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English, Finance, 1 season, 5 episodes, 2 hours, 10 minutes
Earned Not Given is a podcast designed for those who simply want more. But not just want more, those who are prepared to earn their way to their “dream” life that they desire. While tuning in, understand that this podcast wasn’t meant to be your fake friend. This was created to open your eyes, dream bigger & lead you to the HAPPIEST life that you can truly live while perusing your  aspirations. Growing requires knowledge & starting to learn how to be this new version of yourself. It takes us having to go outside of our comfort zone and do things the “average” would never. To be extraordinary you have to do extraordinary things. Can’t wait to have you listen in with us! Find more of the host on our social @kayleecardonaa + our new IG page @earnednotgiven.podcast . Dare to dream.
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5. Taking The Opportunity To Be Relentless

Hi friends!! Here's my little life update - I hope you enjoyed this episode!
6/14/202317 minutes, 54 seconds
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4. Thriving Through The Lows

Here's your reminder that you CAN thrive through the lows(after feeling your very valid feelings of course) and that your future, dream life can be lived in NOW! Follow us on Instagram @earnednotgiven.podcast & send in any. feedback or recommendations for future episodes. ♡
10/28/202221 minutes, 25 seconds
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3. You Are What You Attract

Hi friends! Thanks so much for listening in on todays episode. I hope this helped you in any way possible! Remember to be intentional with your thoughts and emotions or else you may be manifesting more of what you don't want without even realizing it! Make sure to follow our new IG page. 4 STEPS Step 1. Be Specific + Know What You Want Step 2. Law Of Attraction Step 3. Surrender The Attachment Step 4. Do The Work!
9/8/202226 minutes, 13 seconds
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2. Staying Fufilled Everyday, Not Just When Goals Are Hit //WORKSHOP INCLUDED

Below you can find the 7 steps, along with the 3 life clarifying exercises! 1. Extrinsic(Big End Goal) 2. Intrinsic(Finding words opposite to your negative feelings day to day) 3. Brainstorming 4. Deciding 5. Habits 6. Action Steps 7. Staying Consistent 3 Life Clarifying Exercises 1. Start & Stop Lists 2. The Anti-Vision 3. The Perfect Day LET'S CONNECT!
4/22/202241 minutes, 6 seconds
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1. Becoming Your Own Person + 4 Steps To Building Confidence | 2.22.22

WE'RE BACK BESTIES! Learn how I've built my confidence throughout the years + action steps that will immediately bring you closer to becoming the most confident version of YOU. So happy to be back. LET'S CONNECT!
2/22/202223 minutes, 51 seconds