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English, Education, 4 seasons, 6 episodes, 3 hours, 38 minutes
This is a platform for frank, fearless and fun discussions that move you beyond neutral. Join us as we chat with experts, inspirational voices, and influencers who have been where you are, to help get you moving again, in whatever area of your life that you need to.
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S04- Episode 5- Caribbean Investment Migration Programs and Global Access

An episode on Investment Migration Programs, unravelling untruths and misconceptions, with a laser focus on the Caribbean countries that offer them. The conversation captures what exactly is investment migration, its history and massive expansion and popularity globally. The threats to Caribbean programs and the volatility they face due to policy decisions by bigger countries is also explored, concluding on ways to respond as a region.
3/19/202338 minutes, 32 seconds
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S04- Episode 4- Intra-regional Air travel: A Public Good

Leslie-Ann Seon chats with prolific aviation research and policy practitioner Ian Bertrand out of Trinidad and Tobago to discuss regional air travel: the challenges and opportunities. On this episode, the two candidly and critically examine regional air travel from a multisectoral lens: the role of governments, private sector, tourism bodies, and the Caribbean public. Our audience will enjoy this discussion as the pair dive deeply into the wide range of setbacks/issues that continue to curtail the ease and access of airlift in the region. One can expect to walk away with a better understanding and appreciation of why travel within the region is so expensive; and why this teething issue has not been solved or seen any reprieve in recent times. Solutions for a reliable truly connected travel framework is suggested in the hope of helping policymakers and stakeholders arrive at comprehensive and collaborative blueprint to shift the needle for regional air travel; once and for all.
3/12/202338 minutes, 18 seconds
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S04 - Episode 3 - Unravelling Depression (Post-Pandemic)

Dr. Trotman and host Leslie-Ann discuss depression from a clinical standpoint, focusing on how it manifests in children, teens, and men. Dr. Trotman starts by defining depression and highlights the difference between bouts of depression and being clinically depressed. The audience can expect to learn about how depression manifests itself differently in the three target groups under discussion: children, teens, and men, and how family and loved ones can help. The discussion dives deeper into why men struggle with sharing how they feel and how it is tied to how boys and girls are socialized differently. The episode wraps up highlighting that depression is treatable and gives practical advice on how to spot and manage depression.
3/5/202337 minutes, 3 seconds
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S04 - Episode 2 - Demystifying Prostate Health, Embracing General Wellness

Leslie-Ann chats with Dr. Adrian Rhudd, a Urologist from Antigua, and they discuss men’s health, which both see as a timely topic. The episode aims to unravel issues and taboos around prostate health and why men need to get regular health checks. Dr. Rhudd discusses the prostate, what it is, what it does, the types of tests used in doctors’ offices to check the prostrate and the signs and early warnings for cancer of the prostate and other less fatal prostate issues, such as enlarged prostate. They discuss the drawbacks of men not wanting to do check-ups and dismiss false ideations about general prostate health and men’s machismo in relation to health checks in general.   
2/26/202331 minutes, 8 seconds
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S04 - Episode 1 - Taking risks, making bold choices. Blazing trails.

In this episode, Leslie-Ann sits down with her childhood friend, Shadel Nyack-Compton, a Mother, career Lawyer and Award-winning Businesswoman, who is the owner and managing director of internationally renowned Belmont Estate. The Estate continues to break records and sustainably empower locals through marrying agriculture and tourism, tapping into the natural heritage and landscape of the estate. Belmont Estate recently was voted the number one tourist attraction by U.S. News and World Report.  Seon and Shadel discuss her bold move in embarking on this project years ago, to practice agriculture in rural Grenada and make it attractive for visitors and for locals, and how she manages to recalibrate. They start off discussing the inspiration behind Shadel moving back to Grenada and turning this struggling family business into a powerhouse in the tourism industry in Grenada and the Caribbean. Shadel discusses the risks she took returning to Grenada to take over this business, to help out her grandmother with the business, and create a family legacy, and in the process give back to her family, the rural community and country that had given her so much. 
2/19/202332 minutes, 6 seconds