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Separate Bathrooms

English, Social, 9 seasons, 228 episodes, 5 days, 23 hours, 57 minutes
Cameron Daddo, alongside his wife Alison, chat about the journey of their 30 year marriage. They chat about the highs, the lows, and all of the lessons learnt in-between. In their latest season, they are joined by some of the most interesting couples in Australia to take a look behind the closed doors of their relationships. It's humorous, it's vulnerable, it's inspiring, it's full of relationship wisdom you just might need to hear. Ali and Cam are both patrons for Rize Up - supporting the many families affected by domestic and family violence.
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Introducing: Skinfluence

Regardless of who you are or the skin you’re in, everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty industry and feel included. After all, skin is skin! And that's why, at Nova Podcasts, we created Skinfluence!  A beauty podcast that's all about turning your weakness into your uniqueness. Join beauty experts and sisters Jayme Jo & Jessie Massoud each week as they tackle the latest makeup trends, level up your skincare knowledge, and share their best beauty tips to have you looking and feeling your best every single day. See for privacy information.
4/14/202448 seconds
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Introducing: Big Business

Ever wondered how you build a business from scratch? Seven years ago Brittney Saunders started a business in her garage. Today it’s grown to an 8-figure empire with almost 60 employees, four retail shops and a booming online store.  Big Business is a brand new podcast from Nova Podcasts where she unpacks exactly how she did it. Each week, Brittney will take you behind the scenes of the day to day of running a business and teach you all the lessons she wishes she’d known from the start. She'll also interview other inspiring founders to get their entrepreneurial wisdom.  Follow and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.See for privacy information.
3/31/20241 minute