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English, Comedy, 1 season, 45 episodes, 1 day, 4 hours, 40 minutes
Manon Mathews and Jonny Carlson discuss the Serious & Funny parts of their lives. They dive into intellectual conversations and Improv ridiculous scenarios. This podcast is alive to inspire you to laugh and explore new perspectives.
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42. Baby-Moon Trip to EUROPE!!

Hey SBF fam, we're off to Europe! Paris, Rome, Tuscany, and Edinburgh to be precise. We're very excited about this baby-moon trip. Expectedly so, you should be on the look out for some fun content from another continent from us. I want to prepare you... The next episode of SBF will be shot in Europe and will be a episode you DO NOT WANT TO MISS. Cheers to a reason, a season, or a lifetime.
9/16/202336 minutes, 17 seconds
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33. Manon & Jonny Separated

In Ep 33 We try something new. RELAX, we're not romantically separated, just physically at the moment. Our first remote podcast (where we are away from each other recording at the same time). We talk about being on your purpose. We both share some vulnerable information about Jonny's high and Manon's low.  I rate this episode a 8/10. What do you rate it? Give us your lovely review AND MAKE IT 5 STARS :) 
1/11/202329 minutes, 41 seconds
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24. Manon Shares her SECRET

Biggest take-away... Manon is no smooth segue'er.  Nonetheless, we have some fun talking about some big moments in each of our pasts. You get a taste of speed dating IMPROV and Manon shares her SECRET about keeping her body and spirit aligned. We love ya'll thanks for tuning in. If ya like the podcast, share it with a friend, why not? That sounds fun, right? Sounds good to me.
10/12/202244 minutes, 15 seconds
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Welcome to Serious Butt Funny!

Manon Mathews and Jonny Carlson bring you some laughs with improv and then break it down and get real with some spirituality. 
7/10/202049 seconds