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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 26 episodes, 14 hours, 49 minutes
Do you sometimes feel that you have more potential than you’re leveraging personally or professionally? Then you’ve come to the right podcast! Esco Wilson is a lifestyle designer and performance coach with an unconventional past. In each episode, Esco coaches a guest through a difficult issue and shares examples from his own past, inspiring guests and listeners to the power of their own innate potential.
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Presenting Neuroscience of Coaching (Lion Goodman)

Producer Cynthia Lamb introduces Neuroscience of Coaching, a new show on the Mirasee FM podcast network, hosted by Dr. Irena O’Brien. In this bonus episode, Lion Goodman discusses “the predictive brain” and how coaches can tap into it with clients.
3/12/202430 minutes, 42 seconds
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Presenting Teacher Tom’s Podcast (Dr. Denisha Jones)

Producer Cynthia Lamb introduces Teacher Tom’s Podcast, a new show on the Mirasee FM podcast network, hosted by “Teacher Tom” Hobson. In this bonus episode, Dr. Denisha Jones reveals ways traditional education is making kids “uncurious.”
2/27/202425 minutes, 53 seconds
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Presenting Consciousness Explored (Megan Selby & Olivier Maxted)

Producer Cynthia Lamb introduces Consciousness Explored, a new show on the Mirasee FM podcast network, hosted by Melissa Deal. In this bonus episode, Megan Selby & Olivier Maxted explore the nature of consciousness through sound healing and Reiki.
2/16/202443 minutes, 29 seconds
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The Sum of Our Choices (Lexi)

With a PhD that intersects computer science and biology, Lexi discusses with Esco the interplay of ego and community, choices and manifestation. In this Season One finale, they also explore ways we can transform our awareness, both inward and outward.
5/16/202338 minutes, 41 seconds
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Primal Peak Performance (Paul)

Esco explores with Paul our inner “mercenary” — the part of ourselves that drives primal peak performance. We learn how channeling this energy toward goals, physical and nonphysical, can help us accomplish much more than we’d believed possible.
5/2/202329 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Power Seat (Bryan and Will)

Esco introduces us to a longtime friend he mentored, Bryan, and Bryan’s current mentor, Will. Forming a unique friendship, the three have bonded over professional challenges and aspirations, creating a true mastermind group they call The Power Seat.
4/18/202326 minutes, 6 seconds
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Moving From Self to True Connection (Sorina)

Esco and his partner, Sorina, talk about what it means to share life with another person. As each examines how they connected, we learn very different ways they had to transform their sense of self in order to connect as life and work partners.
4/4/202339 minutes, 17 seconds
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Finding Passion Off the Field (Mikey)

Mikey is a baseball player struggling to go from college to pro. Esco takes us along as he guides him away from a deep fear of regret toward a deeper self-awareness. The path? Leveraging Mikey's trust in sports psychology to foster spiritual growth.
3/21/202339 minutes, 19 seconds
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Presenting Behind the Launch

Mirasee FM writer Andrew Chapman introduces Behind the Launch, a new podcast hosted by Cynthia Lamb. In this bonus episode: How do you manage emotions when a product or service launch goes badly? Hear what key Mirasee team members have to say.
3/14/202315 minutes, 15 seconds
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A Spiritual Partnership (Ruthie)

Esco introduces us to Ruthie, a longtime friend and his first “spiritual partner.” In their conversation, he helps her explore her inner “double binds,” as she calls them. And from this, she starts seeing how she can transform recent grief into grit.
3/7/202338 minutes, 14 seconds
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Presenting For Better or For Work (Suzanne Evans & Melonie Orr)

Esco Wilson introduces For Better or For Work, a new podcast in the Mirasee FM podcast network, hosted by Bhoomi Pathak and Danny Iny. In this bonus episode, guest couple Suzanne Evans and Melonie Orr talk about how they disagree openly and often.
2/28/202328 minutes, 19 seconds
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Wandering and Wondering (Shaneeka)

In this episode, Esco’s client self-identifies as a wanderer, sometimes literally roaming the streets of New York City, lost in thought. As he helps her uncover a deeper purpose in her excursions, we discover how exploration can give us new direction.
2/21/202343 minutes, 4 seconds
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Expansion of Self (Veronica)

In this episode, Esco’s client describes herself as a fighter and uses resilience as her armor, but Esco encourages her to go beyond that to explore the complexities of who she is.
2/7/202345 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Healing Power of Vulnerability (Julio)

In this episode, Esco and his client, Julio, challenge the social ideas of what it means to be successful and masculine. They discuss the healing power that lies in being vulnerable and opening ourselves up to others as we cultivate relationships.
1/24/202338 minutes, 19 seconds
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Presenting Blowing Up (Melanie Benson)

Host Esco Wilson introduces Blowing Up, a new podcast in the Mirasee FM podcast network. In this bonus episode, hosts Linda Claire Puig and Ari Iny talk with Melanie Benson about how to get the most out of being a podcast guest.
1/19/202319 minutes, 6 seconds
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Acceptance is the Key (John)

In this episode, Esco and John explore the dangers of comparison and lack of boundaries in achieving personal growth. They uncover the positive impact of acknowledging our limitations rather than resisting them.
1/10/202332 minutes, 20 seconds
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Team's Pick (Leora)

Mirasee FM writer Melissa Deal chose this favorite episode to rerun during the holiday break. Esco’s guest, Leora, leads us through a story of loneliness, desperation, heartbreak and grief. In working with Esco, she is finding friendship, forgiveness and self-empowerment.
12/27/202239 minutes, 58 seconds
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Into the Silence (Boni)

In this episode, Boni talks about growing up with trauma in an oppressive culture and healing after painful losses. She and Esco dig deep into the power of unconditional love and acceptance, even when we may deem someone undeserving.
12/13/202247 minutes, 9 seconds
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Presenting To Lead Is Human (Igor Seletskiy)

Esco Wilson introduces To Lead Is Human, a new podcast in the Mirasee FM podcast network. In this bonus episode, executive business coach and host Sharon Richmond talks with CEO Igor Seletskiy about dramatically changing the culture of his company by changing himself.
12/8/202241 minutes, 44 seconds
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A Brighter Future (Danika)

In this episode, Esco helps his guest Danika to experience the healing power of sharing her story. She has been too afraid to speak about certain choices she has made. But as Danika opens up with honesty about her past, she is finding acceptance and hope.
11/29/202232 minutes
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Just Breathe (Laura)

In this episode, Laura shares her healing journey of reframing painful memories of loss, grief and regret. And Esco walks us through using meditative breath work and sacred commitments to overcome behaviors that don’t serve us.
11/15/202241 minutes, 6 seconds
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Mastering Self-Regulation (Ed)

In this episode, Esco works with Ed, a high achiever with anxiety about underperforming. Esco helps us to understand the value of self-affirming mantras and the power of our stories. And, once again, universal forces intervene to punctuate a point.
11/15/202242 minutes, 28 seconds
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Second Chances (Leora)

In this episode, Leora leads us through a story of loneliness, desperation, heartbreak and grief. Leora has struggled with self blame and guilt about her past. In working with Esco, she is finding friendship, forgiveness and self-empowerment.
11/8/202238 minutes, 57 seconds
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Know Thyself (Alexis)

In this episode, Esco coaches Alexis, a school teacher and jewelry designer who is apprehensive about entrepreneurship. As we listen to her story of discovering self trust, Esco helps us to understand how we can all benefit from listening to ourselves.
11/4/202231 minutes, 23 seconds
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A Serendipitous Session (Aleks)

In this episode, Esco coaches Aleks, a former big-city talent scout looking to have as much success with a relationship as he does with his careers. As Esco guides Aleks to self-mastery of emotion, they are met with an unexpected interruption.
11/4/202238 minutes, 9 seconds
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Trailer for The Self-Awakened Lifestyle

In this new Mirasee FM podcast, lifestyle designer and performance coach Esco Wilson coaches guests into powerful insights and healing using the mind-body-spirit connection, scientific principles and holistic practices.
11/4/20223 minutes, 4 seconds