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Seizure Sessions

English, Literature, 1 seasons, 6 episodes, 5 hours 14 minutes
Seizure Sessions holds regular group interviews with authors, publishers and artists, and discuss a broad range of topics from the legal minutiae of modern arts working to grand philosophies to get you through life.
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Done and Dusted

Unabridged recording of the in-conversation between David Henley and David Hunt, at the 'Done and Dusted' pizza party in celebration of the completion of the Pierre Jnr trilogy. 34.53 minutes
16/06/201534 minutes 53 seconds
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FirstTimers S01.E01

This event encompasses everything Seizure is about, giving newbies a chance to read their work. FirstTimers was hosted by first-time host Portia Lindsay and started with a bang as Omar Musa orated from his debut work. Then Summer Land made us laugh along to tales of her childhood, before Jo Riccioni took us back in time to post-WW2 England. We ended with the ground shaking beneath our feet as Bruce McCabe gave us a taste of near-future terrorism. We even had time for a few wild cards who had recently been published.
24/11/20141 hour 5 minutes 48 seconds
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Rant S01E01

Unabridged live recording from the inaugural Rant at Haymarket Library. Featuring Ben Law, Alice Fraser, Lauren Beukes and David Hunt. Hosted by David M Henley and the City of Sydney
21/09/201456 minutes
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Manifestations at Gleebooks

As part of the launch for David M Henley's second book, Manifestations, there was an in-depth conversation with crime author P M Newton. The audio quality isn't perfect but clear enough to enjoy.
25/08/201446 minutes 35 seconds
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Seizure Sessions with Vanessa Berry

The Seizure crew does love the written word, but we’re also a talkative bunch. So we’re sitting down with our favourite creative folks to get the lowdown on what they’re up to, what they think, and what they’re currently loving. For this Seizure Session, Alice Grundy and Fiona Dunne sat down with Austrlalia's own zine-queen Vanessa Berry to talk about her latest book Ninety9. Between the biscuit-eating and howling sirens, you’ll hear how Ninety9 went from an idea, to zine, to book-length memoir and the creative process of putting it together. You’ll also hear about those angst-ridden teenage years, the magic of mixtapes and the importance of the local supermarket. And if that&rsquo
11/09/201346 minutes 41 seconds
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Seizure Sessions with Sophie Hamley

An extra-long Seizure Session with agent extraordinaire Sophie Hamley, chatting to Alice Grundy, David Henley, and Fiona Dunne. Topics include The Slush Pile, storytelling, Home and Away, librarians, and digital publishing. Music by Edward Deer.
15/07/20131 hour 4 minutes 22 seconds