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English, Social, 1 seasons, 23 episodes, 18 hours 54 minutes
new platform, your same favourite girls (@serenaathompson) + (@yazghotb). welcome to the place where we give you the behind-the-scenes and spill all the tea on this new era of our lives, the men, influencing and most importantly, give you some questionable advice. stay tuned every friday for a new episode and don't forget to follow (@sendthelocationpod) on all platforms so you can be a part of the next one.
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asking for permission to sleep with someone else…and other messed up stuff

for once, the messed up stories aren't from them. today, the girls are bringing you some reddit reactions + you won't believe what they found.
20/07/202324 minutes 26 seconds
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good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to vegas

it's like we've been here before, viva las vegas! taking you through a week in vegas, where to go, what to do + everything in between. video version being uploaded!
04/07/20231 hour 19 minutes 21 seconds
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mini ep: paying for the date?

we're here this week from different locations to bring you updates + answer your spicy questions
15/06/202330 minutes 33 seconds
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cheat or be cheated on?

this week the girls are bringing you their hot takes on infidelity in relationships: warning signs, red flags, discussing jealousy + relationships with social media
06/06/202356 minutes 41 seconds
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season 2 intro

this podcast has a facelift coming but the girls couldn't wait to bring you a sneak peek into their spicy season 2
29/05/202334 minutes 7 seconds
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copying my boyfriend’s ex, threesome with your bff + the condo update

today the girls are going through your darkest confessions and believe it or will be shook. also giving you the tea on some updates in yaz and serena's lives!
05/04/202338 minutes 32 seconds
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we're moving out

today the girls are breaking down how expensive it really is to live in the city — tips, tricks and the mistakes they’ve made so you don’t have to
25/02/202340 minutes 6 seconds
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will you be our valentine?

we're probably your most toxic relationship but we're back and ready to spill on this over-commercialized day of love. we have one important question...will you be our valentine?
14/02/202343 minutes 15 seconds
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should we confront her

the girls are growing up… or are they? it’s time to acknowledge the elephant in the room - you’re not going to like everyone and you can bet not everyone's going to like you. after this episode, you’ll know exactly how to handle it.
05/12/202241 minutes 21 seconds
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is 2022 our flop era?

our lives have taken a total 180 in the past year, from ending long-term relationships to moving out, traveling, starting to date and working for ourselves. today we're breaking down the hard lessons we've learned this year so that maybe you don't have to.
23/11/202246 minutes 1 second
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3 c's, a bar brawl and the sunday scaries

boy do we have an episode for you...this week the girls got into one. not only did they try to break up a bar fight, but they went on the hunt for answers to your burning questions. you won't want to miss this one.
03/11/202241 minutes 53 seconds
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dating older men, post game breakdowns and the breakup

we're back and maybe we're better? maybe we're worse? but regardless we're answering the questions you've been dying to know and we're getting into all things pop culture in this episode.
25/10/202253 minutes 34 seconds
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f**k girl fall or cuffing szn?

this week we're getting back to our roots - let's talk about how to cut someone off the roster, how to get the most out of your sex life + figuring out whether you're heading into f**k girl fall solo or in a situationship...
01/10/202244 minutes 55 seconds
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the word "influencer" gives me the ick

everything boy updates + a chat about all things "influencing" (gross we know)...monetization, how to blow up, mega influencer storytime + a super important PSA
22/09/20221 hour 1 minute 13 seconds
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cheated with my best friend's boyfriend

we answer all of your friendship questions (including some sus situations), play a game of truth or drink at the pre with some men + tell you about a crazy night out
26/08/20221 hour 2 minutes 15 seconds
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it's a situationship babe

we're back and ready to recap, and discuss all things "situationships" today we're hearing from a live caller and answering all of your questions regarding when to stop texting them, when to put a label on it - and what to do if they're sleeping with you AND your coworker
17/08/202258 minutes 13 seconds
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bts of an influencer + anon Q/A

getting real with you guys about why idolizing people on the internet is dangerous + answering your juiciest questions yet, with the help of some men
27/07/20221 hour 11 minutes 31 seconds
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this didn't stay in vegas

after 14 hours of travel the girls made it to the city of dreams, or nightmares…las vegas baby. sometimes what happens in vegas doesn’t stay in vegas, but things sure do end there.
20/07/202250 minutes 13 seconds
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we're breaking up...

we didn't want to have to do this...this week we're talking all things breakups - what we've experienced, how to make the most of being single + answering your questions
05/07/20221 hour 2 minutes 33 seconds
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he's a ten but...

here's what happens when serena and yaz spend their first weekend apart - get the low down on what took place, play "he's a 10 but," and hear from some guys what makes a girl confident in their eyes.
24/06/202252 minutes 46 seconds
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mom don't listen to this one

today we recap our weekend bender, hear serena's storytime + get a male's perspective on some topics you asked about
16/06/202250 minutes 34 seconds
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tequila shots, ex encounters + your confessions

tonight we're taking you along for a night on the town, filling you in on our weeks + sharing your confessions.
07/06/202249 minutes 39 seconds
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we're glad you came

new platform, same girls. welcome to where we spill all the tea on men, influencing and give you some questionable advice.
31/05/202240 minutes 26 seconds