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Serious Watch Talk

English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 1 seasons, 9 episodes, 14 hours 39 minutes
Oisin O Malley & Alex Photi discuss all things watches.
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Marco from Grand Caliber Co

We talk vintage Rolex and spotting errors. 
24/04/20231 hour 5 minutes 50 seconds
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Austin Daniels talks Rolex, Future of Market

Special guest: Austin Daniels 
24/04/20231 hour 32 minutes 53 seconds
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Watches & Wonders with Tim Write.

Special guest Tim Write and we talk tips and tricks with your watches. 
24/04/20231 hour 17 minutes 40 seconds
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LUME!!! - Are Rolex still tool watches?

04/03/20231 hour 34 minutes 12 seconds
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Ceramic or Pre? Water Resistance.

We discuss the differences between ceramic Rolex & Omega vs Pre-ceramic. And: Is Water Resistance literal or just an estimate?
26/02/20231 hour 12 minutes 55 seconds
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A point of principle

Gold vs SteelOfficial service vs 3rd PartyBuying ONLY at list
19/02/20232 hours 10 minutes 14 seconds
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Chrono24 blues.

Buying & Selling.Using Chrono24, eBay and the WhatsApp Groups
12/02/20232 hours 9 minutes 47 seconds
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Z Serial Number

Oisin, Alex and Dee discuss the new Anthony Farrer video, Rolex 904L steel, watch winders and Irish watch makers. 
04/02/20231 hour 58 minutes 1 second
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Stop the Chrono!!

We discuss the new Omega Speedmaster Racing, Watchvice Waitlist Scam and a dodgy Datejust.
29/01/20231 hour 38 minutes 1 second