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Welcome to the She Ignites Podcast where we showcase remarkable women and share their stories.
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How To Reinvent Your Personal Brand Post COVID with Graeme Codrington

In this episode we take a deep dive in less than 30 minutes with author, futurist, and strategy consultant, and a founding director of strategic insights firm, TomorrowToday, Dr. Graeme Codrington about How To Reinvent Your Personal Brand Post COVID. We give you the practical personal branding toolkit of how not to just survive but thrive through this period. In this show we cover:01:30 - How people are adapting their brand after the COVID pandemic,04:45 - Relevancy quotient is the secret to product and personal success,11:10 - Act for the job you want not the job you have, 13:33 - curiosity being the ability to think again and always lookout for trends and things as they happen,18:40 - the importance of diverse networks and seeking out people who are different to you,20:40 - top 3 things to increase your adaptation or relevancy quotient  Did
03/03/202223 minutes 23 seconds
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The Creative Futurist with Graeme Codrington

In this episode, I speak to author, futurist, and strategy consultant, and a founding director of strategic insights firm, TomorrowToday, Dr. Graeme Codrington about our parenting epiphanies, the good the bad, and the ugly, how he embraces his creative fun side and some things you might not know about him is that he actually plays a musical instrument and is a passionate artist. we discuss how he balances his creative side with his professional persona, why he prefers to be part of the out crowd and how according to him I saved his life through COVID with mindfulness techniques, and the biggest epiphany for me is why he's a brain for hire.  In this show we cover:01:50  - Interest in women issues and more men needed to bring the feminist voice,  04:09  - Growing up in a house with a heritage of teachers and preachers, going to an all-boys school, and meeting the love of his life who he'
17/02/202252 minutes 19 seconds
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Be Heard with Zoya Mabuto Mokoditoa

In this episode, I speak to Founder and CEO of Zoya Speaks, Zoya Mabuto Mokoditoa, we discuss how she stepped into feminine fearless power throughout her life and career, how she grounds herself when she doubts herself.  We reveal what gives us goosebumps in our careers. Zoya shares her Toastmasters journey which led to a trip to Las Vegas, and lastly, how she ended up delivering a talk on stage at EY while pregnant and how her so called "biggest mistake" turned out to be the biggest triumph of her career.    In this show we cover:01:32  - Growing up in Eastern Cape, South Africa where she was raised by her grandparents in a house full of love and warmth but also witnessed the verbally and physically abusive nature of her grandfather,  05:00  - Attending an all girl school and the advantages of being groomed and al
20/01/202239 minutes 2 seconds
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Practical Ways To Be Mindful with Lisa Davis

In this episode, I speak to mind, body and spirit coach Lisa Davis about her journey with mindfulness. Lisa share how growing up in a volatile home and self destructive behavior led to her changing her life and choosing to explore and connect with her human side. We unpack the her views on the perception of mindfulness and she has applied it to her life and helped clients find their own peace with themselves. We discuss her how people can equip ourselves and implement keystone habits and daily practices in our lives to better deal with the current global changes.     In this show we cover:01:32  - Finding meaning in life through a journey with mindfulness after growing up in a volatile home, 03:36  - Perception of mindfulness and changes that take place when people embrace and practice mindfulness in their everyday lives,07:07  - learning to recognize and unlearn old patterns that keep us from growing out of our old self,  11:5
02/12/202144 minutes 35 seconds
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Finding Moments Of Adventure with Liezl Gericke

In this episode, I speak to Liezl Gericke about her remarkable weight loss journey and unleashing her adventurous side during the COVID lockdown period. Liezl details how she lost almost over 60kg&apos;s from exercise, running events like the Cape Town marathon, and hiking in some of South Africa&apos;s beautiful trails. We discuss how she was inspired by Marie Kondo to unclutter her lifestyle, finances, and family life to live more intentionally. We unpack the Map Of Life Tool to help you plan and declutter your life so you can do the things that bring you joy. Closing off with some lessons that stuck with Liezl for life, she speaks about having their firstborn in her early 20s and having to reset their lives before her and her husband&apos;s careers took off and we learn about her philosophy on leadership and inspiration from Patrick Lencioni&apos;s books. In this show we cover:01:29  - Fitness and weightloss and becoming an extreme adventurer,  <
28/10/202146 minutes 1 second
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Live & Go With The Flow with Mamokete Lijane.

On this episode I speak to Mamokete Lijane about her life story, we unpack her unconventional upbringing in Lesotho. We take a candid look into her professional growth and her interests and views on motherhood and advice on how women can navigate male dominated industries. Mamokete Lijane, is a Fixed Income Sales Trader and Macro Strategist at ABSA Capital with 19 years’ experience as an analyst in financial markets. Prior to Absa she worked at Aluwani Capital Partners as an investment strategist, and Sasfin Securities and Renaissance Capital as a fixed income analyst. Her career spans all areas of non-equity investment research, including macroeconomics, credit and rates on both the buys and the sell sides of the investment business. Mamokete has a deep interest in the intersection between public policy, economics and financial markets.On this show we cover:02:12  - Background and life growing up in Lesotho in an unconventional African ho
21/10/202153 minutes 37 seconds
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Debunking Myths and Speaking The Truth with Sam Cowen

On this episode I speak to former radio DJ and co-host of The Breakfast express show turned author and recovery and consciousness coach, Sam Cowen. We discuss the inspiration behind the books she authored using her personal experience being a first time mom to inform entertain and share with other mothers who relate to her struggles. We explore Sam&apos;s candid and care-free approach to life and get into some of her experience with alcohol abuse in the book Whiskey and Water and we end off our discussion talking about the shocking details surrounding the scandalous events at Parktown Boys in her book Brutal School Ties.   On this show we cover:01:25  - Inspiration behind Waiting for Christopher. society telling women that having a baby is easy and enjoyable and finding out that lots of women are struggling with pregnancy and motherhood woes.  03:55  - Women not being open and honest about their motherhood struggles,
14/10/202152 minutes 7 seconds
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Women Hide Their Issues In Food, Money & Sex

On this episode I speak to inspiring The Wealth Chef author, Anne Wilson to discuss how food, sex and money can be areas of enslavement, liberation or shame.  Anne share&apos;s some powerful tools around getting out of debt and knowing understanding your finances. We unpack and explore the world of assets categories and different types of investment strategies to help you enjoy life without making unnecessary financial decisions  by taking on debt through credit, store cards and  other risky investments. Discussing some themes in her book, The Wealth Chef, she explain the analogy of food and money. We close off by discussing her biggest failure and some of the money mistakes On this show we cover:03:40  - Money representing our access to resources to be able to live life, 05:30  - Growing up in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa,09:47  - Getting into the trap of belonging and fitting in by getting into
23/09/202153 minutes 44 seconds
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Clarity is Key to Juggling Balls and Growing Your Career

On this episode I speak to Yumna Tayob who is the Head of Learning at FNB. She is a mover and shaker with lots of experience in different roles in corporate from marketing, leading teams and she&apos;s a huge tech enthusiast. Yumna is a former delegate of The Networking Company&apos;s training and leadership development programs. We discuss her journey in corporate as well as the challenges of being a single super mother and dealing with divorce. We unpack some of her very helpful tools to navigating the corporate world and forming relationships to help you get ahead and be noticed. We unpack her framework for reinventing yourself as well as some key steps to achieving success and some of the books that have helped inspire her moves and motivate in her pursuit of success and a wholesome life.   On this show we cover:01:54  - Early life and upbringing in a family of strong women who taught financial dependence and taking bold risks ,14:30  -  Tip
16/09/202145 minutes 17 seconds
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Build Your Courage Muscle with Julia Kerr Henkel

On this episode I speak to Julia Kerr Henkel is the MD of Lumminos Coaching and Change Consulting. She is an executive coach, seasoned change and organisational development consultant, facilitator and speaker. In March 2019, Julia studied directly with Dr Brené Brown in Texas and is one of her Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitators commissioned to teach the skillsets of courage, connection, vulnerability, shame, empathy and emotional literacy. Julia runs various in-house, public or individual programs based on these skillsets. Prior to founding Lumminos in 2008, Julia spent 4 years at Goldman Sachs London and was a director for 8 years at College Hill Investor Relations and Magna Carta, communications and reputation management agencies. She is married to Vaughan, stepmother to two university-going young adults and fur-mother to 3 Maine Coon cats. She loves le
09/09/202144 minutes 25 seconds
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Training Your Way Out Of Hard Times

On this episode executive coach Sheridan Pollock. Sheridan shares an in depth insight into her journey as a professional coach. Starting with how she was first attracted to the world of &quot;helping people talk and find threads that can help them move forward&quot;. We discuss how the country can cope with the recent riots in South Africa and how people can cope under these stressful times. Sheridan unpacks her Coherence Model and how we can use it to improve our intelligent self. We end off by highlighting the importance of embodiment and how it plays out when we communicate or engage with others. Did you enjoy the podcast? If so, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. It helps us get into the ears of new listeners and help others find topics they are interested in.On this show we cover:01:42  Early days in coaching.04:25  Personal, family life
30/07/202143 minutes 26 seconds
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My COVID Recovery Story

On this episode Helen Nicholson takes the hot seat to share her experience with COVID after being in isolation. We discuss how the brutal disease brought discomfort into her home but also made her realize the importance of surrendering to the process. We unpack how she realized that she was affected and needed to act quick to minimize the damage. We also unpack and highlight some of the dark psychological effects caused by lack of interaction with people and being outside.  Helen also shares a letter written by her husband to his Buddhist teacher and another one written by Pope St Francis to remind us to enjoy the simple things in our lives and homes to help us get through the pandemic. Did you enjoy the podcast? If so, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. It helps us get into the ears of new listeners and help others find topics they are interested in.On this show we c
12/07/202137 minutes 58 seconds
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Career Gold with Italia Boninelli

On this episode we speak to Italia Boninelli who has more than 20 years’ international experience in building Human Capital with a proven track record in culture and change management, corporate performance enhancement, and the full range of generalist HR functions. We unpack her experience in navigating the corporate space and how she pushed the status quo to land executive positions early on her career. She highlights some successes and failures that have contributed to her inspiring career. later in the conversation we delve into her personal life discussing how she managed to keep her work and family life in together.  Did you enjoy the podcast? If so, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. It helps us get into the ears of new listeners and help others find topics they are interested in.On this show we cover:01:41  Childhood and upbringing09:0
27/05/202148 minutes 3 seconds
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Nutrition Solutions with Claire Julsing Strydom

On this episode we speak to leading dietician Claire Julsing Strydom about her journey in nutrition and entrepreneurship. We unpack many unknowns about the food we eat and how it affects our health. We then get into  Claire&apos;s &quot;never give up&quot; mentality and what led to her starting an international conference for private practicing dieticians by dieticians in 3 major provinces in South Africa. W e explore more on the topic of how women are confused about what types of food and supplements to consume without feeling guilty about weight gain or side effects. As we progress, Claire shares some of her favorite books, being a mother and her life philosophy.    If you enjoy the show, please rate us on iTunes and leave a comment!Please subscribe and share the show with friends and family to help us grow the tribe!On this show we cover:01:20  Up bringing in the East Rand, early family life and what led to dietetics. 03:07 Goi
20/05/202133 minutes 40 seconds
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My Mindful Life with Helen Nicholson

On this episode Helen Nicholson is interviewed by her daughter Caitlyn Nicholson to talk about her journey through school and moments that influenced her views on life and business ventures. We unpack her days working for a cosmetics company and eventually ending up at a recruitment company that sparked her interest in assisting people to find their sweet-spot. She speaks at length about meeting and marrying her husband and moving to Dubai to work and eventually start a business to support mothers with children. Life in South Africa was calling out to Helen and we highlight the impact some of the decision she made and risks she took to get to where she now after running and managing The Networking Company for 15 years and still flying the flag for women development. If you enjoy the show, please rate us on iTunes and leave a comment!Please subscribe and share the show with friends and family to help us grow the tribe! On this show we cover:<li
13/05/202141 minutes 45 seconds
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My Life in Fashion with Shana Rosenthal

On this episode LISOF founder and MD of Lynq Jewellery, Shana Rosenthal shares her journey in fashion and life with Helen Nicholson. She speaks about the inspiration and work in the fashion industry and highlights some very interesting stories around her early designs and the bold approach that LISOF took in educating and empowering young designers. Looking at how formal education was so regulated she set out to give her students the edge by teaching them to create fabric from sheered sheep hair. As we delve deeper into conversation,  we touch on family life, her 25 year marriage and the balancing act mothers often play when raising a family. We close off with a promotional giveaway Promo code (name - She Ignites) from her new business venture, Lynq Jewellery who share a passion for sourcing the most beautiful and affordable fine jewellery.   Hope you enjoy the show and don&apos;t forget to subscribe and leave us a comment.
06/05/202151 minutes 52 seconds
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Life and Career Insights with Vumile Msweli

Helen Nicholson is joined by Career coach and CEO  of Hesed Consulting Vumile Msweli. We explore Vumi&apos;s early life in Chesterville, Durban, her journey in corporate and life long commitment to studying and making an impact in the world of business and career management. We also unpack some inspiring moments from Nicky shares stories of her younger years growing up  in Durban and her functional dis-functional family.  On this show we cover:02:19  Vumi gives some background on her childhood and family life in Chesterville.06:24  How working in corporate led to studying for a MBA in England. 08:54  Inspiration from grandad and lessons learnt from his business and negotiation skills.  10:57   Finding purpose in corporate and Top 3 lessons that people often get wrong about work. 14:16  Taking risks as an entrepreneur and the purpose behind what I do.   17:30  The formation of Hesed Consulting and the mean
22/04/202140 minutes 53 seconds
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Finding Flow with Nicky Rowbotham

Helen Nicholson is joined by author of &quot;Finding Flow&quot; and founder of Inspired Change Nicky Rowbotham. Nicky shares stories of her younger years growing up  in Durban and her functional dis-functional family.  As a team leader Nicky has learned some very powerful lessons and we unpack some tips on her leadership style.  On this show we cover:00:59 Life in Durban and attending an all girl school 07:40 Impact on team as a leader and leadership style11:19 My health journey how it influenced the Finding Flow book 16:47 Top 3 things that had an impact on my health 24:12 Person who embodies success   26:35 Book recommendations 28:05 3 books that have made the biggest impact 29:23 Favorite failure 31:45 Advice to younger self33:44 My life&apos;s philosophy36:36 Where to buy &quot;Finding Flow&quot;Recommended links:https://nickyr
08/04/202137 minutes 32 seconds
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Navigating Life and Corporate Politics with Niven Postma

Niven Postma has had a wide and varied career across multiple organizations and sectors, in South Africa and internationally. She is the MD of Niven Postma Inc., and works as a leadership, culture and strategy facilitator for clients around the world. In this candid conversation with Helen Nicholson, Niven let&apos;s us into her adventurous childhood and travels to the Kibbutz after high school. We explore some lessons learned in senior positions across different business sectors. We also unpack some moments that led her being retrenched in corporate and pursue her purpose. On the show we cover: 02:02 Early life in Port Elizabeth07:28 Influence on outlook on life as head girl of an all girl school14:12 Adventures after high school and travels to the Kibbutz23:46 Coming back to South Africa 30:01 Lessons from leadership positions in different business sectors37:36 Favorite failure and key takeaways    40:31 Best investments made
01/04/20211 hour 3 minutes 7 seconds
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Personal Mastery with Kedibone Mooi

Helen Nicholson is joined by executive coach, mentor and personal mastery expert Kedibone Mooi. Kedibone shares stories of her younger years growing up in Soweto with 3 sisters and cultural values she had to unlearn to be successful in corporate.  A successful corporate career led to Kedibone&apos;s rise to management at a young age and she shares some of the challenges and self improvement tips that helped her in her journey to personal mastery.  On this show we cover:01:12 Growing up in Soweto 02:40 values taught by parents05:08 topical conversations in coaching sessions 06:45 transitioning from school to working in corporate as a young manager 15:30 how culture/tradition affects your outlook on work and life  18:17 lessons learnt from a failed marriage  and advice on second marriage 26:00 mindfulness techniques 35:32 advice to younger self38:43 favorite failure 40:53 book r
25/03/202154 minutes 3 seconds
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My Resilience Journey with Joni Peddie

Helen Nicholson is joined by Joni Peddie, CEO of “Making Resilient People’. Joni takes us through her early years growing up in Natal, her family life, and how she got involved with the enneagram institute. The conversation leads to dealing with the loss of her husband and some tough motherhood lessons taught by her beautiful daughters. We close off with some quick-fire questions where Joni shares some bad recommendations from the resilience and speaking industry, she shares her favorite books and her life philosophy. Thank you for tuning in. If you enjoyed the show, please give us a rating or share the episode with friends and family.  In this episode we cover:● 01:13 early family life and defining moments  ● 08:36 bringing the enneagram into South Africa ● 15:54 toolkits and ritual to help self-manage● 21:39 dealing with the loss of a husband  ● 32:14 motherhood lessons ● 35:14 advice to younger self <br/
12/03/202148 minutes 10 seconds