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English, Technology, 1 season, 124 episodes, 4 days, 4 hours, 3 minutes
Discover new software and hardware to get the best out of your network, control smart devices, and secure your data on cloud services. Self-Hosted is a chat show between Chris and Alex two long-time self-hosters who share their lessons and take you along for the journey as they learn new ones. A Jupiter Broadcasting podcast showcasing free and open source technologies you can host yourself.
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123: How much CPU do You REALLY Need

Alex benchmarks Intel CPUs (and an Arc GPU) to find the ideal balance of age, power, and speed for your home media server. Plus, our thoughts on Immich going full-time.
5/17/202457 minutes, 26 seconds
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122: Back to the Future

How Chris created live TV streaming from his local media collection, Alex breaks down the new Open Home Foundation and what it means for self-hosters. Brent's been trying out an open-source AirDrop replacement for all systems, and much more! Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
5/3/202455 minutes, 45 seconds
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121: Forbidden Fruit

Special guest Casey Liss from the Accidental Tech Podcast joins the show to discuss his homelab, how he uses HomeBridge, and his delightfully complex garage door sensor system. Then Alex and Casey do their "best" to convince Chris the Apple Vision Pro is an excellent remote admin tool. Special Guest: Casey Liss.
4/19/202450 minutes, 43 seconds
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120: Can a VPS Replace a Homelab?

Alex goes head-to-head with budget VPS providers, which gets us into a classic debate. Plus we sit down with Adam Morales from Unraid to get the inside scoop on recent changes and exciting upcoming features.
4/5/202445 minutes, 33 seconds
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119: Why So Many Llamas?

Alex rolls back a major server upgrade, and we have fun playing with local large language models. Special Guest: Wes Payne.
3/20/202447 minutes, 30 seconds
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118: How Hard Could it Be?

Alex's new Epyc server build, and Jon Seager from Canonical joins us to chat about Nix in the homelab, packaging Scrutiny, and how Nix fits with existing infrastructure management tools. Special Guest: Jon Seager .
3/8/202454 minutes, 13 seconds
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117: Unraid as a Service

We chat about VMware's rug pull with Bret, aka Raid Owl, and then get into Unraid's big changes and more. Special Guest: Raid Owl.
2/23/202458 minutes, 52 seconds
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116: Making it all Connect

Alex has been deep-diving into container networking, and Chris is trying to steelman Plex's new rental service. Plus, why are we building our containers with Tailscale networking now, and the latest from the Home Assistant project?
2/9/202455 minutes, 54 seconds
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115: A NAS in Every Home

Brian Moses joins us and shares his most recent NAS build and love for 3D printers. Then Alex gets into the hardware he's deploying around the house, and why we don't see eye-to-eye on ZigBee. Special Guest: Brian Moses.
1/26/202448 minutes, 53 seconds
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114: Unintended Consequences

1/13/20241 hour, 1 minute, 48 seconds
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113: State of the Homelabs 2023

We look back at what has changed, what's failed us, and what's sticking around in our homelabs. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
12/29/20231 hour, 27 minutes, 26 seconds
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112: Red Light, Green Light

Alex shares a new build integrating WLED, and Chirs reviews hardware that can get you started with WLED in 45 seconds. Then, one last big update on the Year of Voice and our thoughts on self-hosting push notifications.
12/15/202358 minutes, 3 seconds
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111: pfSense Makes no Sense

We break down the state of the pfSense changes and the red flags we see. Plus, we're joined by Wolfgang from Wolfgang's channel to dig into his homelab and much more. Special Guest: Wolfgang.
12/1/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 53 seconds
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110: Google Photos Replacement

That man behind the Google Photos killer joins us to chat about the latest release of Immich. Plus, Alex's first impressions of 45Homelab's HL15. Special Guests: Alex Tran and Brent Gervais.
11/17/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 42 seconds
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109: Alex’s Backups Disaster

How we almost lost valuable data this week, and a Chat with Doug and Mitch about their new home lab server.
11/3/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 8 seconds
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108: Year of Voice: A Bigger Deal Than You Think

Home Assistant's founder, Paulus Schoutsen, shares details about the Year of Voice, recent legal actions from Mazda, and the results of a recent third-party audit. Plus, our recommended Nextcloud setup, converting dumb devices into smart ones with ESPHome, and more. Special Guests: Brent Gervais, Listener Jeff, and Paulus Schoutsen.
10/20/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 43 seconds
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107: Laptop Dumpster Diving

With a dose of pragmatism and optimism, we chat about making the best out of old hardware and where we draw the line and buy new. Plus, getting practical about your home media setup, bringing Spook into Home Assistant, and more. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
10/6/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 11 seconds
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106: The Plex Situation Just got Worse

Our thoughts on two recent Plex crackdowns, why the Apple TV just got a lot better, how home Assistant could improve 10 years in, and much more.
9/22/202357 minutes, 33 seconds
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105: Sleeper Storage Technology

Alex sits down with the lead developer of mergerfs to get an update on the project, Chris has a button-pushing breakthrough and more. Special Guest: Antonio Musumeci.
9/8/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 47 seconds
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104: Name-Not-So-Cheap

Alex does a significant overhaul of his website and unpacks a new GitHub action workflow. Chris finally achieves complete local voice control of his network, we complain about the state of domain name sellers, and more.
8/25/202356 minutes, 5 seconds
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103: Archiving the Internet

A few tools to build your own Way Back Machine, we check in with the "Year of Voice" and more.
8/11/202359 minutes, 46 seconds
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102: NixOS is a bit Flakey

Alex shares a suite of self-hosted apps that replace Reddit. Chris is struggling with Jellyfin, and we discuss where NixOS is killing it and where we think it falls down.
7/28/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 3 seconds
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101: Joining the Federation

The advantages of Federating a local and remote Nextcloud, Chris replaces Google Home Hub's photo powers and the new docker-compose feature that will change Alex's entire setup. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
7/14/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 58 seconds
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100: Our Essential Apps

We cover our must-have self-hosted apps, reflect on the state of Self-Hosting now, and discuss what's new in Proxmox 8.
6/30/202349 minutes, 55 seconds
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99: Lemmy at em!

We dive into Lemmy, a self-hosted Reddit alternative. Plus, a couple of easy-to-deploy tools that make life better.
6/16/202347 minutes, 39 seconds
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98: The One with 45Drives

We chat with 45Drives about their ambitions to build a home-lab server that bridges the gap between enterprise-level servers and consumer-grade NAS products. And more.
6/2/202346 minutes, 19 seconds
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97: Tempted by the Fruit of Another

Alex tempts Chris with his Obsidian ways, our thoughts on Drobo going bankrupt, and Photoprism adding paid tiers. Plus, the slick suite of tools you'll want to run on your LAN.
5/19/20231 hour, 54 seconds
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96: Outdoor Home Assistant

Why Chris needs ANOTHER Home Assistant instance and a major breakthrough for self-hosters. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
5/5/202353 minutes, 6 seconds
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95: Docker U-Turn

We debate if users learned their lesson from the Docker Hub drama, and the silent self-hosting winner going from strength to strength. Proxmox gets some big updates. Plus, our thoughts on the state of self-hostable AI tools.
4/21/202346 minutes, 30 seconds
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94: Full Power

Chris integrates full home power monitoring into Home Assistant, while Alex tames the AI and rushes to replace Dark Sky. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
4/7/202356 minutes, 46 seconds
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93: The Podman Perspective

Alex goes all in on Rootless Podman, Chris is saving his Nextcloud install from disaster, and a special guest joins us. Special Guest: Alex Ellis.
3/24/202359 minutes, 22 seconds
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92: Rip it all Out

Find out why Alex ripped out everything installed last episode and is starting fresh with new gear, wires, and a new goal. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
3/10/202358 minutes, 38 seconds
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91: Total Network Rebuild

Alex has been swapping hardware and standing-up services. It's a network rebuild episode and more!
2/24/202357 minutes, 9 seconds
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90: Proxmox ClusterF

Alex has major Proxmox problems. What happened, and the fix for now. Plus, the real downside to Wifi cameras and the batch of network gear on the way.
2/10/202347 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

89: Jellyfans

Join us for the surprising conclusion to our month-long challenge. Special Guests: Brent Gervais and Catherine Kretzschmar.
1/27/202358 minutes, 9 seconds
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88: Great Scott!

Alex dives deep to find out if Kubernetes is overkill for the home and finds solutions to simplify things. And Chris has a new firmware that turns his favorite network cameras up to 11. Plus an update on Jellyfin January.
1/13/202357 minutes, 40 seconds
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87: Jellyfin January

We kick off our Jellyfin January challenge and invite you to join us. Plus, Chris has some new hardware and our thoughts on the trouble at the Matrix foundation. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
12/30/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 58 seconds
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86: Disqus-ting Tracking

What disgusted Alex about Disqus, and how he replaced it with a Self-Hosted solution, a hot HDHomeRun tip, and an update on Chris' hunt for the perfect notes app.
12/16/202248 minutes, 49 seconds
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85: Wendell's Hot Pi

Wendell from Level One Techs joins us to catch up on low-power hardware, his home automation setup, and thoughts on so much more. Special Guest: Wendell Wilson.
12/2/202252 minutes, 16 seconds
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84: Hidden NAS

We're chatting about workstation builds for a home NAS with Joe Ressington this week. Chris chews on the news of the Evernote buyout and his challenges with Zigbee. Special Guest: Joe Resington.
11/18/202234 minutes, 16 seconds
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83: Unintended Upgrades

Sometimes your best upgrades are unplanned; Chris just got his Home Assistant Yellow fully deployed.
11/4/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

82: Roon Ready Ruh-Roh

Alex gives Roon Labs whole home audio a try but discovers a critical design flaw while Chris checks out his new ODROID-H3+ and plans his next epic build.
10/21/202256 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

81: The Badger Stack

Chris' Raspberry Pi server is dead, and Alex has a few ideas for his next build. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
10/7/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

80: Solving Whole Home Audio

Alex is replacing his Chromecast and Google Nest Mini with an open-source solution, and why we’re all getting a little hyped about Matter. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
9/23/202252 minutes, 26 seconds
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79: Google is a Hostile Actor

We've made some changes since the last episode, and share why we have doubled down on Self-Hosting as much as possible. Plus, Chris tries out Immich, a high-performance Google Photos alternative.
9/9/20221 hour, 1 minute
Episode Artwork

78: We Should Know Better

We learned some really hard lessons this week, and reflect. Then Chris finds the perfect temperature sensor, and Alex finds a beautiful media discovery app.
8/26/202248 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

77: Automations Gone Wrong

What is it like to live with another man's automations? Brent spills all. Plus, Chris tries out a few more Shelly devices and reports back. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
8/12/202258 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

76: Solid as a Rock

Alex runs us through his new and improved off-site backup setup, and Chris is trying out some Shelly devices.
7/29/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

75: In-Flight Changes

Our thoughts on the new Works with Home Assistant program, some changes to Alex's off-site backup server, and a million bits of great feedback.
7/15/202259 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

74: A Pi For Every Problem

Our guest this week has more Raspberry Pis than anyone we've ever met. We get insights into all the projects he used them for, what's worked great, and what's not worked at all. Special Guest: Jscar_Hawk.
7/1/202259 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

73: 100 Days of HomeLab

A special episode today as TechnoTim joins Alex to discuss everything Kubernetes and HomeLab. The #100DaysOfHomeLab initiative from Tim is just getting started, find out what it’s all about in today's episode. Special Guest: Techno Tim.
6/17/202249 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

72: First Account is Free

A quick-fire round of projects this week, your feedback, and a discussion about the future of Self-Hosting.
6/3/202248 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

71: Recipe for Success

Alex has found the perfect tool to bring your recipe management into the future. Plus, a convenient trick for scripts with passwords, dying hard drives, and the killer new Proxmox feature.
5/20/202254 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

70: Plausible Deniability

Alex replaces another Google service; we point the community spotlight at FuzzyMistborn plus your feedback! Special Guests: Brent Gervais and FuzzyMistborn.
5/6/202253 minutes
Episode Artwork

69: Get Off My Lawn, The Robot's Got It

Alex shares some handy tools, and some old friends join us for a special edition of the show. Special Guests: Brent Gervais and chzbacon.
4/22/202247 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

68: Unwyze Choices

We chat about Wyze's recent real bad, no-good security news, why Plex Discover has potential but hasn't impressed us yet, and a brief tour of Alex's home network setup. Special Guest: Wes Payne.
4/8/202254 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

67: The No Container Theory

Why Chris is moving away from using Containers, Alex's new project, and some great follow-up.
3/25/202248 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

66: Mmm. Pi.

We look back at our favorite moments from the last ten years of the Raspberry Pi, why you might want to start considering one, and where we want to see the platform evolve.
3/10/202247 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

65: Failing at Scale

Alex gives the new TrueNAS SCALE a go and hits a snag. Plus the future Home Assistant update that has Chris so concerned he might stop updating forever.
2/25/202244 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

64: Analysis Paralysis

Sometimes we get a bit carried away; we dial it back and share some self-hosting long-timer insights. Plus the networked way to Retro game, and more.
2/11/202246 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

63: Pulling the Rug Out

Alex has a new high-quality self-hosted music setup, and Chris solves complicated Internet problems.
1/28/202242 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

62: Succumbing to the Ecosystem

Alex got some new devices for Christmas, and we set off to figure out how to integrate them into his network. And Brent's tale of giving the gift of Jellyfin. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
1/14/202249 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

61: That First Layer Squish

Some old friends of JB join Alex to discuss 3D printing. Special Guests: chzbacon and Drew DeVore.
12/31/202159 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

60: Someone Else's Computer

Recent AWS outages sent Alex on a hunt to find more self-hosted alternatives, and Chris digs into the latest Home Assistant release. Plus a frenzy of your excellent feedback and questions.
12/17/202155 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

59: I Tried to Love Portainer

We try out a couple of very popular Docker GUI's and report back, and discuss our biggest Self-Hosted regrets.
12/3/202148 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

58: Pi Server Upgrade

This week we unlock the "Pi"tential of the Compute Module 4 and turn it into a dual gigabit router and Jellyfin server. How far can we push it? Plus, Alex shares his thoughts on the state of mobile operating systems and the challenges they are imposing on DIYers.
11/19/202156 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

57: Alex Deletes it All

Troubleshooting goes very wrong for Alex, and he puts his backups to the ultimate test. Plus, monitoring your freezer in Home Assistant, building a self-hosted Notion alternative, and more.
11/5/202147 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

56: Feeling Wyze

Local self-hosted video capture with AI object detection just got easy. Morgan joins us to detail his Frigate setup and its optional tight integration with Home Assistant. Plus, our new favorite up time monitoring tool and an easy way to add Tailscale and other apps to OPNsense with community plugins. Special Guest: Morgan Peterman.
10/22/202139 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

55: Home Assistant Turns Amber

A lot is changing in Home Assistant land, and it's almost all for the better; we break down the essential items. Chris gets wired about energy monitoring and shares his journey to get incorrectly formatted power stats working in Home Assistant's new Energy dashboard. Plus, off-line YouTube backup, backing up iCloud photos, Tailscale feedback, and more.
10/8/202147 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

54: Ultimate Off-Site Setup

Alex is abroad and uses the opportunity to build out not one but two ultimate self-hosted off-site servers. We share the hardware, software, and networking details. Plus, how Chris built a Nest-type thermostat using parts he already had.
9/25/202147 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

53: Adventurous Build

We chat with Matt from Adventurous Way about the home automations that have improved his quality of life, the clever way he manages their off-grid rig, and the new smart home project he's just kicking off. Special Guest: Matt from Adventurous Way.
9/10/202137 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

52: Navigating DeGoogling

We report back on our DeGoogle challenge and read your top Google Alternative apps and services. Plus, a new way to locally capture network cameras, our reaction to Kobol pulling the plug, and more. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
8/27/202141 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

51: Apple's Rotten Scanning

We discuss the ramifications of Apple's local photo scanning announcement on your privacy, why everything seems to be a subscription these days, and a new challenge for the show. Special Guest: Brent Gervais.
8/13/202153 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

50: Perfect Plex Setup

We discuss Chris's latest wall-mounted tablet solution for Home Assistant and several scripts to pimp your Plex setup. Join us for a very special birthday episode as we celebrate our 50th.
7/30/202147 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

49: Update Roulette

Updates gone wrong, surprise hardware failures, and flooding out all our electronics in a single go. We've got a lot to catch you up on.
7/16/202151 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

48: A Solution Looking for a Problem

Tuya shocks us by announcing native Home Assistant support, we have an update on a smart doorbell Ring alternative, and we tell all about how PiKVM just leveled up in awesome. Special Guest: Morgan Peterman.
7/2/202136 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

47: Whose License Is It Anyway?

We take a look at a self-hosted TeamViewer alternative, give you our take on some Home Assistant drama and discuss the effects of a new crypto coin on hard drive prices.
6/18/202142 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

46: Pastebin Alternative

We'll share how we deployed a painless, Self-Hosted Pastebin replacement, and what we like the most about it. Plus Chris enters the "No Change Zone" with a Project Off-Grid Update.
6/4/202142 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

45: The Future of Home Assistant

Join us for a chat with Paulus, the founder of Home Assistant, as we look to the project's future, hardware devices, new standards, and more. Special Guest: Paulus Schoutsen.
5/21/202138 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

44: Plex Skeptics

Plex announces some big plans that make us a little nervous, Alex solves Chris's tablet performance woes, and we chat about Prometheus. Plus, our thoughts on Duplicati alternatives and more.
5/7/202139 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

43: A New Solution for Backups

Alex has a new trick for local and remote backups, and shares his thoughts on Synology's DS series NAS. Plus Chris' master plan to save everyone's batteries.
4/23/202147 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

42: Don't Panic

A record is broken, a life goal is achieved, and why we are going long on Linksys. Special Guest: Jake Howard 🍊.
4/9/202138 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

41: The One with Jeff Geerling

Special guest Jeff Geerling tells us how he got 16 drives connected to one Pi. Plus his thoughts on automation, self-hosting, and more. Special Guest: Jeff Geerling.
3/26/202133 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

40: Password Shaming

We react to Home Assistant password shaming us and then reflect on the OVH fire while attempting to solve a "growing" cloud problem.
3/12/202140 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

39: We run Arch BTW

Our favorite LastPass alternative, why more boxes might be better than one, and we confess to an undying love.
2/26/202140 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

38: Crouching Pi, Hidden Server

Alex shocks Chris with his latest project, then lays down some quick-fire picks. Plus what's wrong with OPNsense's Wireguard setup?
2/12/202141 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

37: Security Growing Pains

We discuss recent Home Assistant security news, and how we think the project could improve. Plus a bunch of follow up, emails, and more! Note: This episode was recorded before the recent second Home Assistant vulnerability
1/29/202146 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

36: Google Docs Replacement

Our favorite Google Docs killer with markdown support has a big update. We explain how we host it and why we love it. Plus Chris reviews the Home Assistant Blue.
1/15/202134 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

35: The Perfect Media Server

Alex reveals the culmination of five years of work into the Perfect Media Server. And we respond to a ton of feedback.
1/1/202144 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

34: Take Powerline Seriously

Chris discovers a networking miracle, Alex has been playing with electrics, and we review the Wyze Cam 3.
12/18/202053 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

33: Helios64 Review

Alex puts the fantastic-looking, ARM-powered NAS known as the Helios64 to the test. Plus feedback, and more.
12/4/202043 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

32: Google Turning the Screw

With rage in our hearts, we proclaim a Self-Hosted Google Photos replacement, and the only way to self-host your email. Plus our tips to manage and stream audiobooks.
11/20/202046 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

31: Industrial Grade Mobile Internet

We have a philosophical debate on cloud vs local and Alex experiences full-blown Americana this Halloween. Plus how Chris built the most reliable and high-performance mobile internet setup possible in his RV.
11/6/202051 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

30: Automation Entropy Factor

Chris gets left out in the cold after a Home Assistant glitch, and Alex puts a big batch of USB hard drives to the test Plus a great pick for you pack rats, feedback, and more.
10/23/202046 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

29: Perils of Self-Hosting

We speak to Kevin and Patricia from Traefik, discuss Alex's recent ZFS snafu and we wonder if the new Chromecasts can match up to the Nvidia Shield.
10/9/202044 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

28: Directing Traefik

We get fancy with Traefik labels, and gush over some new Home Assistant features while saving our data from inevitable future failure.
9/25/202035 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

27: Picture Perfect

Some big news for Jupiter Broadcasting and a picture perfect app-pick with Lychee. Chris politely suggests Alex reconsider his Syncthing doubts. Plus some power monitoring updates, and more from the community.
9/11/202041 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

26: The Trouble with Docker

Mike and Wes join us to discuss the recent Docker news, freeing your Robovac from the cloud, and why Alex really loves Terraform. Special Guests: Michael Dominick and Wes Payne.
8/27/202028 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

25: The Future of Unraid

Jonathan Panozzo, aka Johnp join us to talk all things Unraid. He hints at future subscription plans, details performance features coming soon, shares the story of how Docker came to Unraid, and much more. Special Guest: Jonathan Panozzo.
8/13/202037 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

24: OPNsense Makes Sense

Chris figures out how hot is too hot, Alex performs an extreme remote firewall install, and we share some of our favorite SSH tricks.
7/30/202037 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

23: Shields Up

We've spent thousands of dollars and over a decade refining the perfect home media setup. We get nostalgic and share what worked and what REALLY didn't.
7/16/202042 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

22: Slow Cooked Servers

Chris is slow cooking some servers, Alex has self-hosted AI with a nasty gotcha and a damp basement.
7/2/202036 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

21: The Perfect Server Build’s founder JDM joins us to discuss the perfect sever for low or high-end needs, and Alex stages a Pi intervention. Special Guest: JDM_WAAAT.
6/18/202042 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

20: One is None

You're not a true self-hoster until you've lost your entire configuration at least once. Alex does a deep dive into cloud backup, plus we need your help to find the right Wifi solution for a listener.
6/4/202036 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

19: The Open Source Catch-22

We react to recently proposed Home Assistant changes, Alex attempts an extreme remote install, and we take a look at HomelabOS. Plus why Chris continues to collect Raspberry Pi's at an alarming rate.
5/21/202038 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

18: Ring Doorbell Alternative

We were almost outsmarted by a not so smart doorbell, Jellyfin makes Alex's prediction dreams come true and Chris tries QOwnNotes again. Links HeaterMeter, the open-source barbecue controller - Raspberry Pi ( : Nelly's Security 3MP WiFi Video Doorbell Camera W/ 2 Way Audio, Onvif Compliant, PIR Motion Sensor, Night Vision, 16GB SD Card Pre-Installed, Includes 3 Face Plates : Camera & Photo ( Plexamp - Love your music! ( linuxserver/beets | fleet ( linuxserver/musicbrainz | fleet ( Clients | Documentation - Jellyfin Project ( QOwnNotes - cross-platform open source plain-text file notepad ( Special Guest: Morgan Peterman.
5/7/202035 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

17: Where Do I Start?

Knowing which hardware to buy or which apps to run on that shiny new hardware can be hard. Chris and Alex discuss networking gear and where to find some of the best getting started documentation on the net. Plex have been busy and launched two new apps, we cover that and more in this episode of Self-Hosted.
4/23/202040 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

16: Compromised Networking

We share some WiFi tips and essential network ideas. And discuss one of our most significant compromises in the show so far.
4/9/202037 minutes
Episode Artwork

15: Keeping Track of Stuff

We have a neat self-hosted home inventory management system for preppers of any type, plus Chris' simple Home Assistant trick and Alex's valiant battle with the WebSockets daemon of the reverse proxies. Also - we answer listener questions, and share updates.
3/26/202030 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

14: Embracing Automation

Wendell Wilson is back, and he and Chris are struggling with their automation setups. Also, we chat about ideal home server hardware for a server or a pfSense box. Plus Wendell's home-rolled presence detection rig, some 3D printing chat, and more. Special Guest: Wendell Wilson.
3/12/202043 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

13: IRC is Not Dead

Self-Hosted IRC solutions are better than ever. Alan Pope joins us to make a case for the classic way to communicate online and tells us about a modern client for the web, mobile, and desktop you run on your server. Plus, follow up on the new Self-Hosted wiki, and more. Special Guest: Alan Pope.
2/27/202038 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

12: Which Wiki Wins

We try out the top self-hosted Wikis and tell you which we like best, and Chris has a major project off-grid update. Plus Alex tells us about his robot vacuum that runs Ubuntu.
2/13/202034 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

11: Host Your Blog the Right Way

We each like different blogging platforms, and share why. Then our tips for keeping your server secure. Plus a great way to score cheap drives, a Project Off-Grid update, making your household light switches smart, and Alex's review of the HDHomeRun.
1/30/202035 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

10: Compromised Cameras

Wyze and Xiaomi suffer major cloud hosted blunders, so Alex tells us about his new fully offline camera security system, tied into Shinobi. Plus Chris gets ready for Project Off-Grid's solar upgrade, our new favorite self-hosted speed test app, and a Ring alternative.
1/16/202033 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

9: Conquering Planned Obsolescence

Master of details, open source advocate and YouTuber, Quindor from Intermittent.Tech ( joins us for a chat about tuya-convert ( to avoid planned hardware obsolescence, his new 100TB server build, highly available home setups, and his DIY LED project. Special Guest: Andries Faassen.
1/2/202034 minutes, 26 seconds
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8: WLED Changes the Game

Sometimes one project can lead to a hundred more. We celebrate Home Assistant's new release, the inclusion of the WLED integration and fall down the DIY project rabbit hole. Plus some clever power solutions, cheap LED light strips, and a test drive of Project Off-Grid. We recorded our first ever live stream to accompany this where we flash an ESP8266 board in seconds using WLED and esptool. This can be found on YouTube (
12/19/201934 minutes, 23 seconds
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7: Why We Love Home Assistant

Home Assistant has changed our families' lives for the better. We share tips for getting started, implementing automation, devices we use, and our favorite integrations. Plus Alex's thoughts on automating his new LG TV and be sure to check the links!
12/5/201936 minutes, 41 seconds
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6: Low Cost Home Camera System

Chris follows up on his Shinobi troubles and extols the virtues of $25 Wyze Cams to Alex, who has some exciting house news to share.
11/21/201935 minutes, 29 seconds
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5: ZFS Isn’t the Only Option

Getting your storage setup just right often takes making painful mistakes first. We share ours, our current storage setups, when ZFS is not the tool for the job, and what you should consider when protecting your data. Plus, we share a few recent project mishaps.
11/7/201944 minutes, 24 seconds
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4: The Joy of Plex with Elan Feingold

Plex Co-Founder and CTO Elan Feingold shares why he started Plex, its future direction, his home setup, his love for electric cars and the beach. Also Alex convinces Chris to give Ghost (the blogging platform) a try. Special Guest: Elan Feingold.
10/24/201934 minutes, 36 seconds
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3: Home Network Under $200

How far can you get with a Raspberry Pi 4? We go all in and find out. Plus our favorite travel router with WireGuard built in, and Chris kicks off Project Off-Grid. Meanwhile, Alex adopts proprietary software.
10/10/201936 minutes, 6 seconds
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2: Why Self-Host? With Wendell from Level1techs

We visit Wendell Wilson of Level1Techs ( and get a tour of his self-hosted setup, what he does and does not trust in the cloud, and we reminisce about the early days of computing and the internet. Plus we discuss craftsmanship in the Linux Kernel, and address the fundamental question of "why self-host." Special Guest: Wendell Wilson.
9/26/201944 minutes, 9 seconds
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1: The First One

You've been wanting to host a Nextcloud instance (or anything else) for your family for a while now. Where on Earth do you start? We share some hard learned lessons about self-hosting, discuss the most important things to consider when building a home server, and Chris gives Alex a hard time about Arch as a Server OS.
9/12/201924 minutes, 27 seconds
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Self-Hosted Coming Soon

A new show that is your gateway to self hosting all the things. Discover new software, regain control of cloud services and own your data. Learn how you can take steps to free yourself from the agenda of large corporations and business models designed to sell your information. Join Alex and Chris on their Self Hosting journey on this new podcast from Jupiter Broadcasting.
8/27/20192 minutes, 11 seconds