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English, Education, 2 seasons, 24 episodes, 7 hours, 20 minutes
Just like the moon goes through phases, we do too. There’s darkness, there’s light, & life is an unpredictable mix of the two.  Join me in learning how we can bring our highest selves to the surface by healing & overcoming the false narratives society brainwashed us to believe about who we are & what we're capable of.  Together, we will “wake up” & remember our true power, while cultivating wisdom & creating a confident mind where we can grow & glow through all of our phases.  Love always Xx —Phia & don’t forget to follow me on socials! Instagram: @lifebyphia & @sheisthemoon.pod TikTok: @sheisthemoon
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#24 guided meditation: be intentional (10 minutes for daily alignment)

Hi Starshine,I am back! We have entered a new chapter & Season 2 is finally here… Thank you for your patience. To tell you a bit about this season: I have been working on simply BEING… being rooted in presence, slowing down, asking my questions without needing an immediate answer, and heightening my awareness in daily life so that I can make choices that are aligned & true to my values, purpose & inner knowing.The collective is undergoing a massive shift and a lot of truth is rising to the surface; specifically, the soul-wrenching sight & knowing of all the ways in which these human-made systems oppress humanity. There’s no doubt that, with that, comes a lot of pain & resistance, but the only way out is THROUGH! Through BEING and taking the time to understand our feelings as signals to what needs to change. With that, of course, we are also experiencing massive shifts within, and being called to see ourselves more deeply in our personal lives as we move through whatever obstacles, challenges & lessons we are faced with on our unique, individual journeys.All that to say: I’ve started focusing more on quality over quantity; creating from flow & intention instead of against flow, with rush & need for external validation. I am learning to make it a priority to be authentic in what I create and not force a product, but rather create intuitively as I feel called.My wish is that this meditation will inspire you to do the same in your everyday life & choices; that you may learn what it feels like to be guided by your inner knowing and conscious intention moment-by-moment, day-by-day.Love Always,Phia NyxInstagram: @lifebyphiaTiktok: @phianyxYoutube: @phianyx& Stream my music on all platforms (profile name “Phia Nyx”)Support the show
2/6/202410 minutes, 10 seconds