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Shenanigans of a Black Teen

English, Hobbies, 1 season, 12 episodes, 6 hours, 51 minutes
Yo! Names Gigi and I am 18 years old. I come here to talk about topics of all kinds, from real world issues to general silliness! Enjoy!
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A teens perspective on growing up.

Hello! Its been forever but I am back. I published a new episode as well as a life update because I sort of disappeared. But a small cursing warning, the words hell and a small fu- was used. I try to ensure the podcast is friendly for everyone with no cursing however I did slip up a bit. Also, I did not have my fancy set up and used my phone which vibrated on several occasions. I apologize if I scared you! Thank you for the support and take care of yourself!
4/22/202137 minutes, 30 seconds
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3 random topics!- EA, Representation of Darkskins and Media, as well as dating while Darkskins.

Yo. Another episode within a short time, whew Im spoiling you guys. How are you? So todays episode is rambly and alot messier than normal. Its just about how EA as a gaming company is trash and how living as a darkskin sort of sucks. Granted, I wouldnt wanna be everyone else yet when literally any force hates you, things are infuriating. Enjoy this rambly and all around {controversal???} Podcast episode.
10/1/202024 minutes, 12 seconds
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A Teens Perspective on working and dealing with customers

Sup dudes, enjoy another podcast thats just as rambly and unorganized as the others. This one features my job and what I do currently. This goes into detail about working with people and in the Cherries team. Obviously I dont want to disclose where I work for legal and personal reasons but I did drop plenty of hints which make it obvious. wink wink. 
9/26/202044 minutes, 43 seconds
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A Teens Perspective on Video Games and Sims

Hello once again my dudes, its been awhile! How have you all been? I hope you guys have had a wonderful day and if not, I hope things get better for you! This podcast is talking about video games and the sims and how video game companies would lowkey scam us. This podcast has little no structure, then again, when does any of them ever have structure? Enjoy your listen and get comfortable because I might be posting more even with my busy schedule! If you can, drop some suggestions for podcast episodes, I would love to hear them!
9/22/202051 minutes, 50 seconds
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A Very Personal Podcast Episode.

Hi guys! Its been months since I last posted but I hope yall are doing well! Hopefully alot better than me. But just to warn new and old listeners, this episode is very personal and is less constructive as my other episodes. If this is your first time listening to me, check the other episodes first, since they are more 'put together' and less rambly. Also this podcast mentions my past relationship partner and a close relative of mine who recently passed away, so it can be a little sad for some, but it is a lesson somewhere in there. To the person I mentioned if you are reading this, please do some self reflection and do better since now, I cant function correctly in relationships because of you, and now I feel apprehensive when I meet new partners. Love you guys and I hope you enjoy this rambly and really clumsy, tearjerking podcast. 
7/21/202041 minutes, 1 second
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A Teens Perspective On George Floyd and Oppression.

Hello to everyone, I first would like to send my blessings and good graces to George Floyd's family. I know you all are hurting and need all of the love you can get as of now but your uncle, brother, father, etc's death will not be in vain. The name I mentioned dealing with Eric Garner is the first 'publicized' case of saying "I can't breathe" and needs to be known as well. I didnt want to make this episode since its adding to the sadness but it needs to be said. I will not apologize about anything talked about in this episode for being black and being outraged. Period.
5/30/202030 minutes, 23 seconds
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A Teens Perspective on KPop.

Uh oh, another problematic podcast here. What I discuss in this podcast is fairly serious and not many jokes are around to be said. This has to be said here because some people will not be aware of these issues and everyone deserves to know that Kpop isnt just rainbows and sunshine. Please research what I mention in the podcast since several topics I discuss are serious and worth noting when getting into KPOP. People mentioned in the podcast: EYS- Eat Your Sushi, Kimchi, or Simon and Martina. Kavos- British youtuber who inspired this podcast.
5/18/202029 minutes, 30 seconds
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3 Random Topics- A Teens Opinion on Fandoms, Blacks Not Doing Black Things, and Entitlement.

Sup dudes and dudettes, how are yall on this lovely day? I decided to make a little podcast for yall with the new segement. Its just called 3 random topics where I talk about things that are too small to put into a full 30 minute episode. So generally these will be when I run out of ideas for a full episode but that hopefully wont happen soon.  Things mentioned: Black Butler: Great anime, go watch it.  SeigiVA and Keeyuh: Great twitch streamers go watch them. 
5/13/202039 minutes, 42 seconds
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Teens Perspective on TikTok and Racism

Yo! Been two and a half centuries since my last episode. I hope you all missed me and my lOvElY vOiCe! A few things really quick, the creator of the Renegade is @Jalaiah and she still creates dances to this day. Please support her over those that steal her dances. This podcast may or may not be problematic but hey, this is my opinion on an issue that affect black people and I dont take lightly to racism and people stealing our culture. Thank you for the listen and take care of yourselves. <3
4/29/202042 minutes, 2 seconds
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A teens perspective on relationships and the dating scene.

First hello again, I hope everyone is keeping safe during a time of tragedy. Second, I apologize for the peaks of audio and music blasting in the background, my mother loves her blues. Lastly, anyone I told a story about or mentioned in the podcast, things happen and we grow from mistakes. To any new listeners, welcome and I hope to post more frequently, I love you all more!
4/2/202041 minutes, 54 seconds
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A Teens Perspective on the Coronavirus

The world is in a state of panic over a virus? Hear my thoughts on it and how it makes me feel! Will it make me panic? Possibly curl up into a ball and cry myself to sleep? Listen to find out! <3
3/15/202027 minutes, 49 seconds
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Trailer for Anchor

Hi! How's it going to all of my future listeners? Names Gigi Davis and I wish to be an aspiring voice actor! Honestly I believe this could skyrocket my career and let those wondering get an insight on my personality. Prepare for silliness and over all crackheaded behavior! 
3/1/202053 seconds