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English, Sciences, 2 seasons, 59 episodes, 1 day, 10 hours, 35 minutes
Seeker Plus is built for enthusiastic science fans seeking out comprehensive conversations on the geeky topics they love. Host Trace Dominguez digs beyond the usual scope to deliver details, developments and opinions on advanced topics like AI, string theory and Mars exploration. Find us on YouTube and iTunes.
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BAD SCIENCE: Star Wars: Episode V

We're excited to share the first episode of our new podcast BAD SCIENCE. If you'd like to subscribe, be sure to find the show on Apple Podcasts or find us wherever you discovery and listen to podcasts. Calling all padawans! For Bad Science: Episode I, Ethan sits down with Reggie Watts for an epic conversation with Emily Manor-Chapman, a NASA Systems Engineer, to break down the science of STAR WARS: EPISODE V - THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. We learn about gas giants like Bespin, the body warmth of dead Tauntauns, communicating at the speed of light, and a whole lot more. Shoot us an email at [email protected]. Check out Emily's Inisght Mission (to Mars!) which launches May 5th. More on Reggie at - see him nightly on THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH JAMES CORDEN, and check out his new show TASKMASTER, Fridays at 11pm on Comedy Central. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
5/1/201846 minutes, 22 seconds
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New Show: Bad Science

Coming May 1st, a new weekly show by Seeker that puts popular films under the microscope, breaking down the science with the help of a comedian and a scientist. Be sure to subscribe and join us next week as we launch our first episode with Reggie Watts, dissecting Star Wars with a Nasa Systems Engineer. Find it on iTunes or listen here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
4/28/20181 minute, 56 seconds
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Seeker+ is Back!

Seeker+ is back! We'll be launching new episodes weekly starting Feb 1. Each week we'll continue breaking down big topics to make the world a bit more understandable. Look out for topics including: Ethics of meat consumption Addiction to devices and the internet world How we could live forever The essence of matter itself Got an idea for something we should cover? Tweet to us @Seeker. And don't worry, topics we've covered in the past aren't lost forever! We'll be bringing back episodes over the course of the new season. --------------- Visit the Seeker website Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2/1/20181 minute, 6 seconds