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English, Cultural, 1 season, 29 episodes, 11 hours, 49 minutes
Sharing Life podcast exists to nurture receptivity to mature & senior adults & their stories through media exposure
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The Loving Touch of Piano Man: Anna Cimini Guglietti: The Gift of an Autobiography

This episode is a book interview.  In life we all face challenges and struggles.... some more than others.  Anna's courage and bravery led her to personal victories.  In this episode you'll hear the voice behind The Loving Touch of Piano Man, and a story around immigration, marriage, tradition, addiction, career amidst male dominance and a 'late life romance' as Anna likes to call it.
11/28/202225 minutes, 15 seconds
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Identity theft. What you don't expect Part Three. Resolutions and Conclusions

As you listen to this episode remember this is a careful critique of our credit bureaus and our police to a much smaller degree.  Though my interviewee rightfully feels let down.  He also sees the good in these institutions and desires that they be run in a more efficient manner. A sloppy critique only harms everybody involved.   Together we can make our institutions serve us more efficiently. 
8/1/202213 minutes, 23 seconds
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Identity Theft. What you dont expect Part Two. Dealings and Resolutions.

In this three-part series we explore the complex issues of identity theft to give you an understanding on how to address an important issue when you have been compromised. 
6/30/202215 minutes, 23 seconds
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Identity theft. What you dont expect Part One. What Happened

If identity theft happened to you, how would you solve the problem?  Listen to these three-part series to gain insights for yourself and others. 
5/31/20227 minutes, 50 seconds
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Paul Whittaker. Collegue, Composer, Car Guy.

This episode was recorded the Zoom Video conference software on Monday March 15, 2021. The background Music tracks are compositions of Paul Whittaker’s and are used with his permission.  Below is a list of the songs used and a time reference showing when they are heard in the episode. Paul is the Most accomplished artist and musician that I have interviewed to this date.  I am thankful that he allowed me to interview him. I greatly enjoyed the process. Korrie: Track 05. December Eve                          00:00 - 2:48 Discovery: Track 12. Fancy Free                          03:08-4:44 Korrie: Track 06. Little March                                    05:10-07:02 Korrie: Track 18. Phrygian                                          07:40-09:50 Whittaker: more piano miniatures in his tradition: Track 13. A Country Lane 10:02-11:46 Discovery: Track 05. Lynda’s                                    12:26 - 13:42 Korrie: Track 13. Somewhat like a fugue 15:34 - 17:03 Whittaker: more piano miniatures in his tradition: Track 16. In the Mall 17:05 - 18:36 Korrie: Track 12. Korrie                                             18:46 - 20:36 Whittaker: more piano miniatures in his tradition: Track 11. At Jackie’s House 21:26:02
4/30/202126 minutes, 3 seconds
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Ron Wilson. Relocating in the Pandemic. Country Living to Retirement Living

Ron moved into a Retirement home in October of 2020.  Listen in to hear what he  looks forward to and has experienced.  enjoy
3/31/202123 minutes, 52 seconds
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AL and John: Valentines 2021 in Review

A review of Valentines from two very different positions in life. Both express a similar need for mutual affection and support. Have a listen!
2/28/202124 minutes, 13 seconds
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A Meaningful Unknown Tomorrow

Five different Seniors recall work experiences in times of greater and less difficulty.  Tune in for another great episode.   Excerpts from: a) Mary Thornton of Famous PEOPLE Players: A Dreamer Emerges  b) MR. 103  c) Ruby is from a new interview from DEC 2020  d) Marching Maize Blanchard  e) David Dennison & the National Ballet: A New Joy
2/1/202121 minutes, 13 seconds
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My Neighbor: Mr. P.J.

I love being a good neighbor.  This interview is with one of my best neighbors ever.  enjoy!
1/1/202141 minutes, 47 seconds
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Andrew Urbanowicz: Remembering The Warsaw Uprising

After the reading of in Flanders Fields a minute of silence will be observed which will be followed by the Last Post. Episode Length 29:02  In Flanders Fields 25:15 Minute of Silence 26:26 The Last Post 27:26 ~~~ Sound File Attribution This podcast episode Andrew Urbanowvic: Remembering The Warsaw Uprising uses these sounds from freesound: sound 1, 2, 11, by user Julien Matthey - sound - Folk event with Accordian Playing ( )sounds 6,7 by user GirlWithSoundRecorder - 100 years of Polish Independence ( ) sound 8, 10 - sound - Warsaw Street Musician ( )  sound 9 - sound - Choir singing Baci soavi e cari 140928_0418 ( ) sound 12 music box phrase[swiss music] ( ) sound 13 Last Post 2 ( ) 
11/11/202029 minutes, 2 seconds
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My Friend: Wei Stevens

My Friend Wei is a fun lady who is very spiritual.  I enjoy talking to her.  When Covid is over I will be glad to see her.  I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.  
11/11/202021 minutes, 39 seconds
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Sharing Life: October 2020 Bulletin

I am your host John Knox.  I am thankful for your involvement in my life.    Over the years I have had the opportunity to interview some of you.  It has been a great honour.  My perspective on life continues to deepen as I meet you..  Be encouraged, your story matters it should not be lost.  You need to be heard and connected with.  Your stories lead people to you.   These people you may meet will likely be already known to you.  They may be simply unaware of your value to them.  They may  be from your family or from a community that you are presently involved with.   When you share your story on the Sharing Life Podcast you take a first step in preserving your story and    connecting with your community using media.  I see value and joy in my continuing this practice.   I look forward to connecting with you as an interviewee on the  issues of your life, hobbies, studies, stories, community, and more.  We would also be glad to hear about the books that you’re reading.  Sharing Life podcast exists to nurture receptivity to mature & senior adults & their stories through media exposure. 
10/30/20201 minute, 37 seconds
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David Dennison & the National Ballet: A New Joy

In David's retirement years he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.  The emotional weight of this condition depresses many people.  Listen to this story of how David has been continually uplifted by the artistic community he experienced at the National Ballet of Canada while he participated in the Dancing with Parkinson's program.
9/30/202042 minutes, 25 seconds
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Frank Buchanan: An Innovative Life

Who is in your Corner? In this episode Frank Buchanan tells us about his formative years, and shares sayings his father gave him & his brothers.  After hearing them I too am ready to give a continuous diligent effort.  When you listen in you too will find similar inspiration. To benefit from Frank's Website go to
8/31/202045 minutes
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Marching Maize Blanchard

Maize Blanchard while living in the Black Creek (Jane/Finch) Neighborhood has found many things to enjoy but also issues to protest.  Maize has found support while supporting others in her community.  Listen in for inspiration.. 
7/31/202027 minutes, 32 seconds
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Carlo & Family

My desire to learn more about my Grandpa's childhood gave me opportunity for me to meet my Grandpa's sisters too.  Enjoy the show.  This episode was originally broadcast under the show title, Generations, in the Spring of 2016.  This is the second Radio show that I have ever created.   Who is Carlo?  Listen in to find out!   
7/7/202019 minutes, 30 seconds
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MR. 103

A 103 year old man speaks about establishing himself in the aftermath of the Great Depression
6/30/202019 minutes, 17 seconds
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Olive Caldwell Lee: Living Out the Dream

This episode is a book interview that commemorates the publishing of the electronic Kindle Version of Living Out the Dream, A Story of Two Families (Dramatized History) published on April 11th, 2020 originally published by Bill Jenkins authored by Olive Caldwell Lee.   
5/2/202041 minutes, 17 seconds
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Where's Ruby?

Ruby is an adventurous senior who in this story is apprehended by the police!
5/1/202012 minutes, 49 seconds
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Ron Wilson: The Quintessential Octogenarian

Ron Wilson is in his eighties.  He continues to be a source of encouragement to others while he pushes forward to his own goals. Listen to learn more about this exciting Octogenarian!!
4/3/202020 minutes, 50 seconds
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Sharing Life: Season 4 - Introduction

4/3/20202 minutes, 30 seconds
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Kelly Arnot of

In this interview, Kelly tells about new ways to gather as a running community using virtual races while discussing the Joys of her older runners.
7/28/201935 minutes, 5 seconds
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Reflections on Life from Seniors who attended the 2019 Mississauga Older Adult Expo on June 4.
6/10/201921 minutes, 10 seconds
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Arthur Dixon - Past & Present

Arthur Dixon is 84 years old. He left school at the age of 15 and hasn't returned. Through hard work he became a preacher, counselor, author & is a recipient of an honorary Doctorate of Divinity. Listen to this podcast to learn about him. You can connect with at,
4/29/201920 minutes, 57 seconds
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AI Past and Present

Ron Explores the significance of Artificial Intelligence in our changing world. Join us for an entertaining show. Ron will also discuss his Child hood to close out the show.
1/1/201931 minutes, 21 seconds
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Run Club with Friends. Peter Mayer, Lucas McAneney and John Knox. A tribute to our #RunningRoom

Three Guys get together to tell you their stories of how they joined their local run club.
12/17/201838 minutes, 1 second
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Terry Barker: Insights on C.S. Lewis

Terry Barker brings a well-researched view of C.S. Lewis & the importance of his works in our time.   
12/10/201846 minutes, 20 seconds
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Remembering WWII Ruth Brunzema's Reflection

Ruth's mother gave her a message for her to pass on concerning war.  She now is trusting us to pass on the same message. 
11/10/201812 minutes, 59 seconds
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Mary Thornton of Famous PEOPLE Players: A Dreamer Emerges

Mary Thornton is nearing 103 years old.  Mary is very encouraging.  With Mary's practical insights you will be better equipped to follow your dreams.  Mary's life  began in the Great Depression.  She has chosen positivity in the face much difficulty.   Mary has been an Opera singer with the Hamilton Opera, in Fashion making dresses & even a manager of a sporting goods store.  For the last 40 years of her career she worked with Famous PEOPLE players making Puppets amongst other roles.  Listen to this show!  
11/5/201821 minutes, 32 seconds