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English, Technology, 3 seasons, 46 episodes, 1 day, 2 hours, 14 minutes
Security Visionaries is a thought leadership venture in the networking and security space, profiling hand-selected senior security, trust, and networking executives who are successfully navigating today’s changing networking/security landscape and helping to redefine the role of security and trust at their respective organizations.
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The Intersection of Zero Trust and National Security

On the latest episode of Security Visionaries, co-hosts Max Havey and Emily Wearmouth sit down for a conversation with guest Chase Cunningham (AKA Dr. Zero Trust) about zero trust and national security. Drawing from his vast experience in both the Navy and cyber forensics, Chase discusses the significance of national governments adopting a strategic approach to cybersecurity. Listen as he examines the evolving cyberattack landscape and whether a Geneva Convention for cyber would be effective. Chase doesn't shy away from the tough issues, as he discusses the ethical challenges faced by democratic nations in a world where some adversaries play by different rules and he also shares interesting insights from his career journey both in the public and private sectors. Don't miss this episode packed with invaluable insights into cybersecurity, national security, and the zero trust framework
6/11/202423 minutes, 42 seconds
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Becoming a Non-executive Director

On the latest episode of the Security Visionaries Podcast, host Emily Wearmouth welcomes guests Richard Starnes, CISO of Six Degrees, and Homaira Akbari, President and CEO of AKnowledge Partners, for a conversation about the role of a non-executive director (NED), shedding light on what this role entails. They discuss why the NED role can be particularly appealing for cybersecurity leaders and delve into the paramount importance of diversity on boards. Additionally, they also explore the existing cybersecurity knowledge gap on boards, emphasizing the need for cybersecurity professionals to articulate their knowledge in business language, as well as the impact cyber incidents can have on board focus. This is a conversation you will not want to miss!
5/28/202432 minutes, 53 seconds
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On Patents, Trolls, and Innovation

On the latest episode of Security Visionaries, host Emily Wearmouth chats with guests Suzanne Oliver, an intellectual property expert, and Krishna Narayanaswamy, co-founder and CTO of Netskope, about the world of patents. From defining what a patent is, to understanding the roles of patent offices and the application process, they leave no stone unturned. The discussion delves into the nitty-gritty details of patenting costs, timeframes, and their strategic importance for businesses. Suzanne and Krishna also tackle the issue of patent trolls and the hurdles they create, along with highlighting the relevance of diversity and inclusivity in patenting. Tune in to hear a wealth of knowledge about patents and their pivotal role in the tech industry.
5/14/202431 minutes, 42 seconds
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Driving Innovation in an Increasingly Remote Workforce

On the latest episode of the Security Visionaries podcast, host Max Havey digs into the world of remote work and innovation. Joined by special guests Rebecca Hinds, head of the Work Innovation Lab at Asana, and Yihua Liao, Head of Netskope AI Labs, they delve into strategic methods to cultivate innovation as a routine part of everyday work. Listen as Rebecca and Yihua share personal success stories from projects they’ve worked on, relay the significance of digital literacy, and recommend ways in which leaders can nurture a digitally competent culture. They also shed light on the hurdles of fostering innovation in remote teams and recommend ways to instigate creative collisions and measure collaboration. Don't miss out on this episode packed with valuable insights and practical advice on driving innovation in the workplace!
4/30/202430 minutes, 51 seconds
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How to Use a Magic Quadrant and Other Industry Research

In this episode of Security Visionaries, join host Max Havey dives into the fascinating world of analyst research, centering on the renowned Gartner Magic Quadrant with guests Steve Riley, a former Gartner analyst, and Mona Faulkner, an experienced analyst relations professional. In their conversation they dissect the intricate process of creating a Magic Quadrant and why it's much more than just a chart. Learn about the role of analyst relations and understand why customer references hold significant value. This episode is a must-listen for any organization looking to leverage analyst research for informed purchasing decisions in a competitive, complex market.
4/16/202426 minutes, 4 seconds
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Zero Trust: It's More Than Just Identity

On this episode of Security Visionaries, host Emily Wearmouth explores the concept of zero trust with cybersecurity experts John Kindervag, the "Godfather of Zero Trust,” and Neil Thacker. Listen in as they recount the origins of zero trust, its underlying principles, and how it's reshaping modern organizations. They also clarify the common misconception that zero trust is only about identity and access management, stressing that its broader scope in safeguarding organizational assets. Moreover, they delve into the trials and tribulations of implementing zero trust, and the need for comprehending the organization's mission and protect surface. Finally, we encourage organizations to gradually, iteratively, and inconspicuously adopt zero trust while keeping a close eye on the system.
4/2/202430 minutes, 14 seconds
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Elections, Disinformation, and Security

On the latest episode of Security Visionaries host Max Havey dives into a conversation about the complex world of election security with Shamla Naidoo and co-host Emily Wearmouth. As a distinguished law professor at the University of Illinois, Naidoo offers a fresh and valuable perspective on the influence of rapidly advancing technology on our electoral processes. The episode takes a look at aspects of election security around voter registration and physical controls at polling places. Naidoo’s biggest worry, though, is not about compromise at the polls, but instead the alarming rise of psychological manipulation through misinformation and disinformation, emphasizing the need for consumer education and awareness in combating these deceptive tactics. Tune in to hear critical discussions on combating these threats and tangible tips for consumers on how to adopt a discerning attitude towards information.
3/19/202429 minutes, 59 seconds
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Challenging Norms of Women in Cyber

Just in time for International Women’s Day, the latest episode of Security Visionaries finds host Emily Wearmouth sitting down with guests Emily Heath and Shamla Naidoo, as they shine a light on the importance of diversity for better business outcomes whilst discussing the roadblocks faced by women and people of color in the cybersecurity sector. Listen in as they offer insightful reasons behind this decline and underline the necessity for true intent, focus, and discipline to revolutionize outdated norms, leading to a more inclusive cybersecurity industry. This episode underscores the urgent need for a shift in attitude and acknowledgement of diversity as an essential aspect of cybersecurity organizations.
3/5/202429 minutes, 54 seconds
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Cookies, Not Biscuits

Prepare yourself for an exploration into the ever-changing world of cookies and data privacy on the latest episode of the Security Visionaries Podcast! Join host Emily Wearmouthas she sits down with experts David Fairman and Zohar Hod to discuss the past, present, and future of internet cookies. From the rise of third-party cookies and their subsequent fall, to the role Google has played in these transformations, and beyond, this discussion promises to leave no stone unturned. Our guests delve into the responsibilities of data protection officers, the evolving future of personalization via AI, and the opportunities as well as challenges emerging from these shifts. Tune in to gain invaluable insights into data privacy's evolving landscape!
2/20/202426 minutes, 2 seconds
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Making Cyber Hygiene a Year-round Conversation

On the latest episode of the Security Visionaries Podcast, host Max Havey sits down with Rich Davis, Director of Product Solutions Marketing at Netskope for a deep dive into the crucial topic of cyber hygiene. Specifically, they get into  assessing the impact of cyber awareness days and revealing the challenges businesses face in instilling year-round cyber hygiene habits. Discover how multi-factor authentication and zero trust principles can elevate your cyber hygiene. From making cybersecurity personal to converting it into a business initiative, this episode is packed with useful tips for improving cybersecurity in your organization and personal life.
2/6/202419 minutes, 4 seconds
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Personal Resilience in Cyber

In this episode, host Emily Wearmouth dives deep into the concept of personal resilience in cybersecurity with guests Shannon Jurkovic, CISO for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, and Samm MacLeod, CSO & CRO for Culture Amp. Their discussion revolves around the role of personal resilience in strengthening corporate resilience and the effects stress can have on cybersecurity professionals. Shannon and Samm highlight the urgent need for organizations to address mental health, to identify signs of burnout, and to foster a supportive environment. Listen in as they share their own coping techniques to handle stress and build resilience personally and professionally.
1/23/202426 minutes, 4 seconds
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Reflecting on 2023 Threat Trends

Tune into our latest Security Visionaries podcast where host Max Havey engages in a riveting discussion with Ray Canzanese, the Director of Netskope Threat Labs as they reflect on the threat landscape trends of 2023. In this episode they examine the emergence of generative AI, the rampant use of Trojans in cyber attacks, the dynamic tactics of cyber extortion, and delve into the effects of geopolitical conflicts on cyber threats and the prevalent role of ransomware. Read the latest Cloud and Threat Report here.
1/11/202422 minutes, 3 seconds
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Young Voices on Diversity in Cyber

Join host Emily Wearmouth for an insightful discussion with three bright young professionals in cybersecurity: Ally Frame, Jacklyne Mbuthia, and Sam Van Stokrom. In this episode, they open up about their backgrounds, motives for venturing into cybersecurity, and their unique experiences in STEM fields. As the industry craves more diversity, the trio discusses the hurdles they face as minorities and share ambitions for their long-term careers. The episode also delves into strategies to encourage a more diverse pool of talent in cybersecurity, such as amplifying awareness of related career paths, funding training initiatives, and fostering mentorship opportunities. Learn more about your local Women in Cybersecurity chapter here.
12/26/202333 minutes, 11 seconds
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What's Next for VPN

On this episode of the Security Visionaries podcast host Max Havey engages in a fascinating discussion with Steve Riley, former Gartner analyst and Field CTO at Netskope and Carl Smittle, Network Engineer for Charter Communications, about the history, significance, and future of virtual private networks (VPNs). Understand how VPNs revolutionized businesses, and how the advent of zero trust network access (ZTNA) shows a potential  replacement for VPNs, as Steve and Carl provide advice for organizations looking to take the next step as they retire their existing appliances.
12/11/202329 minutes, 19 seconds
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2024 Predictions

It’s predictions season once again, and to mark the occasion, host Emily Wearmouth sits down for a conversation with Sherron Burgess, Senior VP and CISO for BCD Travel, and Shamla Naidoo, Head of Cloud Strategy and Inovation at Netskope, to talk about the hot topics they're seeing for the year to come. Sit back for a rousing conversation about the changing relationship between CISOs and boards, the evolving world of cyber skills, the impending rise of AI regulations, and continuous adaptive zero trust.
11/28/202329 minutes, 6 seconds
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Changing Perceptions of Risk Appetite

How have perceptions and appetite for risk changed over the past 5 years? In this episode of Security Visionaries we speak to the man who literally co-wrote the book on risk, Jack Freund, Chief Risk Officer at Kovrr, along with a CIO and CISO who has worked for more than one global financial institution, David Fairman CIO & CSO - APAC at Netskope, to try to better understand how cyber risk sits within broader organization risk decisions.
11/14/202335 minutes, 44 seconds