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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 100 episodes, 2 days 3 hours 55 minutes
Welcome to Show Up on Video! If you are creating, consuming or curious about video content for your business and brand... look no further! Join me as I teach you the tips, tricks, trends, hacks and updates all on video creation... with just a phone and some good lighting :)
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Pop Culture and Reality TV Based Personal Brand with Morgan Wright

With over 88k followers on Instagram, Morgan Wright sits down with Dana to share her journey into the world as a reality influencer. A morning radio broadcaster based in Cleveland, Ohio, Morgan has built a massive online presence on both Tik Tok and Instagram covering pop culture and celebrity news.  Listen in as Morgan shares her journey, lessons she is learning along the way, and how it led her to host her own highly rated weekly podcast, Morgan’s Pop Talks.  Dana and Morgan dish tips on podcasting, touch on the latest in reality news, and discuss the power in sharing your personal life with your audience.             Links Connect with Morgan Wright: Instagram | Website <strong id= "docs-intern
07/03/202347 minutes 3 seconds
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Hitting 100K Followers on Instagram with Shannon McKinstrie

Tune in to today’s episode to push past what’s holding you back from consistently showing up on social media. Dana sits down with Shannon McKinstrie, (who has over 100k followers on Instagram) to chat about social media, building your personal brand on Instagram, with a side of Bravo and Vanderpump Rules! Listen in as Shannon shares about the power in documenting your journey and sharing it with your audience. Shannon believes in showing the mess, showing the silly, and showing up consistently (sounds a lot like Dana!).  Listen to Dana's new podcast, Daily Dose of Dana! Connect with Shannon McKinstrie: Instagram | Website Connect with Dana Bowling: <a href="https://www.instagr
13/02/202353 minutes 23 seconds
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The Power of a Personal Brand with Christine Gritmon

Today’s episode will leave you feeling empowered as Dana speaks with Christine Gritmon, Personal Branding expert on how you can show up and stand out online. Listen in as Dana and Christine explore the power of a personal brand, how to navigate imposter syndrome, and ways you can show up and begin to build your personal brand today! As Christine says in the episode, “Don’t make it hard for the people who need you and your services to find you.” This advice couldn’t be more true. You’ll leave today’s episode motivated to take that next step in building your personal brand. And if you’re looking for more help and guidance in your content creation, check out:  Show Up on Video !     
01/02/202353 minutes 32 seconds
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How to MAKE the Time to CREATE everyday!

The number 1 question Dana gets is... "HOW do you find the time to create all of this content?" Here is her answer... LAST CALL to join SHOW UP ON VIDEO! We start 1.25! Learn more about Dana HERE :) 
19/01/202318 minutes 34 seconds
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How to Build Community and Grow on Tiktok with Molly McPherson, PR Expert

Are you on Tiktok? If not, you will be after today’s conversation with Molly McPherson. She is a PR and Crisis Management expert whose passion for covering pop culture topics (Rachel Hollis specifically)led her to go viral on TikTok.  Listen in as Dana and Molly break down your path to success on TikTok and social media platforms. It’s the ability to connect with your followers and provide value will lead you to success. Molly and Dana share simple tips and strategies to grow your audience. If you’re looking for more help and guidance in your content creation, check out:  Show Up on Video ! Make sure to subscribe to <a href= "
12/01/202341 minutes 3 seconds
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Daily Dose of Dana - sneak preview!!

Did you hear I started another podcast?? I know, I know... I am not normal. (But did you really think I was??) However, I AM an action taker through and through and obsess over starting new projects... and I TRULY felt confident and called to do this... Listen to my first episode here and make sure to SUBSCRIBE! 
07/01/202311 minutes 56 seconds
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When your IRL Friends and Family Don't Support You Online

HAPPY NEW YEAR! On this episode, Dana breaks down a story about her client who is struggling to show up these days and why. Turns out, her concern about why her IRL friends and family not engaging, liking or commenting on her content is bumming her out.  Listen to Dana as she reframes this for you and gets you back on track with your eyes on the prize! Are you ready to join SHOW UP ON VIDEO?? Use code DANA10 for 10% off!!  Follow Dana on IG and TikTok !
04/01/202317 minutes 27 seconds
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How to Show Up on Video With Vulnerability

15/12/202225 minutes 13 seconds
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Leaning into Linkedin to Expand Your Network with Judi Fox

Have you started to embrace Linkedin? Today is the day. Listen to Dana speak to Linkedin expert Judi Fox all about how to create consistency and serve your audience through the Linkedin platform.  They discuss strategies to grow your network and visibility online while creating meaningful relationships and building your community.                       Connect with Judi Fox: Instagram | Website Learn more about SHOW UP ON VIDEO here!
08/12/20221 hour 4 minutes 21 seconds
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Why You Need a Video Strategy... NOW!

Can you imagine going to the gym without any idea what machines to use, how they work, how heavy you need to lift and if your form is correct? THIS is why you hire a personal trainer, or at least take a workout class... to learn WHAT works and HOW!  Same goes for video content for your business / brand... Join Dana's Video Content Planning workshop HERE Schedule a free discovery call with Dana Follow Dana on Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin and Twitter ! Rate and Review the podcast! 
30/11/202215 minutes 14 seconds
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How to Make a Habit out of Content Creation

There are only two ways to get serious about content creation: A Plan and a Habit. Join Dana's Video Content Planning workshop HERE Schedule a free discovery call with Dana Follow Dana on Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin and Twitter ! Rate and Review the podcast! 
22/11/202218 minutes 8 seconds
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How to Bounce Back from What Life Throws Your Way with Coach Dar

This may be one of Dana's more moving and important episodes - she speaks to Darleen Santore, aka Coach Dar, all about the Art of Bouncing Back. Coach Dar is a former occupational therapist turned Mindset Coach, Speaker and Author. She coaches some of the world's top athletes and man oh man, she will change your perspective on challenge. Listen to Dana and Coach Dar speak all about adversity, maintaining an optimistic outlook and how to persevere and bounce back stronger than ever. Pre-order Coach Dar's book, The Art of Bouncing Back Join Dana's Video Content Planning workshop HERE
17/11/202239 minutes 4 seconds
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I went VIRAL on Instagram... now what???

Well... it finally happened: THIS REEL went viral (over 6 million views as of this recording!). Here's what going viral really feels like... and is it worth it? Schedule a FREE discovery call with Dana Learn more about Dana HERE Learn more about making Recurring Profit from Haley Burkhead! 
08/11/202222 minutes 42 seconds
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Pop Culture, Tiktok and... Disneyland? With Mike Ganino

AAAAH I had so much fun creating this week's episode with my dear friend, Public Speaking Coach Mike Ganino. Listen to us chit chat about all things... the perfect end of week treat! Join BRAND LIKE A STAR here!  More of Dana HERE
06/11/202237 minutes 38 seconds
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Oh No!!!! My Instagram is GONE!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Did you wake up this morning to find your Instagram account suspended or gone? Maybe with hundreds or even thousands of less followers?  In today's episode, Dana dives deep to figure out what is happening... and also covers what to do to make sure this kind of thing doesn't ruin your business. Make sure to join Dana's FREE TRAINING, How to Build your Brand With Video on November 1!
31/10/202212 minutes 37 seconds
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How to Be the STAR of your Brand!

Hey hey! Former Casting Director turned Brand Strategist and Video Coach walks you through her STAR method... essentially making you the STAR of your industry. If you are struggling to stand out online and want to figure out how to make a true impact on people.... this episode (and Dana's upcoming course) is for you! Make sure to join Dana's FREE TRAINING, How to Build your Brand With Video on November 1! Learn more about making Recurring Profit from Haley Burkhead! 
21/10/202215 minutes 9 seconds
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Tiktok Drama, Lawsuits and Risks as a Creator with Molly Dare

If you've been on Tiktok this week, you have seen the Bethenny cease and desist drama. In this week's episode, Dana sits down with friend and entrepreneur Molly Dare to talk all things tiktok! Make sure to sign up for the FREE training, How to Build Your Brand with Video on Nov. 1!  
14/10/202235 minutes 39 seconds
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Stop Being a One-Hit Wonder.... do THIS Instead!

The mistake so many social media experts are making when it comes to the strategy they are teaching - and how to focus on what really will make a difference in your business. Join Dana for this solo episode :) Have you signed up for the BRAND LIKE A STAR waitlist yet???  Learn more about making Recurring Profit from Haley Burkhead! 
06/10/202215 minutes 16 seconds
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The ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA GURU'S Guide to Creating Video Content

Join Dana for a short, inspiration filled episode on how to take all the strategy that the social media gurus say and throw it out the window! Are you ready to become the STAR of your own BRAND? Join the waitlist for Dana's brand new online course - BRAND LIKE A STAR! 
29/09/202211 minutes 12 seconds
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How to make Self Love your SUPERPOWER with Sandra Chuma

Sandra Chuma is a coach, mentor and host of the WORTHY Podcast. Born in a mud hut with no running water or electricity, Sandra built her own successful 8 figure business and realized that with each milestone; she still felt empty. Sandra shares  how we can love ourselves more and put this journey of life into perspective. Sandra is on a mission to serve others, and help others be the best versions of themselves. This feel good conversation will lift you up, energize you, and help you realize that it is all possible and within you.  Her best advice? There is nothing external that can ever make you feel fulfilled.  Four Things You Will Learn This Episode  How some of your worst moments can c
22/09/202258 minutes 26 seconds
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How to Win the Squid Games of Video Content Creation

Welcome back for another solo episode with Dana! This time, she walks you through how to create video content in such an efficient and EFFECTIVE way that... you win the game!! Make sure to snag the last couple SUPER STRATEGY SESSIONS! New online course coming soon: BRAND LIKE A STAR
14/09/202221 minutes 23 seconds
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How to Build a Thriving Community and Business Using Live Video with Subscription Box Owner Sarah Williams

This week, Dana sits down with Sarah Williams, an art teacher by trade who began her business Framed! by Sarah as a side hustle Her business expanded and Sarah realized that if she wanted to scale her business, she needed to show up on live video. Listen in as Sarah shares her entrepreneurial journey and tips on how to overcome the fear of going live on social media. Her best advice? Build your audience! Collect people, serve them, and then sell to them. Need help showing up on VIDEO and coming up with a strategy? Book a SUPER STRATEGY SESSION with Dana! Limited spots available! More about Dana and Show
08/09/202244 minutes 3 seconds
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Forget batching content... try THIS instead!!

In this week's episode, Dana shares her powerful weekend at a conference and the moment that made her feel awkward AF.  She also covers a different way to strategize and create content that may seem much less overwhelming! Do you need extra help??  Sign up for a SUPER STRATEGY SESSION with Dana while spots last! Learn more HERE Follow Dana on IG and Tiktok !
01/09/202222 minutes 10 seconds
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How to Stand Out Online in Real Estate with Chelsea Peitz

Realtors! Make sure you join SHOW UP ON VIDEO; Real Estate Edition!  This episode is a snippet from a convo Dana and Chelsea Peitz, Real Estate Agent and Coach Chelsea Peitz had back in March!  Chelsea and Dana talk about all things content creation. Listen as they talk about their businesses, Instagram growth strategies, and how producing video content can help you connect with your audience in a unique way.   Her best advice? There really is no original content anymore except for YOUR experiences, stories, behind the scenes, and your voice. That is how you get unique engagement. Learn more about Dana and work with her HERE!
25/08/202233 minutes 6 seconds
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Being Authentic to Yourself and Building Your Business on Your Own Terms with Kacia Ghetmiri

Kacia Ghetmiri, left the corporate world as a software engineer for Google to build a business focused becoming more of herself. Initially unsure of what that was, she started a podcast, EMPOWERHER for people to follow along throughout the process. Listen in as Kacia talks about her evolution of entrepreneurship and how constantly seeking alignment with herself has made her successful in multiple businesses.  Her best advice? Normalize changing your mind. Your evolution as a human being helps you take your experiences to help others.  Four Things You Will Learn This Episode  How Kacia built businesses on the side, testing it out, before assuming total risk knowing that it worked. 
18/08/202255 minutes 56 seconds
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How To STAND OUT In A Saturated Online World

In this super quick episode, Dana walks you through 4 questions you need to ask yourself when you are trying to figure out how to stand out in a super crowded online space. Whether you're a coach, a realtor, a stylist, a fitness professional or anything else... you'll want to listen to this. Make sure to join the free coworking session HERE Get on the Show Up on Video waitlist HERE 
12/08/202212 minutes 47 seconds
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How Showing Up on Video Can Grow Your Community and Increase Sales with Liz Martinez Nelson

Liz Martinez Nelson, Graphic and Website Designer/ Brand Strategist needed a career after casting that worked for her life as a mom of two girls. Friend of Dana’s, this podcast episode analyzes Liz’s current social media strategy and how she is finally ready to take the leap into Tiktok! In this episode, they discuss the current social media landscape. They break down the current landscape of Instagram, and how Liz (and you) can use Tiktok to grow her/your business and followers. Her best advice? Don’t hide behind your work. Show potential clients who you are through showing up on social media. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How Liz went from not showing up on social media to grow
08/08/202258 minutes 44 seconds
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Instagram - what NOW? with Natasha Samuel

Happy Friday! In this episode, Dana talks to Natasha Samuel from @shinewithnatasha all about Adam Mosseri's controversial updates, the feedback he received and more importantly... what to do on IG now! You may be surprised at our answer! Join Dana's FREE Coworking Session HERE Learn more about Dana and follow her HERE
29/07/202249 minutes 3 seconds
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How to Imperfectly Market Yourself On Instagram and Tiktok with Rachael Amarante

Rachael Amarante is a best selling author, mother of four boys, and motivational speaker. She teaches how to create real change in your life, acknowledging the imperfections and failure along the way.  Listen in as Dana and Rachael share how the social media platforms are changing and how Showing Up on Video can help your business grow. Her best advice? Whatever business you are in, you need to learn how to communicate and talk to people. Showing Up on Video helps you get that practice to become a better communicator in your professional and personal life.  Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How Showing Up On Video helps make it a habit, and how the rise of Tiktok is changing th
27/07/202240 minutes 38 seconds
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Is it Time to Break Up with Instagram?

Is Instagram driving you as nuts as it is me lately? Are your numbers all over the place? Engagement up and then down? Story views out of wack? ARE PEOPLE EVEN STILL USING INSTAGRAM? In this episode, I chat about why you need Instagram... in a VERY different way than you used to. And if you're in a monogomous relationship with IG? It's time to get some other lovers as well :)  SHOW UP ON VIDEO, my group coaching course, is OPEN RIGHT NOW! Learn more about me HERE!!
19/07/202218 minutes 19 seconds
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Why You NEED to Show Up on Video (and How to Overcome the Obstacles)

Aaaaah I am so excited to be here and kick off this new version of the show! Why am I completely focusing on video content?  Because YOU NEED TO START SHOWING UP ON VIDEO if you want to have any chance with visibility and marketing in 2022 and beyond. Learn more about my 12 week program SHOW UP ON VIDEO HERE Follow me on Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter
15/07/202221 minutes 53 seconds
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SHOW UP ON VIDEO - new podcast!

Hi friends!! I am so excited to announce my new show, SHOW UP ON VIDEO! Same energy, just more focused on all things video! For the video creator, creator in training, influencer or essentially any personal brand or business that knows YOU NEED VIDEO to grow in 2022 and beyond! Let me know your thoughts on IG! As always, more info here!
14/07/20223 minutes 26 seconds
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My thoughts on the current state of video creation!

Here's another solo episode from me all about the state of video creation in these...wierd times. I talk about how to create content when the world feels upside down, the importance (or lack of importance) about going viral, and how important getting on tiktok is! Purchase my Tiktok workshop and guide HERE ! More info on all things HERE :)
05/07/202214 minutes 58 seconds
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Get Clear on Who you Are, What you Want and Why you Want it with Tricia Huffman

This week, I get to sit down with Tricia Huffman, a former touring sound engineer for entertainers turned Joyologist. Tricia shares how the tragic loss of her father forced her to quit her “supposed dream job”.  This devastation helped her realize her passion for helping others claim their joy. Listen in as we discuss her newly released book, “F the Shoulds, Do the Wants.” Tricia will help you evaluate steps you can take to find more joy in your future.  SIGN UP FOR THE TIK TOK WORKSHOP ON JUNE 28th HERE Follow Dana on Instagram and Tiktok
20/06/202249 minutes 48 seconds
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Feeling lonely on social media? So am I.

Hi friends! In today's rant episode, I talk about some honest feelings around social media and community today. With the fall of the Clubhouse app, and the disjointed feeling of Instagram these days, it feels like everyone online is all over the place. Sorta like when you're having a party and people are dispersed in so many areas that it feels empty. Are you feeling lonely as an entrepreneur?  Maybe you can relate. Make sure to listen to this episode and then join my free community!  Also, sign up for your own STAN store here! Follow me on Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter! 
14/06/202216 minutes 9 seconds
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How to Run and Build Your Business Without Sacrificing Your Time w/ Holly Marie Haynes

Holly Marie Haynes, Corporate Consultant turned Entrepreneur, built her coaching business on productivity. She has a passion for helping other business owners and watching the impact it has on their lives. She is the creator of Top 100 Podcast, Crush the Rush, and hosts a mastermind and membership. If you’re looking for help with strategy and productivity while building your business, then Holly is a must follow. Listen in as Holly and Dana talk about navigating entrepreneurship, community building, and figuring out what works for you so you can make progress today. Her best advice? Pick a lane, stay in it, and stay focused. Four Things You Will Learn This Episode  How business hours
06/06/202239 minutes 31 seconds
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What the F*** is happening over on Instagram with Erica Reitman and Amanda Kohal

Instagram has been making some big changes lately and a lot of people are wondering what the hell is going on. In this episode, I sit down with Erica Reitman (Business Coach) and Amanda Kohal (Social Media Strategist) to talk about all the recent changes and explain what's happening. We also cover our predictions and where you need to be spending your energy and time. SIGN UP FOR SHOW UP ON VIDEO! Follow Dana on Instagram & Tiktok Subscribe to our Youtube channel!  
26/05/202247 minutes 34 seconds
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10 Reasons You're Not Getting On Video (And How To Fix Them)

Are you struggling to get started with video or getting started on Tiktok/Youtube? You're not alone. In this episode, I'll share 10 common reasons people don't start making videos and how to overcome them.  If you're ready to start creating powerful videos that help you grow your business, this is the show for you! JOIN SHOW UP ON VIDEO
18/05/202214 minutes 39 seconds
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How To Deliver A Great Live Video Every Time

Are you looking to create live videos that engage and excite your audience? In this wpisode, learn four tips for delivering a great live video every time. From preparation to delivery, these tips will help you put on a show that your viewers will love. Learn more about Dana's new video program, SHOW UP ON VIDEO! All the things here
11/05/202211 minutes 36 seconds
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How to Create a Business, Make it Fun, and Be the Go To Expert in Your Niche with Jaclyn Mellone

Jaclyn Mellone, Coach, Podcaster, and Founder of the Go To Gal, shares how she created her business and made it work for her lifestyle while raising a family. Listen in as Dana and Jaclyn talk about building a business through leveraging your strengths and cultivating a online social community focused on building others up. Jaclyn can help you become the Go To expert in your field. To learn more about Jaclyn, follow her @jaclyn_mellone and her podcast, Go To Gal,  Her best advice? When you do something and do it well, people are drawn to it. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How Jaclyn went from “wantrepreneur” to a successful entrepreneur <span style= "font-weight: 4
05/05/202250 minutes 8 seconds
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Why Every Small Business Owner Needs to be on TikTok... NOW

Hey hey! In today's episode, I rant a bit about how one Tiktok video brought me 10k new followers in ONE WEEK, mostly while I was traveling the Grand Canyon with limited service. Make sure to subscribe to AMP it up, and click the links below to learn more! Download my free guide BRAND RISING My STAN STORE to see all of my goods!
27/04/202216 minutes 47 seconds
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How To Stay Radically Content No Matter What Life Throws At You with Jamie Varon

Jamie Varon, author and novelist, shares how she has built her personal brand on her own terms. She and Dana talk all about Jamie’s upcoming book release of “Radically Content.”  Listen in as Jamie shares her past struggles with anxiety and how she has made intentional changes in her life to ensure she celebrates the small things. Learn to live life more intentionally and make sure to order Jamie’s book! Her best advice? Be in the day you are in. Enjoy the moment, and be present. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode:  How Jamie intentionally creates her content on Instagram and doesn’t let social media platfo
13/04/20221 hour 36 seconds
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Why Creating Personalized and Engaging Video Content is a Must for Your Business

After my Tik Tok went viral last week about how using CANVA is destroying your business, I decided to rant on how to incorporate more personalized video content will be a game changer for your biz and brand... enjoy! Download my free guide BRAND RISING Join the free AMP it up Community on Mighty Networks here Follow Dana on IG , Tik Tok, and Youtube
06/04/202215 minutes 12 seconds
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Reprogramming Your Mind So That You Can Start Living a More Fulfilled Life Today with Dr. Jenn Chrisman

Dr. Jenn Chrisman, high school friend of Dana’s, Psychologist turned Life Coach and Mentor joins Dana to talk about self worth and acceptance. She is passionate about helping high achieving women who have checked all of the boxes by social standards and still feel like something is missing.  Listen in as Jenn teaches  you how to detach your worth and value from the things that you do.  Her best advice? It’s not what you’re doing, it’s who you’re being. Four Things You Will Learn This Episode  How to accept and have compassion for yourself in a world conditioned to tell you that you aren't good enough. How to navigate a culture that over- glorifies achieve
30/03/202244 minutes 52 seconds
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When Is The Right Time To Reevaluate Your Business?

It can be difficult to know if your business is doing well. Do you feel stuck? Stagnant? Questioning everything? How do you know when it's time to reevaluate what you're doing?    FOLLOW ME ON: INSTAGRAM → TIK TOK →<a class= "yt-simple-endpoint style-scope yt-formatted-string" dir="auto" spellcheck="false" href= "
23/03/202214 minutes 3 seconds
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Creating Video Content to Grow Your Business Authentically with Chelsea Peitz

Chelsea Peitz, Real Estate Agent and Coach helps other agents get “unstuck” on social media. Chelsea and Dana talk about all things content creation. Listen as they talk about their businesses, Instagram growth strategies, and how producing video content can help you connect with your audience in a unique way.  Work with Chelsea and she will help you identify how the little things in your everyday life can become content to set you apart from your competition. Her best advice? There really is no original content anymore except for YOUR experiences, stories, behind the scenes, and your voice. That is how you get unique engagement. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How Chelsea has prioritized her goals and will inspire y
11/03/202254 minutes 28 seconds
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Behind the Scenes rant - Entrepreneur life

Hi friends! This week's episode will be a bit different than normal - I wanted to just bring you along the musings of what it's like to be an entrepreneur, emotionally and mentally. You'll get to know more about me here as well :)  Do you like episodes like this? If so, DM me on Instagram!! Nothing makes me happier than a review/rating :) THANK YOU!! Find me on: Tiktok Linkedin Youtube Twitter
03/03/202217 minutes 25 seconds
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Should you grow your Personal Brand or your Business?

.... and why your personal brand isn't growing! If you are looking to start create more consistent content, join my 5 day GET VISIBLE challenge! We start on Feb. 28th! FOLLOW ME ON: INSTAGRAM TWITTER LINKEDIN 
23/02/202215 minutes 40 seconds
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How Staying True to Yourself Can Tap You Into Your Highest Potential with Orly Shani

Orly Shani, daughter of  immigrant entrepreneurs, a mom, On Air host and DIY expert, shares her entrepreneurial journey and how it all starts with her creativity passed down from her artist grandmother. A contestant on Fashion Star on NBC, this catapulted her  TV career and landed her a seat next to Kristin Cavallari on the E show, the Trend. From there, she had a steady career with DIY on Hallmark’s, Home and Family channel for several years. Listen in on Orly’s entrepreneurial journey and how all of her career pivot’s led her to her latest project as a Youtube Content Creator. Subscribe to her channel, the DIY Designer.  Her best advice? If it doesn't exist, you can make it.  Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  <li style="font-we
16/02/202258 minutes 19 seconds
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How to go LIVE on Instagram to Connect with your Audience

In today's episode, I walk you through tips and tricks to go LIVE on Instagram in 2022! You will learn mindset tips and ways to nail the experience for you AND your audience! Make sure to subscribe, review and rate... and check out how I'm creating content across all the platforms. FOLLOW ME ON: YOUTUBE: my Channel INSTAGRAM → TWITTER → LINKEDIN
09/02/202214 minutes 55 seconds
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How to Start Creating More Content

Feeling overwhelmed with content creation? Cant stay consistent? Or do you struggle with taking the idea from your head into implementation? That's because we overthink everything and we don't have a process. In this episode, you will learn my process to take idea to implementation without any crazy tricks or a huge team. Do you need hand holding and accountabilty when it comes to creating content? I'm taking on a small group of entrepreneurs who are ready to start creating consistent content. DM me on Instagram today to learn more! Subscribe to my Youtube Follow me on Twitter
02/02/202235 minutes 49 seconds
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How using your voice confidently can take you to the next level with Communications Coach, Karen Laos

Karen Laos, Corporate Business Woman turned Communications Coach shares her story of personal growth and how it became the business she runs today.  Karen shares how she learned to speak up, and stand out in the corporate world. A nurturer at heart, Karen speaks has a unique way of empowering her clients  to finally take action in their own journeys. Listen in to hear some quick tips to level up your communication and confidence today. And if you love Karen and want to hear more, listen to her podcast, Ignite Your Confidence with Karen Laos.   Her best advice? Don’t apologize for showing up or being yourself.   Three Things You Will Learn This Episode    How to say anything better
26/01/202235 minutes 49 seconds
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Do you REALLY need a Personal Brand? Really??

Hey guys! I loved creating this episode for TWO reasons: 1) I was talking about my fave topic and 2) I filmed myself recording it for repurposing reasons! Youtube, here I come! TWO MORE DAYS until AMP up your Personal Brand's cart is closed! Get in there, kk? follow me over on IG, Twitter, and Tiktok!
19/01/202211 minutes 42 seconds
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I think you need to hear this today.

I know I did. Listen, and let me know your thoughts over on Instagram! JOIN ME - AMP UP YOUR PERSONAL BRAND Bootcamp is open now!! More details HERE
12/01/202211 minutes 5 seconds
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2022 is the year to take all of your perfect manicured plans, and toss them in the trash... Hear me out: I want you guys to listen to this super short mini episode on how I believe you need to show up this year to grow your business online...  Still struggling? Jump into my 4 week personal branding bootcamp - we start on January 24! Connect with me on IG!
07/01/202220 minutes 41 seconds
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On Resilience and How a Positive Mindset Can Change Everything for Entrepreneurs with Molly Dare

Summary   Molly Dare, entrepreneur, PR maven, and mom knows a thing or two about resilience. As a teen, she battled a strain of lyme disease leaving her sidelined. It was then that she vowed to use her voice. She has an attitude of gratitude. As a single mom of two young girls, she teaches our audience how life's setbacks are redirecting and redefining our purpose. Molly is an on air host with Ion, passionate about her PR company HillenBRAND, and hosts  On Air with Molly Dare. Listen in as Molly shares her story, and how her aggressive liking on Instagram has landed her in Instagram jail too many times to count. You can find everything Molly is up to on her website at    <span style="font-weight: 40
08/12/202137 minutes 36 seconds
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10 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself if You Want to Build Your Personal Brand

You requested this one!! Listen to this solo episode where I go over the 10 questions you need to ask yourself... Need more help? Check out my Personal Brand VIP Day - only 3 spots left! And DM me on IG with your answers!!
01/12/202119 minutes 30 seconds
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How to be an Entrepreneur and Preserve your Mental Health in the Process with Therapist Valerie Sadon

It's Thanksgiving Weekend week!!Valerie Sadon, friend  and therapist, has a passion for treating people with anxiety, trauma and chronic pain. If you're human like me,  you'll experience some or all of these in your lifetime. And as entrepreneurs it’s easy to feel uncertain in your journey and often feel alone.  Listen in while Valerie puts those feelings of uncertainty into perspective and provides you with new ways to reframe and refocus so that you can balance and even find comfort in the uncertainty that comes with the journey of entrepreneurship. Her best advice? We’re hardwired to want to rid uncertainty from our lives for survival. Strive for the balance and be comfortable with uncertainty, but clear on where you want to go. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  <
24/11/202144 minutes 7 seconds
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Create the Freakin' Content Already!!

A short solo episode today as I'm on my way to Tulum!! Sign up for my FREE CONTENT CREATION CHALLENGE here! Follow me on Instagram HERE
17/11/202115 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Attract Clients and Turn Your Conversations into Cash with Quinn Conyers

Quinn Conyers, speaker and entrepreneur, always knew her big personality didn’t fit in the small town where she grew up. A mix of confidence, energy, and strength, Quinn walks the audience through her struggles and triumphs as a speaker and how she arrived at the place she is today. She teaches the audience how to stand out unapologetically and how the language you use is crucial to landing clients. Her best advice? You can give your audience appetizers, but they have to pay for the full course meal. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode How it took Quinn years to build the business she has today despite the breakups that occurred along the way. <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria-
10/11/202140 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Building a signature online brand that evolves with you and stays top of mind with Phil Pallen

Check out this incredible conversation between two personal brand lovers... Phil Pallen is an entrepreneurial nomad currently living in Spain while running his business which focuses on building personal brands for successful people.  His business was born ten years ago when he was a finalist to be a social media intern for Charlie Sheen, and used the social media frenzy to launch his career. He got his start in Los Angeles,  training TV hosts how to show up online. Phil takes successful people and helps them make their brand visible to the world with his unique design and inspirations cultivated by his love of world travel. His best advice? If your social media content feels like taking out the trash, it probably is trash. Three Things You Will Learn This Episo
04/11/20211 hour 2 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Finding Community When you Don't Feel Supported

Less than ONE week to join THE AMPIRE COLLECTIVE! STOP looking in the wrong places for support with your business. So many of us look towards our parents or IRL friends who don't know who to offer what we are looking for. If you're feeling lonely and isolated in this crazy entrepreneurial journey... it's time you invested in and joined a community. Where you can learn from others, feel supported and actually see the needle move! Join the AMPire Collective now.
27/10/202118 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Building Your Community and Your Engagement with Amanda Kohal of The Wolfe Co

Summary  Amanda, owner of the Wolfe Co. drops her knowledge on building your community through authentic engagement. She teaches our audience how online conversations will help you grow your business and brand. Content creator and marketing enthusiast, Amanda shares how she positioned herself as a thought leader on instagram through free content and authentic audience engagement. One year into full time entrepreneurship, The Wolfe Co. focuses on engagement turning your fans into clients. Her best advice? People don’t buy from you to access information. They buy from you to experience a transformation. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How to show up authentically through conversations on social media
20/10/202143 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

4 Reasons Your Personal Brand Sucks (and what to do about it!)

14/10/202119 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Three Ways to Make More Money in your Biz... TODAY

Are you feeling like your business is finally getting off the ground and yet, you have no money in your bank account? In this solo episode, Dana shares three ways to start making more money starting TODAY. Interested in joining the AMPire Collective? Get on the waitlist HERE: Join our FREE community on the Geneva platform: AMPITUP Connect with Dana on IG HERE!
06/10/202116 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

On Knowing Your Value and Charging for It In Your Online Business with Jenny Melrose

Teacher turned blogger shares the ways that her hobby as a new mom scaled into a full time business helping other female entrepreneurs grow and scale their online businesses organically. She shares her knowledge on blogging and why it’s still relevant to your online business. Listen in to hear how you can make money from your website and online platforms through brand sponsorships no matter the size of your audience. Her best advice? Know your value and charge for it. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How Jenny was able to replace her teacher’s salary, and retire her husband through her online blogging business Ways to make money using your websit
28/09/202135 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Let's get VULNERABLE about what it's like being an entrepreneur...

In this episode, Dana goes into the 5 things she has learned about herself since starting her own business in arch, 2017. No, they aren't about course creation, launch strategy or funnels...  It's all about mindset and self awareness. Do any of her 5 discoveries surprise you? LINKS: Get on the waitlist for THE AMPIRE COLLECTIVE here Connect with Dana: IG
22/09/202120 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

How Her Own Transformation Has Allowed Her to Give Solo Travelers Unforgettable Experiences with Ashley Mandell

Make sure to Enroll in Amp up Your Personal Brand here!! Current client, Ashley Mandell shares her journey of transformation in the last year. Ashley is an entrepreneur and traveler who combined her passions to create her dream career. Her mission is to help women feel empowered and go against the “supposed tos”and change their lives in the best way possible; through solo travel and incredible experiences. Her best advice? Take the risk, and do what it takes to find yourself and stay present. Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How working with Dana has allowed Ashley to find clarity, the courage to pivot in her career and be true to her
16/09/202147 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lessons From 10 Years of Being An Instagram Educator with Sue B. Zimmerman

The Instagram Expert, Sue B. Zimmerman, joins Dana to share lessons learnt from her 10 years of experience as an Instagram educator. Sue B. is a traveller and serial entrepreneur. In fact, she started 18 businesses throughout her life. She had her first million dollar business at age 22.  Her best advice? To always live in true alignment with who you are.  Three Things You Will Learn This Episode  How to become an Instagram coach despite lots of competition.  How you can stop being afraid of other people’s judgement online.  How having the right team in your business
07/09/202143 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Resilience, Persistence, and Patience with Olympic Speed Skater Kelly Gunther

Are you willing to put your ego aside to fight for your dreams? When we’re faced with rejection and failure, we are called on to make a huge decision. If push comes to shove, how many of us are willing to put our ego aside to stay resilient, persistent, and patient all in the hopes of achieving our dreams?   Kelly Gunther is an Olympic speed skater who defied the odds, overcame obstacles, and remained focused on her goals. After having her dreams of making the 2010 Olympic team snatched from her within 24 hours, she felt defeated. Instead of coming up with excuses and feeling sorry for herself, she picked her skates back up and headed back out on the ice.   In today’s episode, Kelly shares her story of overcoming the many major obstacles that tried to hold her back. She shares how she overcame defeat, trained relentlessly to becom
18/08/202145 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Shifting the Focus from Influence to Impact with Haley Luckadoo

What’s the purpose of your influence? Nowadays, the words “influence” and “influencer” are thrown around without much thought. It’s so commonly used that people have attached a specific connotation to those terms. When you think about an influencer, you think about someone who is of celebrity status. You think of individuals like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. But as female entrepreneurs, we know we have an influence too.   My guest today is the wonderful Haley Luckadoo. Haley is a marketing coach, motivational speaker, and fellow podcaster. She coaches impact-driven women on sales and marketing so that they make more money. In today’s episode, she shares her approach to influence and how she’s shifting the focus from influence to impact.   We chat about her story and how the lack of a safety net in her business gave her no choi
14/07/202141 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why You Don’t Need a Massive Following to Grow Your Business

So many online entrepreneurs are focusing on the wrong thing. They often think “more is better” when it comes to growing a following and an audience. However, what truly matters most isn’t the size of your following, but how engaged they are.   This very special episode is recorded Clubhouse style. First, you’ll hear my thoughts and advice on increasing your engagement and growing a supportive community and client base. Then, I open the floor up to our many fabulous speakers so you can learn from their experience and expertise as well. Tune in to this treat of an episode as we talk about consistency on Clubhouse, the ability to follow through, and why you still need to show up on Instagram.   In this episode, we cover: Why you should focus on building an engag
30/06/20211 hour 10 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Educating, Inspiring, and Entertaining on TikTok with Brooke Lacey

What do you want out of your social media efforts? Brooke Lacey is a tech-obsessed, Crypto-vixen, and TikTok maven who grew her TikTok account to over 274k followers in just 9 months. No, she isn’t a Gen Z’er who gained popularity by dancing her way through the app. Instead, she built her large community by creating content that educates, inspires, and entertains.   In today’s episode, Brooke shares her best advice for growing on TikTok. She also discusses the importance of setting clear goals for what you want to gain out of any social media platform. Tune in as she shares actionable steps for growing an engaged community on social media that serves your overall purpose.   In this episode, we cover: The power of TikTok <li style="font-weight: 400;
16/06/202132 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why Your Personal Brand is So Important to Your Business

Your audience wants to know the person behind the brand. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the difference between Spanx’s Instagram engagement and Sarah Blakely’s  (CEO and founder of Spanx) engagement. This boils down to one very important fact: our clients and customers want to know, like, and trust us before they support our product and brand.   In today’s episode, we have a very important conversation all about building a personal brand. We discuss the difference between a personal and a business brand while sharing some tips on how you can build your personal brand. If you’re confused about how and why you should establish a personal brand, this episode is for you. Tune in as I discuss why your personal brand is so important and how it’ll help you build that know, like, and trust factor with your customers.   In this episode, we cover: <
02/06/202116 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

The New Pivot in My Business and an Exciting Announcement

PIVOTING - it’s a process that many entrepreneurs are familiar with. In today’s episode, I’m taking you behind-the-scenes of my pivot while introducing you to the Amp-ire Collective.   I talk about the moments when I lost my passion, the moments that made me want to run away, and how all those realizations led me to create the Amp-ire Collective. I also reveal what the Amp-ire Collective is all about, what it is, and who it serves. Tune in to this episode and find out why I decided to pivot, and where my new path is taking me. Or tune in just to find out what my Real Housewives tagline is.   In this episode, we cover: Why I don’t just want to be known as an Instagram coach <span style= "font-weight: 400;
19/05/202112 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Connect and Convert Your Dream Clients on Instagram

The reward of giving free value is incredibly important. This is why you’re showing up on Instagram, Clubhouse, or even on your very own podcast. Giving out free value and creating content is a great way to speak to the right people, nurture them, and convert them into loyal customers. But what happens if your Instagram content just isn’t hitting the mark?   In today’s episode, I’m exploring the reasons why you might not be converting your followers into clients, especially if you’re showing up on Instagram consistently. I also share my own journey on Instagram and how I was able to hit my first 6-figure year with just 1500 followers. It’s no secret that Instagram is a powerful tool, and this episode is for you if you don’t know how to use it to your advantage.   In this episode, we cover: <s
05/05/202112 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Go From Financial Mess to Future Millionaire with Alli Williams

Money: we all love it, want more of it, and can’t get enough of it. Although many of us are in pursuit of financial freedom and millionaire status, there’s no denying that the topic of money can raise your heart rate. It’s a pretty triggering topic, but Alli Williams joins the podcast today to help you go from financial mess to future millionaire.   Alli is a money coach and the founder of FinanciALLI Focused. She believes that everyone can save money, pay off debt, and live their best lives while conquering their money goals. In this episode, she’s sharing financial advice that will blow your mind (and not your wallet). She shares tips on managing finances as a couple, how to set up your savings for success, and how you can reach your financial goals without depriving yourself.   In this episode, we cover: <li style="font-weight: 400;"
28/04/202133 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Maranda Joiner Went From Mom-preneur Brand Strategist to Published Author

It’s not every day that a mompreneur brand strategist becomes a published author. Between mom life, an established business, and writing a book, Maranda Joiner has successfully done it all. She joins me on today’s episode to discuss juggling entrepreneurship and being a busy boy mom.   Maranda walks us through her journey to becoming a published author, why entrepreneurs need to just start (even if it’s messy), and how you aren’t the same as you grow. Tune in to this fun, yet valuable conversation as we discuss everything from messy starts, mom life, and the growing pains of entrepreneurship.   Maranda Joiner is an author and Brand Strategist who in 2018, quit her job to pursue her dream: to help people find their brand and purpose. She has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners in identifying purpose
21/04/202146 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Getting Vulnerable About My Growth as a Business Owner

Entrepreneurship is hard AF. I’m not saying this to gain sympathy, but it’s legitimately difficult. But it’s also a beautiful, wonderful, stressful, and terrifying journey. To put it simply -- it’s a roller coaster. On top of that, our businesses go through seasons. Sometimes we face hardships, other times we plateau, but we also go through seasons of massive growth.    In today’s episode, I’m getting vulnerable as I share an honest behind-the-scenes look into what’s currently going on in my business and in life. I expose the ways that I’m dropping the ball as I juggle everything on my plate, and how I plan to move forward. If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, and mother who feels incredibly overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Tune in to this vlog-style episode as I get real and raw about managing life and business.   In this episode, we cover:</strong
14/04/202110 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Selling, Pitching, and Reframing Your Mindset with Rita Goodroe

So many female entrepreneurs are afraid to ask for what they want. If you happen to be someone who gets nervous at the thought of selling, pitching, and asking for what you deserve, you need to meet Rita Goodroe.   Rita is a business strategist who helps female entrepreneurs take bold action to create big results. She has made the bold decision to pivot several times throughout her career, from working as a lawyer, becoming a dating coach, and finally aligning as a business strategist.    She’s diving into all the juicy business and sales details in this episode. Tune in as Rita shares her expertise about the customer journey, how to price your offers, and how to navigate the challenges of owning a business.    In this episode, we cover: <s
07/04/202135 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Playing To Your Strengths In Business and Life With Nicole Saunders

What’s your Enneagram or Myers Briggs type? You’ve probably heard of heard of these personality tests and you might have even taken one yourself. But what does it mean and how can you use this information to your advantage? Nicole Saunders is a personality and strengths business coach who helps female-identifying entrepreneurs in service-based businesses by playing to their strengths and weaknesses.   In today’s episode, Nicole and I talk about how female-identifying entrepreneurs can use their specific personality types to grow their businesses and avoid burnout. Nicole walks us through how personality tests like the MBTI and Enneagram can identify our desires and fears, helping us figure out our needs when it comes to business and life. Tune into this episode and find out how our personality types serve as a great assessment tool in our businesses.   I
31/03/202127 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Showing Up As Your Authentic Self With Actress Alessandra Torresani

The topic of mental health is generally a taboo one, especially in Hollywood. My guest today is the fabulous actress, Alessandra Torresani. Alessandra got her start in Hollywood from a young age, making appearances in popular shows like Malcolm in the Middle and Even Stevens. Her career eventually evolved into more notable roles in shows such as American Horror Story, Caprica, and The Big Bang Theory.   In this episode, Alessandra shares stories about her work in Hollywood and how the pandemic has completely rocked the industry. More importantly, she’s chatting about her experiences with mental health, how she’s advocating and serving through her podcast, and why showing up as your authentic self--online and everywhere else--is the key to building community.   In this episode, we cover: <spa
25/03/202149 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Building a Social Media Strategy With My Client, Alexis White

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during a social media strategy coaching session? If your answer is yes, today’s episode is your chance. My guest today is my client, Alexis White. Alexis is the CEO and founder of A-List Admissions and Tutoring--where she helps children of all ages with their admission into private school.   Although her business is booming, she’s just not that great on social media and she has a hard time staying consistent on Instagram and Clubhouse. She hired me to coach her on her social media strategy to help her get going. So get your pen and paper ready, because we’re about to dive into an in-depth social media strategy coaching session on showing up consistently, growing and connecting with the right people, and creating content that connects.   In this episode, we cover: <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria-le
17/03/202141 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Building An Authentic Community On Clubhouse

Clubhouse has been a game-changer for my presence, my following, but more importantly, my circle of online friends. There has never been an app as collaborative, connected, and friendly as Clubhouse and, today, I am telling you all about it.   Whether you’re new or a seasoned Clubhouse member, I’m giving you insight on why Clubhouse is THE place to be seen, to elevate others, and, ultimately, build a strong, authentic community filled with incredible entrepreneurs like yourself. Tune in to this episode and find out why you needed to be on Clubhouse, like, yesterday.   In this episode, we cover: Why there is more intimacy on Clubhouse How great people are valued more on Cl
10/03/202113 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why You Shouldn’t Let Imposter Syndrome Dim Your Light

What’s the deal with imposter syndrome? No matter how successful you truly are, imposter syndrome will always be there. It won’t ever go away. In this week’s episode, I’m walking you through my personal struggle with imposter syndrome, why everyone suffers from it, and why you should never let it stop you--no matter how awful it feels.   I know how real imposter syndrome can get. But the truth of the matter is imposter syndrome is only a feeling, not a fact. If you’ve ever dimmed your light or taken a step back from speaking when you know you have so much to offer, this episode is for you.    So tune in to this episode and find out why you are capable of moving beyond imposter syndrome, and why you shouldn’t hold yourself back from making an impact. In this episode, we cover:
03/03/202110 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Pursuing Your Creative Passions with Amy Phillips

When one door closes, a million more open. This saying could not be more true, and my guest on this episode, Amy Phillips, proves it. Amy is a master impersonator, self-proclaimed “realest, fakest housewife,” and the hilarious host of Reality Checked on Sirius XM’s Radio Andy.   In today’s episode, Amy shares her incredibly inspirational journey of paving her way in the creative space. She shares the trials of pursuing an acting career, and how standing her ground and pursuing her passions ultimately led her to great opportunities.   From her voice acting days in Detroit, viral videos on Funny or Die and YouTube, to multiple appearances on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen--Amy’s story is a true testament to the power of pursuing your passions.    In this episode, we cover: <li
24/02/202149 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Build an Online Community Through Blogging with Coach Bree Pair

Are blogs still relevant? With the rise of social media, blogging might feel like a thing of the not-so-distant past (we’re talking 2000’s here). Bree Pair, a successful lifestyle blogger and blogging coach, joins the podcast today to make the case for blogging and why it’s an important tool for building an online community.   She shares her expert opinion on why social media is not enough. Bree also discusses her thoughts on why it’s 100% possible to succeed in a saturated space. From growth strategies to repurposing content across different platforms, this episode is a must for anyone who wants to build an engaged community in the online space through blogging.   In this episode, we cover: Is blogging dead? <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria-lev
17/02/202142 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why More Followers Does Not Equal Success

Why do we tie our success to the number of followers we have on our social media accounts? What we need to realize is that the most important part of the entrepreneurial journey is our community and the connections we make. And the bigger our community gets, the harder it is to establish deep, meaningful connections with each individual member.    In this episode, I am quickly chatting about why we need to stop getting hung up on how many followers we have on Instagram and why that doesn’t legitimize our success as an entrepreneur or business owner. I am also unpacking the real reason behind why we crave followers and why it’s important to understand that more followers equals followers. Period.   In this episode, we cover: How Clubhouse is growing my Instagr
10/02/202113 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Building a Thriving Community and Establishing Your Value Ladder with Shannon Lutz

What’s the lifetime value of your customers? Shannon Lutz is a marketing mentor and the CEO of The Social Bungalow. She’s also the founder of Bungalow Coffee and happens to be my business coach. Shannon joins the podcast to chat about building a thriving Facebook community and establishing your value ladder. In this episode, Shannon shares how she creates program suites structured around her clients’ growth needs. We also discuss building an engaged Facebook community, increasing purchase points, and so much more.   In this episode, we cover: Building an engaged and thriving Facebook community Building customer lifetime value Prioritiz
03/02/202143 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Creating a Personal Brand that Connects with Your Audience

Your brand is not what your website looks like or your logo, fonts, or colors. Your brand is your brand values. It's who you are. It's what you bring to the table. Your brand is defined by the connections that you make and the feelings that you evoke in others. Truly developing your brand takes a lot of reflection and could also require some pivoting. In today’s episode we’re keeping it short and sweet, but full of great tips on developing an impactful brand.    In this episode, we cover: Personal branding beyond your logo and colors - defining your brand values Figuring out your unique value propositions (or branding qualities) Getti
27/01/202112 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why Collaboration Over Competition Always Wins with Erica Reitman & Lisa Rigoli

To build a successful business you need a supportive community behind you cheering you on. Sometimes, that community is made up of people who offer similar services to you,   have the same ideal client, or have overlapping business models. And you know what? That’s 100% okay. To find genuine success and happiness, you’ve got to start choosing collaboration over competition when it comes to those who run similar businesses to you!    In this episode, I am talking to my two Instagram biz besties, Erica Reitman & Lisa Rigoli. These ladies are not only incredible women who are killing it online but they’re also coaches who specifically help women grow their business using this Instagram - just like me! Even though we’re all Instagram coaches, we bring a slightly different spin on topics and how we approach our businesses - and we’re sharing it all with you today.    
20/01/202147 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Everything You Need To Know About The Clubhouse App

Are you wondering if you should hop on the Clubhouse bandwagon? Without hesitation, my answer is YES; you absolutely should be on Clubhouse if you’re an online business owner or brick & mortar (or any other type of business). Clubhouse is proving to be a game-changing tool for businesses, and I want to tell you why.   In this episode, I am walking you through the new Clubhouse App, how it works, what to do in there, and why it’s been such a valuable asset for my business for the past two weeks. Not only can you connect with big-name entrepreneurs, but you can also gain more exposure for your business by providing value and generate more income for your business.    Tune in to hear why I am LOVING this app so far - and why you will too.   In this episode, we cover: <li style="font-weig
13/01/202123 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Showing Up Unapologetically On Instagram with Jackie Richards

Are you struggling to show up on your Instagram? Whether you’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome, internalizing a made up narrative in your head, or comparing yourself to others in the industry, it’s time to take big action, show up unapologetically, and go after what you want in business (and in life).   In this episode, I am talking to Jackie Richards, a social selling expert, makeup artist, and business mentor who shares actionable social media tips for those looking to show up with confidence and build a business that thrives using Instagram. She’s real, she’s sassy, and she knows how to provide her audience value consistently.    In this episode, we cover: How Jackie got started and pivoted on Instagram <span style= "font-weight:
06/01/202152 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

4 Mindset Shifts to Uplevel Your Instagram Game

Are you fired up about using Instagram for your business? Or do you only feel fear, anxiety, and stress when it comes to this social media platform? Instagram can 100% work for you and your business. The first step is overcoming the mindset blocks we’ve placed around growing and scaling a business using Instagram - and I am here to tell you exactly how to do it!   In this episode, we are going over the 4 biggest mindset shifts you need to make if you want to take your Instagram game to the next level. I personally believe that everyone has space here on Instagram, that it can positively impact your business, and that every single entrepreneur has something unique and valuable to share.     In this episode, we cover: Why Instagram isn’t a short game, it’s a journey</li
23/12/202027 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why You Need To Show Up and Be Consistent Online with Laney

The key to anybody’s online success is consistency. It’s not being the smartest, the savviest, or the best at [insert skill set]. It’s about showing up, providing value, and playing the long game. Because if you want to build a strong and loyal community online, you need to build up the trust factor and create a safe space for your audience to turn to. In this episode, I am talking to Laney Schwartz, LA mom of two, founder of Cook with Confidence, and the queen of creating incredible, community-driven Instagram stories. She is one of the biggest reasons I am on Instagram today (and every other day), and if you aren’t following her for her recipes, then you should be following and taking notes on how she shows up for her audience every single day.  If you need the motivation to really go in and be yourself on IG Stories, show up, offer value, an
16/12/202048 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Behind the Scenes of My First Digital Course

Are you considering launching a digital course or struggling to know how to do or even where to start? I totally get it - because I was in your shoes not that long ago. It took my three years of being an online entrepreneur to finally create and launch an online course (this November 2020!), and I want to give you a behind the scenes look at how I did it!   In this episode, I am walking you through the why, when, where, and how of creating my first online digital course, Amp Up Your Reels. I am telling you the real reason I waited so long to create a course that felt right, why you can’t launch to people who don’t know it’s coming, and why you need to teach about a proven concept you’re passionate about. Plus, so much more!   In this episode, we cover: <
09/12/202027 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Ditch the Overwhelm with Kelli Hayes Smith

Everyone can get everything done, as long as we find the space for it, establish the right mindset, and eliminate the wasted time. Because you don’t have to settle with the anxiety and overwhelm that comes with “being busy.” Shifting from surviving to thriving and taking back control in your life can be as simple as organization and time management.   In this episode, I am talking with Kelli Hayes Smith, mom of three and the queen of productivity and time management. Kelli is an expert who helps women eliminate the stress of overwhelm by incorporating routines and systems into their lives.    Kelli understands all the seasons of life when it comes to being a mom and is sharing her best tips on how to ditch the chaos and overwhelm - and anything else that holds you back from actually accomplis
02/12/202039 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Family Take-Over: Reflecting on 2020 With My 8-Year-Old Son Dylan

Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite holidays! It's always the time to reflect and be grateful, even if things this year have been a bit different. This week I've decided to do a Thanksgiving special, and since most of my time this year has been spent at home, I thought there's no better guest to bring on than my 8-year-old son Dylan! That's right, in today's episode, we are discovering what 2020 feels like from the eyes of a child, as I think it's always important to get a new and different perspective.   In this episode, we cover: How Dylan feels about the effects of COVID-19 and the silver lining for him What I do every day in Dylan’s eyes The three things we feel most gr
25/11/202013 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Everything You Want To Know About Instagram Reels

If you are looking to grow your business, your IG account, your followers, your impact, or your sales, - you NEED to be on Instagram Reels. I 100% believe that Reels are where the money’s at, and I’m telling you exactly why you need to be creating content for your Reels and how to start.   In this episode, I am talking all about the benefits of using Instagram Reels, why it’s the gift that keeps on giving, and how to strategically use Reels for your business. I’m even giving you my best tips for creating an attention-grabbing Reel every single time. If you’re ready to work less and make more of an impact on your Instagram, then this episode if for you!   In this episode, we cover: How every industry and person can make Reels work for them <li style="font-weight: 4
18/11/202021 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Rock Your Content Creation

Creating content for your Instagram should be a fun and stimulating task - not a tedious or dreaded one. Yet, I keep hearing so many business owners saying they struggle to create content with ease. I am here to tell you that with a solid plan, the best resources, and the right frame of mind, you can rediscover the joy in content creation again.  In this episode, I am giving you all of my top content creation tips for your Instagram so you can find a process that works best for you and start creating amazing content for your audience. I am deep-diving into everything content creation - from narrowing down on your content pillars, and why captions come before images to the apps I use to make content creation easy + SO much more. In this episode, we cover: How to set up your content chart</s
04/11/202020 minutes 55 seconds