, Opposition leader and MLA for Yarmouth, the boys dive deep into the complex world of homelessness and the urgent cry for affordable housing. As the fabric of Nova Scotia's societal needs unfolds, Churchill sheds light on the intricate dance between the high cost of living, the scarcity of government support, and the vital role of emergency shelters. This conversation doesn't just stay within the borders of Nova Scotia; it ripples out to challenge how we view the social determinants of health and the power of political will to foster change. Wrapping up the episode, the boys take a sharp turn, drawing on Robin Dunbar's eye-opening study from Oxford University. Boys night and brewski’s are not only for the boys, but it’s for your health! The fellas unpack the science behind laughter, endorphins, and the undeniable bond of friendship. It's clear that sometimes, the best medicine doesn't always come in a bottle, but sometimes it does. A bottle full of hops and bubbles. (But remember, sodie-pops are just as acceptable.) Whether it's a debate on affordable housing or the underestimated power of a pint with pals, this episode is an invitation to reconsider what truly makes a community thrive.Follow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok & Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 25 minutes
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The Art of Digital Healing: Common Language

In a world where health meets digital narrative, Dr. Mike Lang and Kristy Wolfe turn the mic to the unsung heroes of healthcare: storytelling. This episode dives deep into the heart of healthcare, illuminated by the guiding lights of digital storytelling. Dr. Lang, a filmmaker and health researcher, along with digital storyteller and photographer Kristy Wolfe, unveil the transformative power of digital storytelling in the realm of health and wellness. Storytelling not only provides therapeutic relief but also fosters meaningful behavior change. From the intimate corridors of personal health journeys to the broader landscape of healthcare practices, the duo discusses the profound impact of digital narratives. This conversation is a testament to the belief that every patient, caregiver, and healthcare provider has a story worth telling—a story that can change minds, heal hearts, and bridge the gaps between us.Check out Common Language DSTWatch Vittorio's Digital StoryFind Kristy's workFollow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok & Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 24 minutes, 4 seconds
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Herniated Discs & Healing Arts

Who knew that a backache could lead you on a journey through the depths of sorrow and the heights of artistic creation? Meet Rhonda, a spirited soul entangled in the web of chronic pain and depression due to a misdiagnosed herniated disc. But Rhonda's story isn't just one of suffering; it's a testament to the transformative power of art. In this episode, she unveils her "Deep Cuts" series, an artful exploration of human resilience amid trauma. With each stroke and collage, Rhonda navigates the tumultuous waters of grief, using her canvas as both a shield and a vessel. Her journey is not just about battling physical pain; it's about confronting the emotional storms and finding solace in creation.Links: Rhonda's art, Cuts and Paste Gallery, Rhonda's Instagram (@littlebitsofpaperbigart)Catch the full video version of this episode on YouTube. Follow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok and Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 11 minutes, 5 seconds
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Dump Truck Dysplasia: HPV In Your Butt

Forget everything you thought you knew about the birds and the bees because this episode dives deep into the world less spoken of, yet equally vital: anal health. Dr. Gary Bucher, a pioneer in HIV medicine and an advocate for HPV-related disease awareness, illuminates the shadowy misconceptions surrounding HPV and its implications beyond the cervix. In this eye-opening episode, Dr. Bucher demystifies HPV's widespread impact, champions the life-saving power of High Resolution Anoscopy (HRA), and advocates for the critical need for HPV vaccinations. From dissecting the groundbreaking Anchor Study to debunking myths about anal cancer detection and prevention, this conversation is a beacon of enlightenment in the often-overlooked field of anal health.Mommy Has A Lump In Her Bum EpisodeCatch the full video version of this episode on YouTubeFollow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok & Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 23 minutes, 35 seconds
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From Chronic Fatigue to Chronic Optimism

Isobel's journey isn't just about battling Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS); it's a deep dive into resilience and self-discovery amidst the challenges of chronic illness. Facing skepticism and navigating a world not built for her, she shares the highs and lows of her path to recovery. Isobel walks the fellas through her mission to challenge the status quo by using her TikTok as tool to spread awareness about accessibility (or lack thereof) in London. Isobel's story is a clarion call for awareness and understanding, proving that embracing one's identity can be the first step toward meaningful change.Be sure to follow Isobel on TikTok: @is0bellywellyCatch the full video version of this episode on YouTube.Follow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok and Discord!
1/1/159 minutes, 50 seconds
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A Luddite's Guide to Conquering Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

In the analog corners of Utah, Libby Slem navigates the digital age with a Luddite's charm and a warrior's grit, facing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). This isn't your everyday pain; it's a journey through a rare nerve disease that transforms every facet of life, from motherhood's joys and trials to the heart's metallic beats, courtesy of an atrial septal defect. Libby's candid conversation unfolds the layers of CRPS, beyond the pain to the diagnosis stages, and the sheer impact on her personal and parenting life. With humor and gravity, she delves into the challenges of seeking support in a world barely scratching the surface of understanding chronic pain.Our recent chronic pain episodeFor more info on CRPSCatch the full video version of this episode on YouTubeFollow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok and Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 3 minutes, 51 seconds
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The Platinum Rule: Advance Care Planning

Life is a storyboard, and every chapter counts, especially those we write in advance. Karine Diedrich, the Director of Advance Care Planning at the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) unravels the threads of advanced care planning—a blueprint for future healthcare that aligns deeply with one's values and wishes. Karine explains the crucial distinctions between a living will and advanced care directives, spotlighting the importance of the Platinum Rule: treating others with the dignity they define. In the Wrap Up the fellas take a deep dive under the surface of the ocean to explore the possibilities of age reversal. In 2023, Dr Joseph Dituri challenged himself to spend 100 days in a habitat located 30 feet underwater. Scuba Steve would be proud, but Brian isn’t impressed.Catch the full video version of this episode on YouTube. Follow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok and Discord!
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Legally Blind or Faking It? - Retinitis Pigmentosa

Sometimes, the world we see isn't just defined by light and shadows, but by the stories we tell and the voices we hear. Mara Hutchinson offers the fellas a candid glimpse into her life with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a rare eye disease that affects the retina. She’s lived a journey marked not just by challenges but also by profound resilience. Mara delves into how navigating the world with a white cane (or white stick, depending who you ask) is more than an exercise in mobility—it's a statement of independence and identity. In the wrap, the boys keep the visual disorders going with prosopometamorphopsia. If Picasso was a sociopathic god who designed people, he might have envisioned something like “propsy” as Jer puts it.Catch the full video version of this episode on YouTube.Follow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok and Discord!
1/1/11 hour, 9 minutes
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What Happens When One Conjoined Twin Dies?

In a dance designed for two, what happens when the music stops for one? This week Jer and Tay go OG FGF mode. After introducing the newest member of the team, Haeley, Jer delves into the complex world of conjoined twins, particularly focusing on the rare and heartbreaking scenario where one twin dies but the other lives. We explore the various types of conjoined twins and the medical intricacies involved, from shared organs to separate sensations. Modern medicine offers some the possibility of separation, yet for others, like the famed Abby and Brittany Hensel, separation is not a viable option. To cap it all off, a small exploration of the meaning of Glass Child Syndrome. Not a kid that’s fragile, but a kid who feels like people see right through them. Follow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok and Discord!
1/1/139 minutes, 46 seconds
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The NHL Has A Head Trauma Problem

When the game ends but the battle just begins, former NHL player Daniel Carcillo lays bare the hard-hitting truth about sports concussions and the healing journey beyond the rink. Carcillo joins the fellas for a compelling chat surrounding his intense struggle with mental health following repetitive head trauma and the lack of proactive education and support from the NHL and its Players' Association (NHLPA). Delving deeper, he underscores the necessity of informed consent and advocates for the continuation of physical aspects of hockey, albeit with greater transparency about their risks. Carcillo's personal recovery story transitions into an exploration of unconventional therapies, highlighting his transformative experiences with psychedelics, particularly psilocybin, and their integration with talk therapy.Catch the full video version of this episode on YouTube!Follow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok and Discord
1/1/11 hour, 13 minutes, 37 seconds
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Black Man in a White Coat Fighting For Mental Health

Humor isn't just medicine for the soul; it's also a scalpel that dissects the complex anatomy of our mental and physical health. This week Jer and Tay are joined by best-selling author and psychiatrist, Dr. Damon Tweedy. From discussing the stigmas that shadow mental health in marginalized communities to the transformative power of integrating mental health care into everyday medical practice, the conversation covers significant ground. Dr. Tweedy shares his evolution from cardiology to psychiatry, emphasizing the critical role of mental health in medical education and the larger healthcare ecosystem. Stick around for the wrap up, as we continue the mental health talk where Jer shares a real life nightmare where he may or may not have had a psychotic break. Was it intrusive cognitions? Was it a complete psychotic break? Tune in to the end to find out! Catch the full video version of this episode on YouTube!Follow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok and Discord.
1/1/11 hour, 18 minutes, 11 seconds
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From Daring Dreams to Digestive Drama - Crohn's Disease

This week is all about 4 things. Ambition, Resiliency, Adventure and Poop! Our guest Bradley lives with Crohn's disease and despite facing huge health challenges (including a horrific and lengthy hospital admission) he’s done some wildly impressive things. Bradley crossed the Sahara Desert, swam the English Channel, and even raced 14 dogs in the Iditarod across Alaska. And if that isn’t enough to make you feel like you’ve done nothing with your life, his latest goal is to become an astronaut. Stick around for the wrap up as Jer takes the fellas through one of the most gag inducing medical papers they have come across yet!Catch the full video version of this episode on YouTube!Follow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok & Discord
1/1/11 hour, 24 minutes, 53 seconds
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When science fiction becomes a medical reality, the journey is anything but simple. Kelly Grover, CEO of Cystic Fibrosis Canada, dives into how Trikafta, the breakthrough CF drug, is revolutionizing treatment by targeting its root cause. While Trikafta brings significant physical health benefits, Kelly and Jeremie discuss the emotional and mental health challenges that arise as patients navigate new possibilities and uncertainties. The discussion highlights CF Canada's relentless efforts to support the CF community, advocating for research, improving access to treatments, and addressing the unique needs of those with rare mutations. Stick around for the end of the episode as Jeremie introduces the fellas to the work of the late/great Bob Flanagan - a performance artist who lived with CF and had a wild portfolio of art blending CF with BDSM.For more info on Cystic Fibrosis visit here.Catch the full video version of this episode on YouTube!Follow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok and Discord.
1/1/11 hour, 29 minutes, 34 seconds
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“I was fat shamed by the Dalai Lama”: Johann Hari on Ozempic

OH OH OH OZEMPIC! You knOooOooOoow, never believe it’s not so. This week the fellas get to check off a long time dream guest. Johann Hari, a wildly successful and beloved author and journalist, who pops by the studio to do a deep dive into the new form of weight loss drugs that are taking the world by storm! Johann delves into the concept of satiety and how processed foods undermine our ability to feel full while exploring the tension between body positivity and the health risks associated with obesity. Johann draws on his personal experience with the drug as he began taking it back in early 2023 (he was fat shamed by the Dalai Lama after all) to address his lifelong struggle with obesity which inspired his latest book ‘Magic Pill: The Extraordinary Benefits and Disturbing Risks of the New Weight-Loss Drugs’. To wrap it all up Jer and Bri explore a bizarre drug injection fad made to increase melanin production in order to have tan skin and the horrifying risks that come with it!Catch the full video version of this episode on YouTube!Follow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok and Discord.
1/1/11 hour, 20 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Domestic Assault That Shocked The World - Denise Chong

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but sometimes, it illuminates the darkness within. In this episode, the fellas are joined by Denise Chong, the best selling author, to chat about her latest book, Out of Darkness. This gripping narrative follows the harrowing journey of Rumana Monzur, a Bangladeshi professor whose life was shattered by a brutal domestic assault. Chong discusses the global scourge of domestic violence, amplified during the pandemic, and the cultural clashes that often compound these issues. We explore Monzur’s incredible resilience and her defiance of societal expectations, and the systemic changes needed to combat domestic abuse. Join us for an eye-opening conversation on power, betrayal, and the strength to rebuild a life with purpose.Catch the full video version of this episode on YouTube!Follow Sickboy on Instagram, TikTok and Discord
1/1/11 hour, 10 minutes, 29 seconds
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Australian Brainworm Invasion: New Ick Factor Unlocked - Feel Good Friday

This week is all about ICK. In a bizarre medical twist down under, a Canberra hospital found a live worm partying in an Australian woman's brain! After weeks of mysterious symptoms, a neurosurgeon pulled out an 8cm-long roundworm from her noggin. The worm, named Ophidascaris robertsi, is usually a python's buddy, making this a world-first case of an unexpected brain-crasher. The suspect? Native grasses collected from where pythons go dookie. Speaking of ick and dookie - a Delta Airlines flight bound for Barcelona made an unexpected U-turn due to a rather "crappy" situation onboard. Turns out, it was a major "medical issue" that left passengers holding their noses. Delta discreetly apologized for the smelly delay, promising speedy delivery to Barcelona and a memorable in-flight story. Finally for WHAT THE HELLTH, Jer squeamishly dives into a story of one poor woman's experience with having a "dinner plate-sized" medical device accidentally left inside her after surgery. Ew Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
51 minutes, 3 seconds
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Home Based Healing With a Touch of EDS Management

This week the gang have the privilege of speaking with Teague Foreman, a 27-year-old physiotherapist hailing from Woodstock, NB, who has not only dedicated herself to improving the lives of others but also triumphed over her own health challenges. Teague shares her inspiring journey from a childhood filled with sports, including competitive swimming, to becoming a highly educated professional with a Bachelor of Science in Biomechanics and a Master of Science in Physiotherapy. What sets Teague apart is her unique approach to healthcare – she provides physiotherapy services right in the comfort of people's homes, making a significant impact on their lives. The conversation delves into Teague's personal battle with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Classical Type, a condition she underwent a 20+ year diagnostic odyssey to confirm. She sheds light on key clinical presentations that can aid others facing similar challenges and explores the far-reaching implications of genetic confirmation, including the unexpected hurdles she faced in securing health benefits and life insurance. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
53 minutes, 56 seconds
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The High Notes and Low Notes of Multiple Myeloma

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride with this week's guest, Jocelyn Kervin! She's not just rocking the high school music scene but also strikes a chord in the world of Multiple Myeloma awareness. Imagine going from running 5K races around Toronto to receiving a life-altering diagnosis at 43 of a disease you've never even heard of! We chat about everything from the rapid advancements in MM treatments to the urgent need for early diagnosis. Once considered an "older person's cancer," MM is making its appearance in younger populations, and Jocelyn is here to say it's time for a wake-up call, especially for family physicians and the general public. Oh, and you can't miss the jaw-dropping twist—how a fractured rib during sex led Jocelyn to the X-ray that quite literally saved her life! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
49 minutes, 52 seconds
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Speechless By Stroke VS Speechless By Choice - Feel Good Friday

Join Taylor and Brian for a Feel-Good Friday episode of Sickboy Podcast that's a whirlwind of emotions. We start with a concerning update from Nova Scotia, where the rise in pleasant weather has led to an increase in melanoma cases. Next, we share an awe-inspiring tale of a woman who regains her voice 20 years after a stroke, thanks to the power of AI. We conclude with a poignant story about a Japanese couple who break their 20-year silence, reminding us that it's never too late for love. Tune in for an episode filled with highs, lows, and awe-inspiring moments! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 7 minutes, 39 seconds
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Stitched to Perfection: The Savile Row Tailor with Autism

Life might seem pretty strange if you live more than 50 years with autism, but never know it. Today we're sitting down with Tom Bennett, Master Tailor in London's historic Savile Row, to talk about walking through life trying to figure out where he fits in, creating relationships and finding his passion, and attention, for creating the finest garments money can buy.
56 minutes, 45 seconds
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Myasthenia Gravis: Can You Say That Three Times Fast?!

Is it Tara or Tara? Well, if you can't answer that then good luck pronouncing Myasthenia Gravis or Enneagram. Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of it! This week, Tara (you'll find out) joins us to unravel her intricate journey with Myasthenia Gravis, or MG if that's easier. Diagnosed in 2017, MG did a number on her, snatching away her voice and sapping her muscles—all while remaining an 'invisible' illness to the untrained eye. Don't count Tara out, though. After an odyssey of treatments, surgeries, and a whole lot of grit, she's up and kicking. She's also taken her voice back in a big way, co-hosting her own podcast, Unpacked, which dives into the messiness of life, from vulnerability to failure, and the things we all need to talk about more. This episode is a crash course in how to ask for help, set boundaries, and how to find balance amidst trauma, grief, and acceptance. We get into it all—and of course, share some hearty laughs along the way. It's a mouthful of an episode, so hit play and let's trip over some words together! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Friends with Benefits: Why hangin' with buds will save your life - Feel Good Friday

This week on FGF, Tay & Bri are talking radioactive wastewater, how hangin' with your buds for no reason will save your life, and why planes are almost running into each other a lot more than you would hope they do. Also, the AI revolution is the utopia that Taylor is waiting for. Let's wrap this week up with some good vibes and some heavy laughs. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Tiny Minds, Big Emotions: Angela Murphy, Child Psychologist

Get ready to play in the mental health jungle gym with the one and only Angela Murphy! This week on Sickboy, we're unravelling the mysteries of the mind like never before. Trauma? Check. The 4 F's (not as scary as report cards, promise)? Check. Wonder Pup Books? Double check. Angela's going to guide us through the funhouse of emotions, and hey, we might even learn how to dodge that pesky burnout along the way. From tiny tots to temperamental teens, she's got the wisdom, laughs, and probably a few well-timed dad jokes to make this a must-listen. Grab your curiosity cap and buckle up for a fun one!
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Who Even Needs A Pancreas Anyway?! Pancreatic Disease

Grab your seat belts, because Dana Buchli is taking us on a wild ride through pancreases, pacreati, what's plural for pancreas? Born with a rare pancreatic disease that is common in alcoholics (she swears she wasn't a 2-year-old alcoholic), Dana's life has been anything but ordinary. From idiopathic acute pancreatitis to a total pancreatectomy and islet cell transplant surgery, Dana's medical journey reads like a medical textbook. But don't worry, she'll explain what all that means and why you should be grateful for your pancreas. Seriously, do you even know what it does? Dana's story isn't just surgeries and hospital gowns; it's also filled with triumph, love, and the occasional canine cuddle. With a master's degree earned not once, but twice (because why make it easy?), Dana's become a kickass speech language pathologist and an advocate for awareness around her disease and its possible complications. Infertility, brittle diabetes, a near-death experience, and even COVID couldn't dampen Dana's spirit. And, to top it all off, she has an infectious sense of humour that'll have you laughing through the tears. Join us for an episode filled with humour, resilience, and a woman who lives every day without a vital organ but with a surplus of joy, determination, and love. If you've ever felt ungrateful for your pancreas (or just wondered what it was), this episode's for you. Dana's here to remind us all that life's too short not to laugh – even at the tough stuff. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Venomous Intruder: From Bananas to Erections - Feel Good Friday

The fellas dive into the astonishing account of an Austrian supermarket in turmoil, forced to evacuate due to a venomous spider. Not just any spider - the Brazilian wandering spider, infamous for inducing agonizing erections and fatal outcomes. Could this spider venom be the answer to a more effictive boner pill? Speaking of pills, a small bit of research is questioning whether over the counter pain killers are not ony numbing us to physical pain but also to our psychological reactions to the world! In other drug news a new weight loss pill shows promising benifits to heart health! Finally a company in Iceland has figured out that Atlantic Cod has skin that works wonders in the world of burn recovery and this stuff is as incredibly interesting as it is stinky. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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From Prison to Prosperity: Stephen Gillen's Remarkable Redemption

This week the fellas are in for a riveting conversation with Stephen Gillen, once the UK's most notorious ex-mobster turned CEO and transformational pioneer. Born amid Belfast's turmoil in 1971, Stephen's life spiraled into crime after grieving the loss of a loved one. He weathered brutal institutions and a 17-year prison sentence, earning the label of a dangerous prisoner. Determined to change, he tackled behavioral issues, addiction, and poverty head-on. Today, as CEO of Roar Media Creative, he's a global entrepreneur, media personality, and writer. Stephen's journey from darkness to light reveals the resilience of the human spirit, offering inspiration and insights into radical personal transformation. Don't miss his compelling story of redemption, triumph, and the power of rewriting one's own narrative. Be sure to check out Stephen's website to stay up to date with his upcoming UK Tour: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Organ Jigsaw: Decoding the Puzzle of Heterotaxy's Abnormal Arrangements with Ian Hawkins

Join Tay and Jer for a compelling episode featuring Ian Hawkins, an international events host, esteemed author, and distinguished business journalist. Ian shares his courageous tale of living with complex congenital heart defects, heterotaxy syndrome, and the loss of autonomy during childhood hospitalization. Transitioning from comedy to journalism, he discusses battling alcoholism and seizing opportunities. Amid the pandemic, bedridden with Covid-19, Ian defied odds by launching a successful business. His resilient spirit and transformative experiences serve as a beacon of hope, highlighting the human capacity to overcome challenges. Tune in to hear a captivating narrative of resilience, reinvention, and unwavering optimism. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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I GOT A BAD BITE, 2.0: Feral Cats And Mysterious Bacterial Infections - Feel Good Friday

I GOT A BAD BITE!! A Cat in the UK was found to have infected a man with a microbe of unknown origin. Not extraterrestrial... but definitely not something we're familiar with. Yuck! Bri and Jer dive into a study linking a toddler's brain waves to their future IQ. Discover how early experiences shape cognitive development and the potential for targeted interventions. Jer isn't entirely sure what the heck this whole study meant. Low IQ. Tocco the dog is a man in a dog suit. But in his heart of hearts, he's a dog in a man suit inside a dog suit. A very expensive dog suit. Also! Did you know that dead ants can smell like blue cheese? Apparently, some people can smell it, and some others can not. Yum. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Huntington’s Disease And One Womans Relentless Search For Happiness

This week the fellas sit down with their pal Erin Paterson. Erin is an author and speaker and at age 32 she tested gene positive for Huntington’s Disease (HD). Shortly after she started suffering from depression, then received more crushing news: she was infertile. Despite those diagnoses, she was determined to have a family and live a joyful life. She is on a mission to positively impact other people’s lives by writing and speaking about genetic disease, depression, and infertility. She shows that it is possible to live a meaningful life even when faced with unexpected obstacles. She is the author of All Good Things: A Memoir About Genetic Testing, Infertility and One Woman’s Relentless Search for Happiness. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Slaying Stigma: HIV Activism with Myles Sexton

The boys have the honour of sitting down with Myles Sexton, a multi-talented Creative Director, Stylist, and Makeup Artist, known for their remarkable work as an HIV/AIDS Activist. Myles recounts the pivotal moment when they first learned about their HIV diagnosis. The initial shock and fear they experienced serve as a powerful backdrop for their subsequent journey of empowerment and activism, as they challenge the stigma surrounding sexual health and open up important conversations around mental health and harm reduction. Myles shares some sobering stats surrounding HIV - Did you know that Women are disproportionately affected by HIV compared to men, with young women most at risk? Join the gang for a conversation that delves into the depth of Myles Sexton's activism, identity, and empowerment. As they continue to make waves in the world of fashion and advocacy, their journey serves as a powerful reminder that embracing one's true self can lead to transformative change. Be sure to check out "Our Private Bits" - Myles and his partner's new podcast! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Saddle Sores & Penis Fractures: The Worlds Most Dangerous Sex Position - Feel Good Friday

The world's most dangerous sex position, is not what you might think! Drum roll please… The humble Reverse Cowgirl! The boys delve into the alarming statistics surrounding penile fractures in the bedroom, attributing a shocking 50% of these incidents to this once-considered harmless position. YEEHAW! Ticks aren’t only out there giving you Lyme disease, but they are also making you severely allergic to red meat. Vegans unite. In other news Florida Man must contend with the news that Florida accounts for nearly 20% of national cases of Leprosy! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Cancer, Disability, and the Legal Hustle: Triage Cancer with Monica Fawzy Bryant

In this episode the fellas sit down with Monica Fawzy Bryant, COO of Triage Cancer and a renowned cancer rights attorney specializing in healthcare and disability law. Monica shares her expertise on financial planning after a cancer diagnosis, including health insurance, employment, estate planning, and disability insurance. During the conversation, Monica delves into common legal issues faced by cancer patients and survivors, emphasizing the importance of understanding cancer-related legal matters and their impact on patients and families. She highlights essential workplace rights and protections for individuals with cancer and sheds light on navigating complex health insurance coverage for treatments and expenses. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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I Can't Piss When You're Watching: Paruresis

Jer and Tay sit down with Christopher Zara, the senior editor at Fast Company magazine, who bravely shares his experience living with Paruresis, the infamous "shy bladder syndrome." While often played for laughs in pop culture, Christopher sheds light on the serious side of this quirky social phobia, which can be both crippling and embarrassing. Paruresis is a legit social phobia and Christopher knows that more than anyone. From grade school escapades of holding it in all day (to the point of physical harm) to creative bathroom strategies behind dumpsters and bushes. Let's not forget the challenges of living in New York City, where finding a private spot to pee should be a frickin' Olympic sport! Christopher reveals how he faced this irrational fear head-on with self-imposed exposure therapy. Check out Christophers Book UNEDUCATED here: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Parasitic Twin: The Stranger Within - Feel Good Friday

This week the fellas dive into the world of health news starting with Hong Kong's latest attempt to crush the habit of smoking. And how you ask? Well, people in Hong Kong are being urged to shame smokers by staring at them in a ''disapproving'' way. In other news, who knew staying up all night might cure your depression but may also add to the brain fog. Jer has come across a new AI chat bot that can provide some valuable advice and could be an extremely useful sounding board. Jer also wants everyone to know that Joe Jonas shits his pants... just like Jer. Also ever hear of "fetus in fetu"? Unaware of its existence for 36 years, Bhagat's swollen belly concealed a parasitic twin inside him and he had to have it removed! Yikes. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 2 minutes, 30 seconds
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From Physician to Patient: Dr. Koffman's Journey with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Dr. Koffman, a well-known doctor, educator, and clinical professor turned patient has dedicated himself to teaching and helping the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) community since his diagnosis in 2005. Dr. Koffman believes that his dual status as a physician and patient provides a unique experience and understanding which allows him to provide clear explanations of complex issues and to advocate for his fellow patients and inform his fellow healthcare providers. The fellas dive into Chronic Cancer VS Acute Cancer and all things Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 13 minutes, 4 seconds
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Dodging Death, Surviving Cancer and Shifting Careers: Stage IV Melanoma and Addison's Disease

"This week the boys are joined by past guest Oliver, a cancer survivor with a twist! Not only did he take on stage IV melanoma like a champ, but the immunotherapy he braved had a quirky side effect—Winnie Harlow style! Yup! Oliver’s skin changed colours. Even his eyebrows have taken on their own look. But that's not all—Oliver's story gets even more colourful (pun intended) with his unexpected encounter with Addison's disease. A mix of liquid diarrhea and medications required to keep him alive! We’re elated that Oliver not only isn’t dead yet but that he is taking life by the balls and thriving even after a super serious cancer diagnosis! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!"
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Down the Rabbit Hole: A Look at the Strange and Surreal World of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome - Feel Good Friday

This week things get weird. Like, Alice in Wonderland weird. Speaking of, ever hear of Alice In Wonderland Syndrome? It's a rare neurological condition that causes people to experience distortions in their perception of time, space, and their bodies. People with Alice in Wonderland syndrome might feel like they're shrinking or growing, or that their surroundings are changing size. In some cases, they might even feel like they're losing their sense of self. All without the need for psychedelics. If you think that's weird, Ever hear of lexical-gustatory synaesthesia? A condition that causes people to associate words and names with specific tastes and smells. For example, the name "Kirsty" might taste like piss to one person, while it might taste like sliced apples to another. This condition is thought to be caused by a cross-wiring of the senses in the brain. Then they talk about a man in the US whose tongue turned green and hairy after taking antibiotics and smoking cigarettes. Not sure what's worse... the name of your closest friend smelling like piss or a green hairy tongue. Finally, they discuss a breakthrough drug that could regrow teeth. Researchers in Japan are developing a drug that could regrow teeth for people who have lost teeth due to injury or disease. This is a major breakthrough for the dental field, and it could potentially help millions of people. But it's not going to help the tongue guy or the dude who smells pee at the sound of "Kirsty".
49 minutes, 48 seconds
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Death, Grief, and the Art of Living (But Not Dying Too Soon) w/ Stephen Jenkinson

In this very very special episode the fellas speak with Stephen Jenkinson, a renowned author, storyteller, and grief worker. Jenkinson has a master's degree in theology from Harvard Divinity School and another in social work from the University of Toronto. He led the counselling program for the country's largest home-based palliative care program, and has worked with thousands of people facing death and dying. The fellas are enthralled as Jenkinson discusses his views on death, grief, and the importance of engaging with these topics in a meaningful way. He shares insights from his work as a social worker and his own personal experiences with death. We also talk about the cultural factors that contribute to our "death phobia" and "grief illiteracy." But don't worry, this episode is not all doom and gloom. Jenkinson also shares some of his own unique (and sometimes humorous) insights on how to live a more meaningful life in the face of death. This episode is a powerful and thought-provoking exploration of one of the most important aspects of the human experience. If you are interested in learning more about death, grief, and how to live a more meaningful life, then this episode is for you... even if you're a little bit scared of dying.
1 hour, 9 minutes, 27 seconds
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BPD and the Power of DBT: One Asian Man's Struggle with Mental Health

This week the boys engage in a conversation with Bryce Seto, writer, marketing executive, and co-founder of The Blossom Fund. Bryce, diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), shares personal insights on how this condition impacts his daily life and relationships. He candidly discusses early signs and symptoms, their evolution, and the effect on parenting. Intriguingly, Bryce sheds light on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and its transformative power in his life. We explore how BPD affects self-perception and identity, and how he cultivates stability amidst the disorder. Bryce's dedication to mental health advocacy led to the creation of The Blossom Fund, raising awareness and providing grants for Asian Canadians to access mental health support. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 11 minutes, 8 seconds
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A Grave Responsibility: USPS's Struggle with Undelivered Cremated Remains

Jer kicks things off with a startling report revealing that the United States Postal Service (USPS) has 452 packages filled with unidentified cremated remains. The USPS Office of Inspector General's investigation highlights lapses in handling procedures, which may explain how these sensitive packages ended up lost. Then, a bizarre and unfortunate incident where a patient suffered "major injuries" after mistakenly wearing a metallic butt plug to an MRI scan. Discover why magnetic forces can turn a horny object into a dangerous projectile. Kidney stones are NO joke and it seems like there is a massive rise in cases where kidney stones are being found in teenage girls, Brian thinks it's TikTok but theres a lot more to it than that. Finally, if you are one of those completely normal people who pee in the shower... you might want to stop according to pelvic floor specialists! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 4 minutes, 19 seconds
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Understanding Asexuality: A Conversation with Aline Laurent-Mayard

This week the fellas are joined by Aline Laurent-Mayard, a French journalist and advocate for gender and LGBTQ+ issues, and the host of "Free From Desire" now available in Canada and the US. The gang dive into the world of asexuality. Aline, who identifies as asexual, shares personal insights and experiences, challenging misconceptions and promoting understanding. They discuss the pressures faced by teenagers regarding sex as a rite of passage, questioning societal norms that equate sexual activity with maturity and self-worth. Aline courageously shares their journey, shedding light on the complexities of asexuality and dispelling the notion that it is a disease or disorder. Make sure you check out Free From Desire, available wherever you get your podcasts! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 4 minutes, 49 seconds
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Aging Like a Fine Wine: Roy Baird's Bladder Cancer Battle

In this heartwarming and humorous episode, Jer and Bri have the pleasure of chatting with Roy Baird, an 83-year-old dynamo from Sherbrooke, Quebec, who is fearlessly taking on bladder cancer while living life to the fullest! Roy's journey is a testament to his unwavering spirit and ability to navigate the complex process of a bladder cancer diagnosis. The gang dive into the challenges he faced during treatment, but with a touch of humour that only Roy can bring. After all, he's got a literal lifetime of wisdom and a killer sense of humour! We also explore the unique aspects of long-term management for bladder cancer and how Roy's retirement has played a role in his journey. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
42 minutes, 46 seconds
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Semen Allergy: When Love Juice Makes You Itchy, Scratchy, Or Can Even Kill You

Brian is out of town so Jer and Tay go off the rails this week. RIP Jerry Martin. The past Sickboy guest and Safe Supply advocate has tragically died of a suspected fentanyl overdose. It turns out COVID can have a detrimental effect on the quality of semen and semen production even when the infection was mild. Usually, fans throw things like bras and their cellphones at their favourite musicians… one lady threw a bag of her mom's ashes at Pink! Did you know that your pests can get infested with pests? And if that didn’t make you itch, Jer explores the ​​little-known condition of seminal plasma hypersensitivity, commonly referred to as a semen allergy. Why do some individuals experience discomfort and swelling after contact with semen? It’s often mistaken for STI symptoms. As it stands there is limited research on this condition that affects thousands of women in the US. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 2 minutes, 1 second
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You Make Your Path by Walking - Navigating Trauma and Grief

The fellas are in for an inspiring conversation with Suzanne Anderson, founder of The Mysterial Woman and a renowned psychologist, coach, and author. Suzanne's pioneering work in awakening our Feminine and Masculine strengths combines ancient wisdom, depth psychology, and modern neuroscience. In her memoir-guidebook, "You Make Your Path by Walking," she explores how difficult events can become transformative forces, guiding us towards wholeness and growth. We delve into the power of acceptance and surrender, discovering how embracing what is allows us to shape what can be. Suzanne shares her own experience of navigating the profound loss of her husband to suicide and finding healing through forgiveness, ultimately reclaiming her freedom and personal growth. Additionally, the gang explore the significance of ritual practices during uncertain times, bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind, providing grounding and transformation. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 1 minute, 51 seconds
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Timmy The Tumor: Benign Brain Tumor and Depression

In this captivating episode, the fellas welcome Sandy, also known as Sandserif, a graphic designer, illustrator, and webcomic artist. Sandy, who typically prefers to keep his real name private, breaks his silence to discuss mental health in his art and his journey as an artist with a benign brain tumour. The fellas explore Sandy’s personal experiences with anxiety, depression, and his recent bipolar disorder diagnosis. He shares the intriguing story of his awake brain surgery. No, unfortunately, he didn’t smell burnt toast, but he did get a free shaving off his nuts prior to the procedure. Sandy also touches upon his Indian upbringing and the challenges of living with his parents post-surgery, while eagerly anticipating his upcoming move to a new country. The gang delves into the presence of death in Sandy’s comics and the profound influence of his tumour, affectionately named Timmy. Check out Sandy’s art here: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
58 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Dark History of Organ Transplantation

This week the boys deep dive into the very VERY dark and twisted history of organ transplantation. In particular, Jer tells the boys about the role that Vladimir Demikhov played in it all. Demikhov was a Soviet scientist and organ transplant pioneer referred to as “the father of heart and lung transplantation.” But he isn’t only famous for his work in discovering how we can transplant organs in humans. He’s arguably more famous for his bat-sh*t crazy off-the-wall work in trying to create a two-headed dog. For a little palate cleanser - did you know that the water you’re cleansing your palate with is just dino piss? Will AI replace the jobs of lifeguards? Finally, did you know that there are a number of animals that have “virgin births”? Crocs have recently been added to the list. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 4 minutes, 13 seconds
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When The Ticker Is A Bit Thicker: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

This week's routine checkup packs in an inspiring conversation with Lisa Salberg, Founder and CEO of the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association (HCMA). Lisa's mission to improve the lives of those affected by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) stems from her personal experience battling this genetic heart muscle disorder and losing her sister to HCM as well. Despite her own heart transplant in 2017, her commitment remains resolute. In this episode, the fellas discuss screening practices, the signs and symptoms of HCM, and the importance of support for loved ones. Lisa also shares her compelling journey of founding HCMA, a thriving community providing vital resources and life-saving research. Oh and if that's not enough Lisa literally shows the boys her old heart during the interview, which she keeps for educational purposes. Don't miss this powerful conversation that sheds light on HCM, inspires action, and highlights the need for increased awareness and advocacy. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
57 minutes, 53 seconds
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Immunodeficiencies Unmasked: Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) and Granulomatous and Lymphocytic Interstitial Lung Disease (GLILD) and the Power of Plasma

This week the fellas are joined by Aubrey, a young adult living with Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) and Granulomatous and Lymphocytic Interstitial Lung Disease (GLILD), as she shares her journey of resilience. From symptoms to diagnosis and treatment, we explore the world of Primary Immunodeficiencies (PI) and the importance of plasma donations for PI patients. Aubrey candidly discusses her college experience with chronic illness and the uncertainties it brings to future plans. We also delve into the crucial topic of mental health and how Aubrey manages anxiety and depression. Dating and friendships as a young adult with an invisible illness are explored, shedding light on disclosure, relationship dynamics, and finding supportive partners. Don't miss this empowering conversation that offers practical insights into living a fulfilling life despite the challenges of chronic illness. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 3 minutes, 50 seconds
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Selling Dead People's Faces and Other Body Parts: Harvard's Shocking Morgue Scandal

This episode is all sorts of messed up. Apparently a former Harvard morgue manager is facing charges for selling dead peoples faces. Like something straight out of a Goosebumps book, Cedric Lodge and his wife allegedly trafficked stolen body parts, including brains and faces and who knows… maybe some nipple lamps. With customers handpicking their desired remains or opting for home delivery. Yikes. Speaking of sketchy ethics - the fellas cover the world of synthetic human embryos. Without the need for eggs or sperm, these lab-grown embryos raise profound ethical questions while potentially solving mysteries of early development and pregnancy loss. Ya can't have Daddy issues if you don't even have a dad. Sh*tty stinky toilet plungers are worth pushing into your chest if it will save your life! In WHAT THE HELLTH!?! The boys cover the wild story out of Russia where some dude inhaled a seed and a tree grew in his lungs. Super legit. Not a hoax at all. Definitely real. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
53 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Holy Trinity of Diabetes: Exercise, Nutrition, and Blood Sugar Management

This week the fellas chat with Ben Tzeel, a true inspiration for anyone living with diabetes. Diagnosed at age 7, Ben shattered the notion that diabetes is a life sentence. Instead of succumbing to limitations, he transformed himself into a science experiment and pursued his passions against the grain. As a Registered Dietitian, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Certified Diabetes Educator, Ben is on a mission to help folks with diabetes improve their blood sugars while relishing amazing food and breaking the stigma. In our conversation, we debunk routine nutritional advice and dive into the ancient and terrible diabetes wisdom that desperately needs an upgrade – education and advocacy, anyone? Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 23 seconds
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Youthful Swagger and MS: Rachel's Courage In The Face Of Early Onset Multiple Sclerosis

At a mere 22 years old, Rachel takes the fellas on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride through her jaw-dropping journey with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Picture this: a young, vibrant soul released from St. Michael's Hospital with a diagnosis that would make even the bravest tremble. Rachel defies the odds as she reflects on her transformation from scared rookie to seasoned warrior, sprinkling gratitude and renewed passion along the way. On top of it all this experience leaves Rachel reconsidering her dreams of being a lawyer and she discovers her true calling as a personal trainer and spin instructor. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 6 minutes, 50 seconds
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Faking Your Own Death For The Likes, LOL - Feel Good Friday

Everyone loves a good prank, right?! But is this a "good prank"? David Baerten, a 40-something-year-old TikTok user, faked his own demise just to surprise his family at his funeral — but hey, at least he did it in style by arriving to his own funeral in a helicopter. In other bat sh*t crazy news, Sweden has announced Sex as a sport. At least thats what many news outlets would like you to believe so that you will click on their link to put money in their pocket. Nova Scotia has implemented an ER wait forecast so you can be choosy about where you want to go for care. We are moments away from being able to record and watch our dreams and nightmares. Finally in WHAT THE HELLTH the fellas cover the astounding story of one woman who woke up after 20 years of being in a catatonic state. How did she wake up? Someone treated her Lupus! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 2 minutes, 12 seconds
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ICU Delirium: An Absolute F'ing Nightmare

In this captivating episode of Routine Checkup, The dudes are in for an eye-opening conversation with Kali Dayton, DNP, AGACNP. Kali is a critical care nurse practitioner, the host of "Walking Home From The ICU" and "Walking You Through The ICU" podcasts, and a critical care outcomes consultant. Delving into the depths of ICU practices, Kali sheds light on the reality and risks of medically-induced comas, uncovering the haunting world of ICU Delirium Nightmares. She explores the prevailing culture of sedation and mechanical ventilation in the ICU and how current research guides us in treating intubated patients. But what do these findings mean for the public and the loved ones of those in the ICU? Kali shares invaluable insights and offers ways to support ICUs in providing the best care for their patients. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 3 minutes, 18 seconds
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Mommin' on Wheels: Ambulatory Wheelchair User With Spina Bifida & Tethered Cord Syndrome

The fellas sit down for a chat with Reedan, an ambulatory wheelchair user and bad ass mother of four from Squamish, BC, who has mastered the art of taking back her bodily autonomy and defying expectations. Reedan's long-form diagnosis reads like a medical encyclopedia — Spina Bifida Meningocele, Tethered Cord syndrome with Adhesive Arachnoiditis, Surgically Fused Scoliosis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and a few other skeletal surprises along with Celiac disease. There will be a quiz on this at the end of class so pay attention. As a disabled parent, Reedan wants to set the record straight—being a wheelchair user doesn't mean parenting is terrible or harder, just wonderfully different. She'll share the eyebrow-raising moments she's had, from medical staff's jaw-dropping reactions to her pregnancies ("Can she handle all those kids?") to the curious comments she receives in public. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 9 minutes, 37 seconds
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Point Of Personal Privilege: Jeremie Is Now A Certified Death Doula

This week the boys take some time to touch on a few points of personal privilege. So much so that they don't have time for anything else. Should people who publicly nasal blast snot into an already USED hanky only to stuff it back in their pocket to use it later be shamed? Brian seems to think this is perfectly okay. Tay and Jer, not so much. Jeremie has been officiall diagnosed with ADHD and has been officially undiagnosed with his first hemrrohoid - no need to suffer in silence. The boys dive into what makes "a good death" as Jer walks them through what goes into planning your own vigil and Brian has a business idea that focuses on helping people not only have a good death, but a cool death too! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 4 minutes
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Ultra Processed People: Unraveling the Secrets of Ultra Processed Foods with Dr. Chris Van Tulleken

This week the boys have an eye-opening conversation with Dr. Chris Van Tulleken, an infectious diseases doctor at UCLH and renowned BBC science presenter. They dive deep into the world of ultra-processed foods (UPF) and their effects on our health. Where the f*** does UPF come from? Dr. Van Tulleken unveils the surprising sources of these heavily processed foods that have become so prevalent in our modern diets. Dr. Chris shows us how UPF cleverly hacks our brains and how they manipulate our taste buds and cravings. Despite the profound effects of UPF on our health, there seems to be a lack of public awareness of these issues. Dr. Van Tulleken shares his insights on why this might be the case and discusses the importance of increasing public understanding of the risks associated with UPFs. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 3 minutes, 55 seconds
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If You Nap, You Die: Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome

Join the fellas as they dive into an extraordinary conversation with the fabulous Shannon. Shannon shares her experience in living with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome, a disorder that affects normal breathing. People with this disorder take shallow breaths (hypoventilate), especially during sleep, resulting in a shortage of oxygen and a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood. Basically, if you nap, you die. They explore the wild world of technology transitions, from going trach to vent to becoming a full-blown bionic wonder. Shannon thrives independently and manages to conquer parenting challenges while raising a kid with the same diagnosis. Hold your breath—literally—as they navigate the comorbidities of CCHS and the complexities of pediatric care. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 9 minutes, 48 seconds
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Injecting Teenage Plasma: When Daddy Wants to Drink Your Youth

Super weird, slightly gross. Bryan Johnson, a Silicon Valley tycoon, injects his teenage son's blood into his veins, claiming it's the secret to everlasting youth. The boys explore the lack of science, the FDA warnings, and whether this strange "blood boy" trend is just anxiety dressed up in medical garb. Social media is causing a massive mental health crisis amongst teens and something has to change. One man can walk again after transplanting robot bits into his noggin. One social worker has mastered the art of improvising functional and hella fun games for seniors in homes and finally religion, it makes us do some wacky things… like tear our skin to shreds using blade tipped flails in the name of penance. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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The Not-So-Sugarcoated Truth: Diabetes Stigma with Laura Syron, President & CEO of Diabetes Canada

In this enlightening episode, Bri and Tay sit down with Laura Syron, the President & CEO of Diabetes Canada, a leading organization dedicated to improving the lives of those living with diabetes. As a passionate advocate and someone who personally lives with type 2 diabetes, Laura shares her mission to challenge misconceptions surrounding this condition and shed light on its often invisible impact. With an astonishing number of nearly 12 million people in Canada affected by diabetes or prediabetes, the reach of this epidemic is far-reaching. However, stigma persists, hindering open conversations and support for individuals living with this chronic illness. Laura discusses the detrimental effects of labeling type 2 diabetes as a "lifestyle-related disease" and emphasizes the importance of dispelling the associated shame, blame, and self-stigmatization.
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"She's Mentally Ill": Anxiety & Depression

This week the fellas sit down with Clare, a 22-year-old student who has battled anxiety and depression since her teens. We dive into her journey with therapy and how one not-so-amazing experience with one not-so-helpful therapist, included a recommendation for nose surgery for better breathing techniques and shutting off the router at night! Clare shares how her dog caused some serious anxiety (to the point of near psychosis). Her irrational fear of eviction due to barking antics led to wild hallucinations and dreams of phantom barks. But also how now her dog is one of the most important forms of therapy for her! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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The Jury Is In Not Out: Marijuana Is Not Okay For Pregnant People

This week the fellas are doing it in one take. Apple's latest innovation, Personal Voice, can transform you into a vocal robot in just 15 minutes! Say goodbye to weeks of tedious voice-banking and hello to sounding like a smooth-talking genius. It's like having your own Siri on steroids, minus the robotic vibes. This is huge for the ALS community! How big can you gape? Your mouth, how big can you gape your mouth? Well some kid in the US has a big ol’ gapper. Bats could hold the key to longevity! Filler injections are making people blind and clearly Jer doesn’t like it. Mary-Jane is officially bad for pregnant women which the fellas thought the ol’ jury came way in on this long ago. So the jury was still out, but now it’s officially in? Sex in space could cause harm in the future and we’re just not ready for it. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Emancipating Passion: Intellectual Disabilities and the Right to Sexual Fulfillment

This week Jer and Bri are joined by Maddie Sherman, an Occupational Therapist specializing in working with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They explore the Department of Community Services' housing support for this population, discussing safety, mobility, and engagement in daily activities. Maddie highlights the delicate balance between ensuring safety and preserving the dignity and rights of individuals supported. Another intriguing topic they cover is sexuality as an occupation, often overlooked in occupational therapy. Maddie emphasizes the importance of consent, privacy, and accessibility to spaces for sexual expression and relationships, particularly for this population. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Tumor, Laughter, and Everything After: Stage-III Acute Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

This week the guest is none other than Daniel Stolfi, a multi-talented Canadian Comedy Award-winning actor, comedian, writer, and cancer survivor. When Daniel received a cancer diagnosis at the ripe age of twenty-five, he didn't let it dampen his sense of humor. Instead, he found comedy in the most unexpected places, even in the midst of his cancer journey. He turned his experiences into a hilarious one-person show called "Cancer Can't Dance Like This." The show had audiences rolling in the aisles and raised over $100,000 for health-related charities. Join in as the gang dive into the side-splitting journey of finding humor in the face of cancer, the challenges young adults face, and the evolution of Daniel's hilarious solo show and memoir. Get ready to laugh, be inspired, and keep it gangster, always! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Sticky Business: Ejaculation and Prostate Cancer Risk Unveiled! - Feel Good Friday

Discover the surprising link between ejaculation and prostate cancer risk in this weeks episode. The fellas unveil the Harvard Ejaculation Study, revealing that sexually active men have a 31% lower risk of prostate cancer. It seems events early in life, like teenage indulgences, might predict future prostate cancer risk. Suddenly, "self-care" takes on a whole new meaning! In a revolutionary approach to combat devastating mitochondrial diseases, a UK baby born from three peoples DNA has been brought into this world. This pioneering technique involves introducing 0.1% of DNA from a donor woman alongside the genetic material of the parents. Your next set of lungs could be delivered by Drone! Finally Jer leads the fellas through some of the best and worst health myths. Spoiler alert, an apple a day is far less about keeping the doctor away and more to do with how smart you are. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Ace-ing Relationships: The Unspoken Asexuality Spectrum

Join the dudes as they dive into the world of asexuality with special guest Alexandra Brozowski. A passionate advocate and psychology graduate, Alexandra shares her insights on various aspects of asexuality. Discover the stigma surrounding asexuality, the Split Attraction Model, and the representation of asexual individuals in the media. Explore the investment model and how it predicts relationship commitment among asexual individuals based on attachment orientations. Alexandra's dedication to advancing research and promoting inclusivity for the asexual spectrum community shines throughout this thought-provoking conversation. Tune in and prepare to be enlightened by this remarkable exploration of asexuality. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Remembering Brandon - Five Years Since You've Been Gone

This week we throw back to an episode that changed our lives. Brandon was one of the earliest guests on the podcast and he immediately became one of our best friends. Last year marks 5 years since Brandon's death. Tune in for one of the episodes that helped shape what the podcast is today: ***Jeremie, Brian and Taylor sit down with very special guest Brandon to have an open, frank and sometimes offside conversation about surviving an Osteosarcoma and losing your leg. The boys talk about Terry Fox, cute nurses, insane post-op complications, and the logistics of sex with one leg. Brandon also brought in a bunch of gnarly photos for the boys to marvel at.
1 hour, 17 minutes, 31 seconds
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Mummy Dearest: The Toraja People and their Undead Loved Ones

The dead don’t die. The Torajan people have a wild tradition of removing their dead loved ones from their coffins every three years for a little TLC. Giving the deceased a spa day and some quality time with the family. We'll delve into the peculiar practice of mummification and how it's an essential part of the family. And who knows, maybe you'll learn some tips for your own funeral preparations. exciting findings of a recent study that pitted an AI-powered chatbot called ChatGPT against real-life physicians in answering health-related questions. Published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the study found that ChatGPT outperformed human doctors in providing high-quality, empathetic answers to patients. The Dyson Zone blows chunks. And psilocybin-assisted therapy in Oregon is gonna cost ya an arm and a leg. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Sickboy Introduces: Let’s Not Be Kidding with Gavin Crawford

If laughter really was the best medicine, Gavin Crawford would have cured his mother of Alzheimer’s disease. As a son, his mother’s dementia has been devastating. As a comedian though…it’s been sort of funny. Honestly, how do you respond when your mom confuses you with her teenage crush and wants you to take her to the high-school dance? Well, you laugh. Because it’s the only thing you can do. In this seven-part series, Gavin tells the story of losing his mother — his best friend and the inspiration for a lot of his comedy — to a disease that can be as hilarious as it is heartbreaking. He’s joined by comedian friends who share their experience caring for family members with dementia. The result is a cross between an improv act and a support group. Part memoir, part stand-up, part meditation on grief and loss, Let’s Not Be Kidding is a dose of the very best medicine for anyone dealing with hard times. More episodes are available at:
35 minutes, 50 seconds
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Finding Relief From Lifelong Depression: Accelerated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Owen Scott Muir, MD Is a dual board-certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, and co-author of Adolescent Suicide and Self-Injury: Mentalizing Theory and Treatment. He has held academic appointments at Hofstra-Northwell, NYU and Baylor, and is currently leading the management of suicidality curriculum at the Mayo Clinic general psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry training programs. His main research interest is in neuromodulation for treatment resistant mood disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder. Today he joins the fellas to talk about the state of the mental health crisis in America, the connections between physical and mental health and his personal take on how they relate, and his work in administering Accelerated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, where remissions from lifelong suffering can happen in the span of a week instead of months.
55 minutes, 47 seconds
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OUCHIE - Ejaculating Stones: Seminal Vesicle Calculi

Glen Hodge is a life long geek and education advocate. He has type 1 diabetes but boy-oh-boy that ain’t what he’s here to talk about. Glen pops by the studio for a little surprise story for the fellas. They have no idea about what Glen is here to speak about which makes for a hilariously shocking episode. It all started on a date when Glen felt a pain in his lower abdomen followed by some blood in his ejaculate. It all ended with a trip to the max-chill urologist when he found out he is passing stones through his semen. Tune in for one of the wildest/most fascinating stories we’ve heard to date. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Switching Off Your Swimmers: The Future of Male Contraception - Feel Good Friday

In a recent study, a drug was found to temporarily paralyze sperm, making them unable to fertilize eggs for about two hours. And the best part? This male contraceptive is an "on-demand" option. It's like a remote control for your swimmers, allowing you to switch them on and off whenever you feel like it. Looks like oral sex is causing more than just a good time - experts are claiming it's stoking an "epidemic" of throat cancer, which is now more common than cervical cancer in the US and the UK. Move over storks, there's a new way to deliver babies in town, and it involves robots! According to recent reports, a group of engineers has successfully created a robot that can inject sperm into human eggs, leading to the birth of two baby girls. In a heartwarming story of hope and chance, a woman's pet dog has saved her life by leading her to a perfect kidney donor on a beach trip. Finally, Ghosting friends is linked to depression over time, says study. Don't ghost your friends, folks, or you'll end up haunted by your own sadness. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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A Comedian, His Mom And Her Dementia: Gavin Crawford

If laughter really was the best medicine, Gavin Crawford would have cured his mother of Alzheimer’s disease. As a son, his mother’s dementia has been devastating. As a comedian though… It’s been sort of funny. Honestly, how do you respond when your mom confuses you with her teenage crush and wants you to take her to the high-school dance? Well, you laugh. Because it’s the only thing you can do. This week the fellas are joined by Gavin as they chat about his new CBC podcast Let's Not Be Kidding. They cover the hardships of dealing with dementia, the stages of grief, the humour that exists in the experience and more. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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A Softball Size Tumor But Still Batting 1000: Neurofibromatosis type 2 And Many Other Health Conditions

May is NF (Neurofibromatosis) Awareness Month! In this episode, we chat with Kevin MacDonald, a man who has faced more medical challenges than the entire cast of Grey's Anatomy combined. He's got esophageal atresia, a hole in the heart, and NF2 — and no, that's not a fancy new Netflix series. We're talking about Neurofibromatosis type 2, which causes brain and spinal tumours, deafness, paralysis, and loss of vision. But don't worry folks! Kevin's not here to bring us down — he's got a great sense of humour. He'll share stories about pretending to understand what people are saying when they yell at him (because apparently, that's the solution to hearing loss?), talking to mannequins at clothing stores, and accidentally putting his foot in his mouth — though to be fair, that's probably the only body part that isn't causing him any trouble. And if that's not enough, he'll even show us his impressive new talent: controlling the left side of his face with his tongue. Get your head out of the gutter. Tune in for some laughs and inspiration as Kevin shows us that even in the toughest of times, humour can be a powerful tool for healing and resilience. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 13 minutes, 30 seconds
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This Is Snot A Joke: The Link Between Nose-Picking and Alzheimer's

Get ready to pick your nose and "lose your marbles"! (AI's words, not ours). In this episode, the fellas explore the shocking link between nose-picking and Alzheimer's disease. Apparently, those little booger beasts could be providing bacteria with a straight shot to your brain, increasing your risk of developing dementia. Emotional cue cards are helpful for those with autism but in reality the boys question why emotional education isn't at the forefront of education for youth in general!? A new bionic arm will make wielding a knife way more deadly than any time before. Your phone and laptop screen are going to dry your eyes out so badly that they'll be mishapen and you'll need glasses for sure. But on the bright side, filling your eye holes with fetal urine may be the cure! Well, not according to the FDA of course. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 4 minutes, 32 seconds
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Cycle of Lives: The Emotional Journey of Cancer Survivors

This week the fellas are joined by David, an author, public speaker, and endurance athlete who shares his inspiring mission to foster meaningful human connections through storytelling. He dives into his latest book, Cycle of Lives, which details the emotional journeys of 15 people who have overcome trauma, specifically cancer. David shares how the death of his sister from cancer motivated him to create a platform where people can discuss the emotional impact of cancer. The guys explore why David chose to present 15 different stories and whether there were any common themes among the participants. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 4 minutes, 40 seconds
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Boob Density: Beth’s Unforeseen Journey With Breast Cancer

This week the fellas chat with the fierce and fabulous Beth Ciavaglia, a physiotherapist turned long-term care administrator, who shares her story of being diagnosed with grade 3, stage 3 breast cancer just two weeks before her 40th birthday. Beth talks about the importance of patients having a voice in healthcare and how her experience with cancer opened her eyes to this need. She dives into the science behind breast density and its correlation with breast cancer, and Beth stresses the importance of asking about breast density after a mammogram. She also reminds us that cancer is never truly over, as patients may still be left with musculoskeletal impairment and psychological trauma even when there is no evidence of disease. Her experience has shown her that patients often know more than healthcare professionals in many ways. She also highlights the importance of research as care and how she has chosen to contribute by being a partner in research. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 17 minutes, 44 seconds
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Clowning Around: The Psychology of Coulrophobia - Feel Good Friday

Have you ever wanted to be a nurse but were too scared to handle the pressure of real-life clinical practice? Well, fear not, because new research suggests that virtual reality (VR) training could be the answer to your fears! Speaking of fears - The Bizarre Life Cycle of a Female Adactylidium is something straight out of a horror movie. We're not clowning around here, folks! A new study has revealed that uncertainty of harmful intent, media influences, and unpredictability of behaviour are the key factors behind this fear. Who knew that a red nose and big shoes could be so scary? Keeping the fears going the fellas then dive into the gruesome details of the calamitous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE, which completely obliterated nearby Roman towns and turned their inhabitants into eerie, preserved specimens. Scientists have now discovered new evidence of a cloud of hot gas that essentially vaporized countless victims and turned their brains to glass. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
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Inside the Mind of a Medical Child Abuser w/ Detective Michael Weber

In this episode, Bri and Jer speak with Michael Weber, a Texas police officer with 38 years of experience, including 15 years as a Crimes Against Children Detective and Investigator. Michael is a national expert on Medical Child Abuse, commonly known as Munchausen by Proxy, and a member of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children's (APSAC) Committee on Munchausen by Proxy. They discuss how a caregiver can get an unneeded surgery performed on a child just by lying about their medical history. Michael shares insights into the prevalence of this abuse and dispels false narratives about it that are often perpetuated in the media. He also highlights legislative efforts in Texas to pass a law specific to this abuse. Michael's experience investigating over 50 reports of Medical Child Abuse and his unique "how-to" training for CPS, law enforcement, prosecutors, make for a fascinating conversation on a critical topic. Tune in to learn more about this form of child abuse and what can be done to prevent it. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
52 minutes, 5 seconds
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Sweat, Abscesses and Tears: Living with Hidradenitis Suppurativa

This week the fellas are joined by Hailey. They dive into a deep conversation about chronic illness and how it can shape one's identity. Hailey shares her experience with stage 3 HS, a disease so advanced that even healthcare professionals were left scratching their heads. For Hailey however she absolutely MUST NOT SCRATCH OR PICK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a painful, long-term skin condition that causes abscesses and scarring on the skin. The exact cause of hidradenitis suppurativa is unknown, but it occurs near hair follicles where there are sweat glands, usually around the groin, bottom, breasts and armpits. She also reveals the struggles of trying to manage a serious illness without proper healthcare in the U.S. Hailey is an absolute warrior and a champ who's bright and uplifting demeanour is infectious and we are grateful to have had this conversation with her.
51 minutes, 31 seconds
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No Shame In Being A Short King - Feel Good Friday

Short Kings rise up. But first, researchers in Boston have created an AI tool called Sybil (not Sybian) that can predict whether a person will develop lung cancer in the next year with 86% to 94% accuracy. And the best part? It can detect early signs of lung cancer years before doctors would typically find it on a CT scan. Move over, Doc, Sybil's got this! A game of Monopoly in Brussels has turned into something out of a samurai movie. Two men landed in the hospital after a disagreement over noise levels, of all things. It seems that a group of Monopoly players were disturbing their neighbors, who then approached them with a katana sword. As you do. Naturally, things got heated, and before you knew it, the Monopoly players were embroiled in a sword fight. And in a mind-blowing scientific discovery, donor lungs last far longer if they are held in 10 degrees Celsius rather than 4 degrees Celsius. How we haven't figured this out sooner is beyond us. In another fascinating discovery: one study finds men (Dutch? Danish? Who knows.) will exaggerate when self-reporting masculinity-related traits, especially penis size. Tune in to hear two short kings and one tall guy chime in on the matter. Finally the history of "rough and tumble" fighting is BRUTAL and hella interesting. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 8 minutes, 23 seconds
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F*ck The Patriarchy - Free Access To Prescription Contraception in BC

This week the fellas are joined by Sara (an NP) and Teale (PHD in International Studies) from AccessBC. They discuss the high cost of prescription contraception in British Columbia and how it impacts access for those who need it the most. They highlight the significant cost of different methods, including the intrauterine device, oral contraceptive pills, and hormone injections. Lucky for us, AccessBC promotes universal coverage for prescription contraception. The campaign believes that providing access to free contraception is not only the right thing to do for vulnerable populations, but it also reduces gender inequality, improves health outcomes for parents and children, and makes good fiscal sense. The good news is that the policy has been included in the 2023 provincial budget, and as of April 1, 2023, prescription contraception in BC will be free! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
51 minutes, 2 seconds
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Routine Checkup: Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy In Their Own Voices w/ Evy Kwong

Evy is an editor at the Toronto Star. She and her colleagues put together a series of videos called ‘In Their Own Voices’ where people talk about why they got the vaccine in their languages in order to combat vaccine hesitancy in racialized and immigrant communities. This week we discuss the broader shifts in journalism towards using storytelling as an effective tool to cultivate change, and what inspired In ‘Their Own Voices’.
37 minutes, 42 seconds
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Screen Time: A Mental Health Double Edged Sword - Feel Good Friday

This week we bypass the silly willy preamble with the gang and jump straight into the world of mental health through the use of tech! Dr. Sandra Meier, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Dal, takes us through the upsides and downsides to using our phones throughout the day. We talk about the latest app she has developed meant to track your mental health and provide more insight into our own emotional well being!
45 minutes, 10 seconds
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Parents of a Sickboy

This week on Sickboy Podcast: Jeremie, Brian, Taylor sit down with Cob and Maxine Saunders, to have a frank and sometimes offside conversation about how much of a pain in the ass Jeremie was as a kid! Not really, but sorta. Jeremies folks stop by to talk about their experience in rearing a child living with a fatal illness. We find out where Jeremie learned all those swear words. Cob makes some memorable (or embarrassing depending on who you ask) dad jokes. Maxine recalls how she was originally in denial about Jeremies diagnosis. For the first time in 28 years the family have an open conversation about the time Jeremie realized that CF was fatal and why Cob and Maxine didn’t tell him themselves. Buckle up!
1 hour, 17 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Art of Science Communication w/ Science Sam: Feel Good Friday

Get in the chopper and "Come with me if you want to live" is the catch phrase we all needed from Arnold as incredible amounts of the COVID-19 vaccine are being administered across the U.S. The gang cover a gross story about white privilege and Jeremie can't get his sh*t together! Then the fellers chat with famed science communicator and neuroscientist, Samantha Yammine. We talk about the role of science communication and how social media can be a wonderful tool to spark meaningful and important conversation surrounding public health and science education!
1 hour, 15 minutes, 59 seconds
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Something's Wrong With Mom - Paranoid Schizophrenia

This week on Sickboy Podcast we chat with Marnie about an experience that isn't her own but one that has changed her life forever. Paranoid Schizophrenia. She grew up in a household where Mom and Dad don't get along. They fall into a devastating divorce, and soon after mom begins to believe that drones with lasers are following her everywhere and silently attacking her internal organs and slowly killing her. A jam packed episode of heartbreak, hospital psych ward escapes, secret letters, brain washing and home made moats dug around the house and most certainly not up to code.
1 hour, 11 minutes, 23 seconds
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Lupus Chick - Finding Life's Purpose Through Illness

What's worse than getting hit by a truck? Finding out you have lupus while you're recovering from being hit by a truck. Over 20 years ago Marisa's life was flipped upside down with a diagnosis that led her down a path to finding her true purpose in life. This week, we dive into the world of lupus, a disease that occurs when your body's immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. Marisa chats with the fellas all about her decades-long battle with lupus and what inspired her to create — a New York-based nonprofit and award-winning website for lupus patients.
51 minutes, 30 seconds
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Dear Whoren Skanky, We'll Miss You - Feel Good Friday

This week it's hard to feel good about Friday. We say goodbye to one of the most valuable members of the Sickboy podcast crew (no, relax, Jeremie hasn't died yet...). Lauren has landed a dream job that means the world to her and so she is moving on to bigger and better things! But don't worry, we send her off with a doozy of an episode. This week the gang go deep on teens shoving snus (nicotine pouches) where the sun don't shine, horrifying nightmare-fuel jet ski accidents, sushi mishaps and much much more.
1 hour, 8 minutes, 13 seconds
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Young Woman, Ancient Spine - Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis set Katie on a life path that she never would have imagined. She developed her arthritis at 19. Something that a lot of us may not realize but, young people get arthritis and it can be super serious shit. This week we learn about the adventures of an archeologist, that arthritis is like... 100 different types of illnesses, how to turn a crying baby off (spoiler alert, it has to do with warm milk straight from the source) and how diet can seriously change a person's life.
1 hour, 3 minutes
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Leaky Brain & Medical Marijuana

This week on Sickboy: Jeremie, Brian and Taylor have a frank and sometimes offside conversation with special guest Shaun about what it's like dealing with CSF leak and treating it with medical marijuana! They talk about radioactive spinal taps, mid lazer tag ganja breaks and the benefits of using medicinal marijuana over dropping 15 tylenol 3 a day. Also in this episode one of the three boys thought it was a good idea to get high... spoiler alert: it wasn't.
1 hour, 3 minutes, 5 seconds
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Strippers At The Old Folks Home - Feel Good Friday

You know it’s a party when someone invites strippers to the nursing home. Some folks in Taiwan are not so happy about the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. One dad-to-be doesn’t quite understand what the heck is happening when his partner breaks the exciting news. Like some sort of evil Disney character, a “nurse” in Vancouver is facing a slew of charges for pretending to be someone she most certainly was not and did a lot of damage while she was at it. NYC is staring down the barrel of a shotgun loaded with Polio… Yikes! One PEI teacher has made a discovery of a lifetime and it’s nearly 300 million years old! Jer caps it all off with even some more TWIN content! This one is a doozy. Sickboy LIVE in Edmonton Tickets: Sickboy LIVE in Vancouver Tickets: Sickboy LIVE in Calgary Tickets: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
53 minutes, 23 seconds
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Rare Disease Advocacy w/ Lelainia Lloyd

Lelainia Lloyd is a rare disease patient, advocate, educator living on the beautiful west coast of Canada, just outside of Vancouver, B.C. She was diagnosed with Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD) in 2012 after initially being misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2007. She has lived with NMO since she was 12. Lelainia joins the fellas to talk about NMOSD and her published papers in The Journal of Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences and a year-long column, The View From Here on life with NMO for BioNews. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
59 minutes, 16 seconds
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When Live Gives You Parkinson's w/ Larry Gifford

When we met Larry he was literally shaking in his boots. Could have been from the excitement of recording an episode of Sickboy, but it's more likely due to the Parkinson's disease. It's an episode full of horrible puns and we touch on, hallucinations, gene hunting, Levodopa Carbidopa (the drug, not the children's folksong warning of evil witches in the woods.) Lover VS Caretaker, and of course what the hell Parkinson's is all about! Also check out Larry's podcast ""When Life Gives You Parkinson's"" on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your weekly podcasts!
1 hour, 11 minutes, 38 seconds
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Resiliency At Its Finest: Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Ben is a sharp young buck about to start his first year at university. He also happens to live with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)! This week the fellas chat with Ben all about his experience in living with SMA. From finding ways to navigate inclusion with friends as a child, to the challenges of traveling the world while disabled, to talking openly about his illness with friends and strangers in order to spread awareness. Ben is an absolute gem and we are grateful to have had the chance to chat with him!
52 minutes, 56 seconds
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Routine Checkup: The Tenth Nerve – A Brain Surgeon's Stories of the Patients Who Changed Him

Dr. Chris Honey, an accomplished neurosurgeon at Vancouver General Hospital, weaves his personal journey together with case studies that reflect the thrill of scientific discovery and the limitations of medicine. Operating on a terminally ill child amid an Ebola outbreak in Liberia, he questions his preconceptions about what it means to "win" against a disease and how an unusual friendship with a former patient alters his perspective on clinical detachment, and what "quality of life" really means. The Tenth Nerve is available as an e-book, audio book, and hardcover
55 minutes, 22 seconds
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Esophegeal Cancer - Death & Dying with Phil O'hara

Phil has esophageal cancer. His prognosis is not good. Living with terminal cancer does a lot to a person and Phil eloquently walks the fellas through his process of facing death head on. From prepping family and friends, to making the most out of his day to day, to reminiscing on old adventures. For a man who was experiencing peak health at the ripe age of 66 only to end up on death's door a couple years later, Phil is taking everything in stride and in style. Why not buy a friggin' Harley?! Life's too short not to do what excites you.
1 hour, 25 minutes, 27 seconds
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Routine Checkup: Bring On The Endemic with Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng is a palliative care & intensive care doctor based in Ottawa and host of the podcast Solving Healthcare. This week he joins the fellas to talk about the tricky discourse surrounding COVID-19 and the controversy surrounding the idea of an eventual endemic. He walks the fellas through the importance of therapeutics and what role they could and should play in the treatment of COVID-19. Join the post episode conversation over on Discord!
56 minutes, 59 seconds
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EMERGENCY ALERT: The Winds Of God Blow...On You! - Feel Good Friday

It's another round of Feel Good Friday which also just happens to fall on the day of our lord - Good Friday. We open it up by putting the fear of God into you with a banger of a tune by the talented Darren Craig. Get ready for some laughs brought to you from our boy Tracy Morgan, a prickly grandpa and some of Brians's horrible dad jokes. Then the hosts chit-chat with Ryan, an ICU Nurse here in Halifax.
1 hour, 48 seconds
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From Patient to Med School: Chronic Pain

Tony is a med student who has already spent years working to treat his chronic pain. While his struggles aren’t over, he hopes others who experience chronic pain will keep trying new treatments until they find one that works for them.
57 minutes, 57 seconds
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Menopause Chicks

Sh*t happens. And so does menopause! This week the fellas tap back into their female anatomy knowledge with the help of Shirley Weir, the founder of the online community Menopause Chicks. Her goal? Empowering women to navigate perimenopause and menopause with confidence and ease! Did you know that menopause isn’t just for old ladies? Did you know that the ovaries are different than the eggs? Of course you do. You’re not some dodo like Jer-Bear.
1 hour, 3 minutes, 11 seconds
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Little People In Big Films w/ Matthew August Jeffers

Matthew is an actor from Baltimore and currently resides in New York City. He recurs on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon) and New Amsterdam (NBC) and is the star of the new feature film Unidentified Objects which recently premiered at the Inside Out Fest in Toronto! Matthew joins the dudes to talk about being undeniable as an actor, how dwarfism has had an impact on his life and much much more. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 7 minutes, 33 seconds
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Music Is The Cure: Endometriosis

Noam Frank is a collector of chronic illnesses. However the one that seems to dominate her life more than the rest is her struggle with endometriosis. Noam joins the fellas from Jolly Ol' England to share how the podcast has helped her realize there is real benefit to opening up about her illnesses in a lighthearted way. They talk about why it took so long to find a diagnosis and how she uses art and music to cope with her illness. Noam created a lovely project called The Endo Tarot Cards where she has created tarot cards with illustrations pertaining to endo. Check out @the_endo_tarot_cards on IG *Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 7 minutes, 1 second
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The Heart With A Hole: Heart Failure

How does one live while born with huge hole in their infant heart? When your heart fails how do you survive?! Medical advancements have come a long ass way! The fellas sit down this week with Callie, a west coast gal who has had countless surgeries to fix a broken heart. Not through love loss, just through a congenital heart defect.
1 hour, 2 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Mental Health Anguish of Escaping & Destroying the NXIVM Cult w/ Sarah Edmonson & Anthony Ames

Sarah Edmonson and Anthony "Nippy" Ames are cult escapees and were the whistleblowers featured in the CBC podcast Uncover: Escaping NXIVM and The Vow, the critically acclaimed HBO documentary series on NXIVM. If you are still somehow unfamiliar, NXIVM was an American cult that dabbled in sexual slavery among a handful of other evil crimes. Sarah and Nippy played a major role in locking up NXIVM's creepy weirdo POS founder for 120 years. This week Sarah and Nippy sit down with the fellas to dive deep into their experience with escaping a cult, how it affected their mental health and relationship, along with tips for communicating with friends or family that might find themselves dealing with abusive power dynamics in their own life. Be sure to check out their podcast A Little Bit Culty where Sarah and Nippy aim to help people understand, heal from, and avoid abusive situations, one little red flag at a time. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 4 minutes, 45 seconds
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Cancer: Episode II Attack of The Bones (sort of)

When you beat cancer only to have it resurface less than a year later, is the battle any easier? For Brandon Thomas the battle is no different. He kicked cancers ass once and he’s ready to do it again. This week the boys sit down with their first repeat guest Brandon Thomas. He gives us an update on where things are at since last recording with us including how his cancer has reared it’s ugly head once more. The boys chat about new secret test treatments, losing your butt hair, King Joffrey Baratheon, and a new Sickboy drinking game.
1 hour, 1 minute, 42 seconds
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Jeremie, Brian & Taylor sit down with Rob "Eyeborg" Spence and break down the future of cybernetics, woman's love for eye patches, shoving camera's in your face and owning your disability
1 hour, 2 minutes, 58 seconds
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Palliative Care For The Homeless w/ Naheed Dosani

Have you ever thought about what palliative healthcare or end of life care looks like for someone who is homeless? This is Dr. Dosani's life's work. Naheed Dosani is a palliative care physician and the lead behind Palliative Education And Care for the Homeless (PEACH). The Toronto based physician sits down with the fellas to share some hella important stories. Destigmatizing stereotypes that are very real within the medical community. The importance and beauty of relationship-centred care. Perspective on what dying on the street is can be like for some. This episode is essential. What is a life worth? Listen with your ears and hearts wide open.
1 hour, 10 minutes, 44 seconds
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Jeremie's Lungs Let Him Down & The CF Miracle Drug

Jeremie is finally out of the hospital and gives us a full recap of how his lungs decided to crap out on him while on a small vacation down in Boston. From terrifying his young nurse to full-on anxiety attacks to the nasty sounds of Picc lines there are tons of things to dig into. Then the fellas have a very real and very important conversation with Kim Steele -director of government and community relations from CF Canada - about Trikafta, a new disease-modifying therapy that treats the most common CF genetic mutation. This life-changing med exists, but to get it in the hands of Canadians who need it is a challenge, to say the least.
1 hour, 23 minutes, 57 seconds
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You're Always A Ten: Jon Dore on Seizures

For our first new episode of 2021, we're psyched to bring you this conversation with standup comedian Jon Dore. After two major seizures and an epilepsy diagnosis, Jon has learned how to make dreaded visits to the hospital a little more fun. Here's a hint: always say 'ten.' For more laughs from Jon, check out Humour Resources, which airs on Tuesday evenings on CBC and CBC Gem starting January 5, 2021.
59 minutes, 53 seconds
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Cocked Wrists & Crooked Ankles - Arthrogryposis

What do you get when a baby is born with clubbed feet, a dislocated hip, triceps but no biceps, hands curled in at the wrists and can only bend one knee? This week we sit down with Michelle to talk about growing up in small town Nova Scotia with Arthrogryposis, a rare congenital condition causing hooked joints and stiffened muscles. We talk accessibility, how grandmothers make hanky panky too, and....a hijacked plane? Whoa. Buckle up.
1 hour, 13 minutes, 32 seconds
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A Drunk Driver Changed My Life w/ Maia Vezina

This week the boys and their new BFF Maia shake up an entire live audience with a live show for the ages! The fellas play a game of ""Afterlife Price Is Right"". What would you choose? Cryo with your willy out? Blasted into space? Or sprinkled into a vibrating dildo urn? Maia then takes everyone on a heart-wrenching story of trauma. On June 9th 2013 Maia and her mother were hit by a drunk driver. The accident resulted in years of recovery. Coma, avascular necrosis, scheduled amputation and more. Luckily for the world, Maia and her mother are still here! We hope that their story will make people think twice about getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Upon the day of releasing this episode, Maia has just returned home from a fusion/bone marrow transplant. She is in for a long long road to recovery and could use some positive vibes and love. Go follow her on instagram - @livingnowwithmaia
1 hour, 24 minutes, 38 seconds
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Routine Checkup: Vaccine Hoarding & Global Vaccine Inequity

Here in Canada, we’re winning the global race to vaccinate our population against COVID-19. But should we even be thinking about it as a race at all? Today on Sickboy Podcast, Dr. Ananya Banerjee makes the case that the pandemic won’t be over in Canada until it’s over in every country.
47 minutes, 39 seconds
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My Soundtrack For Brain Cancer

When Mark has a grand mal seizure at SXSW in downtown Ausitn, TX his life was forever changed. One moment all is normal, the next moment waking up on a gurney covered in blood and beginning his long no holds barred fist fight with Brain Cancer. Mark and Jeremie hunker down in a small hut on the beaches of Maui and dive deep into living with Terminal Brain Cancer. A love story worthy of the silver screen, contemplation of the realities of life and what comes after death, and of course music. Mark is a prolific music critic and blogger. While recounting his life pre and post cancer he weaves in and out of his favourite songs of the time. Music credit: War On Drugs - I Was There Beach House - Irene Noname - Bye Bye Baby Marks music blog can be found at If you're looking for some new jams to add to your library we highly suggest you hop over to take a look! To read Marks blog post be sure to head over to
1 hour, 25 minutes, 2 seconds
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Tourettes Syndrome: It Runs In The Fam

Christina is a high school teacher living in Ottawa and the sister of a past Sickboy guest. Today she joins the fellas to discuss how she’s been living with Tourettes and OCD since she was six and the challenges her illness has presented her over the years. To make things worse, she suffered a stroke back in 2015 which most certainly doesn’t help with her OCD. Sickboy LIVE in Edmonton Tickets: Sickboy LIVE in Vancouver Tickets: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
51 minutes, 21 seconds
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"The Save of My Life" - OCD & Mental Health in the NHL w/ Corey Hirsch

Corey Hirsch was Born in Medicine Hat and raised in Calgary. Like a true Canadian he took a liking to hockey at a young age and he was eventually drafted by the New York Rangers and played in the NHL as a phenomenal goalie. In 1994, Corey Hirsch won the Stanley Cup with the New York Rangers and a silver medal at the Olympics. While Corey got to live his childhood dreams, he was also deeply struggling with his mental health. There was a stark juxtaposition between Corey’s success on the ice and the persistent dark thoughts that plagued him off the ice. Corey was diagnosed with OCD. Today he joins the fellas to talk about his battle with his own mind, the troubles men face with talking about their mental health and his new book The Save Of My Life. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 3 minutes, 25 seconds
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The Downside of Injecting Magic Mushrooms and 'The Big 3': Feel Good Friday

This week we cover a horrifyingly unfortunate story out of the U.S. about a gentleman who made the ultimate wrong decision when it comes to administering psychedelics. Hot tip: don't inject mushrooms into your bloodstream unless you want to live in a real life body horror film. Then the gang speaks with Dr. Madhukar Pai about the big three: AIDS, malaria and TB. Three major pandemic/epidemics that have fallen by the wayside in the wake of COVID-19. Real talk Friday.
1 hour, 9 minutes, 51 seconds
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r/noburp: The Pain Is Real - Feel Good Friday

Transplant innovation, no burp, no fap, bottomless mimosas and busted teeth. This week's episode is stacked. We cover the groundbreaking story in the world of transplants where the first successful trachea transplant took place in the U.S. Then, imagine what life would be like to never have the ability to burp. Spoiler alert: sounds awful. Piggy backs and bottomless mimosas do not mix. Finally for this week's edition of "WHAT THE HELLTH?!" we cover a mysterious case of penile ossification from one of our favourite medical journals: Urology Case Report. Feel Good Friday is bringing the goods.
1 hour, 1 minute, 4 seconds
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Routine Checkup: Weird Science - Psychedelics, Trepenation and Mysticism with Science Journalist John Horgan

This week the fellas are joined by prolific science journalist John Horgan (not the BC Premier) to talk about the interactions between science and mysticism. Altered states of consciousness, psychedelics, the science of drilling holes into peoples heads for enlightenment. We get weird and it's incredible.
50 minutes, 5 seconds
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Infertility: It's not you, it's me

This week on Sickboy the guys are schooled on the ways of the woman - it's the ABC's of infertility! Tune in as they learn about Sarah's struggle with making a baby, what is was like founding Google, and oh yeah, spoiler alert... Taylor may or may not know someone going through the same thing. Buckle up because Taylor and Jeremie are drunk AF and Bri's just trying to be a good listener.
1 hour, 47 minutes, 52 seconds
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"I Want Beer" — Feel Good Friday

One man who is experiencing locked-in syndrome due to his ALS can speak for the first time in months due to a chip implanted in his head. What did he say? "I want beer". My man!! Dyson doesn't just make products that suck. They'll soon be introducing the most futuristic headphones you've ever seen! COVID protection but Fashion. Male birth control is long overdue and we might have finally cracked the code! Healthcare professionals in NS are facing challenges in getting permission to use psilocybin therapeutically. Finally for WHAT THE HELLTH!? The boys dive into the world of microplastics, which microplastics dive into us. *Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 3 minutes, 59 seconds
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Dirty Needles & Dirty Stigma: Hepatits C

Steve spent the majority of his life with Hepatitis C and didn't know it. There's no way to know where he got it exactly, but it could have been from a sketchy garage tattoo while indulging in some devils lettuce and listening to some of that sinful ""rock and roll"" music. Today in honour of Hep C Awareness month we talk about how far we've come in the treatment of the disease that is now curable.
51 minutes, 13 seconds
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A Delicate Dance Between Humour and Hardship w/ Sunee Dhaliwal

Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, ""Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up."" Man bursts into tears. Says, ""But doctor...I am Pagliacci.” - Alan Moore. For this week’s very special episode we speak to Sunee Dhaliwal, Canadian stand up comedian, about life as a touring comedian, using humour and performance to manage grief, the inevitability of offending someone. Check Sunee out on social media @sunnydcomedy.
56 minutes, 54 seconds
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"I Carry a Motherf*n Pager!" - Making Healthcare Efficient with Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng: Feel Good Friday

Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng is a palliative and intensive care doctor who wants to fix the inefficiencies in healthcare that end up causing harm to patients and costing the system millions! Be sure to check out his podcast, Solving Healthcare with Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng. The gang also talks about the Christmas miracle of COVID-19 vaccines and the decline of the otter dick.
1 hour, 19 minutes, 23 seconds
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Universal Basic Income: A Human Right w/ Guy Standing

Guy Standing is a labour economist and Professorial Research Associate at SOAS University of London. He is also a founder and honorary co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), an international NGO promoting basic income as a right. Guy sits with the fellas to guide them through an incredible conversation about basic income and how it could (and should) work to relieve many of the stressors that a lot of folks are facing these days when it comes to living a comfortable life. This is one of our favourite conversations in a while and hope you listen and share! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
59 minutes, 28 seconds
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Canada's History of Eugenics?! - Feel Good Friday

This week we shake it up with a podcast mish-mash! The fellas are joined by the co-hosts of Canadian Politics Is Boring to talk about Ol' Tommy Douglas and his shady background in the practice of Eugenics. Turns out, he made an oopsie. Big shout out to Jesse and Rhys for the history lesson! If you want to check them out head on over to
1 hour, 33 minutes, 6 seconds
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Host Episode w/ Just Chips Dot Com!

It’s not everyday you meet a couple of people and know immediately that you were meant to be besties, so we took full advantage when we met Zoe and Sophia, hosts of Just Chips Dot Com (the podcast, not the website) and invited them to join us for a host episode we would be recording while in TO. Most notably, we chatted about what our badass Rock n’ Roll death would be, and that went in a lot of interesting directions. Strap in, check it out & have fun.
1 hour, 3 minutes, 16 seconds
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HIV in the Bible Belt

When Derric came out to his Dad, his father disapprovingly told him that he was going to get AIDS. Derric grew up in the Bible Belt, West Virginia, where in a lot of places being gay is still unaccepted. So a couple years later, when Derric tested positive for HIV, he was devastated. Opening up about his diagnosis was extremely challenging and within a short amount of time he moved west to be in a more accepting and supportive community. Derric's story is incredibly important because living with HIV and being gay is still wracked with stigma, which makes it hard for Derric to talk about it. By sharing his story he hopes that people living with similar challenges feel less alone and we know that this will resonate deeply with a lot of our listeners. Thank you, Derric for being vulnerable and open with us, you're a beautiful human being!
1 hour, 8 minutes, 3 seconds
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Wishful Thinking: When Living Longer Means Fewer Wishes - Feel Good Friday

"Sorry kid, you're not sick enough for us anymore." This week the fellas discuss the Make-A-Wish Foundation's controversial decision to change their policy on cystic fibrosis. Apparently, medical advances have made it possible for these patients to live longer, which means they don't automatically qualify for a wish anymore. Also, did you know a year's worth of Trikafta could be made as cheap as $5700? Yet some poorer countries aren’t being given access to the drug and it’s killing young folks with CF as a result. Why are orcas killing sharks and removing their livers with surgical precision? Maybe Liver King was right, Liver is king. Get ready to yawn… seriously though, the guys probably yawned 8 times between them during the show. Finally for WHAT THE HELLTH!? Gym bros are eating dog food for gains. It’s disgusting. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 6 minutes, 43 seconds
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From Fur Babies to Chemo: Amanda's Breast Cancer Journey

This week Bri and Jer are joined by Amanda Vegter, a 4th-year veterinary student at Colorado State University who found out she had Stage II breast cancer during her studies. She shares how she discovered a lump but didn't get it checked out because she was "too busy" (I mean, hey… Vet school is busy). After travelling to Africa and contracting tick bite fever, Amanda decided to get it checked and was diagnosed. She goes into the effects of forced/early menopause and how they're often overlooked in breast cancer treatment. Amanda reveals how they were nearly as bad, if not worse than the cancer treatment itself, which no one warned her about. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 12 minutes, 33 seconds
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No Sweat! One Woman's Struggle With ADHD

They say to 'never let them see you sweat.' That's not a problem for Rielle, who has a rare skin condition that prevents her from sweating. On today's episode of Sickboy Podcast, Rielle joins the gang to talk about how she stays cool and her experience as a woman in engineering with ADHD.
1 hour, 3 minutes, 5 seconds
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My Forgetful Father: Alzheimer's Disease

Jewelia is a kindhearted and thoughtful meditation teacher, who (like all of us) owes half of her genetic makeup to her Dad - a world renowned sports psychologist with Alzheimer's disease. Wait, what?! Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia and memory loss and after that opening statement there's probably a billion questions you might have but perhaps the most puzzling one we had was: how does Jewelia tell her dad that he's sick and have him remember he's sick? Chew on that for a minute... Alzheimer's can be one of the most difficult things to watch a loved one suffer with, but simultaneously there are some genuinely comedic moments. Join us as we sift through those stories with Jewelia and get to know her experience with all of it!
1 hour, 10 minutes, 14 seconds
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This week on Sickboy the fellas sit down with Kalyn who was once infected with the horrifying and totally dangerous and deadly ZIKA VIRUS! Wait... Zika? Like... the mosquito/sexually transmitted virus Zika? Where you get a rash and some achy joints? And gotta lay down for a day or two? YEAH THAT ZIKA! Oh, and by the way it definitely ain't as bad as you think unless you're looking to get pregnant. In that case DO NOT GET ZIKA!
1 hour, 1 minute, 55 seconds
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Waddle Like A Penguin: Feel Good Friday

The whole gang is here!! Where is here? The brand spanking new Sickboy HQ in Halifax, that's where. Question for the medical professionals out there... is Jer's H2O consumption leading to a squirty butt? Also we get to the bottom of a viral video showing a group of Chinese folks "waddling like penguins" after their COVID anal swab. Spoiler alert — it's fake news. Then in honour of Black History Month, Lo presents us with a trimmed down version of one of the best conversations we've had in 2020 with Tari Ajadi about health inequities within the Black community here in Halifax.
1 hour, 24 minutes, 25 seconds
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Bathroom Barista: Are Public Restrooms The New COVID-19 Hotspots? - Feel Good Friday

Cue the Law & Order theme music because the gang is on LOCKDOWN! Numbers have soared in Nova Scotia so the gang is in their separate abodes for this week's Feel Good Friday. Don’t fret, it’s just as silly goose as ever. Turn out toilets are a product of the devil and they WILL give you COVID. Big Pharma knows how to make a solid breakfast. And one woman in the U.S. has a horrifying experience with a swarm of Face Flies that is this week's inspiration for WHAT THE HELLTH?! Stay safe out there folks. Wash your hands and pet your pets.
49 minutes, 26 seconds
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The Kegal Queen: Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

What is a pelvic floor? What is a kegal? Why would anyone want to have an internal vaginal or rectal exam to explore what is happening with the muscular system within your pelvis? Well, you are about to find out! Stephanie Brown is a pelvic floor physiotherapist and her whole career has been dedicated to treating patients with all manner of issues related to that special area. 5 key functions of the pelvic floor include sphincter control, organ support, core stability, sexual function and blood/lymph flow. Get ready for a hardcore anatomy lesson with someone who knows the inside of vagina's and butt holes very well.
1 hour, 10 minutes, 54 seconds
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Far More Complex Than Simple Hyperactivity: ADHD

Caroline is a 26-year-old, soon-to-be kindergarten teacher from Germany. However, leading up to this point in her life it's been an absolute ""sh*tshow""! ADHD has had an incredible impact on Caroline's life. One of the hardest parts is how trivial the term ADHD has become and the stereotypes it has developed. This week Caroline shares her fascinating story of mental health and how it has had a profound effect on her life. From struggling to find a diagnosis, to attempting to admit herself to a BPD clinic and much more! *Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 5 minutes, 19 seconds
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Face Warts, Escaped Convicts & A New Set of Lungs

This week starts off a bit weird. With a guest who last-minute pulled out the boys are left to their own devices. Pedo doctors, car accidents, nasty facial growths, an escaped convict from a psychiatric hospital. Things borderline get out of hand. Thankfully we shift gears with a phone call from our homie Jamie Keeping! She just got a new set of Pipes and her lung function is on the up and up!
1 hour, 22 minutes, 22 seconds
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Cleft Palates, Bl*wJobs & Heavy Metal

This week on Sickboy, we sit down with Emily to chat about being born with a Cleft Palette. Does Sickboy need a 4th host? If so, Emily is it. She jives with the guys about how mouth surgery can work magic in the bedroom (or the back of a car), why rural female Filipinos need to stop sinning so god damn much, and why Brian think it would be best to live forever....wait, is that this episode? Whatever. Either way, he's wrong.
57 minutes, 23 seconds
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From Homeless to Harvard: The Emi Story

This week the boys chat with Emi Nietfeld, a writer, speaker, and advocate for young people. Emi's journey through foster care and homelessness inspired her to write a memoir, "Acceptance," which delves into the true meanings of resilience, ambition, and success. Emi explores her backstory with mental health challenges and her turbulent childhood. She also discusses why she concealed her illness on her college applications and our culture's obsession with resilience narratives. Emi has a unique perspective on the damaging belief that mental illness relates to moral "badness" and will share her experiences overcoming these challenges. Get ready to be inspired as Emi shares her story of perseverance and determination. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 4 minutes, 58 seconds
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POP! Goes my heart! (Supraventricular Tachycardia)

This week on Sickboy we sit down with Haley and talk heart stuff, time bombs and the most ideal place to stick a catheter in your body. What is a high heart beat? 150 bpm? 180bpm? Try 260….while sitting still….for 6 hours. For Haley, this is all apart of an episode of Supraventricular Tachycardia, or more boringly referred to as SVT. Having to take drugs that give you the feeling of imminent death and shoving catheters up through your crotch are a just a part of the experience. Join us for an ever-riveting conversation about the absurdity of living illness.
48 minutes, 45 seconds
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Robbed Of A Childhood: Sexual Abuse and Complex PTSD

This week we are joined by our dear friend Mike. He lowers his armour and with great courage allows us to delve into his traumatic and heart wrenching upbringing where he suffered devastating abuse at the hands of those who he thought he could trust. This is an episode where we bypass the laughs and hold space for someone who taps into an immense vulnerability. Listen with your hearts wide open. If you or someone you know needs help just know that Kids Help Phone is here to help. Text Services: Text "CONNECT" to 686868 (also serves adults); Chat Services:
1 hour, 17 minutes, 58 seconds
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Caring for the Dying: A Death Doula's Perspective

In this episode, Jer and Tay are joined by the delightful Brooke Manning, who's not just a poet, musician, and owner of the art space Likely General in Toronto, Canada. Nope, she's also a certified death doula! Brooke chats with the guys about all things death, from her Death Meditation Ceremonies (we promise it’s a lot more relaxing than it sounds) to the history of the funeral industry and how it turned death into a capitalist nightmare. But fear not! Brooke is here to bring death back to its roots and make it a more holistic, earth-forward experience. We also get into the nitty-gritty of grief - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Brooke reminds us that death can be beautiful and awakening and that bringing awareness to our impermanence can actually be enlivening. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 2 minutes, 10 seconds
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Routine Checkup: Drug Price Transparency with Dr. Iris Gorfinkel

For a lot of folks, drug costs can be the deciding factor for whether or not someone will end up taking their prescribed medicine. So one would think that doctors have a grasp on the different price points for certain drugs, right? Not so much. We are joined by our new favourite repeat guest Dr. Iris Gorfinkel to break down the importance of drug price transparency between doctors and patients. Why is the system failing us? What can be done to fix it? Seems like a daunting task, but if anyone is going to make waves, it's Dr. Gorfinkel!
45 minutes, 41 seconds
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The Life Long Cancer Obstacle Course: Leukemia

Kimm joins the fellas from the land of mushrooms to tell them all about her life and how cancer has been there from the beginning. The OG. Leukemia as a kid, salivary gland carcinoma as an adolescent, thyroid cancer as an adult. Having three different cancers and dealing with that BS in two different continents has provided Kimm with a life that is anything but boring. We talk about the need for a more holistic approach in health care, take a deep dive into the thyroid, and much much more. *Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 3 minutes, 41 seconds
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How To Grieve w/ Estelle Thomson

This week we sit down with Estelle Thomson. Good friend and Nova Scotia yoga instructor and artist. We spend a solid 10 minutes beating around the bush and awkwardly avoiding the topic at hand... The death of Tommy, Estelle's two year old son. It's a perfect example of how so many of us are effected by the inability to know how to broach the tough subject of death. Estelle is a power house of a woman who has so much to teach the world about life, loss, and how to face the harsh realities of death. Thank you Estelle. Thank you Tommy.
1 hour, 16 minutes, 42 seconds
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I Married a Dying Man

If the love of your life was given a shortened life expectancy, how would it affect your relationship? This week on Sickboy the boys sit down and talk with Jeremie's babe of a wife, Bryde. They talk about everything from choosing whether or not to have children, polyamory and how Jeremie's hatred of math almost ruined the marriage.
1 hour, 23 minutes, 9 seconds
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Routine Checkup: Organ Donation - Spread The Love & The Tissue

Dr. Beed is an intensivist and anesthesiologist working out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is also the Medical Director of the Nova Scotia Organ Donation Program at Nova Scotia Health. This week Dr. Beed joins Jer and Bri to talk all things organ donation! Why it's important. How it all works. The importance of discussing options with your family. PLEASE visit and support organ donation today! *Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
45 minutes, 6 seconds
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Pursuing A Life Of Happiness w/ Ben Nemtin

Hey Vancouver! Let's kick it off very special guest and good pal Ben Nemtin - a #1 New York Times bestselling author of What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? and the star of the MTV show The Buried Life. This episode goes in many different beautiful directions. What does it take to carve out a life that fulfills you? Meaningful communication to navigate your mental health! Which matrix pill are you supposed to take? The blue one? The red one? Both!?! What happens after death? What happens when you talk smack to President Obama? All of this and much much more.
1 hour, 15 minutes, 37 seconds
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Fungus Among Us: How Close are We to the Last Of Us Scenario? - Feel Good Friday

This week the fellas chat "The Last Of Us". The HBO show depicts a world overrun by deadly fungi, but experts say the threat is all too real. Fungi can infect and control the brain, killing hundreds of thousands of people annually. The WHO's list of high-risk fungi includes Aspergillus fumigatus, Candida species, and Cryptococcosis neoformans. Cordyceps, the fungus depicted in the show, is real and can change an insect's behavior. Climate change's impact on fungi is also a concern, highlighting the need for more research to understand their potential impact on humans and the environment. Jer went to a medium and took a lil' something something from it. One man wears RayBan smart glasses to record his hallucinations. A baby is born a giant down in Brazil. For WHAT THE HELLTH?! Addicted to drugs or alcohol? No worries! Just grab a piece of skin, edit it with CRISPR, reattach it, and voila! You'll turn your nose up at that bottle of whiskey or that line of coke. Mice experiments were a success and now researchers are seeking FDA approval for human trials. In five years or so, you'll be saying goodbye to your secret stash and hello to addiction-free skin! Who knew the solution was just a small piece of skin away! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 4 minutes, 41 seconds
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A Plan for Canada's Mental Health w/ The Honourable Carolyn Bennett

Today the fellas are joined by Canada's Minister of Mental Health and Addictions and Associate Minister of Health, Carolyn Bennett. We've seen so much progress on mental health education and shame reduction since the inception of Sickboy...yet it still seems like accessing care in the space of mental health is still very much behind other health sectors. The boys take the time to dig into Minister Bennett's new mandate and how the government plans to seek change in Canadian mental health and addictions.
55 minutes, 36 seconds
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Mommy Has A Lump In Her Bum: Anal Cancer

This week the boys talk to Ella from down under about lump that she found down under. Turns out that lump turned out to be cancer inside her anus. From intense hypochondria and anxiety to navigating a very rare cancer while raising a young child, Ella brings lots of laughter and levity to a very scary situation. We talk about the Australian health care system, auditioning your treatment team, butt hole measurements, and portable chemo treatment.
1 hour, 5 minutes, 22 seconds
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Lungs Gone Wild: 2 Double Lung Transplants and Cystic Fibrosis

In this episode, Jer and Bri sit down with Tara to chat about her wild ride living with cystic fibrosis and undergoing not one, but 2 double lung transplants! Folks... that's 6 lungs in total! But despite the setbacks, Tara has a great sense of humour and shares some funny moments from her journey. She also talks about the importance of therapy and how it has helped her navigate the medical and emotional challenges of living with CF. Tara also shares her thoughts on organ donation and why she thinks it's so important for people to register. And in the midst of all this, she found time to fall in love and get married after her second lung transplant. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 21 minutes, 47 seconds
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Evil Human Experiments - Feel Good Friday

This Friday the fellas get extra silly willy. Taylor's conspiracy theories are evolving as he actually for real believes in the existence of Aliens now. Brian admits that he's a fake sweet version of himself on Monday episodes. Jeremie shares his hot wax masturbatory end of day rituals. Other highlights include mannequin Michelin star restaurants, Canadian/Chinese vaccine partnerships, irate car rants and the world's most evil human experiments.
1 hour, 3 minutes, 2 seconds
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Zap That Brain Tumour: Neurofibromatosis Type 1

We've landed in Vancouver and we learn all about the world of Neurofibromatosis Type 1 with Alison! A curious little genetic disease full of fascinating symptoms. Babies with swollen tongues and oversized heads. Coffee stained skin. Bulging/blind eyes. Shrinking brain tumours. Alison has been through it all! But it doesn't keep her from having a radical sense of humour!
1 hour, 10 minutes, 20 seconds
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This week on Sickboy, we sit down with Caleb. He's got ADHD. Brian thinks he also has it (big surprise), but is almost certainly wrong (as usual), Jeremie is really, really curious about adderall, and Taylor is astonished by how this episode itself is a real live example of what it's like to have ADHD
1 hour, 37 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Car Accident That Changed My Life Forever - The Psychosocial Impact of Persistent Pain

This week the fellas are treated to one of the most interesting conversations they’ve had all year. Keith Meldrum has lived with persistent neuropathic pain for over 36 years following a near-fatal car accident in 1986 - don’t drive sleepy, kids. At 20 years old he was told that his pain was “all in his head” by a family physician. For nearly 20 years after that, he fought his pain while trying to find someone or something to "fix it". Little did Keith know, what he truly needed was for someone to validate the pain he was experiencing. Keith breaks down how his pain will likely forever be a part of his day-to-day life, however there are some extremely effective ways of learning to live better through chronic pain.
57 minutes, 32 seconds
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Please Scream Inside Your Heart - Feel Good Friday

This week Jeremie bursts a vein over a group of dumb-dumbs protesting in Toronto about not wanting to wear masks. Also, it turns out COVID-19 can give you a boner. Not a fun time happy boner but more of a painful priapism (dare ya to google it). Yikes. Then we discuss the now not so booming business of house cleaning in your birthday suit. Needless to say, COVID-19 has destroyed fun all around the world and the health authority is now encouraging you to scream inside your heart.
53 minutes, 26 seconds
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Daddy's Got A CPAP: Jeremie's Sleep Apnea Journey

This week join the gang as Jeremie takes them on a little audio journey into the world of sleep apnea. For years Taylor has been telling Jer, ""You got sleep apnea bro"". So Jeremie finally booked himself an appointment at a sleep clinic. After a sleep test and some phone calls, we finally get to the bottom of whether or not Jeremie is in fact nearing death every time he dozes off to la-la land. Spoiler alert, you probably won't be surprised by the results. Big shout out to all of the guest appearances on this episode! Jer's mom, Maxine, Bryde, Bekah, Bigby and of course our friend and RT Maria!
1 hour, 3 minutes, 39 seconds
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Routine Checkup: One Question Away From Change - Personal Socrates

Marc Champagne unpacks the mental fitness practices and reflective questions shaping the lives of some of the most successful and brilliant thinkers in the world. Marc's first book, Personal Socrates, explores the pointed questions that stimulate our mental fitness and teach us how to direct our internal narrative to work for us, instead of against us. ""We are all one question away from a completely different life"". You can find Personal Socrates available here -
53 minutes, 34 seconds
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Thunderclap - A Life of Pain w/ Stefan Alexander: Central Sensitization Syndrome

Stefan is a NYC based artist who saw his entire future crash before his very eyes. It all started with tendonitis in his forearm but little did he know that pain was just the beginning. Central Sensitization Syndrome is a condition of the nervous system that is associated with the development and maintenance of chronic pain. What began with pain in the arm led Stefan down a long and arduous road that eventually led him to the Mayo Clinic where he received a diagnosis, and eventually the methods needed to manage his pain. Now back on the stage, Stefan is building up his dreams once again. This conversation was a highlight episode and we hope you enjoy!
1 hour, 15 minutes, 58 seconds
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Brittle Asthma - My Lungs Are Total Sh*t

Jenny has asthma. Now before you roll your eyes and say "big whoop" just consider for a moment. On average, in America, 10 people die a day from asthma. For Jenny that reality is a little bit more spicy considering she lives with what is called Brittle Asthma — a severe and ultra rare form of asthma. Her lung function has dipped as low as 20%. She's been hospitalised more times than she can count. She's been intubated. She's been ignored, scoffed at, and invalidated by health care professionals. Yet she remains one of the most vibrant and jovial guests we've ever had on the show!
1 hour, 1 minute, 41 seconds
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Just A Routine Checkup: Abortions & Sharting

After our episode with Abby we had a number of emails come in re: the facts of abortion. Did you know there is a cut off point for abortions? This cut off point is based off of "fetal viability". Did you know that cut off point differs from province to province or state to state? We didn't until you, yes YOU the listeners dropped some knowledge on our butts! So thanks! We also cold call Jeremie's mom to ask her some other questions about rehab and whether or not Taylor should get a colonoscopy. Taylor wasn't there to defend himself. Sucka!
20 minutes, 8 seconds
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Hormones Got Me All Out Of Sorts: PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a bit of a mystery. The fellas sit down and chat with Cailin about her experience living with the hormone disorder, which is common among women of reproductive age. Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. Cailin walks us through her experience of growing a beard (at least more beard than Brian could ever grow) when she was a young woman and how her Diabetes may be linked to her struggle with PCOS!
55 minutes, 32 seconds
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A Blind Woman's Best Friend: Blindness & Guide Dogs

Diane is fully blind. So naturally, she has superhuman hearing, right? Nope. That's not how it works. Diane spent her entire life learning to navigate the world without vision to guide her and boy, did she figure it out. Diane suffers from Retinitis pigmentosa but that doesn't hold her back from being a tri-athlete, a former stand up comic, and currently the director of the CNIB Guide Dogs. We dive into the lack of accessibility, her love of cycling, and ALL things guide dogs!
1 hour, 18 minutes, 48 seconds
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ECT-ploring the World Again: Life After ECT-induced Amnesia

Siobhan lives with Bipolar 1 & generalized anxiety disorder. Back in 2018, Siobhan came on the show to talk about her mental health. 5 years later she joins the fellas once more. However this time she comes into the conversation with zero memory of her past. Siobhan, unfortunately, got her memory zapped while undergoing treatment for Bipolar 1 and generalized anxiety. Siobhan shares her struggles of rediscovering the world and reintroducing herself to the people in her life, including her husband. She shares how this incident makes her feel like a character in a science-fiction movie. But don't worry, she's found the silver lining in all of this, thanks to her trusty iPhone camera and social media accounts, she was able to piece together her life and spark some memories from the past. Siobhan shares tips on how you too can document your life and keep your memories safe from any future memory-erasing treatments. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 12 minutes, 39 seconds
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This Is Not the End of Me: Lessons on Living from a Dying Man

This week is a heartfelt blast from the past. We spend our time chatting with Dakshana Bascaramurty, journalist and author of This Is Not the End of Me: Lessons on Living from a Dying Man - a book all about the life and death of our dear friend and OG Sickboy alum Layton Reid. The gang reminisces on his final years as he prepared his family & himself for his death from cancer. This is a special one.
1 hour, 2 minutes, 32 seconds
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Bipolar II

This week on Sickboy we sit down and talk to Nadine MacLellan about her experience living with Bipolar II. Betchya didn't know Bipolar had a sequel! Well of course you didn't know that, because it doesn't. Don't be silly. BUT did you know that there are two different types of Bipolar? I sure as heck didn't. There were a butt load of other things I didn't know about Bipolar until we recorded this incredible conversation with an equally as incredible individual.
1 hour, 3 minutes, 15 seconds
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A Father's Memoir: Unlocking Bryson's Brain w/ Keith McArthur

Keith wears many hats. author, podcaster, speaker but most importantly a rare disease dad. Keith wakes up every day with a single focus. To find cures and therapies for people living with GRIN Disorder. His 13-year-old son is one of those people. In this week's episode, we dive headfirst into what life is like for a care-taker and parent of a child living with a severe neurodevelopmental disorder. We also explore the work Keith is doing on his new CBC podcast ""Unlocking Bryson's Brain"" where he takes us along with him on his journey to find a cure. *Any creative, cool or unusual quarantine stories to share? Any pearls of wisdom we can learn from? Check out our COVID Stories survey here -
1 hour, 4 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Ultramarathon Of Chronic Illness: CVID

Running 500 kilometres in 10 days is insanely tough. Add in an immune system disorder, and it seems impossible. For Cory Reese, who lives with an immune deficiency, running 500 kilometres was an enjoyable vacation. Today Cory joins the boys to talk about the physical and mental endurance it takes to run ultramarathons with a chronic illness.
1 hour, 5 minutes, 37 seconds
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Getting The GIST Of It: Becky With The Good Cancer

Becky had what is known in the biz as a "Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour". In short she had cancer in her guts. Have you ever been in a seated twist and thought "damn.. I feel like there is something growing inside me." Well Becky did, and that thing was no baby. It was indeed a tumor and it had to go! Join the fellas as they speak with Becky about her uncertainty of the future, her daily regimen of keeping the C word at bay and what her experience was like with diagnosis and management of GIST!
1 hour, 11 minutes, 37 seconds
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Body Dysmorphic Disorder

This week on Sickboy: Jeremie, Brian, Taylor and special guest Becky have a frank and sometimes offside conversation about Body Dysmorphic Disorder! BDD is a psychological disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with imaginary defects in their appearance. So what does Becky see that the guys don't? The boys learn a lot about Becky and perhaps Jeremie learns even more about himself…
1 hour, 16 minutes, 37 seconds
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Never Not Sleepy - Narcolepsy w/ Cataplexy

Our new friend Hilary spends her days learning the ins and outs of speech pathology while trying not to fall asleep in the middle of it all. This week we dive into Narcolepsy (w/ Cataplexy). We talk about a whole bunch of wacky stuff like, tongues that grow hair?!? Doctors writing like intoxicated 5 year olds, Taylor's debilitating snoring problems, Jeff's low grade narcolepsy, falling asleep in the middle of hanky-panky and much much more!
1 hour, 22 minutes, 20 seconds
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Dying With Laughter

This week on Sickboy: Sickboy Podcast is dying with laughter. In our 10th episode we take a break from guests and regroup with a refreshing and often ridiculous conversation about mortality. Jeremie wants to kick it ASAP, Brian wants to live longer than that really pale, awkward vampire guy from Twilight, and Taylor just wants to sit on the fence and make up his mind later. Enjoy everybody.
1 hour, 4 minutes, 58 seconds
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It Ain't Pee In His Eyes. It's Jaundice: Liver Disease (PCS)

Adrian was on the podcast before. We spent most of the time talking about how we're all just flesh-covered, walking, talking donuts. Adrian had Chron's. Or Colitis? Or both? We aren't super sure. But he definitely had one... but was then told he had another... but none of that mattered because he now had to deal with his failing liver. Oh and not only him but his Twin brother, Devin, was going through the exact same thing. Might as well get him on the phone and see what's up in his world too!
1 hour, 21 minutes, 25 seconds
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Routine Checkup: A Womb In The Shape Of A Heart (Miscarriages Still Suck)

This weeks we bring you a very special Routine Checkup. We are joined by past Sickboy guest Joanne! Last time we spoke to her (we were recording out of Brian's mom's basement), we touched on how tough her two miscarriages were. Since then she's had a child and three more miscarriages!? Not only that but she's also written a book about her experiences of miscarriages and motherhood! A very special conversation and we're so grateful to get moments like this to catch up with such lovely humans! You can find Joanne's book on Amazon, Indigo or Bookmark.
43 minutes, 44 seconds
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Forever Marked - A Dermatillomania Story

Angela Hartlin is the founder of Skin Picking Support, a community that provides resources for those with excoriation disorder and other Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRBs). This week Angela joins the guys during BFRB Awareness Week to take them on a journey of recovery, awareness, and advocacy surrounding BFRBs while touching on Angela's personal experience with skin picking. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 19 seconds
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My Brain Is Too Big For My Skull

Ever caught a lethal bacterial infection at a house party before? Of course not, that would be the worst house part ever. Unfortunately, Ian has been to that house party, and he picked up just that - Bacterial Meningitis. What is Meningitis? The hell if we know, that's why we got young Ian to drop by and tell us all about it. Catheters, nightmares, comas, expanding brains...this one's got it all. Enjoy!
1 hour, 5 minutes, 24 seconds
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Routine Checkup: The Opioid Epidemic - Not Ending Any Time Soon

Dr. Michael L. Barnett is Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and a primary care physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. His research focuses on high-risk medications and the organization of primary and specialty care. This week he joins the fellas to talk about the opioid epidemic that continues to ravage the United States and what needs to change in order for us to see light at the end of the tunnel. There are many huge gaps in the addiction treatment system in the U.S. — reliance on abstinence-based therapy, low provider supply, unwillingness to address uninsurance or housing as a major issue. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
55 minutes, 28 seconds
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Mama's Liquid Love - Feel Good Friday

The fellas are back in the studio and kick off the first Friday of 2022 full of beans. Jeremie is turning 34 and wants an airbag for the elderly for his birthday. Speaking of gifts, move over diamonds there is a new precious gemstone in town — breastmilk jewelry is so 2022. What's scarier than a petri dish full of human brain cells playing pong better than AI? Alexa telling a small child to stick a penny into an electrical socket. Speaking of shocking, have you ever seen what happens to the human body after it gets shocked by lightning? What'd be worse: being zapped or waking up in the morgue freezer still alive? All this and more on this week's Feel Good Friday.
1 hour, 10 minutes, 4 seconds
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Crazy Talk: Medication-Induced Madness

Join the dudes as they delve into the current state of the addiction and mental health system with Todd Leader, a multiple-award-winning consultant, social worker, and psychologist. Todd will share his unique perspective and real-life experience of leading a system transformation, which he documented in his book "It's Not About Us; The Secret to Transforming the Mental Health and Addiction System in Canada." In this episode, you'll learn about the reasons behind the failures of the system, key solutions, and how you can play a role in advocating for change. Additionally, Todd will share his personal and shocking experience of a medication-induced severe mental illness and the unique lessons he learned about the rarely discussed side effects of meds, suicidality, and stigma. He'll also share his insights on creating a client-centred system to prevent patients from falling through the cracks. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 11 minutes, 51 seconds
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More Than Just The Baby Blues - Postpartum Anxiety & Insomnia

This week the fellas chat with Suzanne, Mama of two and Disabilities Coordinator at Carleton University! We dive into the world of psychiatric disorders of childbirth. Specifically postpartum anxiety and insomnia! Suzanne has had two very wild rides when it comes to having a baby. Two very different births. One that included a week long insomnia which led to severe anxiety which lasted for quite some time. Through the use of medication, therapy, a rock solid support system and openly sharing her story Suzanne was able to get back on track in order to be the best Mum to Layla and Charlie. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 3 seconds
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Spinal Chord Injury: "I Dialled 911 With My Tongue" w/ Andrew Cho

Andrew Cho is an extreme athlete. He flys down mountains on his bike, constantly putting his life at risk. So when you hear he suffered a spinal chord injury you may think it was due to his extreme sport? Nope. One day he just dropped like a sack of potatoes. Fully paralyzed from the neck down by himself in a locked apartment with his phone several feet away. His story is BONKERS! If that story isn't enough, he tops it with a beautiful tale of recovery. Check out Wings For Life Canada 2019 and join #TeamCoast2Coast to make a difference!
1 hour, 14 minutes, 12 seconds
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Allergy Champ: Allergic to Everything

What does it take to be the allergy champ? Having your throat close over after munching on some nuts? Breaking out into painful hives after petting a cute cuddly kitten? Or maybe both at the same time?... This week on Sickboy we talk to Nicole about what it's like to be allergic to life. Jeremie touches on the fact that he has CF (obvs), Tay can't get over how much of a champ Nicole truly is, and Brian just wants to relate. Spoiler alert: if you were wondering if there's an allergic dating app, there is.
1 hour, 17 minutes, 1 second
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Something Undone: The Horror Story Conventions of Grief and Mental Illness

This week we do something a little different! We explore how the very relatable and common life experiences of grief and mental illness can be used as an effective narrative tool in providing spooks in film and television! The gang chats with Madison Walsh and Michael Musi, the co-stars and co-creators of the CBC Gem series Something Undone. The series follows Jo, who goes home to settle her late mother’s estate, where she discovers a dark family secret and becomes obsessed with finding the truth. Check out Something Undone on CBC Gem for free!
58 minutes, 17 seconds
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Diagnosed and Undiagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis?! With a Broken Back For Good Measure

Emily has been sick for her entire life, but no one can seem to figure out why. Some doctors believe it's Cystic Fibrosis. Some doctors don't. She's been diagnosed with CF several times, and she has been undiagnosed with CF just as many. CFTR-related illness is complicated to say the least and Emily has been through the wringer trying to get to the bottom of it. The struggle gets even more real after Emily falls through a roof of an abandoned building and breaks her back! On the plus side, she got some pretty beautiful photos in the process.
1 hour, 9 minutes, 50 seconds
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This week on Sickboy Podcast the fellas sit down with each other and catch up over stories of flame throwers, Polio, Bowen technique, pimple popping and more. Jeremie threw his back out, like, really badly. Tay got bit by some exotic insect while in Nicaragua and it didn't turn out well. Brian gets far too high. OH and Brandon is back... unfortunately so is his cancer. Having this be the fourth time it's come back Bran and the boys chat about what his options are and how he's feeling mentally. A busy episode with tons of jam packed action!
1 hour, 17 minutes, 34 seconds
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Uncombable Hair Syndrome - It's Real and It's Cute AF

The fellas have the silly willys this week. Jer has already used up his 1 out of 2 quotas for going dookie in his pants for the year. Yes folks... 34 years old and still crapping himself. Uncombable hair syndrome. It's exactly what it sounds like. Hair that just can not be tamed. But like... genetically. A con artist somehow thought it was a good idea to fake ASL interpretation on live television. A 90lbs boy with CP can deadlift more than you can. The Lucas Device will shatter your entire torso. Finally, the guys dive into some serious talk with a discussion surrounding a patient who went through with MAID however did not tell her family that she was ending her life.
1 hour, 13 minutes, 43 seconds
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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

What does an alien chest buster and the miracle of birth have in common? Nothing. This week on Sickboy: The guys sit down with Danielle the Doula to talk about pregnancy and breast feeding. Jeremie faces his deepest darkest fears, Taylor learns about acceptable auto cannibalism, and Brian expresses how much he’d prefer to suck from the teet of a human than the teet of a cow.
1 hour, 14 minutes, 7 seconds
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Throwback — The Order Of The Good Death w/ Caitlin Doughty

One more throwback while the boys are on vacation! What consists of a good death? According to Caitlin Doughty, it is staring down your death fears—whether it be your own death, the death of those you love, the pain of dying, the afterlife (or lack thereof), grief, corpses, bodily decomposition, or all of the above. Accepting that death itself is natural, but the death anxiety of modern culture is not. Caitlin is a mortician, activist, and funeral industry rabble-rouser. We dive deep into the different ways in which the world deals with death. From raking hot bones out of an oven to vultures ceremoniously eating human remains to wrapping bodies in a shroud and burying it three feet under the earth, there are many options for us to plan our death. This episode is not to be missed!
1 hour, 4 minutes, 4 seconds
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Male Vulnerability & The Truth About Magic w/ Atticus

This week we cap off our Vancouver studio recordings with a very special guest. Anonymous Poet and New York Times best selling author Atticus. We spend an hour talking about tapping into our creative side as a form of therapy. The shift in views on male vulnerability. Social media's effect on society and much more! Check out Atticus' new book The Truth About Magic on sale now.
53 minutes, 8 seconds
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Routine Checkup: Epidemiology To Be!

Tiffany is from Tecumseh, Nebraska and works at a local, rural hospital as an infection preventionist. In May of 2021, she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Disease and Human Health with a minor in psychology. Tiffany currently attends the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where she is studying epidemiology. She shares with the fellas how she got into the work she's passionate about and unpacks some fun stuff in her world like genomics, and UTI-giving catheters! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
36 minutes, 20 seconds
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Life as a Paramedic: PTSD

This week on Sickboy we sit down with Josh and dive into PTSD, life as a paramedic and a long journey with debilitating Crohn's disease. The boys try to wrap their heads around a mental illness that dates back to a traumatic childhood and how a struggle with Crohn’s caused Josh to look at how worth while it was to keep living. Now a proud father of two, Josh strives to connect with his children with affection and love, breaking the cycle that created his struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
1 hour, 10 minutes, 46 seconds
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Drinking Pee For Your Health?! Tip: Don't. - Feel Good Friday

Can you remember the worst date you’ve ever been on? I bet it comes nowhere near the date from hell one woman from China was on during a COVID lockdown. Speaking of COVID, did you know the military is joining the fight? The SpFN vaccine is made with bullets. The lockdown vibes in China are next next level. Finally Ding Dong of the week opens a whole can of worms regarding drinking your own piss. Spoiler alert, drinking pee for your health is a bad idea. ANNOUNCEMENT!! Our Discord is now open to the public. Come join our community and chime in on the incredible conversations happening over at:
1 hour, 18 minutes, 40 seconds
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The Complex Dynamic of Body Image & Weight Loss Surgery

Long time friend and Patron Sadie joins the fellas and kicks the whole thing off with a top notch roast! Sadie shares how trauma, cultural messages about food and body, lessons from her family growing up, and genetics caused her to be fat starting in my pre-teen years. Sadie had a gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. It was a long, frustrating, and occasionally hilarious process. She also introduces the boys to the fat liberation movement which intersects with disability justice, feminism, racial justice, and other social justice movements. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 8 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Astronaut Chris Hadfield

This week on Sickboy: Jeremie, Brian and Taylor sit down with everyone's favourite astronaut Chris Hadfield. It's not every day you get to kick it with someone who's spent a total of 166 days in space. We talk about peeing out your bones, beer in space, how the moon landing may or may not have been faked, and how perspective on life shifts after orbiting the world 1000 times.
58 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Swagger > Limp: Umbilical Cord Syndrom

Zachary was born with Umbilical Cord Syndrom. He also happens to be an elite para-athlete in the sport of Sprint Kayak! Oh, and he also identifies as queer. At 20 years old Zach is searching for an identity. Can one be gay AND a high-performance athlete? What does it mean when you throw a life long disability into the mix? This week we go deep into the life of para-athletics, one mans queer identity and the sacrifices that are made when sport trumps your ability to express yourself fully!
1 hour, 9 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

Biohack The System: Legally Blind

What does it mean to be ""legally blind""? Well, hardcore tunnel vision would do the trick. Victor knows all about it. From the challenges of kicking over children because you can’t see them, to losing your license, to no longer being able to play “Cops & Robbers” Victor knows how crappy it is to be blind. Victor AKA ""The Blind Biohacker"" drops some knowledge on the fellas re: blindness, night vision, electromagnetism, harmful light, orange sunglasses, sequix machines… You know, SCI-FI! Why do florescent lights suck? Ever hear of Nano Leaf, cause they are changing the game! We also take a deep dive into the world of psychedelics. Buckle up for a decent little trip!
1 hour, 11 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Superman Doesn't Need Two Balls - Stage Three Testicular Cancer

From Cancer to Coma! At the age of 24, Matt Ode was diagnosed with Stage 3C Testicular Cancer, by the age of 25 he was in a 2 week non-induced coma, where he faced multiple near-death experiences having to relearn to live his entire life again. Through years of perseverance and hard work, Matt is now a Keynote Inspirational Speaker, cancer advocate, and founder of Survivor HQ, sharing his message and story to help individuals transform their setbacks into their superpowers while teaching them how to create an impactful story and message to share to the world. *Join the post episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 2 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Life Of Unanswered Symptoms - The Controversial Conspiracy Theory of Chronic Lyme Disease

This week we chat with Jakki about her years-long struggle with her health. The symptoms are weird as hell and they have piled on over quite a long time. We're talking about difficulty walking, swallowing, talking. Not to mention the hallucinations and other psychological symptoms. So what does she have? Hard to say, really. Some docs told her she has cat scratch fever. Some have said it's Lyme disease. Some are completely stumped... What matters to Jakki is less about the label of what she has and more about finding her way onto the road of recovery. We talk about her struggle with her health, the conspiracy theories surrounding Chronic Lyme, her beliefs in what she may or may not have, and just trying to find peace in a life plagued with unanswered symptoms.
1 hour, 9 minutes, 53 seconds
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This week on Sickboy: Jeremie, Brian and Taylor sit down with special guest Lesley to have an open, frank and sometimes offside conversation about periods and the painful disorder known as Endometriosis. The boys talk about everything from Diva cups to what a cervix might look like to #babynestjuice. Who doesn't want to listen to three boys interview a lovely gal about her periods?
1 hour, 13 minutes, 19 seconds
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Brian Has COVID - Feel Good Friday

Welp... The psychopath of the group is the first one to contract COVID. And the narcissist is convinced he's immune. This week we had to forego our FGF recording because Bri Guy is down and out. But fear not. We're going back in time (to March 13th, 2020 to be exact) to relive the moments where sh*t began hitting the fan. Before we truly knew what we were in for. It’s the end of the world as we know it. Or is it? Do we even have the rights to use that song? Anyway, Jeremie, Brian and Lauren talk COVID-19. From underestimating the effect this may have on the immunosuppressed to overstocking on toilet paper, the gang gives you an update on this rapidly evolving situation. The bottom line — it’ll be ok (boomer). Take care of yourself and the ones you love by taking precautions, using a bidet and listening to our friend Rich Aucoin’s Feel Good Playlist For Anxious Times. *Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
38 minutes, 1 second
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We Saved Someone From A Cult?!? - Feel Good Friday

2022 Energy - We start this week's episode with one of the wildest pieces of listener mail we've ever received! It's not every day you hear someone explaining how you've saved them from a cult. Ingrown hairs are weird, fascinating and ouchie as heck. Doctors in Canada have been given permission to give out a revolutionary new prescription! A weekly dose of mother nature. Does everything smell like sh*t? For some COVID patients, that is a reality and that's brutal. How many people do you know who have died from sex? Statistically, you might know at least one. That's a big might. But a might none the less. This week's WHAT THE HELLTH is all about how Hydrophobia is horrifying! We've always known rabies is scary as heck but who knew that it made you literally terrified of water?!
1 hour, 4 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Class Act: Surviving Air France Flight 358

Val was only 15 years old when her flight from France crash landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Dubbed the 'Toronto miracle,' all 309 passengers and crew survived this terrifying event. This week the fellas dive into how her life was forever changed by the events that took place on August 2nd, 2005. This scary and unfortunate event very well may have been the catalyst for Valerie's thriving career as a class action lawyer.
1 hour, 41 seconds
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Locked Down Inside Disney Land - Feel Good Friday

The boys are back! This week Taylor and Jeremie discuss how thousands of people at Shanghai’s Disney Resort were locked inside during a COVID outbreak - FUN! Taylor has a horrible recurring nightmare. Luckily scientists have discovered a way to turn your bad dreams into good dreams! An Iranian man who didn't wash for half a century dies at 94 after he finally took a bath. Apparently nuns watch porn. Finally the fellas talk about how scientists have grown human brain cells in rat pups in the hopes of studying diseases within the brain! OTTAWA! We're coming to you for a live show on November 16th! Grab your tickets here - Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
49 minutes, 35 seconds
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E-I-E-I No: Gaps In The Canadian Healthcare System

This week we have something extra special. We sat down with Dina, a palliative care social worker from Montreal, to discuss the gaps in the Canadian health care system. We talk about those who financially fall through the cracks when they or a loved one becomes sick, how the federal government can do better to support those who are vulnerable and steps you can take to feel safe and secure if sh*t hits the fan! HUGE thank you to MP's Andy Filmore, Darren Fisher and Geoff Regan and to Bionova Executive Director, Scott Moffitt, for sitting in on this important conversation!
54 minutes, 9 seconds
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Prostate Cancer: Sheep or Wolf? - Routine Checkup

In the U.S., September is 'Prostate Cancer Awareness Month'! This week the guys are joined by Murray Keith Wadsworth, the author of Prostate Cancer: Sheep or Wolf?. He is passionate about spreading the dark truth about prostate cancer. His sudden diagnosis and shocking process to treatment continues to drive him to untangle and share the systemic misinformation around the disease. Murray gives the fellas a breakdown of his cancer journey and how taking his health care into his own hands very well could have been the thing that saved his life. Sickboy LIVE in Edmonton tickets: Sickboy LIVE in Vancouver tickets: Sickboy LIVE in Calgary tickets: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 2 minutes, 37 seconds
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Accessibility Evangelist: Tech People Who Are Blind

Meet Lucy Greco. She is the Accessibility Evangelist and this week she took the fellas to church!! Tune in as she teaches her newest disciples all about inclusive design and how accessible design benefits everyone, not just people with disabilities. From washing machines to AI she covers it all.
55 minutes, 18 seconds
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The World Is Ending? COVID-19

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Or is it? Do we even have the rights to use that song? Anyway, Jeremie, Brian and measly intern Lauren talk COVID-19. From underestimating the effect this may have on the immunosuppressed to overstocking on toilet paper, the gang gives you an update on this rapidly evolving situation. The bottom line- it’ll be ok (boomer). Take care of yourself and the ones you love by taking precautions, using a bidet and listening to our friend Rich Aucoin’s Feel Good Playlist For Anxious Times.
31 minutes, 31 seconds
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Swallowing 101: Achalasia

Imagine you ate a meal but instead of the food doing what it normally would do (travel through the entire digestive system) it just became stuck within your non working esophagus. As if your body was trying to mimic an emperor penguin by storing food for your baby. Except when you inevitably regurgitate your food, there is no baby penguin to receive it... because your a human woman. This is Kelsey's life. She suffers from Achalasia.
1 hour, 15 seconds
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Scientists Are Reviving Dead Organs?! So, What Is Death Really? - Feel Good Friday

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT at the top of the show!! See ya soon Vancouver! This week Jer continues his fascination with conjoined twins with the latest story coming out of Brazil where two boys conjoined at the skull were separated with the help of VR! Meanwhile in the U.S., researchers have found a way to revive dead pig organs. This could be a huge step in organ donation, but it also raises some hard questions like: what is death, really? Sunscreen is hella important, but Banana Boat Sunscreen made a little boo-boo with one of their recent products causing a recall. Speaking of organ donation there is some very scary organ harvesting practices happening in China and quite frankly it's a major bummer. Finally in WHAT THE HELLTH!? A woman from Scotland developed a rare disorder causing her to need a wheelchair, however when she wears heels she can mysteriously walk with no problem? How? Sickboy LIVE in Vancouver Tickets: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
57 minutes, 10 seconds
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Diabetes: It Ain't No Joke.

This week is FULL of laughs, but don't get it wrong. Diabetes is not funny. Kylie joins the fellas in Halifax to drop knowledge on nearly 350 people about what life with diabetes is like. From the adorable sing songs at diabetes camp, to the most expensive liquids in the world, to Brian's Kale addiction, to giving yourself herpes, to shoving dirty needles into boys fingers, we this episode dives deep. Grab some Cineplex popcorn and an extra large coke and enjoy!
1 hour, 14 minutes, 14 seconds
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The History Of Quarantini's w/ Dr. Alex Chase-Levenson - Feel Good Friday

Brian would like everyone to know that peeing sitting down = vulnerable. Taylor goes even deeper into a hole of alt-right beliefs and conspiracy BS. Lauren does not receive her weekly intern beating this week and Jeremie is pro endangered species murder. Although on the bright side the gang chat with Dr. Alex Chase-Levenson about the history of Quarantines and talk about what history can teach us about moving forward as a society going through a bizarre and traumatic event together!
1 hour, 10 minutes, 25 seconds
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Warning: Stop Sticking Eels Up Your Butt - Feel Good Friday

This week gets a little out of hand. While Jeremie is dodging Tornados in Ontario, the gang talk about the worlds largest grave yard, a dad who strips down at a school board meeting in protest, a badass young woman with down syndrome going to UCB, a guy who chopped off his pee pee in a police chase, several poor chaps who stuck one too many eels up their bung hole, and a worse-off chap who backwards ejaculated to death... maybe? Yeah, it's one of those weeks.
1 hour, 2 minutes, 28 seconds
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Brian's Mom Pees Out Of Her Belly Button: Bladder Cancer

Ever wonder what it's like to pee out of your belly button? Brian's mom never did until she was corralled through a Chinese CT scan factory and realized she may have Bladder Cancer. This week we speak to Marie, Brian's MOM! She's a foul mouthed cutie pie and although she was a bit nervous to speak openly this ended up being one of our favourite episodes of the year. From 16"" catheters to cat buttholes, this episode gets weird.
1 hour, 37 minutes, 22 seconds
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It's Either Hodgkins Or It Ain't: Hodgkins Lymphoma

While we were in Austin, TX we had an opportunity to make a new friend named Tom who most definitely has both of his balls and never had testicular cancer. But he DID have the one blood cancer to rule them all, Hodgkins Lymphoma! We learn about how blood cancer isn't just a bunch of tumours floating around in your bloodstream, how your fathers Golf buddy might just save your life, the side effects of poisonous cancer meds, and the secret location of all your next airbnb sex toys.
1 hour, 3 minutes, 42 seconds
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Mommy Has A Lump In Her Bum: Anal Cancer — Re-Release

Happy holidays you sweet humans! Enjoy a re-release from one of our favourite conversations of the year. *** This week the boys talk to Ella from down under about lump that she found down under. Turns out that lump turned out to be cancer inside her anus. From intense hypochondria and anxiety to navigating a very rare cancer while raising a young child, Ella brings lots of laughter and levity to a very scary situation. We talk about the Australian health care system, "auditioning your treatment team, butt hole measurements, and portable chemo treatment."
1 hour, 7 minutes, 25 seconds
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Stump Kitchen: Born An Amputee (Amniotic Band Syndrome)

Alexis was born missing a large portion of her left arm. This didn't stop her from following her dreams of having her own successful YouTube cooking show. Nor did it stop her from doing anything she damn well pleases! Live from SAIT the fellas and Alexis have a giggle filled conversation about disability, naming your limbs, the benefit of having a stump for a kitchen tool, sex, stump biting and more.
1 hour, 13 minutes, 31 seconds
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Trading Babies?! A Really Bad Hospital Oopsie - Feel Good Friday

How would you feel if someone sold your grandma's dead body to the military only for them to strap her to a chair rigged with explosives and blow her to bits to see what happens? We go even further down the rabbit hole of the unregulated body trade black market and it just keeps getting weirder. Then, the future of cars could include some sort of apparatus that ensures you aren't drunk before the car starts. Sounds good to us!! But we're sure someone out there has something to say about their freedom. Two families are devastated after an embryo mix-up. Someone's going to lose their job over this one for sure. Finally, for WHAT THE HELLTH?! We go uber gross. Worms. Worms in the brain. Yikes!!
1 hour, 4 minutes, 11 seconds
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Breaking Free of Depression's Grip

This week Brian and Jer are joined by Bruce to discuss his life long struggle with crippling depression. Bruce is VERY familiar with mental illness. He's lived with depression and anxiety for more than 45 years. He walks the fellas through the how he got himself through some of the toughest times, how his views on mental health have shifted over the decades, and how he feels a person can live a productive life despite the burden of mental illness 24/7. Check out Bruce's book "Breaking Free of Depression's Grip." Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
54 minutes, 38 seconds
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Routine Checkup: Other People's Problems

Jodie Martinson is the producer of the CBC podcast Other People's Problems. This week we talk about the theraputic value in being a fly on the wall. Real people. Real problems. Real talk. Normally, therapy sessions are totally confidential — but this podcast opens the doors. Hillary McBride and her clients want to help demystify mental health. This is what people really sound like when they talk about traumatic births, turbulent divorces, eating disorders and tough childhoods.
44 minutes, 42 seconds
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A 2-Year-Old With The Testosterone Of A Fully Grown Adult?! - Feel Good Friday

Lawn Summer Nights starts this week! Support our team below! Don't be like Taylor. Disability parking spots are for folks who need it! Canada may have found out what is behind Long COVID! CRISPR is 10 years old! Happy birthday! Dangerous drivers in the UK could be facing a life sentence. Juul may be looking at a full on ban in the U.S. Polio is creeping around the London sewers. Finally in this weeks WHAT THE HELLTH!? A 2-year-old boy was accidentally tainted with testosterone gel and it gave him pubes and the bone density of a 5 year old?! Sickboy's Lawn Summer Nights Team: DONATE HERE! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 12 minutes, 30 seconds
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""When life give's you cancer, get rid of it"" - Brandon Thomas

Episode two in memory of Brandon Thomas. This is the second time Brandon came on the show to talk to us about his cancer coming back. We love you dude. Thanks for all the laughs. **** When you beat cancer only to have it resurface less than a year later, is the battle any easier? For Brandon Thomas the battle is no different. He kicked cancers ass once and he’s ready to do it again. This week the boys sit down with their first repeat guest Brandon Thomas. He gives us an update on where things are at since last recording with us including how his cancer has reared it’s ugly head once more. The boys chat about new secret test treatments, losing your butt hair, King Joffrey Baratheon, and a new Sickboy drinking game.
1 hour, 4 minutes, 40 seconds
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Making Porn & Fighting Diabetes

Slava Siderman is an award-winning and hall-of-fame adult and horror filmmaker. He joins Taylor and Jer today to take them through his very gnarly experience with diabetes and the months-long stay at the ICU where he almost lost his entire leg. Just like a quality body horror film, this episode is full of nasty descriptions including needles in the eyes for a procedure to prevent ocular decay. Slava uses the traumatic time he spent in the hospital as inspiration for future spooky sexy movies and has been on the road to much more self care after failing to take care of his body properly over the years.
56 minutes, 14 seconds
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ZAP!!! Electrocuted Into a Concussion

Shaheeza is a Physiotherapist and owner of Running Shoe Restorative Healthcare and the Calgary Concussion Center. In 2013, after being a PT for a few years, Shaheeza sustained her own injury which re-routed her entire life. She was seriously electrocuted, leading to multiple injuries, the most severe of which was a traumatic brain injury — an "electrical concussion". Shaheeza joins the fellas to talk all about how electricity affects the human body and what her journey has been in healing from such a traumatic event!
1 hour, 15 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Beauty of Grief - Death Ed

It's October! The most spooky month of the year. This week's conversation revolves around a fairly common theme in every spooky story - Death! Although let's be clear, there isn't anything spooky about today's episode! The fellas sit down with Jeremy, a funeral home director, to talk about all things death and grief. Jeremy explains the importance of "process", the things he loves about grief and how to talk to children about death! We LOVED this conversation and hope you do too!
1 hour, 11 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Courtroom Battle In My Brain - OCD & An Eating Disorders

This week the fellas sit down with Katie to dive head first into the world of OCD, intrusive thoughts and eating disorders! Since a young lass Katie has been battling with a catalogue full of OCD rituals and intrusive thoughts that came with their own physical manifestations. A struggle that her and her brother both had to deal with. From being convinced she was a power ranger robot to her parent's guaranteed death her mind spiralled out of control to the point of developing an eating disorder. She is doing much better these days and is even doing her Master’s, researching how overmedicalized definitions of severe mental illness affect mental health policy! Buckle up for an eye-opening conversation!
1 hour, 1 minute, 36 seconds
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Fabry Disease and the Healing Power of Music

This week Bri and Tay are joined by Michel to talk about his experience with Fabry disease! A real pain in the kidney, Fabry disease is caused by the lack of or faulty enzyme needed to metabolize lipids, fat-like substances that include oils, waxes, and fatty acids. Michel has been on both sides of the medical system. A paramedic and also a patient who has had a steep uphill battle. Thankfully Michel is extraordinarily resilient and has found healing through his love of music. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 7 minutes, 49 seconds
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You Got Sleep Apnea Bro

We decided to follow up a hard week of loss with some light hearted and silly fun! This week we’ve got a very special host episode AND sit down with our long time friend of the podcast/sound guy, DONOVAN THE MIRCAT MORGAN. Although from this day forth he will now be known as Donovan ""C-PAP"" Morgan on account of his Sleep Apnea machine. That’s right! We take a deep dive into the world of the tricky sleep disorder, sleep apnea. As it turns out we can say with almost 99.9% certainty Jeremie also suffers from this pain in the butt condition. How does sleep (or lack there of) effect a human? Can one still enjoy hanky panky with a night time breathing machine? All of this and much much more!
1 hour, 10 minutes, 37 seconds
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World Record Wheelchair Racer: Josh Cassidy

Josh Cassidy is a world record holding Wheelchair racer. In 2010, Cassidy won the London Marathon. Oh, but here's the thing, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer in the spine and abdomen weeks after birth. He was given a very low chance of survival but was declared cancer-free after 5 years of remission, but it left his legs partially paralyzed. Did that shit stop him? Nah. Broke the world record for the Boston marathon, a Paralympic podium contender, can do chin-ups while strapped into a wheelchair?!? This week: Our live recording from Movember house in Toronto. We dive into everything from Memories as a one year old, things that you just NEVER say to someone in a wheelchair, the origin of the word handicap and the fact that a man who is partially paralyzed has larger thighs than Jeremie.
1 hour, 5 minutes, 53 seconds
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I'm With the Band: Septate Hymen

Have you ever had a doctor rely on Google as much as you? Angela has. She has a septate hymen, a rare condition which has complicated her sexual health and relationships. Still, she ain't no wuss and advocated to get her diagnosis.
1 hour, 12 minutes, 11 seconds
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Could AI Solve The Mental Health Crisis?

This week the fellas go deep into the world of text-based AI. Replika, according to their website, is described as an "AI friend that helps people feel better through conversations." Jeremie and Brian decided to download the app and put it to the test. So what did they realize? AI is fascinatingly convincing and the future of AI and its role in our lives could possibly be quite profound. In particular there are proponents that say artificial intelligence may be ready to help mental health practitioners mitigate the impact of the impending mental health crisis due to a shortage of psychiatrists. So could AI be the answer? Or is it really just made for some late night robo-sext's? Find out on this week's Feel Good Friday! *Join the post episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 16 minutes, 14 seconds
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Taylor Almost Died, And Brian Almost Killed Him - Feel Good Friday

Storytime with the boys. This past weekend the fellas had a scare. Taylor's eyes rolled into the back of his head, he passed out, Brian panicked and broke his ribs. CPR saves lives, but in this case, it may or may not have been overkill. Now that Taylor has broken ribs, it's hard for him to laugh and there is plenty of laughs in this week's episode. By the way, did you hear the good news?! Trikafta is now being covered in four provinces across Canada! Wahoo! Nova Scotia, what the hell are you waiting for. The dudes also touch on the (apparently infamous) "Triangle Of Death". Pimple poppers beware. Then we cap it all off with a horrendous case of a gentleman who was pooing out of his pee pee and ejaculating out of his bum bum. Not good.
1 hour, 3 minutes, 49 seconds
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Mindfulness Amidst Chaos - Feel Good Friday

Today’s Feel Good Friday episode is all about Mindfulness & Self Love. There’s no doubt about it, these are strange and trying times. So if you need a pick me up, settle in for a stimulating session with the boys and their new friend Dr. Timothy Walker. He's a psychotherapist with a specialty in mindfulness but more importantly, he's a dude with a kind soul and some incredible wisdom to share.
1 hour, 3 minutes, 40 seconds
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1 in 6,000,000: Childhood Churg-Strauss Syndrome

Chris Muise might sound like a cool country rock star. But no, he's a reporter living with a hella rare disease. This episode is chalk full of big words. Vasculitis! Aosinophils! Wrestlemania! Chris lives with a variation of a disease that only effects 1 in 6,000,000. Take a moment and read that again. Childhood Churg Straus Syndrome comes in stages and each one is as awful as the next. Buckle up for a wild story heartwarming story of a wandering billionaire making dreams come true near the end of the episode!
1 hour, 10 minutes, 48 seconds
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Anorexia & Bulimia

This week on Sickboy Podcast: The boys head to Toronto to hang out with the ever so lovely Azura in her beautiful home in The Junction! Azura shares her experience in dealing with Anorexia & Bulimia! The gang scarf down copious amounts of Chinese food and beer while talking about the ups and downs of eating disorders. This was a super special episode and was split into two parts! Enjoy part one!
1 hour, 12 minutes, 36 seconds
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Glory Hole Days - Feel Good Friday

We're back with another edition of Feel Good Friday! This week we talk about the world opening back up! If you got your cigs, smoke em' like Brians father slamming his drum kit and 2nd hand smoking out the Stever boys! Taylor gets tested for COVID and acts tough about it, and Jeremie is installing a glory hole in his back yard as directed by public health! Then we ask: what is COVID like for folks who use their mouths for their hands? Check out @artbykaileen for some amazing artwork! Videos links: Las Vegas Smoker - Testicle-checking booth -
59 minutes, 56 seconds
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Routine Checkup: Escaping Utopia - The Psychological Struggle Of Cult Survivors

Janja Lalich, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Sociology, is an international authority on cults and coercion. Researcher, author, and educator, she specializes in recruitment, indoctrination, and methods of influence and control. She is a cult survivor herself and has been studying the psychology of controversial groups for over 35 years. She joins the fellas to go in depth about the real meaning of charisma, the stigmatization of former cult members, trauma effects and recovery and of course how her own experience in surviving a cult has played a role in her years long study into something so important.
1 hour, 3 minutes, 56 seconds
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Can LSD Make You Smarter? - Feel Good Friday

Neuroscience research suggests LSD might enhance learning and memory by promoting brain plasticity?! Happy Friday y'all! A wild story out of Europe about the man who has reportedly repatriated more than 800 bodies in two decades. The corpses wash up on shore, and he solves the mystery of who they are in order to get them back to their family but at a price. One Nova Scotia mom is $80k in debt because of her out-of-country lymphedema surgery, but at least now she can play with her children again! GOALBALL! It's not nearly as dull as what Brian has to say. Poxy McPoxface could be the new WHO-accredited name for monkeypox. Finally, for WHAT THE HELLTH!? A woman was having a heart attack and was saved by her cat?! Jeremie, tell us how you really feel about cats. Sickboy LIVE in Edmonton Tickets: Sickboy LIVE in Vancouver Tickets: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 4 minutes, 10 seconds
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Sex Addiction & Modern Masculinity

What if the men in the world could be okay with being more vulnerable? What is the men in the world held each other accountable for their words and their actions? What if more men began to openly embrace their natural feminine qualities? That’s what Connor Beaton from ManTalks is trying to cultivate in the world. This week the fellas sit down with Connor Beaton, founder of ManTalks, to discuss the intricacies and possible evolution of modern masculinity. They also dive into Connor’s struggle with sex addiction and how ManTalks came from his ability to be vulnerable and confront his addiction head on by speaking to it openly.
1 hour, 10 minutes, 6 seconds
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Bidets of Our Lives: ALS

Deane is a strapping, young Army engineer living diagnosed with ALS at 30. Given 2-5 years, his diagnosis turned his life upside down. Ever the fighter, Deane started the ALS Burpee Challenge to raise money and is advocating for a Rare Disease Strategy so folks like him can access effective treatment here in Canada instead of having to travel abroad. Still, his treatments overseas did have one benefit- opening his eyes to the wonder of the bidet.
1 hour, 21 seconds
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Taylor Swift Is A Vibe, You Know This - Feel Good Friday

This week we find out that blasting T Swift before cutting someone open is the sweetest thing one can do for a person. This is the health care that we need, folks. Then, dogs. Are they really man's best friend? A new study shows that they could actually hate us and be spreading a new novel coronavirus. But... they're just too damn cute for us to care. Jabs for Joints!! Some places in the U.S. are giving out free weed, man! All you need to do is not be a dumb dumb and get your vaccine. Finally this week's health segment is like the origin story of a superhero or supervillain. Anatoli Petrovich Bugorski stuck his head in a particle accelerator and a proton beam blasted through the back of his skull at the speed of light. What do you think happened to him?
50 minutes, 1 second
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Roasting Marshmallows Over Your Nan's Burning Corpse. Bad Idea? - Feel Good Friday

Who wouldn't want to have a viking warrior send-off? Maine may make open air funeral pyres a reality! We talk about the ins and outs of receiving a hero’s send-off. Is it safe to roast marshmallows over a burning corpse? Brian seems to think so. Then Jer introduces the gang to a hilarious yet horrible story of an elderly woman who mistook a massive wad of wasabi for avocado. Spoiler alert: She wasn't okay.
1 hour, 8 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Invisible Sexuality & Romance - Feel Good Friday

Cenobites are a small price to pay when having fun and learning too! The health care system is a hot dumpster fire everywhere you look! In the U.S. an ER called 911 on themselves?! Asexuality doesn't get much air time, but one psych researcher is looking to change that! One woman had to beg for care at the IWK while going through labour. The clitoris is absolutely jam packed with nerve fibres, and one doctor has discovered the actual number of nerve fibres all thanks to gender affirming surgeries! Did you hear? Picking your nose leads to Alzheimer's. OTTAWA! We're coming to you for a live show on November 16th! Grab your tickets here - Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 7 minutes, 24 seconds
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Sick Lies: Unpacking the Complexities of Munchausen by Proxy

This week the fellas chat with Andrea Dunlop to discuss Munchausen by Proxy (MBP), a condition that has been misunderstood and misrepresented in popular culture. Andrea, an expert in the field, sheds light on the complexities of MBP and helps us understand whether it is a mental illness or a crime. Andrea explains that MBP encompasses two separate things: Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another, which is the official DSM diagnosis, and Medical Child Abuse, which is a crime. The term is often misunderstood and misused, leading to confusion and misconceptions about the condition. One of the biggest questions surrounding MBP is how common it is. Andrea explains that despite its depiction as rare in popular culture, it is actually more common than we might think. She also outlines the warning signs of MBP, which can help people recognize the abuse in their communities, particularly parents and those who work with children. For a resource of warning signs of MBP check out this link provided by Andrea - Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
53 minutes, 4 seconds
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Rhymes With Breast Cancer? (Live From Hawaii!)

This week on Sickboy Podcast: Jeremie sits down with special guest Molly Maher to have a frank and offside conversation about breast cancer... that's right, it's just Jer this week - he's in Maui and true to Jeremie's inconsiderate nature, Brian and Taylor didn't get an invite! Learn more about the sorority of all cancers, hear Jeremie struggle with foreign recording gear, find out why Molly dressed up as a UTI and learn about her gig wig!
1 hour, 12 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Meditation Saved My Life

This week on Sickboy: Meditation Saved My Life! After floating at the Floatation Centre in Halifax the boys hang out with people who make womb-simulating meditation a possibility. As always, they ask some hard hitting questions: how can floating help cope with panic attacks and death, what do the bowflex and floating have in common, and whats it like hanging out with the demogorgan in the upside down? Sit back, relax, and zone into these solfeggio frequencies - this is an episode you don’t want to miss!
1 hour, 20 minutes
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The Gene Daddy: Feel Good Friday

A new "Human Challenge Study" is coming to the UK. The gang weighs in on what price is right when risking your wellbeing in the name of science. Speaking of science, a group of smart people are trying to recreate an AI super-sniffing robot dog to either sniff out cancer, or eradicate the planet of humans. Good boy. Then the fellas speak with Joshua Keyes, a certified genetic counselor out of Boulder, Colorado! What the heck is genetic counseling? What role does it play in diagnosis & treatment? Is there a difference between the work that he does and the online services like 23&me? Joshua gives us all the deets on everything you didn't realize you wanted to know about your genes.
1 hour, 42 minutes, 29 seconds
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What The Hell Is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?! (Shingles Are The Devil)

According to the National Organization for Rare Diseases, "Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) is a rare neurological disorder characterized by paralysis of the facial nerve (facial palsy) and a rash affecting the ear or mouth." According to Jennifer, it's the Satan reincarnate. This week Jennifer tells an incredibly fascinating tale to the fellas all about how a viral disease completely changed her life. Shingles, which a lot of people think is a simple rash, is anything but. Depending on where you develop shingles it could lead to something as severe as a facial paralysis and much much more.
1 hour, 7 minutes, 18 seconds
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Where Are They Now? - Sickboy 200th Episode!

WOWEE, it's our 200th episode - and to celebrate, we're catching up with a few of our past guests! Over the past 4 years we've had the pleasure of meeting some incredible individuals whose stories have profoundly impacted our lives. We often find ourselves wondering how they're continuing to manage the challenges they face or if they've achieved the goals that they've set. If you've been wondering the same thing, than you're in for a treat because we've set out to answer some of those questions! As always we couldn't do this without the support of our Patreon members, if you want to join our exclusive club head over to the Sickboy Patreon page!
1 hour, 33 minutes, 26 seconds
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Ulcerative Colitis (a.k.a Party Pooper)

Does poop talk make you uncomfortable? If you answered yes, you should FOR SURE get over that and tune in. Jeremie, Brian & Taylor sit down with YouTube Vlogger Cherylann Nesbitt and discuss her experience in living with Ulcerative Colitis. They talk about everything from poo'ing blood, sharting, pooing and vomiting at the same time, and how everyone poops so let's all just get over it already. Poop.
1 hour, 9 minutes, 48 seconds
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Cult Dynamics and Conspirituality with Matthew Remski: Routine Checkup

This week Sickboy is bringing you a very special conversation from Jeremie's other podcast that he hosts with his far more eloquent and cool wife, Bryde. Matthew Remski is a long-term meditator and yoga practitioner. An author of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, his current work focuses on the social psychology of healthy communities, and the study of faux-progressive wellness Utopias, particularly in the yoga community. We talk about the parallels between cult dynamics and anti-vax conspiracy and how we can communicate with loved ones who seem to be swallowed up in this harmful rhetoric. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did, and if you like what you heard be sure to follow along with Turn Me On podcast where ever your get your pods.
58 minutes, 15 seconds
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One in Six - A Story of IVF

Jen and Neil are a happily married couple in their thirties. From the outside, life is picture-perfect. But behind their smiles lies a heartbreaking secret: they can’t get pregnant. Today Jen and her husband Neil join Jer and Tay to discuss their years-long struggle with fertility — a journey filled with hormone injections, transvaginal ultrasounds, tears, anxiety, shame, laughter, love and hope. One in Six is the podcast that tells their story and is available now on CBC Podcasts! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
1 hour, 6 minutes, 37 seconds
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The Mystery Brain Disease That Is Stumping The Medical World

Dementia. Weight loss. Muscle atrophy. Dozens of people between 18 and 80 years old living in northeastern New Brunswick have an unexplained brain disease with those symptoms. Roger Ellis, a 63 year old Bathurst man is one of them. Today on Sickboy Podcast, Roger's son Steve joins the hosts to talk about their fight for some answers not only from doctors, but also from the government of New Brunswick.
52 minutes, 32 seconds
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There Is No Escape From Death - Or Is There? Feel Good Friday LIVE From Edmonton

This week we cover FGF LIVE from Edmonton. A death-themed episode where we come to terms with our inevitable reality. We cover the story of a medieval ‘vampire’ unearthed with a sickle across her throat to stop her rising from the dead, 7 Unique Burial Rituals Across the World, Jeremie's bizarre experience with sifting through Bigby's ashes, and the fascinating evolution of the Cryonics industry! Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
39 minutes, 28 seconds
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Rockin' A Cane Like It Ain't No Thang: Spina Bifida

This week the fellas have a chat with their new friend Mari. Mari lives with Spina Bifida! What's that you ask? Spina bifida is a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don't form properly. We talk about accessibility issues, the skills of a self catheterizer, the hardships of finding employment while living with a disability, race and quality of healthcare and much much more! Be sure to check out Mari's episode of Employable Me
1 hour, 25 minutes, 24 seconds
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Yellow Eyes And Busted Bile Ducts: Biliary Atresia

Mohit is a gem. He uses his music business, marketing, entrepreneurship and patient experience to advocate for equity in the healthcare system. A system he knows all too well. Mohit lived with Biliary Atresia, a rare disease that affects the bile ducts with no known cause. It’s no joke. About 85% of patients die before they are 2 years old. Mohit spent about 70% of the first eleven years of life in hospital. He experienced medical racism. He had a hard time making/maintaining friends his own age. And at a very young age received a liver transplant. Mohit has been through it all and we’re elated to have him be a part of our community.
1 hour, 3 minutes, 47 seconds
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Twins BASIL!! TWINS!!! - Multiple Birth Complications & Postpartum Depression

Did you know May 28th was Multiple Birth awareness day! Why would anyone want to be aware of multiple births? Wait… what does Multiple births even mean? More than one baby at one time, DUH! Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets, Octomom! Did you know that as soon as twins are confirmed to be within the womb that the mother is considered a high risk pregnancy? This week we speak to Jill about her high risk pregnancy with her twin boys and the subsequent post-partum depression that followed. Can Jeremie stomach all the baby talk? Unlikely.
1 hour, 18 minutes, 31 seconds
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Drinking Pee In The Name Of Communication - Feel Good Friday

This week we kick it off with a story of IUD woes. Brian pretends he’s never heard of TikTok while Jer shows the fellas the latest witchcraft trend “the hanger reflex.” It works on Jer... so maybe he’s the witch. Devotees: the secret world of people who fetishize folks who live with disabilities. It’s a dark subject that the boys take a moment to unpack. As a little palate cleanser, they do a quiz from past guest Ethan on how comfortable they are with mortality! Finally, WHAT THE HELLTH?! Did you know dolphins drink their friends' piss to sort out who is who? Piss drinking recognition is the latest study in dolphin communication and we’re here for it. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord! Check out Ethan’s mortality quiz here:
58 minutes, 59 seconds
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A Total Sh*t Show - The LTC Humanitarian Crisis w/ Naheed Dosani: Feel Good Friday

This week we go DEEP into the world of feces AKA stool AKA poopy. From Jeremie's bowels explained from doctor Ben to the wonders of fecal transplant to wombat cube crap, to the utter sh*t show that is the private Long Term Care system that has completely failed our country. Naheed Dosani returns again to tell us all about the important work he is doing with the Doctors for Justice in LTC coalition!
1 hour, 16 minutes, 43 seconds
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Clean Yo' Booty Hole: The Economics Of A Global Pandemic - Feel Good Friday

Jer is ballin' out with that CERB money and bought a talking toilet. Lauren admits to a past front bum water jet trauma. Brian is here to kink shame and Tay celebrates ""national horny day"" by engaging in some candlelit eye gazing. All that silliness is followed by an eye-opening conversation with David MacDonald, a Senior Economist from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. We talk about how the heck Canada is able to pay our CERB, the difference between a recession and a depression, and much more!
1 hour, 12 minutes, 52 seconds
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Seeking Relief From Addiction w/ Naomi Ricther

The Director of Care at GreeneStone, Naomi brings her knowledge and expertise from her designation as a Registered Practical Nurse and extensive experience in residential treatment settings. This week she joins the fellas to dive into her personal experience with addiction and how she ended up doing the important work she does over at GreenStone, offering support for folks struggling with addictions. Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
56 minutes, 13 seconds
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Blowfish & Blow: A Florida Man Tale - Feel Good Friday

It's been one full year since Sickboy wondered "Wut Da Hek Is COVID?" We kickstart FGF with a throwback to the preacher who introduced us to the true meaning of death by bass. Zoom court hearings! A new meme machine that shows us how little Zoom etiquette some folks have. Then the gang talk about a man who did some snowcaine while eating toxic blowfish liver. Could this be the beginning of a new FGF segment: Florida Man or Nah.
1 hour, 7 minutes, 47 seconds
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Routine Checkup: Generation Dread: Finding Purpose in an Age of Climate Crisis w/ Dr. Britt Wray

Dr. Britt Wray is an author and researcher working at the forefront of climate change and mental health. This week the fellas chat with Britt about her new book Generation Dread and how the existential crisis of climate change is having an effect on all of our mental health. What is climate anxiety? How does it show up in our everyday life? How can we deal with it? Although this is some heavy subject matter, Britt is a beam of sunshine (but not in the “this is too much sunshine and the polar ice caps are melting" kind of way). More like the beam of sunshine on a day in the future when carbon emissions are zero and everyone is awarded free candy for life for their efforts, kind of way. Check out her site at *Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
58 minutes, 11 seconds
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Could Liquid Oxygen Enemas Be The Next Medical Breakthrough?! - Feel Good Friday

The gang is back and they are coming at ya hard with some prime time FGF content. Do we have a Ophilia McHock in the audience today? Ophilia McHock? How about a... Don Keedic? No? Okay, moving on. Apparently there is a rollercoaster in Japan that is so fast it's crushing peoples spines. Sounds fun. Know what else is fun? Petting cute puppies while getting your COVID vaccine! Finally for this week's edition of WHAT THE HELLTH!? We cover a mind boggling study where one doctor who has way too many jobs thought it'd be interesting to see what would happen if he tried squirting liquid oxygen up the anus' of rats and pigs. The results are startling.
1 hour, 11 minutes, 29 seconds
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Vaccines: They Don't Give Ya Autism - Feel Good Friday

The world's dumbest world leader gets dumber. Jeremie has been watching too much porn. Lauren is down for some Robot Oral. Then the gang chat with DKT (aka Dr. Karina Top) a vaccine specialist about the future of COVID Vaccines. Spoiler alert, they are likely to be microchip free and cause little to no autism. Sign us up!
1 hour, 6 minutes, 41 seconds
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This week on Sickboy Podcast: Jeremie, Brian and Taylor take a break from sick and sit down with very special guest Brandy to have an open, frank and sometimes offside conversation about the struggles and stigma associated with being transgender. The boys get a free pass to ask all of the questions they've always wanted to ask. They dive into everything from random tinder encounters, to the delicate art of "tucking", to the struggles of finding love as a trans woman.
1 hour, 8 minutes, 21 seconds
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One In A Million: Caroli's Disease

Buckle up kids! This week we dive into the fascinating experience of living with an ultra rare disease known as Caroli's! Otherwise known as Congenital polycystic dilatation of intrahepatic bile ducts. Oh yeah. Bile. No shortage of gnar. Marcy gives us the run down on "Bile Bags", Losing over half her Liver, and stones. Stones on stones on stones.
59 minutes, 9 seconds
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America's Dad - Father Of Over 100 Children: Super Sperm Donor

Known as the Sperminator the inseminator, or perhaps even "America's Dad," Ari Nagel is the biological father to over 100 children across the world. This week the fellas chat with Ari about how he got involved with the unorthodox method of sperm donation outside of the typical method of sperm bank donation. It all started with a Craigslist ad that evolved from word of mouth into Facebook groups and beyond. Ari Nagel has more children than one would know what to do with but he's committed to providing folks with an opportunity to build a family and be a part of that family in whatever capacity they see fit. This is a WILDLY interesting and entertaining episode and can't wait for you to hear it.
53 minutes, 52 seconds
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Free Willy Might Get COVID - Feel Good Friday

Dr. Graham Dellaire is BACK but this time we aren't touching CRISPR. Instead we dive into the sad reality that is COVID being transferred to marine mammals through our waste water! Doc breaks down the findings from the study titled "Pandemic danger to the deep: the risk of marine mammals contracting SARS-CoV-2 from wastewater" and it's fascinating but also a huge bummer. But hey, FGF wouldn't be what it is without a bit of real talk, right?
54 minutes, 4 seconds
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It Wasn't A Hangover, It Was A Full-Blown Stroke

Eugene lives a rockstar lifestyle. Owning one of the most renowned clubs in Canada the man knows a thing or two about how to party. So it sort of makes sense that he mistook a full-blown stroke for a raging hangover. Thankfully he was able to get the help he needed! This week we follow Eugene along on a wild tale from Mexico, to Canada all in the search for what the heck was going on in his brain! For more info on strokes and the great work being done by the Heart And Stroke Foundation go to:
1 hour, 4 minutes, 29 seconds
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Routine Checkup: Paid Sick Leave — A No-Brainer

Dr. Gaibrie Stephen (Dr. Gabe) is an emergency physician with an interest in health inequity and improving emergency medicine care. This week the gang chat about the importance of paid sick leave and how Canada seems to be dropping the ball on a no-brainer! We go into the details of paid sick leave, how it would work, who it would benefit, and how COVID has shown us how important this type of social program can be!
46 minutes, 54 seconds
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I Dove Into A Pool And Broke My Neck - Quadriplegia

Erin Saari's life changed when she dove into a pool and broke her neck. What physics are at play when a shallow dive goes horribly wrong? At what trajectory must one leap to accelerate the body to speeds capable of pulverizing the spinal column vertebrae into dust? Well, this isn't a math podcast, so don't expect to find those answers here! But we definitely dive into the world of Quadriplegia and the challenges of surviving a severe neck break!
1 hour, 19 minutes, 5 seconds
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Introducing: Chosen Family Season 3

Chosen Family is a podcast hosted by comedians and best friends, Thomas Leblanc and Tranna Wintour. The duo bring their signature wit and warmth to deep and meaningful conversations with artists and creators from music, television, film, and literature to illuminate the powerful connection between the creative process, community, and healing trauma. More episodes are available at:
45 minutes, 43 seconds
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Suicidal Thoughts At 10 Years Old - Depression w/ Mark Henick

We kick off our batch of Toronto conversations with Mark Henick as we take a deep dive into his life long struggles with Depression! With 7 hospitalizations from suicidal thoughts/attempts Mark is no stranger to the mental health system. We dive into the meaning of dreams (horrifying dreams at that), fjord jokes, hospitalization, writing a book in the woods and much much more! Mark Henick dedicated his life from an early age to opening minds and creating change. Now he regularly speaks to diverse audiences about mental health, mental illness, suicide, advocacy, recovery, and hope. Mark’s TEDx talk on suicide is among the most watched in the world.
1 hour, 13 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Most Radioactive Man On Earth - Feel Good Friday

Did you hear about these magnetic vaccine crystals? Keep your keys and anything else that is metal far away from your face. Bobbypins included. This week the gang covers the Manitoba lottery for vaccine enthusiasts, the oldest person to beat COVID-19 (spoiler alert, she's way old), the misogyny that plagues the neuroscience research field and, finally, one of the most shocking segments of What The Hellth?! to date. Don't worry, we don't end it on a heavy note. Get that self care in and take loads of time to, eh — wax this weekend!
1 hour, 7 minutes, 40 seconds
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Trauma - Our Stupid Friend w/ Gabor Mate

Dr. Gabor Mate is a Hungarian-Canadian physician and author. He has a background in family practice and a special interest in childhood development, trauma and potential lifelong impacts on physical and mental health including autoimmune disease, cancer, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), addictions and a wide range of other conditions. This week the fellas are honored to chat with Gabor about his new book The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture. Gabor talks about what makes our culture toxic, how we unknowingly wound our children and shifts Taylor's thoughts and opinions on the benefits of therapy. His book is available now: Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!
57 minutes, 56 seconds
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Quadruple Amputee LIVE from Lululemon - Q&A

A little peek into the final moments of the LIVE show from Lululemon in downtown Halifax where the fellas sat down with Lindsay Hilton, a quad amputee crossfit rugby warrior. She's far more badass than anyone you've ever met. For the full episode head on over to and show us your support by becoming a patron! Also, be sure to read Lindsay's incredible blog post here! -
29 minutes, 44 seconds
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Sickboy Introduces: The Heart: SISTERS

The Heart is an audio art project about power and love. From CBC Podcasts, Mermaid Palace and Radiotopia. SISTERS is a 5 episode series that follows the journey of an older and younger sister from birth to adulthood. Natalie and Kaitlin went from being childhood rivals to being best friends. When the sisters decide to work together to create the very podcast series you are about to listen to, they face challenges they never anticipated. Sibling rivalry, mental health struggles and the daunting task of creating an audio series about it all: can these women overcome the patterns they learned in childhood and live in harmony as adults? More episodes are available at:
42 minutes, 8 seconds
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A Tad Too Tight: Vaginismus

Pour a glass of wine, turn the lights down low, light some vanilla scented candles, turn on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and stick a ""vaginal dilator"" into your hoo-haw. Sounds like an enjoyable night? Well for our guest Molly it is quite painful. Vaginismus is a physical/mental condition causing extremely tight vaginal tissue making it nearly impossible for any sort of vaginal penetration. An issue, to say the least.
1 hour, 5 minutes, 42 seconds
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Overcoming Addiction w/ The Robin Hood of Psychedelics

This week the fellas sit down for a chat with Jerry, the founder of Microdelics, an online company that specializes in LSD microdosing. So what is Microdosing? The practice of taking tiny quantities of psychedelic drugs (such as LSD or Psilocybin) with the hope of gaining some kind of brain boost. People who microdose claim it makes them more productive, more creative and more focused. But this episode is much more than talking about tripping and the potential therapeutic positive's from psychedelics. Jerry's story is one that is worthy if it's own Netflix special. From 20 plus years of severe drug addiction, to getting clean and starting a dispensary, to cultivating and supporting a thriving community, to being busted by the feds! Buckle up and get ready for a heartfelt conversation about struggle and a hopeful story of advocacy.
1 hour, 10 minutes, 20 seconds
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Stretch Armstrong Disease (AKA Ehlers Danlos Syndrome)

You know how Mr. Fantastic can stretch and bend himself and help save the world? Yea...hyper mobility just ain't like that son. This week we sit down with Joanne during our visit to Vancouver, and although she is kicking some serious ass, learn about what it's like to be so hyper mobile that you're surgeon is #1 on speed dial. We dive into collagen, botox, bad knees, big headed surgeons, American health care BS and much much more!