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Sex and Sativa with Alex

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 6 seasons, 80 episodes, 2 days, 11 hours, 26 minutes
I'm a sex positive goddess who loves to talk about sex and indulge. This podcast is going to be incredibly descriptive and sexual. So strap in or on, light one up and relax, it's going to be fun
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Christmas Tease

To leaving you wanting more!!!. Happy Holidays from Your Favorite Sex Positive Goddess
12/29/2023 β€’ 4 minutes, 57 seconds
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Trato Carnal

Another Fun Bonus episode that teases the return of Sex and Sativa with Alex Season 6. I do hope you enjoy.
9/30/2023 β€’ 38 minutes, 43 seconds
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May: Masturbation and Marijuana

May has been so wonderful for me Self Pleasure wise and I decided to share those wonderful experiences on this podcast. I do hope you also enjoy the Bonus erotica I put together quickly. I'm excited for the new season but until then please enjoy this Bonus episode. So light one up or pour yourself a drink and enjoy πŸ’œ
5/28/2023 β€’ 33 minutes, 37 seconds
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4:20 and Erotica

I just finished an intense cannabis cleanse and decided to celebrate 4:20 by sharing a raunchy erotica story I wrote recently. I do hope you enjoy this 4:20 themed erotica. Light one up and enjoy this Bonus episode
4/20/2023 β€’ 22 minutes, 50 seconds
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Sex and Sativa

An intro to the awesomeness that is me and the podcast
3/18/2020 β€’ 55 seconds