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English, Arts, 8 seasons, 85 episodes, 2 days, 8 hours, 24 minutes
Shades and Layers is a podcast focused on black women entrepreneurs from across the globe. It is a platform for exploring issues and challenges around business ownership, representation and holistic discussions about the meaning of sustainability in an increasingly complex global context. Conversations are wide- ranging and serve not only as a Masterclass in Entrepreneurship but also provide wisdom and tools for Successful Living. It is a space for intelligent conversation, a place for black women to be fully human and openly share their quirks and vulnerabilities. Season 5 shines a spotlight on Mission/Purpose driven entrepreneurship.
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A quick update from host, Kutloano Skosana Ricci.  Have a happy summer 😎LINKSVisit the podcast website: Pitch your story to be a guest, subscribe to the companion newsletter and browse the back catalog of episodes.  Follow the podcast on Instagram @shadesandlayerspodcast If you haven't already, please consider subscribing to Shades and Layers on your favorite listening app. Also if you enjoy the show, it would also be great if you could help others to find us by leaving a rating and a review on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Support the showJOIN THE SQUAD, Stay in the loop and subscribe to our newsletter
7/2/20232 minutes, 3 seconds
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Introducing Shades & Layers

Introducing Shades & Layers, a new podcast celebrating black women and their entrepreneurial journeys. This is the first season and it explores entrepreneurship in the indie beauty space. It is a celebration of black-owned beauty brands. JOIN THE SQUAD, Stay in the loop and subscribe to our newsletter
6/17/20201 minute, 6 seconds