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Shri Krishna Amritvani

Hindi, Education, 3 seasons, 15 episodes, 34 minutes
The knowledge of Bhagawad Gita is relevant to today's era also, by Implementing it in our life we can know about the essence of their existence and how they should lead their lives. Every Human being should read Bhagawad Gita, because it can help Humans to succeed in Life whether it is related to the Career or Relationships with loved ones or with Relatives. Gita Updesh is the essence of life by which a Human being can succeed in career, live a peaceful life and manage relations happily.
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Muje Kon Puchta Tha Tere Bandgi Se Pahle Bhajan

Check out my latest episode!Muje Kon Puchta Tha Tere Bandgi Se Pahle Bhajan मुझे कोन पूछता था तेरे बंदगी से पहले भजन Shri Krishna Amritvani
7/29/20215 minutes, 36 seconds